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America Is Better Than Glenn Beck

Tired — ready to crash, but — read this, if you have time:  America is Better Than This.

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Yo, Huffington Post, How About: Congratulations Mr. President!

Democrats — including the Huffington Post, apparently — are so intimidated by the right — they’re running from amazing things like this:

“Farewell, Dear Leader?”

How about:  “Jimmy Carter Ends Potential Conflict With North Korea.


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Me and the Civil Rights Movement

I lived in Bloomington, Indiana in the mid-60’s, during the height of the civil rights movement. My father was the minister of the Unitarian church.  He took part in local demonstrations and he spoke about civil rights in his sermons.

The environment then was as hot as it is now but 24/7 cable “news” didn’t exist, and it wouldn’t for 30 years.

Being a Unitarian was bad enough, much less being in favor of civil rights for “negroes.”  Churches and local groups were pitted against each other.  Hate was everywhere.

I was in elementary school — 8, 9-years-old — and what I remember most is the fear.

Our little house had a big “picture window” (as they were called then) in the living room.  I remember sitting on the couch across from it and my mother closing the curtains and telling me to stay away.   She was afraid a brick or a rock or — a bullet — would fly through it.

I remember being afraid of that window for months.

Glenn:  F**k your egomaniacal self.  You have no idea.

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The National Geographic

I saw an ad a few minutes ago on MSNBC for a new National Geographic special.  That tickled a brain cell about Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. owning that outlet.

Sure enough, when you tune into National Geographic television shows you’re lining Rupert Murdoch’s pocket and thus News Corp.’s and Fox’s and Glenn Beck’s and Sean Hannity’s and Bill O’Reilly’s and (heh, “fair and balanced”), Republicans.

Just sayin’.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Never Had to Ask His Followers to Leave Hateful Signs at Home

The organizers of Glenn Beck’s “Restore Honor” rally set for tomorrow at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., have asked attendees to leave their (hateful) signs at home, so as not to “deter from the peaceful message of Beck’s rally.”

Well, the NAACP had something to say about that:

“With more than 101 years of fighting for equality and freedom for all Americans, we respect their right to express their opinions, however out of the mainstream they may be,” said Jealous. “But we are here to honor Dr. King’s historic gift of non-violence and equality to our nation, and we would note that Dr King never had to ask his followers to leave hateful signs and guns at home.”

Nuff said.

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Tweets of the Day

From the ever-clever OTOOLEFAN:

And from always-on-point Glenn Greenwald:

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Imagine: Harry Reid Says There Are “Domestic Enemies” in Congress

You probably heard that Sharron Angle, the Tea Party candidate for the senate in Nevada (she’s running against Harry Reid), agreed with a radio talk show host that there are “domestic enemies” in congress, right?  I didn’t think so because the national media is ignoring it.

Now imagine for three seconds if the tables were turned and Harry Reid agreed (as Angle did) with this statement:  “…we have domestic enemies and … some of them are in the walls of the Senate and Congress…”  Fox would be turning blue with 24/7 rage and after about two days it that topic replace the mosque on CNN and MSNBC too.

So, really people, it’s high time we stopped pretending the media is sooooo “liberal.”

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The Words “Gingrich” and “Iowa” in the Same Article

Is Newtie maneuvering into position to run for prez?

WATERLOO — Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, will headline a fundraiser next month in Waterloo for Iowans for Tax Relief Political Action Committee.

The event will be from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Sept. 9 at the Sky Event Centre, 501 Sycamore St. Gingrich has been mentioned widely as a possible Republican candidate for president in 2012 and spent time in Iowa recently.

I’d love to stand outside the Sky Event Center and hand out flyers to the attendees that talk about what “tax relief” looks like, as in Colorado Springs (here and here).

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What’s With Canadian Oil Companies Threatening U.S. Landowners?

This is freakin’ outrageous:

A Canadian oil giant wants to expand an already-massive pipeline to bring oil from the tar sands of Canada all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. The US has yet to even approve the 1,980-mile TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline, but the company is already sending threatening letters to landowners in their pathway.

In a letter sent last month to a landowner in Nebraska provided to Mother Jones, the company warns that the landowner could be forced to surrender his or her property if the landowner doesn’t consent to the pipeline construction on their property. The company invokes a Nebraska state statute to threaten eminent domain should homeowners turn down their offer of financial compensation for agreeing to let the pipeline cross their land.

Oil companies around the world have been so coddled they think they can do whatever the hell they want.

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Hectic Day at the Food Bank

It was a wild day at the food bank.  In the four hours I was there, roughly 20 families came through, many of whom I see once a week.

I find it so sad that for the most part we offer the same thing day after day, month after month. The only thing that changes — from the usual canned beans, canned chili, canned fruit and veggies, bread, frozen meat, rice, pasta, cereal, milk, yogurt and processed American cheese — is the occasional treat like fresh blueberries (which we had today), butter, eggs and fresh veggies, which are abundant now thanks to donations from local farmers.  (It’s zucchini season — you know — the two foot long monstrosities that are about 10″ in diameter.)

Every once in a great while, as in a few times a year, we’ll have cakes or cupcakes, cheeses like mozzarella or Gruyère, chocolate milk or orange juice.

Yes, it’s free food for those who qualify but believe me, you wouldn’t want to eat what we offer on a long-term basis.  Anyone who thinks people are poor on purpose, because it’s easier or more fun, is nuts.

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Like a Fox

Turns out Faux News hasn’t aired one single segment about former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman coming out of the closet, which is so like them.  Mission #1 — protect and promote Republicans.

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Inquisition USA

Politico is out today with an article about what it will be like around here if Republicans win back the majority in November.  Think:  inquisition.  You want congress to get things done?  Forget about it.  It’ll be Monica-gate x 100.

If President Barack Obama needed any more incentive to go all out fo Democrats this fall, here it is: Republicans are planning a wave of committee investigations targeting the White House and Democratic allies if they win back the majority.

Everything from the microscopic – the New Black Panther party – to the massive –- think bailouts – is on the GOP to-do list, according to a half-dozen Republican aides interviewed by POLITICO.


“I actually think it will be even worse than what happened to Bill Clinton, because of the animosity they already feel for President Obama,” says Lanny Davis, a deputy White House counsel who lived through Clinton’s trials.

Go to the article to see the list of crap they want to investigate.

I don’t think the country can take two years of that.

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Good Morning

It’s a good morning because, well, because it’s Friday!

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