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Tweet of the Evening

From ruthreichl:

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Watch Sarah Palin’s Address to Tea Partiers LIVE

Saturday evening, during the 9:00 p.m. ET hour, on Fox.

Will they fess up to their conflict of interest and identify Palin as a “Fox News Contributor?”  Nah.

Per the link above, CNN might air it too.  I’d watch it there.  Don’t give Fox the hits.

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Cheese Comes From Butterflies?

Cheese comes from butterflies?

Yeah, and eggs come from sheep, yogurt comes from turkeys or ducks and bacon comes from horses.  That would be what a survey says about what kids in the UK know about where their food comes from.

What about kids in the US?  They can’t tell the difference between a tomato and a potato.

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Groundhog Day

I’m embarrassed for us:  Why do we spend one day a year pretending that a groundhog can see his shadow?

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I Can Hear it Now: The Questions Were Rigged!

President Obama will hold another question and answer session tomorrow, this time with Democrats.  It sounds like the format will be the same as it was last Friday when he met with Republicans.

Wonder how long it will take for Republicans to delegitimize the entire thing by screaming that it was thoroughly staged and the questions were somehow rigged and/or submitted in advance.

I’m guessing minutes.

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Fox’s Neil Cavuto Puts a Debt Clock Graphic on Screen

Oh geez. Three minutes ago (4:45 p.m. ET) I flipped to Fox.  Good ol’ Neil Cavuto, who I monitored for four years at the News Hounds, was interviewing Dave Ramsey.  And lo and behold, there, in the lower right hand corner was a debt clock, clicking furiously away.

Now, this is a guy — Cavuto — who, between June, 2004 and December, 2008 (the period of time I monitored him), for all intents and purposes didn’t let the words “debt” or “deficit” pass his lips.  Of course, that was also when George W. was president.  Fast forward to a Democratic administration and he’s got a debt clock on screen.

You know, it’s so obvious what Fox is up to but I’m willing to bet their long-time viewers haven’t noticed a difference between now and then.

Fox counts on them not being all that bright.

They’re such cheap suits.

(I’ll try to get a screen shot.)

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More Fox Proof That There’s Something Wrong With Obama

This graphic is up on TheFoxNation right now:

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Tweet of the Afternoon

From markos:

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Thanks to the Supreme Court…

Thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United, President Obama has had this added to his plate:

Norm Eisen, ethics counsel to President Barack Obama, said in a blog post Monday that lobbyists linked to foreign corporations are pushing “to protect their newfound power to influence American elections” under Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. The recent Supreme Court ruling removed limits on union and corporate campaign spending.

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What Are They Thinking?

Here is the “2010 Comprehensive Daily Kos/Research 2000 Poll of Self-Identified Republicans” I posted about yesterday.

Wow.  They’re brutal when it comes to gays, and then there’s this:

It’s astonishing how ideas that, 30 years ago would have been considered radical, and even fringe, are now mainstream.

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The DNC Slaps its Base in the Face

Were the powers that be in the Democratic party ever, ever, for a public option?  I have a feeling the answer is no and that we spent last year getting rolled:  DNC Defends Spending $460 K on Nelson’s Anti-Public Option Ad.

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Since When is a 44-Year-Old Woman a “Young Lady”?

The perpetually clueless Harold Ford, Jr.,  was a guest on the Colbert Report last night during which he referred to Kristen Gillibrand, the senator from New York he is considering running against, as a “young lady.”  I guess that would make Ford an even younger “young gentleman” — Gillibrand is four years older than Ford.

Slips of the tongue can be so revealing.

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Obama’s Budget

Here’s a good take-away about the budget proposals Obama made last week.  Money quote:  “I am frightened…”

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Big Money Turns on Tea Partiers

I got this tweet from a “Tea Party Patriot” a few minutes ago:

It claims, obviously, that “the left is becoming more and more desperate as we grow stronger” and that is “their new…” whatever.

So I click on the link — — and I see this angry-looking homepage:

Here’s a close-up:

And then I scroll down to the bottom of the page:

So, what the hey, I Google “American Public Policy Committee.”

I don’t find a site but I do find this list of donors at

So big-money “Tea Party” groups created “” and they’re producing ads that make idiots like my Twitter-friend — who don’t do any research whatsoever and who believe everything they’re told — think “the left” is against them?  But, in reality, big money is against them because if the Tea Party movement gets going the corporations lose.  And they don’t lose

Yep.  That’s what’s happening.

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