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Tweet of the Day

From Shoq:

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“Code Red” Rally Tomorrow in D.C.

I literally can’t wait to see how many Tea Partiers turn out for the “grassroots,” Sarah Palin, Fox “News,” RNC-endorsed “Code Red” rally tomorrow in D.C.

More on the RNC’s hand-holding of this alleged “grasssroots movement” here.

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Don Young (R-AK) Caves to His “Constituents”

Don Young Bucks GOP Earmark Ban.

Translation:  House Republican Don Young of Alaska, whose party claims to be against “earmarks” and “special interests,”   caved today:

I am elected to serve my constituents, and as long as they continue to request federal funding for their projects of interest, then I will continue to do my best to accommodate them.

I can’t wait to hear more about Young’s “constituents” and their “projects of interest.”   I’m guessing the “constituents” and “projects” align with ExxonMobil more than they do with Joe and Jane Doe in Nome or Anchorage.

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Bravo: When Does a “Girl” Become a Woman?

Oh Jeez.  A few minutes ago I made the mistake of channel surfing. I landed on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York.”  One of the “real housewives” was entertaining her former maid in a backyard sit-down — a weathered table, green grass, blue sky, a breeze and lemonade — when, while essentially saying good-bye, she said, “I had to hire another girl.”

Okay.  That’s it. When grown women are “girls” I’ve had enough.  I mean, the “liberal media” refers to 15-year-old boys as “men,” but 20, 25, 30, 40-year-old women are “girls?”

A puppy becomes a dog after about two years.  A filly becomes a mare after three or four years.  A kitten becomes a cat after one year.  But female humans are “girls” forever?

No.  Bye-bye Bravo.

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Reminder: Tea Party Rally to “Kill Obamacare” Tomorrow in D.C.

Check your local station.

(I wonder what people around the world who have universal health care and who don’t give a second thought to paying for medical services think about people in this country actually protesting our feeble attempt to implement something like what they’ve got.  They must think we’re absolutely insane to mobilize against our own interests.)

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The Tea Party — a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Republican National Committee

Yo.  Hello.  “Liberal media,” where are you?  Anybody home?  The Tea Party is a “grassroots organization?”  I don’t think so:  RNC Blacks Out “Paid for by RNC” Line on Tea Party Signs.

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Glenn Beck Uses Inflammatory Language in Response to the Rev. Jim Wallis

Glenn Beck has a new target in the Rev. Jim Wallis, who objected to Beck asking people to leave churches that advocate for “social justice.”  After Wallis wrote to Beck on Friday, “proposing that the two of us sit down together and have an open and public discussion on what social justice really means and how Christians are called to engage in the struggle for justice,” Beck responded today with this:

So Jim, I just wanted to pass this on to you.  In my time I will respond — my time, well, kind of like God’s time, might be a day, might be a week to you, I’m not sure. But I’m going to get to it in my time, not your time. So you go ahead and you continue to do your protest thing, and that’s great. I love it. But just know — the hammer is coming, because little do you know, for eight weeks, we’ve been compiling information on you, your cute little organization, and all the other cute little people that are with you. And when the hammer comes, it’s going to be hammering hard and all through the night, over and over…

I’m not going to dance around here:  If you ask me, Glenn Beck wouldn’t mind if one of his crazy viewers took his “hammering” talk to mean more than that.

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Sarah Palin: a “Wild Alaskan Dingbat”

OMG, Alan Grayson has such a way with words.  Love it.

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The U.S. Lags Way Behind in Internet Connectivity Speed

The FCC is working on a plan to increase Internet use in the United States and to bring it out of 18th place in the world (South Korea is at #1) in terms of speed.

Its goal is to give 100 million households access to Internet connections that transfer 100 megabits of data per second.

The average U.S. Internet speed today is much slower [to say the least] — only 3.9 megabits per second, according to the Internet monitor Akamai.

The U.S. has only the 18th fastest Internet connections in the world, behind countries like South Korea, which leads the world with 14.6 megabit-per-second data transfer rates.

Yet the media would have us believe we’re #1 in everything.

When, oh when, will we have a better media?

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Christiane Amanpour Reportedly Offered “This Week” Job

Fishbowl D.C. is reporting that,

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour is telling her CNN colleagues that ABC News has offered her the job of “This Week” host and she is telling people that she might take it. As of this moment she is declaring a 50-50 chance that she’s going to accept the offer.

I can’t stand the “Sunday shows” so I don’t give a sh*t about this but I thought some of you might.

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The Socialistic Census Form Came Today

The “Census 2010″ form arrived in my mailbox today.  First and last impression:  What’s the big deal?

It asks:

–  How many people “were living or staying” in our house as of April 1, 2010.

–  What our phone number is.

– The full name, sex, age (as of April 1, 2010), date of birth and race of every person “living or staying” in the house as of April 1, 2010.

That’s it.  Big whoop.

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Break Time — Miniature Animals

10 Miniature Versions of Normal Animals, as in these adorable Pygmy Marmosets:

Photo source.

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The First •Com Name Was Registered 25 Years Ago Today

Dotcom Web Address Celebrates Silver Anniversary:

The internet celebrates a landmark event on the 15 March — the 25th birthday of the day the first dotcom name was registered.

In March 1985, Symbolics computers of Cambridge, Massachusetts entered the history books with an internet address ending in dotcom.

That same year another five companies jumped on a very slow bandwagon.

It took until 1997, well into the internet boom, before the one millionth dotcom was registered.

Amazing that it started so slowly.

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Boehner Determined to Kill GOP’s Ticket to 2010 Victory

According to the GOP, passage of health care reform will be their ticket to victory in November and beyond.  They say they are going to “run on it” and vilify it because, “the people don’t want it.”  (Which of course is a bunch of macho bravado — they’re scared to death people will love it.)

So, if that’s their public stance, why would John Boehner Boner say, Republicans are “going to do everything we can to make it difficult for them, if not impossible, to pass the bill?”

Same reason Karl Rove can lie about the facts every time he opens his mouth.  The party faithful take what comes out of these guy’s mouths as gospel and they don’t remember what happened one day to the next.

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Tim Pawlenty Hates Our Troops and He Hates America

If a Democratic governor did this, you can imagine the screams coming from the right:  Minnesota’s Republican governor, Tim Pawlenty, Diverted Veterans’ Funding to Faith-Based Office.

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Senate Democratic Leaders Prove They Were Never for a Public Option

According to The Plum Line, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is “willing to commit to introducing an amendment that would add the public option to the Senate bill’s reconciliation fix.”  If such an amendment were introduced, it would be “very hard for the Senate Dem leadership to block.”  It would get a “straight majority vote,” which is actually “worrying to Senate Dem leaders.”

Seems to me “Senate Dem leaders” are outing themselves, finally and officially, as being against the public option.  (Hey, no problem stringing your base along for a year guys.)

So yo, Bernie, go for it.

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Barney Frank: White House Doesn’t Want DADT Repealed This Year (UPDATED)

This from The Advocate:

But just as the White House has pushed other legislation into the forefront only to back away and watch the congressional fireworks from afar, so it seems to be with ending the military’s gay ban.

As Rep. Barney Frank told me Friday, “I’m disappointed with the administration talking about delaying legislation for a year. But I’m working with Patrick Murphy [the lead sponsor of the House repeal bill] on it and I’m hoping we can push ahead.”

Like many pro-repeal advocates, Frank has consistently pinpointed the National Defense Authorization Act as “the only vehicle” for overturning the ban legislatively. When I noted that the White House has failed to designate the defense authorization bill over a stand-alone bill as its preferred method for repealing the policy, Frank responded, “That’s because they don’t want it done this year, not because they want it done separately.”

UPDATE from The Hill:  Frank:  I did not say WH opposes repealing “Don’t ask, don’t tell” this year.

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Obama Losing Chance to Reshape the Judiciary

Another instance when one can only ask:  What is Obama thinking?

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Fox Staffers Worry Beck is “Tainting” the Network’s Reputation as a “News” Organization

Fox Staffers Say [Glenn Beck's] Comments Taint Their Work.

Wow, that’s some serious Kool-Aid they’re drinkin’ over there at Fox “News.” Staffers worry that Glenn Beck is complicating “the channel’s efforts to neutralize White House criticism that Fox is not really a news organization?”  The staffers actually believe Fox IS a news organization?   And they, “say they believe he uses distorted or inflammatory rhetoric that undermines their credibility?”  What credibility?  They’re only credible in the bubble that is the 24% who think George W. Bush was a great president. To everyone else, the notion that they’re “credible” or a “news” organization went out the window three or four or six years ago.

Poor things.

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Frankly, I Don’t Really Care if Some Guy Wants to Marry His Horse (UPDATED)

J.D. Hayworth, the loon who is running against John McCain in Arizona, said over the weekend that gay marriage laws could lead to people being allowed to marry their horses.  The fact that wingers are still throwing out crap like that after 20, 30 years shows how stuck in hysteria they are.   At this point, a line like Hayworth’s should do nothing more than make us all laugh and shake our head in disgust at the absurdity.

Not only that, so what if some guy wants to marry his horse.  Does that threaten me?  No way.  I could care less.

UPDATE:  By the way, this whole man, woman, horse thing is hard for even the diehards to keep track of:

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