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Celebrity = Credibility?

I heard my favorite quote of the day just now from Dave Weigel.  Weigel was on Countdown with Keith Olbermann talking about how Netroots Nation deemed Sarah Palin their favorite potential 2012 GOP presidential candidate:  “We in the media sometimes confuse celebrity with credibility.”

Ah, yeah.  Ya think?

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Colorado Conservatives in Chaos

Given Tom Tancredo’s announcement that he has joined the run for governor of Colorado as the “American Constitution Party” candidate (the wingers are so good at catchy names), my friend over at Free Range Longmont writes about what a mess the GOP/conservatives/Tea Partiers are in in Colorado.  I mean, they were in a mess before Tancredo announced.

We ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Watching this crowd duke it out is going to be fun, fun, FUN!

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Second Tweet of the Day

I try to keep it to one Tweet of the Day but I can’t pass this one up:

You know the old saw — blame the messenger.

Not only that, the gist of Wikileaks’ document dump isn’t news to anyone who has been paying attention for the last six or seven years.  But the “liberal media,” with GOP’er David Gergen’s help, hopes you’ll look the other way — over there — to the “culprits” at Wikileaks — not to George you-know-who.

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National Tea Party Announces New Convention Date — Pretends to Be Enthusiastic

Remember about a month ago when the National Tea Party canceled its long-planned “Unity Convention” because so few people signed up it wasn’t worth the trouble it occurred to them that it was just too darn hot in Las Vegas in July?

Well, I got an email from them today and they’re going to try again on October 14 – 16:

Thing is, it doesn’t look like this second attempt is off to a very good start.  Maybe they’re still working on getting things together but if you go to their website, screenshot above, they don’t even have the basics down.   There are no tabs to click on to register for the convention and no tabs to click on to register at the hotel. Heck, there isn’t even a phone number or website listed for the hotel.

You know, maybe it’s just me, but I’m sensing a serious lack of enthusiasm here.

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Now Streaming on Netflix


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Wikileaks “Afghan War Diary 2004 – 2009″ Documents Can Be Found Here

For anyone who’s interested, Wikileaks has posted its “Afghan War Diary 2004 – 2009″ documents on its site, here.

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Andrew Breitbart to Speak at GOP Fundraiser

Remember last week when we heard calls for the Republican establishment to speak out against the horrible smear of Shirley Sherrod orchestrated by Andrew Breitbart?  Well, let’s not waste our time waiting for that to happen because it ain’t going to:  Andrew Breitbart to Speak at GOP Fundraiser With Michael Steele.


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Break Time — Architecture

Wow, look at this fantastic house on the beach in Singapore:

This modern tropical bungalow encapsulates the essence of living in the hot and humid climate of Singapore by creating open spaces which encourage natural ventilation and offer residents views to the ocean.

The main design concept is to create a house which has close relationship with nature and this is achieved by having a swimming-pool linking the house with the landscape and ultimately visual connections with the sea. The idea of connection is reinforced by having the basement level media-room with a u-shaped acrylic window which allows diffuse natural light in and also views out into the pool. The curved roofs, which symbolizing the sea waves, also emphasize the idea of the nearby sea. These are almost totally covered with thin bendable photovoltaic panels supplying enough energy to the house, while the remaining area is used as a green roof giving residents some outdoor leisure spaces.

18 more pictures here.

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The Elite Really Do See Us As Tiresome Peasants

Attention:  All Small People:

This is not an Onion article. I swear. It’s a straight-faced Washington Post op-ed by former Goldman Sachs banker and Treasury Department bailout architect Neel Kashkari (yes, his name is appropriately pronounced “Cash Carry”). In the piece, this 21st century Gordon “Greed Is Good” Gekko non-ironically attacks Americans’ for their “me-first” selfishness in wanting Social Security and Medicare preserved:


No more ‘me first’ mentality on entitlements

By Neel Kashkari

…In 2008, during the most severe financial crisis in 80 years, Republican and Democratic leaders in Washington came together to do something deeply unpopular: bail out the financial system via the Troubled Assets Relief Program. These leaders understood the consequence of inaction was economic devastation for Americans. Passing TARP was the right thing to do…

Our leaders need to make the case for cutting entitlement spending by tapping into our shared beliefs of sacrifice and self-reliance.


For its the sheer hypocrisy separated by so few paragraphs, this editorial may be the single most amazing article ever published in a major newspaper. An article arguing that “a ‘me first’ mentality usually makes markets more efficient” and therefore justifies a taxpayer bailout to millionaire bankers, is the same article that goes on to deride an alleged “me first” attitude among American citizens who want the entitlements they’ve already financed paid out as promised.

The only thing that’s not amazing about this article is that it is written by a former Goldman Sachs banker (and current PIMCO banker) who oversaw the bailout (although Kashkari’s lack of self-awareness in publishing such a self-serving piece from such an obviously self-interested position is amazing). This is, after all, the American elite’s consensus position. Yes, after Americans were forced to “self-sacrifice” with a bailout that prevented bankers from having to “self-sacrifice,” many very rich people believe these same taxpayers should have to further “self-sacrifice” in order to prevent any revenue-generating tax hikes on the rich.

Kashkari’s arrogance is repugnant.  And bear in mind, this is essentially the mindset of the entire Republican party.  So, vote Republican in November and slit your throat while you’re at it.

More on the sheer, blinding hypocrisy of Kashkari (and PIMCO) here.

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John Boehner Tells His Flock to Be Wary of Hot Female Lobbyists

John Boner to his colleagues:

Some Republican congressmen have been warned to keep their distance from the female lobbyists who prowl Capitol Hill.

Sources say House Minority Leader John Boehner has told GOP congressmen who partied with lobbyists “to knock it off.” His spokesperson said, “Boehner has always told all our members that they will be held to the highest ethical standards.”

While there’s no evidence of anything more than friendly flirtatious behavior, the lawmakers have been told to keep partying to a minimum in this midterm election year.

The “family values” crowd must have a real problem if they’ve got to be coached on this.  Oh, and what about hot male lobbyists?  

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Andrew Breitbart ❤ Terrorists

Hey Breitbart, two can play your little game of cutting and pasting:

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Tom Tancredo — Governor of Colorado?

OK folks, time to roll up your sleeves and to get ready for a rockin’ good time:  Tom Tancredo announced this morning that he is going to run for governor of Colorado as the “American Constitution Party” candidate.

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo is in the race for Colorado governor, he said this morning.

“I will officially announce at noon that I will seek the nomination of the constitution party,” Tancredo told The Denver Post.

The Littleton Republican must file some papers with the Colorado Secretary of State and register as a member of the American Constitution Party, but then “he’s ready to go,” raising money, disclosing his platform and launching a website that is already put together.


Tancredo and [Dick] Wadhams [head of state's Republican party] had an all-out-brawl on Peter Boyles’ KHOW radio station show this morning, screaming at each other and calling each other “liars.”

Tancredo said Wadhams called McInnis “untrustworthy” in a private conversation, which Wadhams denied.

“I’m trying my level best to do what’s necessary for the conservatives in this state,” Tancredo said.

“Would you withdraw your candidacy if a stronger candidate emerges?” Wadhams asked.

“If I get into it I have to get into it as hard as I can,” Tancredo responded.

What’s your agenda? What are you going to talk about? Impeach Obama and bomb mecca?” Wadhams asked.

Impeaching Obama and bombing Mecca is a pretty good guess as to what Tancredo’s platform will be.

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Tweet of the Day

This, from Shoq, pretty much sums up the last nine years for me:

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