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Tweet of the Day

From Matthew Emmer:

Why do we forget pure and simple facts like this? Oh, that’s right.  Because our, ahem, “news” media is AWOL.

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Unemployment Benefits Delayed? COBRA Payments Screwed Up?

If your unemployment benefits are delayed and/or you’re on COBRA and something funny’s going on with that, you might want to call Senator Jim Bunning (R-Ice in his Veins):

Kentucky Senator Whines About Missing University of Kentucky Basketball Game While Blocking Unemployment Benefits for Millions of Americans, and

COBRA Benefits Extension Held Up by Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky.

Talk to Jim:

And what do we hear from Bunning’s fellow Republicans?  Nada.  Zip.  Crickets.

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Break Time

Check out this cool “Worldmeter” which is updated in real time and shows, oh, say, the number of births today, the number of species that have gone extinct this year (21,566 – amazing), the number of email messages sent today, etc.  (It takes about 10 seconds to load.)


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Democrats Beginning to Look More and More Like Republicans

This is really infuriating:  House Democrats Move to Block EPA From Regulating Greenhouse Gases:

Their resolution aims to use the Congressional Review Act to effectively veto EPA’s finding that greenhouse gases endanger human health and welfare.

At this rate, it won’t be long before the rest of the world looks down on us like we’re some ignorant Third World country.  And this is from DEMOCRATS!

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Greenland is Melting — the “official tourism and business site” of the country of Greenland — has an extraordinary page up about how the country is literally melting due to climate change.  Check it out.

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Hate Mail from Glenn Beck Fans

David Sirota, who hosts a 3-hour, weekday morning radio program on Denver’s AM760, posts about the “stunning lack of cognition/brain function” on displayed in some hate mail he received recently from Glenn Beck fans:  Hate Mail from Beck Disciples Confirms the American Idiocracy.

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Fox News Introduces “Photo Op-inion”

Fox has a new attraction, which it apparently thinks is pretty darn cleaver, but which, like everything Fox does, propagandizes against Democrats.  It’s called “Photo Op-inion.” People send in photoshopped pictures that make a statement, like the one below, which is one of 17 slides currently posted on the “Photo Op-inion” page.

Wow, funny huh?

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“Testy” is the New Uppity

From Fox “News”:  Obama Shows Testy Side at Health Care Summit.

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Biologists: Killer Whales “Neurotic” in Captivity

Gosh, I can’t imagine why.  Plop them down in a big bathtub and they’re going to be normal and happy?  Of course not and we’re idiots if we’re shocked when they aren’t:

An orca can travel easily 100 nautical miles every day, and to put them in a pool where they swim around in circles continually, and kept away from their families, “takes a toll on their brains,” said Jim Borrowman, who has worked with whales for 30 years and runs Stubbs Island Whale Watching on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

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At the Food Bank

Today was an incredibly busy day at the food bank.  We were surmising as to why.  End of the month when money can be scarce?  A snow-less day (for a change), making it easier for people to get around?  Couldn’t put our finger on it but we three volunteers were escorting people through without a break.  One of the three intake workers told me she alone saw 20 families.

Unfortunately, though the number of people coming through was very high, the amount of food on the shelves was low.  We were lucky today in that we had a wonderful variety of dairy products — cottage cheese, cream cheese, American cheese, Provolone and milk.  But some of the basics, like canned vegetables, bread and frozen meat were almost gone — beef  was gone.

Several churches in the area will be holding food drives in the coming weeks and the Postal Service holds its drive in May.  Come the summer local farmers will donate things like herbs and onions and corn.  By then though, we could be seeing more need than ever.

Sometimes it feels like we’re swimming uphill.

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Obama is Turning Off a Whole Generation of Voters

I will never forget the enthusiasm and downright excitement of young voters during the summer and fall of 2008.  They couldn’t get enough of Barack Obama.  I saw them sitting at tables downtown, handing out bumper stickers and leaflets in support of him.  I remember a 20-something who approached me in early 2008, when I hadn’t yet decided who I was going to support, and when I told her that, the look of disappointment in her eyes was obvious.  Young people were involved and hopeful.  They almost vibrated with enthusiasm.

Now?  Obama has lost them. One wonders if they’re gone for good, literally.  Will they ever trust a politician again?  I wouldn’t be surprised if not, which undoubtedly makes Republicans very, very happy.

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The Cesspool That is News Corp.

Here’s a short article about how Rupert Murdoch’s empire, which includes Fox News, is devolving into a cesspool of infighting and backstabbing as he fades into old age.

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