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Save Money — Make Your Own Granola

Here’s how, but omit the oil. Leave the brown sugar out too. Add raisins or prunes instead.

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Evan Bayh Has Got to Go

He’s got conflicts of interest out the wazoo.  To name but one, his wife is or was on the board of WellPoint for God’s sake and “his family earned over $2 million dollars from the company during 2006 to 2008.”

Are you as sick as I am of having whores like this deciding our future?

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The Obamas Talk About Their Marriage

The New York Times Magazine will run a long article on Sunday titled, The First Marriage.

Obamas on Marriage 10-28-09

Why they posted it online ahead of time, I have no idea. (It’s just plain bad marketing insofar as readership of the hard copy edition of the newspaper is declining; what better way could there be to foster that trend?)

Anyway, go to the link above if you’re interested.  I haven’t read it yet but I will.

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Huge Increase in Demand at My Local Food Bank

Regular readers of this site know that I volunteer at a local food bank on Fridays.  Today I learned that, as a sign of just how bad it is out there,  77% more people came in for food during the month of September over last September, and 74% more people sought financial assistance or shelter.

I’d like to march on over to Citigroup or Goldman Sachs and ask them if they could oh, maybe shave a couple percentage points off the $20 billion they’re going to pay their employees in bonuses this year and donate it to us.  Bastards.  The way our society is structured is So. Fucked.  Up.

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Break Time

Look at these cool pictures of a bursting soap bubble.

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58% Approve of Obama’s “Dithering”

Cheney looks like the idiot that he is, again.  According to a new NBC/WSJ poll, 58% of Americans think it’s just fine, thank you very much, that Obama’s taking time to decide how to proceed in Afghanistan.

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R.I.P. Matthew Shepard

This afternoon President Obama signed into law the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act which allows federal authorities “to pursue charges in violent crimes motivated by the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability.”

It’s about time.  Matt’s mother, Judy Shepard has been working ten years for this.  Here is a statement she released today.

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De-Fox America!

See the new website created by Brave New Films.

Personally, I’d be happy if they stopped using the fake “fair and balanced” slogan.

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I Think It’s Going to be a Rough Winter Here

Here’s a webcam of where I am right now.  2-1/2 feet of snow since last night and it’s not supposed to stop until sometime tomorrow.  Wouldn’t be at all surprised if we lost power.

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Joe Lieberman Trying to be the New Olympia Snow

Now Joe Lieberman is demanding that the Public Option be taken completely off the table.

Is he throwing a public temper tandrum because he wants or needs some attention?  Who does he think he is?

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Faces of Meth

Look at these astonishing pictures showing the rapid and devastating toll methamphetamine has on its users.

Faces of Meth 10-28


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Now We Know Why CEO’s of the Likes of Citigroup Get Paid So Much

Because they sit around thinking of ways to rip us off.

Last week we learned that the big boys have decided to impose a fee on people who pay their credit cards off.  This week we learn that they are considering charging a fee for having a perfect credit rating.

My parents and grandparents must be rolling over in their grave.  It was a part of their DNA to view paying off your credit card and having a good credit rating as a good thing.  Back in their day it would be unheard of to charge fees — essentially penalizing people — for those things, as it should be now.  This is outrageous.

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