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Rachael Ray Hates Mayonnaise

Enjoy, while I regroup.

You know, I don’t think we’d get along.  I LOVE mayo — the full-fat kind.  Give me a burger that’s been grilled outside, a gooey slice of melted American cheese, a b-i-g dollop of mayo, a bunch of green olives and I’m set.

(Don’t tell my doc.)

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To Glenn Beck Lovers

Do you have any freakin’ idea who “Mao” is?

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Davis Schuster, the “Balloon Boy” and “Insanity”

The media’s getting all pissy and accusatory about the “balloon boy” and his “insane” family tonight.  (“Insane” courtesy of MSNBC’s David Schuster.)  Could it be that the finger’s pointing backward?  Embarrassed much, for spending hours and hours on it?

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Does Rush Limbaugh Believe in the “Free Market” or Not?

Rush Limbaugh is playing the part of the victim today after being kicked out of the group that hopes to buy the St. Louis Rams.  Whaaaah.

We’re talking about a business deal here.  The NFL is a private entity and the people vying to buy the Rams are private people.  The goal of the buyers is, obviously, to purchase the Rams and make a profit.  The buyers thought Limbaugh might hinder their ability to do that so they kicked him out.  Period.  End of story.

So, what’s the problem Rush?

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Bobby Jindal Did Not Get Booed LOUDLY at New Orleans Town Hall

The video below is popping up all over the place on liberal blogs (of which I am one) this afternoon.  The headlines gleefully proclaim that Louisiana’s Republican Governor Bobby Jindal was loudly booed when President Obama introduced him at a Town Hall in New Orleans today.

Hey, I don’t particularly like Jindal and I totally disagree with Obama that he’s going a good job but sorry folks, I would not say that he was booed loudly.  IMHO, that’s a real stretch.  Let’s not bring our integrity into question by making things up.

Here.  Listen for yourself.

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Remember When Fox News Supported the White House’s War Against NBC?

Think Progress does.  But now, the folks at Fox are shocked, SHOCKED that the White House might have a problem with them.

Fucking pathetic hypocrites

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Socialist Balloon Rescue

Notice how we all expect the Air Force or the National Guard or some other socialist outfit to come to the rescue of a little boy in a balloon?

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Last night during AC360, CNN did the “BREAKING NEWS” graphics routine and brought the audience a story about the trouble Texas Governor Rick Perry is in over the execution of a possibly innocent man.  Perry’s troubles began on September 30.  Talking Points Memo picked the story up on October 2 (link above), and CNN reports it as “BREAKING NEWS” 12 days later?

Seems to me that the “BREAKING NEWS” here is the fact that it took AC360 so long to get to it.

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The Poor Little Boy in the Helium Balloon

Wish I hadn’t turned the teevee on while I was eating lunch.  Having a hard time watching the coverage, but at the same time, I can’t turn it off.  What a terrible situation.  I can’t imagine how his parents feel right now and oh, the poor little boy.

Awful.  Awful.

(BTW, the announcers are idiots when it comes to oxygen and altitude.  The boy should be okay up to an elevation of about 14,000 or 15,000 ft.   I would worry more about the temperature up there.)

UPDATE:  OMG.  The balloon landed.  I thought it was going to be a wonderful, miraculous ending but he wasn’t inside!

UPDATE:  The little boy was found in the garage?  attic? inside a cardboard box.

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I’m Back

My computer froze late yesterday morning.  I did all the usual stuff — turn off, turn on, etc. — but nothing worked.  Just came back from an appointment at my local Apple store (it’s so nice not to have to spend three hours on the phone with “Kevin” in Bangladesh when trying to get help like I did when I had a Dell).

Turns out — according to the guy at the “Genius Bar”  (love that) — I had a “bad mouse.”  Got a new one for free under the warranty.

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