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Good Night


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San Francisco Calls For a “Sweeping Boycott” of Arizona

Bravo to the San Francisco city supervisors:

San Francisco supervisors are calling for a sweeping boycott of Arizona in the wake of that state’s harsh new rules aimed at illegal immigrants.

A resolution that will go before the board Tuesday will call for San Francisco to end any and all contracts with Arizona-based companies and to stop doing business with the state.

“We want to send a message,” Supervisor David Campos told a rally on the steps of City Hall this morning. “There are consequences when you target a whole people.”

(Emphasis added.)

Yes! But watch Fox “News” single this story out and run with it: Stoned, tree-hugging, burnt-out liberal socialist commie hippies who believe that BS about, heh, “global warming,” but who panhandle, don’t bathe, haven’t worked a day in their life (they’re sucking off of you, Mr./Ms. taxpayer  — be very, very afraid), are “putting this country at risk!”  (BTW, they love Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi!)

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Glenn Beck’s Chalkboard Chats

Yo, Teabaggers and wing nuts:  This is what Glenn Beck sees when he snuggles up to his chalkboard and acts like he’s talking directly to you:

Just sayin’.

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Tweet of the Day

This from Jay Newton-Small of Time magazine (“finreg” = financial regulation):

Do it Democrats!!!!

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Republicans Refuse to So Much as TALK About Financial Reform

Yipee.  Republicans don’t even want to talk about financial reform.

What are they thinking?  Oh, that’s right, they aren’t.  They’re like cows with rings in their noses, following Fox “News” and the Tea Partiers:  Republicans (and one DINO) Block Debate — DEBATE! — on Financial Reform Bill.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Guess the overriding objective is to Make.  Obama.  Fail.  Never mind what the long-term implications are for the country.

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Howard Kurtz is a Snarky Ass

Howard Kurtz is the Washington Post‘s “media critic” and of course, the host of “Reliable Sources” on CNN.  Look at this unprofessional, nasty  tweet he sent out this afternoon.  Gosh.  Wonder if he ever criticized W. for meeting with a sports team.

Guess we know who’s side he’s on huh?  So much for being a supposedly unbiased media critic.

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“Everyone Either Looks Like a Drag Queen or a Stripper”

This is SUCH good news, and it’s about time:

IT took years for Hollywood to create the perfect woman. Now it wants the old one back.

In small but significant numbers, filmmakers and casting executives are beginning to re-examine Hollywood’s attitude toward breast implants, Botox, collagen-injected lips and all manner of plastic surgery.

Television executives at Fox Broadcasting, for example, say they have begun recruiting more natural looking actors from Australia and Britain because the amply endowed, freakishly young-looking crowd that shows up for auditions in Los Angeles suffers from too much sameness.

“I think everyone either looks like a drag queen or a stripper,” said Marcia Shulman, who oversees casting for Fox’s scripted shows.

Independent casting directors like Mindy Marin, who worked on the Jason Reitman film “Up in the Air,” are urging talent agents to discourage clients from having surgery, particularly older celebrities who, she contends, are losing jobs because their skin is either too taut or swollen with filler. Said Ms. Marin: “What I want to see is real.”


“It is viewed as ridiculous. Ten years ago, actresses had the feeling that they had to get plastic surgery to get the part. Now I think it works against them. To walk into a casting session looking false hurts one’s chances.”

There’s more at the link above.

I think the surgery Heidi Montag had in February,

which made her look so artificial, and I think less pretty than she was before, stunned people into taking another look at how crazy the whole cosmetic surgery trend has become.

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Zero Calorie Chips

OK folks, somebody’s finally done it — come up with “chips” that contain zero calories.  How’d they do it?  The “chips” are made of edible paper. Ummm, yum!

Meet “Slim Chips:”

Slim Chips is an experiment around alternative types of snack food.  The consumption of junk food is very often associated to habits and social rituals that help interrupt the flow of routinary daily activities more than to the hunger impulse.  The basic ingredient here is edible paper, almost nutritionless.  Don’t get fat, just eat nothing.  It’s like eating tasty air, available in mint flavour, blueberry, cheddar or wasabi.

I’ll take the cheddar please.

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Comcast: The 2010 Worst Company in America

The Consumerist, which is a subsidiary of Consumer Reports, has named — drum roll please — Comcast the 2010 worst company in America:

After four rounds of bloody battle against some of the most publicly reviled businesses in America, Comcast can now run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and hold its hands high in victory — it has bested everyone else to earn the title of Worst Company In America for 2010.

I just heard one of Consumerists employees interviewed on the radio.  He said (paraphrasing) that Comcast can get it together enough to make a bid for NBC but it can’t get a technician out to your house.

Funny.  I’ve had that experience myself.  Three or four years ago I had an appointment for someone to come out and they didn’t.  No call.  No nothin’.

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Break Time

Here’s a macaw who has learned to imitate — perfectly — the sound of a dog barking.

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Oops, John McCain Realizes He Might Need One or Two Hispanic Votes After All

One week ago, John McCain said he supported the Arizona anti-immigration racial profiling bill.

Today:  I don’t know “whether all of it is legal or not?”

And this is a guy who’s one wish is to be known as a “great American.”

Yo, John, “great Americans” have principles and ethics and character and guts; they don’t track this way or that way depending on wind speed and direction.

You don’t get it.

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Voices From the WingnutO’Sphere

UPDATED @ 9:56 p.m. ET

Recent quotes form the WingnutO’Sphere:

•••  Texas lawmaker:  Obama is “God’s punishment on us.”

•••  Limbaugh:  The Obama administration is a “racist” “regime.”

•••  Limbaugh:  “Why does Obama not seek to reconnect with white people?”

•••  Mike Huckabee:  “I can give a lot of reasons why [Newt Gingrich] would be a phenomenal” presidential candidate.

•••  Fox “Business News:”  Obama is “attacking the American dream.”

•••  J.D. Hayworth:  Arizona birther bill doesn’t go far enough.


•••  South Carolina’s Lt. Governor, Andre Bauer (R):  The “real problem” with immigration is “flat-out lazy” Americans (think “welfare queens” with five kids driving pink Cadillacs).

•••  Fox “New’s” Dick Morris:  Obama “wants to put the Hispanic community…back in a state of agitation.”  (FYI – The Republican-controlled legislature in Arizona passed the new racial profiling bill there, and the GOP governor signed it into law.)

•••  Laura Ingraham:  Obama “doesn’t have any cards to throw down so he goes to the race card.”  Again, what happened in Arizona was done by Republicans — a Republican legislature and a Republican governor.

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“Leaks” From George Bush’s Memoir

If you could use a good laugh right now, head on over to BushMemoirLeaked.  People are tweeting in suggested titles for George W.’s new book and offering ideas as to what it might contain.

Very funny stuff.

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Leading Hispanic Newspaper Calls For Boycott of Arizona

Right on!

Say “No” to Arizona

We call on those who believe in the U.S. Constitution to boycott the state of Arizona.

The anti-immigrant bill signed yesterday in Arizona is a violation of our right to be free from police harassment based on the way we look.

SB 1070 requires the police to question people about their immigration status if they suspect they are in the U.S. illegally, without any objective basis for that suspicion. This gives free reign to racial profiling and the discriminatory actions that will ensue for being —or appearing to be— Latino.

The law is a violation of basic civil rights. It also wrongfully asserts that states can set their own immigration policy when that is the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal government.

The Arizona law is based on inflammatory depictions of the undocumented —repeated by Governo Jan Brewer when she signed the executive order— to justify such a repressive piece of legislation.

There are two ways to fight this law: one is in the courts and the other is through direct action. As for the first, lawyers will be filing lawsuits challenging the law’s constitutionality. The latter, direct action, is a call to boycott the state of Arizona.

I’m on board.

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Protestors Smear Refried Beans on the Arizona State Capitol’s Windows

I don’t believe in breaking the law but a little civil disobedience now and then never hurt anyone (great idea here):

The conflict over a sweeping crackdown on illegal immigration in Arizona intensified Monday as vandals smeared refried beans in the shape of swastikas on the state Capitol’s windows.

More protests were planned Monday after thousands gathered this weekend to demonstrate against a bill that will make it a state crime to be an illegal immigrant in Arizona.

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Why We Can’t Dismiss Sarah Palin as a Potential Presidential Candidate

My feeling about Sarah Palin is that she is ignorant and dangerous but I haven’t worried all that much about her running for president because I figured if she did, she would more than likely self-destruct over the course of the campaign.  But Andrew Sullivan, a very disillusioned Republican, is worried and I think he makes some great points:

This is the conventional view in Washington. I think it’s completely wrong, dangerously complacent, and out of touch with profound shifts in media, fundraising and politics. The political parties are weaker than they once were. The elites cannot control grass-roots Internet-driven phenomena. Look at Obama. He seems a natural president now, but Washington dismissed his chances – as they are now dismissing Palin’s – right up to the Iowa caucuses. And because Palin is such a terrifying – truly terrifying – prospect for the US and the world, I think such complacency, rooted in cynicism about Palin’s mercenary nature, is far too reckless.

Look: what we have seen this past year is the collapse of the RNC as it once was and the emergence of a highly lucrative media-ideological-industrial complex. This complex has no interest in traditional journalistic vetting, skepticism, scrutiny of those in power, or asking the tough questions. It has no interest in governing a country. It has an interest in promoting personalities and ideologies and false images of a past America that both flatter and engage its audience. For most in this business, this is about money. Roger Ailes, who runs a news business, has been frank about what his fundamental criterion is for broadcasting: ratings not truth. Obviously all media has an eye on the bottom line – but in most news organizations, there is also an ethical editorial concern to get things right. I see no such inclination in Fox News or the hugely popular talkshow demagogues (Limbaugh, Levin, Beck et al.), which now effectively control the GOP. And when huge media organizations have no interest in any facts that cannot be deployed for a specific message, they are a political party in themselves.

Add Palin to the mix and you have a whole new machine in American politics – one with the capacity, as much as Obama’s, to upend the established order. Beltway types roll their eyes. But she’s not Obama, they say. She doesn’t know anything, polarizes too many people, has lied constantly and still may have dozens of skeletons in her unvetted closets.


More to the point, creating a false narrative around a total phony and peddling her as a savior has no financial downside for the FNC/TalkRadio party. So this phenomenon will grow and grow. I mean: can you imagine Romney or Pawlenty inspiring this sort of fervor?


And with that power and that potential funding, how can someone who said she wanted to be president as long ago as 1996 resist? Josh can dream all he wants. She is the biggest political power after Obama in this country. And, unless the full truth emerges with such force it cracks even the FNC/RNC sealed universe, she will run against him in 2012.

Add to this the influence of Citizens United and who knows what might happen.  Corporations may very well see Palin as even more compliant and malleable than Obama and campaign for her in a way this country has never seen before.

Now I’m nervous.

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So Much For Obama’s “Falling” Poll Numbers

True, President Obama took office with an approval rating of 69%.  And true, his approval rating slowly fell during the first half of last year from 69% to 50% in late August.  And true, it has dipped into the high 40’s since then, but in a newly released Gallup poll, his approval rating again sits at 50%.  So, despite the “liberal media’s” repeated insistence that Obama’s poll numbers “continue to fall,” in fact, they’re pretty darn steady:

(Click on the link above and move your cursor along the lines in the graph to see how the numbers have changed over time.)

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Mother Starves 1-Year-Old Son To Death Because He Wouldn’t Say “Amen” After Meals

Man, I’m surprised this woman wasn’t found guilty by reason of insanity:

The mother of a child starved to death because he wouldn’t say “Amen” will be released from jail.

Ria Ramkissoon, who starved her 1-year-old son to death at the behest of a religious cult leader, has been given a suspended sentence and probation.

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Counterintuitive on Tom Tancredo

Geez.  One would never have expected this:  Tom Tancredo — Tom Tancredo? — has problems with the new Arizona immigration law:

If I had anything to say about it, we’d be doing it in Colorado,” smiles former Republican Colorado Congressman Tim Tancredo.

Tancredo applauds the law in that Arizona took control of enforcing laws the federal government hasn’t enforced.

But he questions how police can stop people for any reason. “I do not want people here, there in Arizona, pulled over because you look like should be pulled over,” says Tancredo.

He suspects police in Arizona will only pull people over for breaking the law. But they could already do this before the new law.

(Emphasis added.)

Guess he isn’t totally insane after all.

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J. Sean McVey on Twitter

J. Sean McVey is the man who was arrested yesterday at a North Carolina airport immediately after Air Force One and President Obama departed.  Obama was in North Carolina to give the eulogy at a memorial service for the 29 miners who were killed in the Upper Big Branch mine earlier this month.  McVey was seen with a gun and his car contained police gear, “including sirens and flashing lights.”

Anyway, here he is on Twitter.  I moseyed around a little but didn’t see anything all the revealing in terms of his political affiliations or beliefs.

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Good Morning

It’s a good morning because my computer froze last night and it was frozen this morning too but I finally got it to work.


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