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I’m Sick of Sunny Skies

It’s fall, right?

I want some rain!

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Carl Paladino’s Thugs Act Like Mafia Dons

If you’re older than ten you probably remember seeing clips of brawls in the governing chambers of broken-down, desperate, third world countries and you probably remember the newsreader looking down his or her nose in arrogance and disgust while saying something like, “This would never happen here!”

Here, as in the USofA.

Look at this video of New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino being confronted by a reporter.  Watch Paladino’s henchmen:

Point being — we’re getting there — to that third world place.

September 29, 2010 at 8:45 PM 2 comments

Michael Moore Has Twice as Many Followers on Twitter as Glenn Beck

“Some” might say this is trivial and, in the grand scheme of things it is, but insofar as Glenn Beck gets four bazillion times more “liberal media” attention than Michael Moore does I thought I’d point out that Moore has twice as many Twitter followers than Beck.


So, say it again?  Why is Beck everywhere and Moore isn’t?  Because the liberal media rules the world?

Yeah. Right.

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Meg Whitman’s Story About Her Housekeeper Doesn’t Hold Up

Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman says she was “stunned” when she learned that her former housekeeper, Nicandra Diaz — who she had employed for nine years — was an undocumented worker?

According to a spokeswoman at the Social Security Administration, all employers are required to verify Social Security numbers before hiring someone, and that it “has been the case for ten years or longer.” Further, the Internal Revenue Service requires employers to use Social Security numbers to report wages.

So we’re supposed to believe that over the course of nine years — NINE YEARS! — Whitman had no idea what Diaz’s status was?

That’s just flat out unbelievable.

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Sorry the Blog is so Boring Today

… nothin’s grabbing me.

I think I have a severe, severe, case of outrage overload and that I’m having a day of uncontrollable numbness.

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Tweet of the Day

From Adam Serwer:

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Who Knew There Were So Many Favored Salts?

Geez, I just stumbled upon the website “SaltWorks.”

I had no idea there were so many flavored salts.


I want to try,

(But no way am I going to pay $12 plus postage for a few ounces of salt.  Oh well.)

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Sarah Palin’s Momma Grizzlies

Vote Democratic!

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James O’Keefe’s White Privilege

Try and imagine that, this weekend, I plan to stage an elaborate “prank.” Because I disagree with her politics, I’m going to coax Ann Coulter out from Connecticut under the pretense that I’d like to interview her. When she arrives, alone, she’s encountered by me and a couple friends, who tell her we’d like to do the interview on a boat. She concedes, probably hesitantly, but off we go.

Once we’re out at sea, far away from land and decent cell service, I pull out dildos, condoms, hardcore porn magazines, handcuffs and a blindfold, and I begin to aggressively hit on Coulter. I compliment her sex appeal and then tell her the thesis of my ruse:  I’m going to screw her like she screws liberals.

Imagine one of my friends is videotaping this, and that, while I don’t physically harm Coulter, I relentlessly pursue this intimate humiliation until I feel like we’ve got all the tape we need for our “joke.”

Two things would happen once we’d returned to shore, with Coulter embarrassed and scared: 1. My friends and I would be rightfully arrested for kidnapping and assault and 2. I’d never find employment ever again.

If this scenario sounds farcical, it’s not. It’s exactly what conservative prankster James O’Keefe—he of the ACORN pimp fiasco—had planned to do to CNN correspondent Abbie Boudreau, right down to the “condom jar” and “lube.” In a document he titled “CNN Caper, O’Keefe says his ultimate goal was to turn the tables on CNN: “Using hot blondes to seduce interviewees to get screwed on television, you are faux seducing her in order to screw her on television.”

Get it? He fakes trying to date rape you because you’re more liberal than him.

Thankfully, O’Keefe’s “Caper” failed, due mostly to the fact that one of his female colleagues, Izzy Santa, was disgusted with him and told Boudreau that she shouldn’t get on the boat. Had Santa not been there, who knows what might have happened.

Today, O’Keefe isn’t in jail or facing charges for attempted kidnapping or sexual intimidation. Instead, he remains at the head of Project Veritas, a group he founded in order to, apparently, sexually harass people with whom he disagrees. In fact, right now, he’s still accepting donations to continue his noble work—you can even book him to speak at events.


The title of this post is, “James O’Keefe’s Latest Prank is a Tale of White Privilege,” which wouldn’t be more true.  This wasn’t a “caper” as some in the media are calling it.  It was an attempted assault or an attempted kidnapping and James O’Keefe should be facing charges.  If he were a black man, he mostly likely would be.

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Obama and Biden Have No Clue

Rabbi Michael Lerner:

It’s easier to believe that their liberal and progressive base is naïve than to acknowledge that we are not alienated for their failure to pass appropriate legislation, but for their failure to fight for such legislation. And our upset with Obama is not that he didn’t accomplish what he couldn’t accomplish, but that he didn’t do the one thing he could do: consistently speak the truth, tell us and the country what was really happening in the corridors of power and what the constraints are that he was facing.

It’s one thing to make compromises after you’ve struggled for something you believe in, another to make the compromises without ever trying. Liberals and progressives had already been deeply disillusioned after the Democratic sweep of Congress in 2006, continued to fund the war in Iraq despite overwhelming popular opposition to that war. So when Obama entered the primaries and spent much of his time distinguishing himself from Sen. Clinton on precisely the grounds that he had opposed the war from the beginning, he gave his base the impression that he would be a leader who would challenge the war makers. Similarly, when he challenged the selfishness and materialism that pervaded Wall Street, we felt we had a candidate who would be willing to speak truth to power.  MORE…

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296 Advertisers Are Boycotting Glenn Beck

Per a long article in the New York Times about Glenn Beck (hey, the guy needs a little publicity, don’t ya think?):

While Beck’s personal ventures and exposure have soared this year, his television ratings have declined sharply — perhaps another factor in the network’s impatience. His show now averages two million viewers, down from a high of 2.8 million in 2009, according to the Nielsen Ratings. And as of Sept. 21, 296 advertisers have asked that their commercials not be shown on Beck’s show (up from 26 in August 2009).

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Fox Chyron Fail

Hah!  I think they meant “Maine.”

September 29, 2010 at 10:25 AM 1 comment

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