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Don’t Buy Lucky Brand “Farley” Shoes

On Sunday, March 21, I bought a pair of Lucky Brand shoes —  “Farley” —  in the “Otter” color. They were on sale at Macy’s.

I’ll say it again:  I bought the shoes on March 21.  That would be eight days ago.

Don’t buy them.  The pair I bought is already falling apart.  The band that goes around the perimeter of the shoe is broken and unraveling. I’m waiting for the glue to set as we speak.

Eight days?!

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Tweet of the Day

From Marnus3:

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Lawrence O’Donnell Calls Obama’s Health Care Reform a “Crusade”

Keith Olbermann hosted Lawrence O’Donnell tonight — the guy who has been filling in for him for months — in a discussion about President Obama’s health care push.  O’Donnell called it a “crusade.”

I’m not trying to be all hoity-toity here but Lawrence, you’ve been around the block a few times.  Crusade?

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What? Fox Isn’t Interested in Republicans Leering at Lesbian Strippers?

Here are the headlines at right now (8:03 p.m. ET):

What?!  Fox isn’t flashing neon-red with news about Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele’s lesbian strip club trip and the “Christian” militia group that was allegedly planning to killing cops?

Imagine the difference if the head of the “DemocRAT” party did what Steele did and imagine the difference if an atheist or Muslim or MoveOn-like group was caught planning to kill cops.

Call me a liberal wacko but Fox’s website would look a whole lot different tonight if that were the case.

Just sayin’.

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I Don’t Want to Hear Any Righties Complaining About This

U.S. Postal Service Plans to Cut Delivery Days.

Baby steps.  Baby steps people, but keep chanting that mantra about drowning government “in a bathtub.”

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Neil Cavuto Whines That He Can’t Get Democrats to Come on His Show

This from the MediaFixBlog:

Hey Neil, maybe it’s because (1) when they do come on you keep interrupting them, like when you interrupted Paul O’Neill 24 times, and/or (2) you slice and dice what they say and then use it against them for a week, and/or (3) the chyrons at the bottom of the screen slam them while you’re doing numbers 1 and 2.

It ain’t that hard to figure out.

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Looks Like Norman Leboon Hates Everyone

Norman Leboon, the man arrested this morning for threatening to kill Eric Cantor (R-VA), also threatened President Obama (“You say very bad things about me. You will beg for mercy from your God.”).  He railed against the pig in the movie “Babe,” a federal judge and David Duke (“It is time for you to meet your God.  You will be escorted to Gate No. 6.  … I am the Messiah.  I am Jesus.  Congratulations, your life of hate is over.”).

The guy’s crazy. Watch the videos.  This isn’t about a Democrat threatening a Republican.  It about an insane man threatening lots and lots of people.  Chances are, the reason he got caught after posting some 200 videos on YouTube, was the heightened attention being paid to web activity after last week’s political violence.

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Calling All Tea Partiers — Please Sign This Pledge

All Tea Partiers should be asked to sign this pledge:  The Tea Party Anti-Socialism Pledge.

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I Love My iMac More Today Than I Did Yesterday

I love my iMac more today than I did yesterday because Apple is boycotting Fox “News” because of Glenn Beck.  (Important distinction:  It’s boycotting ALL of Fox, not just Glenn Beck’s show.)

Woohoo.  Way to go Apple!

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Break Time

A black Lab and a deer play together in this video and they look so joyful; like they’re having a b-l-a-s-t.

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Man Charged With Threatening to Kill Rep. Eric Cantor

Thus far we don’t know much about him but a man, Norman Leboon, has been arrested and charged with threatening to kill Rep. Eric Cantor.

Per this language in the affidavit for the arrest warrant, the guy sounds like a loon:

(c) LEBOON further stated that he is the “son of the god of Enoch” and that his father speaks through him. LEBOON stated that Eric Cantor is “pure evil”; will be dead; and that Cantor’s family is suffering because of his father’s wrath.

Watch Fox use this to excuse threats made against Democrats oh, and to paint Republicans as poor widdle victims, thereby stoking more rage against Democrats.

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Right-Wing “Cartoon” Depicts Obama Raping the Statue of Liberty

Really don’t know what to say at this point.

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Why I Don’t Watch CNN, Con’t.

Candy Crowley takes a Republican talking point and turns it into a fact:

It’s good to see that CNN’s Candy Crowley is working hard in her new gig to uphold high standards of journalistic objectivity. She just asked David Alexrod an extraordinary question:

Publicly, this week, you pretty much snubbed Prime Minister Netanyahu. No picture with the President. No dinner with the President. Netanyahu was here for four days. He was pretty much treated like a third-world country leader at this point. Is insulting him really the way to go?

Stating all this as outright fact. Wow.

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Republicans and Private Jets

OMG.  If there’s one favorite Republican meme, it’s criticizing Democrats who fly in private jets.  So when I read that RNC Chair Michael Steele, “once raised the possibility of using party money to buy a private jet for his travel,” all I could do was say yep, hypocrites to the core.

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Karma Comes to the Republicans

Republicans might want to think twice before they fly off the handle next time:  Anti-Government Rhetoric Could Cost Republicans Seats:

Texas is counting on the 2010 Census to deliver four new congressional districts, four new Electoral College votes in presidential elections, and millions of dollars in additional federal aid. But, as some elected officials are starting to worry, Uncle Sam can’t deliver anything to the rapidly growing Sun Belt state unless Texas residents deliver their forms back to the government.

As of Friday afternoon, only 27 percent of Texas households had filled in and returned their census forms — well below the national average of 34 percent — according to computer data from the U.S. Census Bureau. In Harris County, the response rate is 23 percent. Houston’s returns are running at 21 percent.

Contrary to historical trends, some of the toughest challenges facing the agency responsible for measuring the nation’s population are not from counting the traditionally undercounted groups such as African-Americans and Latinos. Instead, a new and growing threat to an accurate national head count is coming from anti-government conservatives who may not fill out their forms to protest against “Big Brother” in Washington.


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