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Food — Spiced Saffron and Mussel Soup

Spiced Saffron and Mussel Soup.

OMG, it looks so good.  I’m thinking crusty bread slathered in butter for dipping and a spinach salad with artichoke hearts and Bermuda onions on the side.

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John Boehner: “Hell No You Can’t!”

The difference between Democrats and Republicans:

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Has John King Identified Dana Bash as His Wife Yet?

I haven’t watched CNN’s  “John King U.S.A.” since it debuted on Monday, when John King hosted his wife but didn’t identify her as such.  Do any of you know if he’s done so since?

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John Boehner as Terrorist

John Boehner Boner last week:  “Take [Rep.] Steve Driehaus, for example, he may be a dead man. He can’t go home to the west side of Cincinnati.”

To finish Boner’s sentence:  He can’t go home to the west side of Cincinnati or someone (hint, hint) might kill him.

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Memo to Steny Hoyer: They Aren’t “Incidents of Incivility”

In a presser that Reps. Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn held today on Capitol Hill about Republican terrorism, Hoyer called the death threats and acts of violence, “incidents of incivility.”

Come on Hoyer.  They’re more than that.  Ten Democratic members of the House of Representatives have requested security protection, people’s children have been threatened, the gas line to the brother of a representative has been cut, and one member’s wife is afraid to answer the phone. That’s terrorism, not “incidents of incivility.”


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Republican Terrorist Sympathizer Says: “Hit Lists Are a Common Term”

Guy from the conservative Heritage Foundation just now on “The Ed Show” during a discussion about the terrorism coming from the right:  “Hit lists are a common term.”

They are?

(Didn’t catch the guy’s name.  Sorry.  Didn’t know I was going to post about it until smoke started coming out of my ears a few minutes later and then it was too late.)

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Tweets of the Day — Terrorism

These from Greg Mitchell (best read from bottom to top):

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Dr. Oz — The Game Show

My husband is watching Dr. Oz in the other room.  I swear it sounds like a game show.

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Fox News Wants You To Worry About Exploding Breasts

Fox doesn’t want to you relax, even for a minute:  Terrorists Could Use Explosives in Breast Implants to Crash Planes, Experts Warn.

Terrorists could probably put explosives in penile implants too, huh?  Hey, let’s talk about that for a while.

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Rising Sea Levels Swallow Tiny Island — Ending 30-Year Dispute

This from the MailOnline:

For nearly 30 years, India and Bangladesh have argued over control of a tiny rock island in the Bay of Bengal.

Now the dispute has been resolved – the island’s gone. Scientists claim this is as a result of rising sea levels.

New Moore Island in the Sunderbans has been completely submerged, its disappearance confirmed by satellite imagery and sea patrols.

Oceanographer Sugata Hazra, a professor at Jadavpur University in Calcutta said: ‘What these two countries could not achieve from years of talking, has been resolved by global warming.’

India and Bangladesh both claimed the empty New Moore Island, which was about 2 miles long and 1.5 miles wide.

Bangladesh referred to the island as South Talpatti.

There were no permanent structures on New Moore, but India sent some paramilitary soldiers to its rocky shores in 1981 to hoist its national flag.

Scientists at the School of Oceanographic Studies at the university have noted an alarming increase in the rate at which sea levels have risen over the past decade in the Bay of Bengal.

Until 2000, the sea levels rose about 0.12 inches a year, but over the last decade they have been rising about 0.2 inches annually, he said.

Another nearby island, Lohachara, was submerged in 1996, forcing its inhabitants to move to the mainland.

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Fox and CNN Ignore Democratic Presser re Tea Party Violence

Democratic Representatives Steny Hoyer and Jim Clyburn are making a statement to the media at this moment (2:51 p.m. ET) about Tea Party violence and about how they’ve asked the Republican leadership to ask their followers to cut it out.  I’m listening to it on the radio.  MSNBC aired it for a few minutes.  Fox and CNN did not.

Contrast that to the positive attention both Fox and CNN have given to the Tea Partiers.

Oh, and here’s an update on the most recent terror attack.

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Go GoDaddy!

This is great: Plans to Stop Registering Domain Names in China: Inc., the world’s largest domain name registration company, plans to tell lawmakers Wednesday that it will cease registering Web sites in China in response to intrusive new government rules that require applicants to provide extensive personal data, including photographs of themselves.

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Break Time — Dogs

This video is actually an ad for Pedigree dog food, albeit a classy, beautiful ad.  If you love dogs, you’ll love looking at the facial expressions on these sweet creatures.

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It’s Official: Republicans Are Intentionally Lying to Their Base About Repealing Health Care Reform

It’s official Tea Partiers — Republicans are lying to you about repealing the health care bill.  Here it is in black and white:

Yesterday, GOP leaders began to use a new phrase to describe their goals for the health reform bill: “Repeal and replace.” Since then, however, GOP officials have struggled to explain whether they want full repeal or just to roll back pieces they oppose.

A senior Senate GOP aide just clarified the leadership’s strategy to me: Continue to pledge and pursue full repeal, to keep the GOP base happy, but only pursue it “piece by piece,” in order to avoid looking intent on simply blowing up reform entirely.

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Republicans — Stop the Tea Party Terrorism

Watch the video and sign the petition here.

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Republicans Start Taking CREDIT for the Health Care Bill

Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has the balls to issue a press release taking credit for a provision contained in the new health care bill — a provision he authored but in the end — voted against!

No shame.

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U.S. Jobs Lost to China

Yesterday the Economic Policy Institute released a very detailed study of U.S. job loss to China.  It goes into minute detail, breaking the losses down by state and even congressional district.  I haven’t had time yet to delve into it as much as I want to but I thought I’d put it up in case you’re interested.  Here it is.

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George Bush Wipes His Hand on Bill Clinton’s Shirt After Shaking Hands With a Haitian

George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are in Haiti working on relief efforts there.  Watch them in the video below as they greet some of the locals.  See Bush wipe his hand on Clinton’s shirt after he shakes the hand of one of them.

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Senate Republicans Cut Their Work Hours

In what can only be seen as an indication of how out of touch they are with hardworking Americans, Senate Republicans have decided that they’re not going to work past 2:00 p.m. on any given day.

And we’re supposed to think what about this?  That they’re standing up for the little guy?  By cutting their work hours?  Huh?  I think we should cut their pay.

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Ann Coulter Forced to Cancel Speech

Ann Coulter was forced to cancel a Tuesday night speech at the University of Ottawa, Canada after “about 2,000 ‘threatening’ students crowded the entrance to Marion Hall, posing a security threat.”

The protest organizer, Mike Francie, said, “What Ann Coulter is practicing is not free speech, it’s hate speech.  She’s targeted the Jews, she’s targeted the Muslims, she’s targeted Canadians, homosexuals,women, almost everybody you could imagine.”

Francois Houle, the university’s academic vice-president, wrote to Coulter, warning that, “Promoting hatred against any identifiable group would not only be considered inappropriate, but could in fact lead to criminal charges.”

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Anything for Ratings: Glenn Beck Suggests Obama Might Kill Him

Glenn Beck is either insane or the biggest whore for ratings the planet has ever known:  The Obama administration is “coming after him.

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