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Julian Assange on “60 Minutes” Sunday

On Sunday, corporate media giant CBS will host a man who “some say” should be assassinated point-blank, forget due process and the right to a trial by a jury of his peers.

Can’t wait to see how this unfolds:

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Lawrence O’Donnell: Enough of the GOP Talking Points

It’s 8:32 p.m. ET and MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell just signed off for an ad break while touting two upcoming segments:  (1)  Megan McCain on right-wing rhetoric and, (2) “What went wrong” with Michele Bachmann’s camera problem last night.

OMG.  After the ad, O’Donnell’s “Rewrite” segment was about the NRA.

You’ve got to hand it to MSNBC for its creativity and ability to devote half of its premiere “liberal” news show to  Republican talking points.

I wonder.  Is this the not-so-subtle-if-you’re-paying-attention Comcast-owned MSNBC slide to the right?  Are they hoping we’re so dumbed-down we won’t notice?

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Snow Emergency in the Northeast Tonight

It just so happens that my friend LH sent me these photos of Russia this morning.  I can’t confirm that they’re really from Russia but they’re from somewhere.

I’m hoping they provide a perspective for my friends in NYC/DC/Boston who are facing a snow emergency tonight (here’s looking at you Mayor Bloomberg).

Hang in there!


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It is Morally Imperative That Democrats Start Making Noise

I think Democrats have a moral obligation to the country — past and future — to grow a pair and start standing up for core Democratic values.  Given the plethora of conservative media outlets pushing corporatist legislation, they must — MUST — start making noise and standing up for working people, the environment, etc.

We need (at least) a two-party system people!

How about storming out of the House and/or Senate chamber and standing as a group on the steps of the Capitol and holding a press conference?  Make the news.  Get on the news.  Get the people’s attention.

But no (tweet of the day):


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Gov. Chris Christie’s Mega-Mega-Chutzpah

This would be New Jersey’s winger governor:

Chris Christie really doesn’t want to give back that $271 million in funding for the  ARC Trans-Hudson Express tunnel he canceled in October. Like, at all. “We are not paying the money back,” he announced yesterday on a radio call-in show on the deadline for Jersey to pay back the Federal Transit Administration.

Of course, this wasn’t the first deadline the state has already missed—at one point it was due on Christmas Eve — a point Christie was more than happy to make. When a reporter asked him about the missed deadlines but admitted he’d lost count of how many there had been, the rotund gov replied “so have I, so let’s not worry about it.”

Christie seems to be arguing that since the federal government had released the money without final approval or safeguards in place to prevent waste, it was fair game for Jersey to keep it.

Is this the new definition of “states rights?”

Just last week I thought the Repubs had reached the height of chutzpah but this tops even that.

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“Charlie” the Whippet Missing in Boulder, Colorado Area

I just heard this sad story and heck, a teensy tiny bit more publicity can’t hurt:

A Lyons woman is asking for the public’s help in searching for her dog Charlie after it ran off from the scene of a rollover accident on U.S. 36 north of Boulder last weekend.

Hilary Clark said the dog left the site of the accident Sunday and has been missing since. A second dog, which also had been in the wrecked car, remained at the scene.

“My dogs are like extra kids,” Clark said Wednesday. “He is actually my daughter’s dog, so she takes care of him. He sleeps under the covers in her bed with her every night. They’re total buds, so she’s just devastated.”

Charlie is a grey and white whippet, a breed of dog similar in appearance to a greyhound, but smaller. Clark said the dog is about 1 year old, weighs 19 pounds and was last seen without a collar or identifying tags.

“He’s just a little sweet pea,” Clark said.

The accident occurred around 2:30 p.m. Sunday on U.S. 36 near Longhorn Road. According to a Colorado State Patrol report, Clark and her daughter Emma, 11, were in Clark’s Toyota Highlander driving toward their home in Lyons when a Nissan Murano crossed over the center line and collided with Clark’s SUV. After impact, both vehicles went off the road several yards and rolled onto their right sides. Neither of the drivers nor their passengers were seriously injured.

Heads up Boulder-area people!

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Mom Enrolls Her Kids in a Better/Safer School, Gets Convicted of a Felony

I can’t imagine this happening to an affluent white woman:

Much of the poltical rhetoric on education reform has centered on the ability of parents to send their children to better schools, particularly in situations where they were forced to send them to schools that were failing. But in the case of Kelley Williams-Bolar,

her desire to get her children better educational placement landed her in jail, and may well derail her aspirations of becoming a teacher herself.

Williams-Bolar, 40, and her two children live in housing projects in Akron, Ohio. For two years, she sent them to school in the Copley-Fairlawn district, where her father lived, because it was a safer environment — the high crime rate in her area drove her decision. The suburban school district hired a private investigator to find their residential records and it turned out she listed the children as living in that district, although they actually stayed with her.

Technically, that qualifies as a felony since she falsified records, and Judge Patricia Cosgrove sentenced her to two concurrent five-year prison sentences. She suspended the sentence, though, in favor of a 10-day jail sentence, 80 hours of community service and three years probation. She had been working as a teaching assistant for special needs children and earning a teaching degree, but since she is now a convicted felon, under Ohio law she cannot earn that degree.
Here is a petition urging Ohio Governor John Kasich (he’s a rightie so fingers double-triple-crossed) to pardon Williams-Bolar.
I swear.  It’s as if the system came down on what it saw as an “uppity” black woman.  You know, how dare she take things into her own hands?  She can’t possibly want what’s best for her kids.
Man oh man oh man.

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Don’t be Fooled by “Tort Reform”

I was a paralegal in my past life so all-thing-legal have a special place in my heart.  Last night when President Obama said he was considering some kind of “tort reform,” flames shot out of my ears.  That’s a Republican/corporate canard if ever there was one and I couldn’t believe Obama — a lawyer himself — was signing on to it.

I was immediately reminded of a segment I heard yesterday on DemocracyNow! about a film that debuted this week at the Sundance Film Festival called Hot Coffee.  This is the write-up about the film on Sundance’s website:

For many Americans, the famous McDonald’s coffee case has become emblematic of the frivolous lawsuits that clog our courts and stall our justice system. Or is that exactly what McDonald’s wants us to think? Enter intrepid filmmaker Susan Saladoff. Using the now-infamous legal battle over a spilled cup of coffee as a springboard into investigating our civil-justice system, Saladoff exposes the way corporations have spent millions distorting this case to promote tort reform. Big business has brewed an insidious concoction of manipulation and lies to protect its interests, and media lapdogs have stirred the cup.
Following four people whose lives have been devastated by their inability to access the courts, this searing documentary unearths the sad truth that most of our beliefs about the civil-justice system have been shaped or bought by corporate America. Informative, entertaining, and a stirring call to action, Hot Coffee will make your blood boil.

Watch an interview with Susan Saladoff here.


“Tort reform” would limit your ability to be compensated if you are harmed by the actions of a corporation. And, in turn, it would protect corporate profits.  It is not a good thing for you and me.  You know, the “small people.”

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Reality Censored in Arkansas

It is 2011, isn’t it?

Last night Twitter user Jenn Hudd  tweeted out this photo she took at Harps, a grocery store in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Apparently US Weekly’s cover shot of Elton John, his partner, and baby is just too shocking for children. Harps has over 60 locations in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.


Check out these US Weekly covers.  Lots of  T&A there.  Wonder how many of them were censored to protect “young Harps shoppers.”  Oh.  Never mind.  It isn’t T&A that’s bad for the kiddies.  It’s the gay.  They might catch it.



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Goodbye and Good Riddance to the “Security Advisory System”

It’s about time:

The Department of Homeland Security is ending its color-coded terror alert system in April as expected, CNN’s National Security Contributor Fran Townsend has confirmed.

In its place, DHS will move to a system that focuses on specific threats in geographical areas. It will be called the National Terror Advisory System. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano will officially make the announcement tomorrow at a “State of America’s Homeland Security” speech at George Washington University.

That “security advisory system” brings back such bad memories.  It was so overused and abused by the Bushies.

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Must be a Reaction to Michele Bachmann’s Speech

Dow Tops 12,000 for First time Since June, 2008.


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The Fat Cats at Davos

Back in the day, when I was still wet behind the ears and I watched CNBC before realizing it was the plutocracy channel, I used to hear a lot of talk about “Davos.”

Davos is a town in Switzerland but when one mentions “Davos” in the financial world, one means the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum which is held there every January.  It’s where the people who control the world go to congratulate themselves and to plot and plan how they’re going to maintain and grow their power.

CNBC would send a correspondent — as I recall it was usually Maria Bartiromo.  She would interview people like Warren Buffett and we were told all was good because the Very Important and Smart People were working on stuff that would make the world better.  (Yeah, for them, but we weren’t told that part.)

Anyway, to make a long story short, Chris Hayes is in Davos right now — there to do research on a book — and his tweets are hilarious and illuminating.  He’s revealing a side of Davos you won’t see on CNBC:


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