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Do You “Deserve” a Treat Today?

Treat yourself to this little impulse buy that’s being advertised on QVC right now.  (Note the price.)

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Gingrich v. Greenwald – The “Liberal Media”?

You probably heard about this all day long today on the “liberal media:”  It’s from Newt.

Newt re racism 5-27

On the flip side,  I’m willing to bet that you haven’t heard anything — not one word – about this from Glenn Greenwald:

Greenwald 5-27-09

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Why Do Dogs Eat Mud?

One of my two dogs eats mud, or is it grass?  I don’t know for sure.  All I know is that she plants the tip of her mug on the ground, roots around, and lo and behold, seconds later, the grass is gone and there’s a little divot in that spot.

What the?

She has done this dozens of times. My yard looks like it’s been hit by a spray of tiny bombs because of the crater-like things she leaves behind

Does anyone have info, suggestions or expertise as to what might be going on here?


Thanks in advance.

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Sonia Sotomayor is Bad Because She Spends Too Much (of Her Own!) Money?

That’s right.  It’s come to this.  Greg Mankiw’s grandma didn’t like big spenders so Sonia’s bad.  And that’s that.

(Someone, anyone, please — refresh my memory and provide links, please — re trash talk as to how Roberts, Scalia or Thomas spent their (own) money.)

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CNN Lifts Content From TPM Without Giving Credit

CNN picks up TPM’s Sestak scoop — makes no mention of TPM.

Whooh!  We have another Maureen Dowd moment.

The corporate media, with its endless resources and hundreds of employees sprinkled all over the globe steals from a blog?  That suggests a massive failure of  imagination and a lack of good, old fashioned investigative reporting instincts.

These bastards need to get the fuck out there and do their damn job.  Enough already with this brain-dead idea of reading tweets and Facebook comments as if they’re “news” and then, stealing from blogs to prove you’re legit?

This is a fascinating moment in history.  Two or three years ago the corporate media accused bloggers of being dependent upon, and stealing from them.  Now, the corporate media is beginning to steal from bloggers.  Stay tuned.

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Rush Limbaugh Says the GOP is an “Oppressed Minority”

Limbaugh:  DC is “Old South” for GOP, who is an “oppressed minority” in need of a “civil rights movement.”

They.  Are.  Going. Crazy. And they’re cracking up so soon.  We went eight long years without getting this loony.

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Sarah Palin Goes All Sexy to a Memorial Day Ceremony

Read the article here.  Be sure to scroll down to the picture.  Palin is on the far right.  “She just looked cheap.”

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Robert Gibbs Goes All Foggy on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

This tweet today from Ana Marie Cox:

Cox 5-27-09 re DADTSo, Obama lied to us.  Or, maybe he’ll get around to doing this later?

This really ticks me off.  I wish they’d grow some balls in the White House.

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Good Point

CJR excerpts an article from The Week magazine suggesting that Conservatives should be rooting for the New York Times to succeed, instead of “hammering nails” in its coffin (the NYT is currently in very bad fiscal shape).  The article’s author, Francis Wilkinson writes that then,

they might notice that there is a growing web-based journalism infrastructure preparing to supplant their bête noir.  It’s an infrastructure that is not only more liberal than the Times but also less inhibited by the paper’s habits of deference to power and concern for open debate and fair play.

Good point.  Conservatives might want to watch what they wish for.

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Angry White Men

Pat Buchanan was just on MSNBC arguing that “it’s affirmative action” — that Obama picked Sonia Sotomayor because he’s practicing “affirmative action.”  (So what if he is?  What’s so bad about intentionally picking a woman and a Latina for God’s sake and no, we did not hear this kind of talk (from the right) when Clarence Thomas got the nod.  Back then, the GOP strutted around, patting itself on the back because it was so forward-thinking.) This after the segment was set-up by video of Rush Limbaugh ranting about Sotomayor being a “reverse racist.”

I think the GOP is nailing its own coffin shut with regard to minorities with this kind of talk.  They look and sound so irrationally angry and so arrogantly elitist.

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Break Time

Pictures from a sand sculpture contest in Moscow.

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Hardcore Conservative Ted Olson Supports Gay Marriage

Ted Olson, George W. Bush’s first Solicitor General, a dyed in the wool, hardcore conservative, who has never uttered one word that I agree with, has come out in support of gay marriage.  And as John Aravosis at AmericaBlog notes,

…Ted Freaking Olson is now better on gay marriage than our president – than most of our party. Well, to be fair, let me be precise – Ted Olsen is now better on gay marriage than our president claims publicly to be.

Sad but true.

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Pot / Kettle

Tom Tancredo speaks.

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Sonia Sotomayor is S-c-a-r-y

I haven’t turned on the TV yet today but I’m sure Sonia Sotomayor is still an “activist judge” who might destroy the country as we know it.  Heck, this is likely the breaking news of the next two or three days morning.

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