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Is the US Where the USSR Was in 1975?

I turned on the TV two minutes ago and landed on HGTV. They’re airing a show called “For Rent.”  It’s about a “formerly tent-living couple” that moves into an apartment.

This is unbelievable.  Is this the norm around here these days?

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Tweet of the Day

From Michael Moore.  Hey, slow down, read it, and think about it:

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2010 Campaign Calls Already Overwhelming My Area

I guesstimate that I’ve received six recorded calls since Friday PM having to do with the 2010 election.

I’ll start keeping track but suffice it to say, I’m already irritated.  And it’s what?  March 1st?

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Some Good News

“Democrat” Harold — Merrill Lynch —  Ford, Jr., has decided not to run against Kirsten Gillibrand in New York:

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Unemployed? Get Off Your Ass And Get a Damn Job

Republican Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona:  Unemployment Benefits Make People Not Want to Get a Job.



Am I dreaming?

Republicans are terrified of, and unable to stand up to, the Tea Partiers and the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.  As a result of their fear, they’re abandoning Americans as a whole, and the country.

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What do Glenn Beck, Rahm Emanuel and Blanche Lincoln Have in Common?

In late January we learned that President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel said liberals where “fu*king retarded.”  Ten days ago Glenn Beck said progressives should be “eradicated.”  Today, we hear that the “Democratic” senator from Arkansas, Blanche Lincoln, called liberals “extremists.

I’m still digesting this cumulative assault; it’s unbelievable that “Democrats” would join the likes of Beck to attack their base.  I’m thinking we might be seeing the effect of Citizens United — if a corporation has your back, party lines don’t matter anymore and you can say whatever you want with impunity.

We’ll see.

I’m still hoping that We the People have a voice so I just went to and made a donation to the Bill Halter for Senate campaign (Halter is challenging Lincoln in the AK primary) which I note has raised $429,686.60 in less than 24-hours.

Take that Blanche!

Oh, P.S.  The White House endorsed Blanche today.

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Break Time — Photography

Alien Landscapes on Planet Earth.  Photography by Martin Rietze.

A taste, from the STROMBOLI and ETNA series — 7.5.2009-11.5.2009:

Wow.  Spectacular.  Imagine being there in person.

(There are more photographs behind every photo on the home page so click away.)

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Where Did All Those Laid Off Wall Streeters Go?

Linkedin has the scoop and here’s their chart:

This tells me to steer clear of J.P. Morgan, Barclays, and Bank of America (if not all of the above).

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Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY) Gives ABC News Producer the Finger

Jim Bunning (R-KY) is not having a good dayThis from Zach Wolf, an ABC News producer based in Washington, D.C.:

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Do We Have an Andrew Joseph Stack Copycat On Our Hands?

BREAKING:  Hazmat Incident Forces Evacuation of IRS Building in Utah.

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Right-Wing Blogs Claim President Obama is a Boozer

President Obama had a routine physical examination yesterday.  In the “Recommendations” portion of a memo about that exam, Obama’s doctor wrote that he should:

Continue smoking cessation efforts, a daily exercise program, healthy diet, moderation in alcohol intake, periodic dental care, and remain up-to-date with recommended immunizations.

Routine stuff.  But winger blogs have singled out the “moderation in alcohol intake” part and now they’re running with it.

By their logic, Obama smokes like a fiend, he doesn’t get any exercise, he only eats food high in fat, sugar and salt, he doesn’t brush his teeth or see a dentist, and he doesn’t keep up with recommended immunizations.


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Fox Covers for Jim Bunning (R-KY)

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Senator Jim Bunning, Republican from Kentucky, is singlehandedly blocking a bill that was expected to pass the Senate on Friday.  Among other things, the bill would have extended unemployment benefits and COBRA subsidies to help laid-off workers with their health insurance.  The repercussions also affect “some rural satellite TV viewers. As of Monday, those customers could find their TV screens blank because the program that allows delivery of their pictures will also lapse.” And Medicare patients will suffer too, as it may force “many physicians to limit the number of Medicare and TRICARE patients they see in order to keep their practice doors open.”

Why a guy huh?

So how is Fox “News” treating this issue, which could potentially touch the lives of many of its viewers?  I can’t find anything about it on Fox’s homepage.  Here’s a screenshot of the “above the fold” part of the page.  Nada.  Even after looking through the small print below it, I still couldn’t find anything.

Gosh, golly, gee.  What a surprise.

I’m thinkin’ I should merge two of the categories I set up on this blog:  Fox News and Republicans.

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Chile Earthquake Likely Shifted Earth’s Axis

NASA scientists say Chilean Quake Likely Shifted Earth’s Axis.

Wow, what incredible power.  It’s a wonder any of the buildings in Chile are still standing.

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Rep. Eric Cantor: The GOP Wants “More People Uninsured”

Freudian slip or what?

Via Media Matters:

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Anderson Cooper to Replace Katie Couric at CBS?

The “news” networks are freaking out about losing viewers, which in turn means losing revenue.  Is it any wonder?  Those of us who want actual news, meaning facts about what is happening around the world, turned to other sources for that information a long time ago.  But instead of looking at their “news”content, the honchos are looking at making the “news” reader more appealing, as in the case of CBS talking to Anderson Cooper about taking over for Katie Couric:

CBS executives, mindful that Katie Couric’s contract expires in a little over a year, have talked to Anderson Cooper of CNN about an anchor job, according to two TV veterans informed of the meeting.

After all, the likes of ABC and CBS folded their news operations into their entertainment divisions approximately a decade ago and that’s what it’s all about to them.  Entertainment.

People who turn to a news program, want news, not entertainment.

They don’t get it.

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Crazy on Crazy

Tom Tancredo on Sarah Palin:  “I Really Don’t Have This Feeling About Her as Being President.”

I really don’t have this feeling about her as being presidential,” Tancredo said. “I don’t know what it is exactly. I don’t know if the issues really are that difficult for her or not.

As governor of the state of Alaska, she doesn’t have all that kind of experience. She can get better. But I don’t know if she is really looking to do it.’

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In Case You’re Interested

FYI, PolitiFact✓.com has opened a new site — PolitiFact✓Florida — which will track politics in Florida; guaranteed to be very interesting this year, particularly the race for senate between Tea Partier Marco Rubio and moderate Republican Charlie Crist.

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Colorado Preparing to Screw Retirees

Like many other states, Colorado is facing a huge budget crisis.  One of the ways it has decided to deal with that is to cut increases in the benefits of retirees who are members of the Public Employees Retirement Association, or PERA.  Benefit increases would be cut in 2011 from 3.5% to 2%, and “future increases could drop below 2% under certain conditions.”

On the flip side, Colorado has historically offered huge incentives to corporations, such as the oil and gas industry and even to the Denver Broncos and its billionaire owner Pat Bowlen.  Instead of looking at raising taxes on those corporations who pay far less as a percentage of their income than the average Colorado Joe and Jane, the state looks to retirees who have arranged their lives around promised retirement benefits.

Again, the little guy gets screwed while corporations go along on their merry way.

It’s so wrong.

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