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Mark Sanford — and the GOP — Must Be Relieved That Michael Jackson Died Today

Come on.  Let’s say it.  Out loud.  It takes the heat off.  The “liberal media” will spend days on live-shots from helicopters, shrines, mourners and a funeral.

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Michael Jackson Was a Muslim

Jermaine Jackson just read a statement about the death of his brother, Michael Jackson.  At the end he said, “May Allah be with you always.”

What?  Was Michael Jackson a Muslim?  I recalled something about that way back in the recesses of my mind but nothing specific.  But it’s true.  Google it.  Here’s what I found at the top of the heap a few seconds ago: “Michael Jackson Converts to Islam and Changes Name to Mikaeel.

Fascinating, isn’t it, that this wasn’t more widely publicized (or maybe I’m just out of it)?  I mean, horrors of all horrors that a U.S. pop icon would become a terrorist, if you know what I mean.  (The powers that were — namely the Bush administration and its enablers the “liberal media” — did everything they could to brainwash people here in the U.S. into believing that all Muslims are terrorists.  So, what to do about Michael Jackson becoming one?  Ignore it.  It didn’t fit the meme.)

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Good News: We’re Restoring Diplomatic Relations With Venezuela

I’m one of those radical lefties who believes in oh, things like talking and diplomacy and trying to work out differences through peaceful means as opposed to jumping on the bombing so this is good news imho.

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Michael Jackson Has Died

TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson has died.

The Los Angeles Times‘ blog, L.A. NOW confirms it (See “Updated at 3:15 p.m.”).

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Quote of the Day

“It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.

– Jerry Seinfeld

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Pictures of Mark Sanford’s Girlfriend says these photos are “alleged” to be of her, Maria Belen Chapur.

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The “Liberal New York Times” is at it Again

If only Fox’s audience would crawl out from under its rock and start educating itself.  No, the New York Times is not a liberal newspaper everybody.  They do this kind of thing all the time:  Bash Obama for taking a question from the Huffington Post as “staged,” but praise Bush strutting around on the aircraft carrier as nothing short of genius.

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Conservative Guru Says Cheater Mark Sanford is a Sex Symbol

Grover Norquist on holier-than-thou proselytizer turned lying hypocrite Mark Sanford:  “It does indicate that men who oppose federal spending at the local level are irresistible to women.”

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Turning Back the Police State

The Supreme Court ruled today that it is illegal to strip search a 13 year old.  Hallelujah!  A classmate falsely accused the poor kid of “having the equivalent of two Advils” her possession.

What I wonder is how and why this made it all the way to the Supreme Court in the first place.

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Sarah Palin Needs an Attention Fix

Oh, come on Sarah.  Your “outrage” over this, THIS?! is so transparently obvious.  You aren’t “outraged.”  You need an attention fix; the high you got from the Letterman brouhaha apparently having worn off.

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Fox News Begins Turning Mark Sanford Into a Victim

Just as it did with John Ensign, Fox News is beginning to turn poor lil’ ol’ Mark Sanford into a victim (while simultaneously bashing the “liberal media”).  Below is a screenshot of the ad for tonight’s O’Reilly Factor:

Fox Sanford 6-25

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