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So, Has CBS Fired David Letterman Yet?

Remember — just days ago — when the wingers proclaimed that they were going to get David Letterman fired over the Palin thing?

Still waiting…

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Fox News Revs Up July 4 Tea Party Push

The tea parties held on April 15 were fairly spontaneous, but the organizers promised a whopper of a showing on July 4.  They’ve had a lot of time to plan and organize and their megaphone, Fox “News,”  is stoking the machine.  The turn out had better be huge — millions of people — otherwise I’m going to regard them as, ah, nothing more than a focus group.

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Fox News Refuses to Carry Al Franken’s Acceptance Speech

Fox “News” wouldn’t want to interrupt Glenn Beck or to show that Franken is anything other than the Stuart Smalley clown they’re depicting him as (see two posts down).

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Break Time

This image from the fun new blog, There, I Fixed It:

Fixed It 6-30

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Fox Nation Mocks Al Franken When Announcing his Senate Win

This is at the top of the homepage right now:

Smalley 6-30

And this is what you get if you click on the blue box:


Believe you me, if Norm Coleman had been declared the winner, Fox would have used the most dignified, stately picture they could find.

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Al Franken Wins

In a unanimous decision, the Minnesota Supreme Court has “ordered that Democrat Al Franken be certified as the winner of the state’s long-running Senate race.”

So now we wait.  What will Norm Coleman do?  Take it to a higher court, or not?  (I think he’ll look like a somewhat nutty sore loser if he keeps pushing this.  Time to accept that you lost and to move on Norm.)

UPDATE:  Phew.  Coleman conceded.  Good for him.

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On Blogging

A friend sent me this today:


(H/t NA.)

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GOP Wrong Again

74% of Americans think “the U.S. government should not directly intervene in the post-election crisis” in Iran.  That would mean all that chest-thumping the GOP was doing about how Obama should do more (i.e., he’s such a wimp!), was for naught.

How blind can they be?  Seems obvious to me that the last thing the country is in the mood for is another war.

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What’s a “Black Handshake?”

Is it kinda like a terrorist fist bump?

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Interesting News re Treating Cancer

Australian Scientists Kill Cancer Cells with “Trojan Horse.”

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What a Coincidence?

The winner of Mitt Romney’s “Free and Strong America PAC” essay contest happens to live in IOWA and he looks as if he just might be old enough to caucus in 2012.

What a coincidence!

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Personal Note: Eric J. Vanzura – The Best Hospitalist In the World!


A bad word, I know, but he’s amazing.

Healthcare as it could/should be.

A house call.


H/t to him.

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Greta Van Sustern: On the Record as a Hypocrite

Fox “legal analyst” Greta Van Suteren lead her show tonight with talk about President Obama and health care with Donald Trump, on oil and OPEC.  (Since when is Trump an expert on that?)

Van Susteren, the belle of winger legal “news”  and of missing, dead white girls — who ignored the biggest trial in the history of the Bush administration — has suddenly (as of 1-20-09)  turned her eye toward politics?


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Ever Hear Fox News Bellyache About the Time George W. Spent Golfing?

As we know, according to the wingers, President Obama can’t do anything right. And as we also know, that won’t change until he’s out of office.    One of their favorite targets, as this headline from today’s illustrates, is his love of golf.  Obama tends to play golf for two or three hours every now and then on a Sunday afternoon.

Remember George W. Bush’s love of golf?  And his seemingly-endless vacations?  Ever hear Fox scream about that?

Me either.

Obama Golf 6-29

What with at least four years to go, they really should pace themselves.  If they don’t, it won’t be long before they’re whining about how much time Obama spends, oh, I don’t know, flossing his teeth.

Hold on there wingers!  Take a breath.  Like I said, pace yourself.

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Is the Extreme Right Trying to Destroy Charlie Crist?

The 2010 Florida senate race is heating up, with current Governor Charlie Crist, a moderate Republican, and Marco Rubio, a winger known as the “Cuban Newt Gingrich,” the most prominent candidates.   Rubio has been endorsed by the Club for Growth and Mike Huckabee so one would assume that the nuts who run Republican party these days — Limbaugh, Rove, et. al. — support him too.

That said, there have long been rumors that Charlie Crist is gay.  Yes, he’s married but he tied the knot late last year (he was married in l979 but divorced less than a year later) and some speculated then that he did so precisely so he could stave off such rumors in the face of his then-anticipated senate run.

Fast forward to today and winger Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper, the Wall Street Journal.  It prints an editorial titled:  Hurricane Charlie:  The Republican Barney Frank.  Everyone knows that Barney Frank, the Massachusetts senator, is an openly gay man.

Is the WSJ, on behalf of its winger friends, trying to destroy Charlie Crist in order to make way for Marco Rubio?  Sure looks like it to me.

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NRO Says Madoff Sentence Way Too Long

Eli Lehrer of the conservative National Review Online laments the 150 year prison sentence handed down today to Bernie Madoff:

Bernard Madoff is an evil con man. He should spend the nearly all the rest of his miserable life in prison. But the 150-year sentence he received is too long. In fact, the something close to 12-year sentence his defense attorney recommended is pretty reasonable.

This is the same crowd that thinks it’s just fine, thank you very much, to put the guys we rounded up and plucked off of the sand in Iraq into a cell somewhere, indefinitely, without being charged and without the benefit of a trial.  Justice for some.

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Love Them Car Chases!

Would have loved to have had a break from Madoff-Jackson-Sotomayor-Mays, Madoff-Jackson-Sotomayor-Mays, Madoff-Jackson-Sotomayor-Mays but drat, I missed it:


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Make the News Fun!

That would be Chris Cillizza’s advice to his fellow air talking heads on how to get airtime.  (Never thought much of Cillizza’s intellect, an opinion which has thus been solidified).

Oh, and note to Keith Olbermann:  Stop inviting Cillizza on so often.  He adds nothing.

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The Wingers are Lovin’ the Supreme Court Today

I haven’t watched much television “news” today but I know, given the Supreme Court’s reversal of Sonia Sotomayor’s “firefighter decision,” the wingers are jumping up and down about how wonderful the formerly-hated activist Supreme Court justices are.  (Ignoring the fact that four justices dissented.)

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Remember Jerri Nielsen FitzGerald?

She is the doctor who biopsied a lump in her breast  and treated herself for cancer for months while stuck in the Antarctic ten years ago.  What a brave and tough lady.

Sadly, she died last week at the too-young age of 57.  The money quote from her obituary in the L.A. Times:

I was so happy there, FitzGerald told CBS. I figured I was going to die anyway, and I’d rather stay in… my perfect home. The people are what make a home. …  I learned about community. I learned about friendship. What an important thing to find out, even if it is the last year of your life.


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Rudy Giuliani As Moral Authority?

The folks at Morning Joe invited the thrice-married Rudy Giuliani on this morning to opine on whether Mark Sanford should resign.

Maybe it’s just me but what were the bookers at MSNBC thinking?  Rudy as moral authority?  What a joke.

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Treason! — Per Fox News — Clean Air Will Destroy the Country

Yesterday the House of Representatives passed a “sweeping energy and climate bill” which would,

for the first time usher in widespread government restrictions on greenhouse gases and help renewable energy become cost competitive with fossil fuels.

Fox’s response?

Treason energy bill 6-27

The “folks” at Fox are on your side?  Think again.  It’s about:  Money.  Power.  Corporations.  Money.  Lobbyist.  Crushing We the People.  Money.  Union?  Health care?  No!  Money.  You and me = “industrial base” = dumb fucks.  Powerless = good.  Money.  They want us to feel hopeless.  Power.   Money.  We should be happy breathing soot! Money.  Power:  Not!  Sit down.  Shut up.

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No rain or thunderstorm this evening for the first time in roughly two months.

Love sitting outside on our deck — which is under a big tree — without the fear of lightening.

A summer day.


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Click on It

It’s addictive.

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Thinking About the Brave Protesters in Iran

Don’t forget to check in with Andrew Sullivan who, I think, is doing yeoman’s work covering what’s happening in Iran.

Here’s the latest.

I am so impressed and so amazed by what they’re doing, and by their bravery, but my heart breaks at what they’re having to endure.  No words.

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Oy. Countdown Devotes the First 30-Minutes to Michael Jackson

Ugh.  Enough already!

Of the hundred-some channels available to me, none of them provide “real” news.

Is it any wonder I spend my time on the Internets?


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A 30-Second, End-of-the-Week Mental Health Break

Turn your volume to high.

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Rupert Murdoch’s Peculiar Brand of “Journalism” Strikes Again

The Wall Street Journal, which — for years — called for the impeachment of Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky affair, hasn’t written ONE WORD about the Mark Sanford affair.

Eyes wide open shameless.

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More on the Beginning of the End of the Dominance of the U.S. Dollar

China Repeats Criticism of Dollar Dominance:

The People’s Bank of China repeated its call for the world to cut its reliance on small set of reserve currencies on Friday.

In its annual financial stability report, the central bank said it saw serious defects in one currency dominating the global monetary system, a cloaked reference to the dollar.

The PBoC also issued a warning to the US over its loose monetary and fiscal policies

The world has had enough of Reaganomics.

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Life and Love

Here is a delightful little parable about Thomas Jefferson, life, love and other things:  Time Wastes Too Fast.

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