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Johnny Dollar Sees Me as a Threat to Fox “News”

Johnny Dollar — a paid hack/spinmeister for Fox “News” has been on my case for seven years — since early 2004 when I was at the News Hounds.

Tonight he called me a “gullible Fox hater” because of this post:  Fox News’ Ticker Gets Hacked.

Gosh Johnny.  After all these years I’m still a threat to your beloved Fox and you’re still tracking me?

Thanks.  I’m honored.



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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today was the first nice day we’ve had in Boulder since last fall and dang it,  I’ve been out in it.  Thus the lack of posts.

More of whatever happens tomorrow.

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Fox News’ Ticker Gets Hacked

Hah, this is great.  Someone hacked the ticker that runs along the outside of the Fox News building in Manhattan:



Some say this “appears to be fake.”

Others, like Faux News itself say (they always tell the truth, right?):  “[I]t was a hoax and the ticker was not hacked.”

Oh.  OK.

So, that’s the end of it, right?

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Creating Jobs in the U.S. of A.

So, this is how we create jobs and raise revenue in the good ol’ U.S. of A:

House OKs Chicago casino, slots at O’Hare, Midway

A major gambling package won House approval today with provisions for a land-based casino in Chicago or a riverboat gambling palace on Lake Michigan, four more casinos around the state, and slot machines at racetracks and Chicago’s two airports.

If the plan makes it through the Senate and gets the governor’s signature, it would be Illinois’   biggest expansion of gambling in the more than two decades since the original riverboat gambling bill passed.

Supporters estimate the proposal would generate $1.4 billion in one-time upfront fees operators pay based on the number of positions they have.  Estimates are to $500 million a year in tax revenue. That money would be distributed to education, public works projects and local governments.

Sad.  Just plain sad.

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Busted For Dancing at the Jefferson Memorial

I’m trying to gather more information about this but checkout the video.  Park Police tell young people inside the Jefferson Memorial they will be arrested if they dance.

An officer approached one of the camera people:

If you come out here and you demonstrate by dancing you will be placed under arrest.  Does everybody understand that?  Does everybody understand that?  … You could spend the weekend in jail.

Someone asks what they would be charged with:

You are too far away from the city to allow citations to reappear therefore they lock you up and hold you for court.

Again, someone asks what they would be charged with and the officer gives a non-answer answer.

Sir.  I’m just giving you your warnings right now.


(H/t Liz.)

UPDATE:  Here’s more:

U.S. Park Police arrested five people on Saturday at the Jefferson Memorial. Their offense? Dancing.

The dancers were protesting an appeals court ruling handed down last week that the national monuments are places for reflection and contemplation — and that dancing distracted from such an experience.

In 2008, Mary Brooke Oberwetter and a group of friends went to the Jefferson to commemorate the president’s 265th birthday by dancing silently, while listening to music on headphones. Park Police ordered the revelers to disperse and arrested them when they did not.

Oberwetter sued on free speech grounds, but the appeals court ruled last week that her conduct was indeed prohibited “because it stands out as a type of performance, creating its own center of attention and distracting from the atmosphere of solemn commemoration” that Park Service regulations are designed to preserve.

Whereas Oberwetter and her friends visited the Jefferson near midnight, Saturday’s protest was staged during the day, on Memorial Day weekend, in order to draw maximum attention. The organizers issued a public call for photographers and videographers to document the event, and the inevitable arrests.

The Park Police obviously have to enforce the law but wow, I’m still thinking about how I feel about this law.    I worry about the creep of laws that little by ever-so-little erode our freedoms.

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The First Memorial Day

It’s a shame that the origin of Memorial Day has vanished into thin air:

Charleston was in ruins.

The peninsula was nearly deserted, the fine houses empty, the streets littered with the debris of fighting and the ash of fires that had burned out weeks before. The Southern gentility was long gone, their cause lost.

In the weeks after the Civil War ended, it was, some said, “a city of the dead.”

On a Monday morning that spring, nearly 10,000 former slaves marched onto the grounds of the old Washington Race Course, where wealthy Charleston planters and socialites had gathered in old times. During the final year of the war, the track had been turned into a prison camp. Hundreds of Union soldiers died there.

For two weeks in April, former slaves had worked to bury the soldiers. Now they would give them a proper funeral.

The procession began at 9 a.m. as 2,800 black school children marched by their graves, softly singing “John Brown’s Body.”

Soon, their voices would give way to the sermons of preachers, then prayer and — later — picnics. It was May 1, 1865, but they called it Decoration Day.

On that day, former Charleston slaves started a tradition that would come to be known as Memorial Day.


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Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day in the U.S.A.

As of yesterday, 6,013 Americans have given their lives in our two, current, big wars:   “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and “Operation Enduring Freedom.”

How many more will die before we bring them home?

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This is What Teachers Do

Watch this video of a teacher in Mexico distracting the children in her classroom while a gun battle rages outside:


Wow.  Now that’s the kind of person I want to entrust my kids to.


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R.I.P Gil Scott-Heron

R.I.P. Gil Scott-Heron.

One of my favorite quotes from Mr. Scott-Heron:

I take it, then, you don’t watch Fox News.

I cannot afford to watch Fox News.


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Time For Another Round of God, Guns and Gays

You can tell an election is just over the horizon, evidenced by this headline over at Fox today.  You know, distract the conservative electorate with the traditional standby scare-topics, God, guns and gays:


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Rick Perry Considering Run for Prez

So, Texas Governor Rick Perry is considering a run for president huh?

How does one govern a country one wants to secede from?  Governor Says Texans May Want to Secede From Union But Probably Won’t

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The House GOP is Out With a “Jobs Plan”

The GOP is out with their “jobs plan,” i.e., ten pages of pictures, really big typeface and lots of spaces.

Academic books pack about 600 words to a page. Normal books clock in around 400. Large-print books — you know, the ones for kids or the visually impaired — fit about 250. The House GOP’s jobs plan, however, gets about 200 words to a page. The typeface is fit for giants, and the document’s 10 pages are mostly taken up by pictures. It looks like the staffer in charge forgot the assignment was due on Thursday rather than Friday, and so cranked the font up to 24 and began dumping clip art to pad out the plan.


But it’s not just that you could read this jobs plan without knowing the financial crisis ever happened. You could read it without knowing the past decade ever happened. As Mishel says, “if lower taxes and less regulation was such good policy, then George W. Bush’s economy would have been a lot better. But under Bush, Republicans cut taxes on business and on investors and high-income people and they didn’t add many regulations and that business cycle was the first one in the post-war period where the income for a typical working class family was lower at the end than at the beginning.”

(Here’s a summary.  Click on the link there to see the print version.  Check out all the pictures.)

Notice it’s called a “plan for America’s Job Creators?”  That means even more deregulation and even lower taxes…the “solution” for creating jobs we employed during the Bush administration.

And how did that work out for us?


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What If Everything Ran on Gas?

This new ad for the Nissan LEAF is brilliant:

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The U.S. Has (I Kid You Not) 856 Military Bases Around the World

I’m sorry, but this talk about saving money by cutting Medicare and other services to the poor and needy has got to stop.  How about we close some of the 856 bases we maintain around the world?  Yep.  We have 856 bases; 227 in Germany alone.  227!  And Germany is a country that is “slightly smaller than Montana,” for God’s sake.

Un.  Believe.  Able.

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Kitty Love

I thought we’d start the day out on a peaceful, sweet note via this darling video of a kitten sleeping with its mother.


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What’s a Rain Forest?

Brazil shreds laws protecting its rainforests

Brazil has taken a big step towards passing new laws that will loosen restrictions on the amount of Amazon rainforest that farmers can destroy, after its lower house of parliament voted in favour of updating the country’s 46-year-old forest code.

In a move described as “disastrous” by conservationists, the nation’s congress backed a bill relaxing laws on the deforestation of hilltops and the amount of vegetation farmers must preserve. The law also offers partial amnesties for fines levied against landowners who have illegally destroyed tracts of rainforest.

This is a photo of the Amazon rain forest per the article above.

This is a photo of the Amazon rain forest I knew as a kid:

(That river?  It’s the Amazon.)

The Brazilians who chop their forests down are people who have no other means of survival, so they turn to logging.

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WTF = Welcome to Facebook

It’s the Tweet of the Day folks.

This reminds me of when I was a kid:


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Obama Had a Bad Feeling About DSK

Way back in 2009 President Obama had a bad feeling about Dominique Strauss-Kahn:

Watch your hand bud.

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Planned Parenthood’s “Abortionplex” — Yikes!

The Onion:

Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex

The state-of-the-art facility, which features an IMAX movie theater as well as multiple fetus incinerators.

Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday the grand opening of its long-planned $8 billion Abortionplex, a sprawling abortion facility that will allow the organization to terminate unborn lives with an efficiency never before thought possible.

During a press conference, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards told reporters that the new state-of-the-art fetus-killing facility located in the nation’s heartland offers quick, easy, in-and-out abortions to all women, and represents a bold reinvention of the group’s long-standing mission and values.

Hey, it’s The Onion folks.  But no.  Wingers believe it.  Note some of their reactions:


–  Planned Parenthood’s Auschwitz .  Who would have thought?

–  Something is seriously wrong with our society…..WOW….I am sickened and saddened by our society.

Read more here.

Dumbed down or WHAT?

Is it any wonder Republicans what to cut funding for schools? It works to their advantage and people fall for this stuff.

Ah.  Mazing.

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Sarah Palin’s Memorial Day Weekend Bus Tour

A poll came out the other week showing that Sarah Palin would lose a hyothetical presidential race to radical Socialist hippie weirdo (their words, not mine) Dennis Kuchinch:

Kucinich’s lead over Sarah Palin if they were to face off would be 43-36. In that scenario Kucinich gets 16% of Republicans to Palin’s 12% of Democrats and leads her by 10 points with independents at 42-32.

That’s how unpopular she is.

So, in that light, this is just sad:

This Sunday, May 29th, Governor Palin and the SarahPAC team will begin a trip through our nation’s rich historical sites, starting from Washington, DC and going up through New England. The “One Nation Tour” is part of our new campaign to educate and energize Americans about our nation’s founding principles, in order to promote the Fundamental Restoration of America.

Here’s the bus:

I almost feel sorry for her.

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s Temporary “Jail”

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, who is under indictment in NYC for sexual assault on a hotel worker, is currently under “house arrest.”

Insofar as Strauss-Kahn lives in France and was visiting the U.S. when the incident happened, his family had to arrange for a “house” for him to live in while he is under “house arrest.”

Here’s the little place they found.  It rents for $50,000 per month:

More photos here.

Not bad huh?

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Love the X-Men? Join the Army and Become One

Talk about glorifying killing and death (ie., war), check out this new ad from the Army:

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MSNBC Suspends Ed Schultz

Ed Schulz said this today:

President Obama is going to be visiting Joplin, Mo., on Sunday but you know what they’re talking about, like this right-wing slut, what’s her name? Laura Ingraham? Yeah, she’s a talk slut. You see, she was, back in the day, praising President Reagan when he was drinking a beer overseas. But now that Obama’s doing it, they’re working him over.

And as a result, NBC/MSNBC suspended him “indefinitely.”

(1)   Though I agree with the substance of what Schultz said, calling a woman a “slut” is about as low as a man can go.  Is Ed trying to be MSNBC’s Glenn Beck?  Going totally freakin’ overboard?

(2)  Rush has said worse.  Hannity has said worse.  O’Reilly has said worse.  Beck has said worse.  Tammy Bruce has said worse.  Mark Levin has said worse.  (To name but a few.)

(3) Why does one side apologize and suspend while others don’t (I’m lookin’ at you Fox)?


(6)  Thanks to Obama’s FCC, Comcast owns NBC/MSNBC.  Is Schultz naive enough to believe he isn’t on the chopping block?

Comcast is all conservative corportocracy, all the time.

Rachel is next.

The free speech standards for liberals are different than they are for conservatives.

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Harold Camping Kills Two Kids

I hope Harold Camping of “Family Radio International” — the guy who said the Rapture would happen last Saturday — knows about this:

A Michigan teenager is missing and presumed drowned after he leaped from a bridge with friends to celebrate a day of rapture that never came. Anthony Alexander Johnson, 18, jumped into the Kalamazoo River with four pals, but was quickly overcome by the fast-moving current. “Save him, someone save him,” yelled a friend. An 11-year-old baseball player along the bank watched as Johnson was swept away, waving his hands in the air, reports the Kalamazoo Gazette.  “He was screaming ‘Help, help me,” the boy said. He hasn’t yet been found.

And this:

A 14-year-old Russian teenager on Saturday hung herself because she feared a U.S. radio host’s prediction that the Rapture would begin at 6 p.m. on that day.


The girl from Mari El Republic, a federal subject of Russia, took Camping’s claims seriously. “We are not righteous, only the righteous will go to heaven, and we’ll stay on earth and face terrible suffering,” Nastya wrote in her personal diary, according to her family and investigators who spoke with Russian tabloid LifeNews. “It is the beginning of the end.”

On Saturday, LifeNews reported, Nastya went home from school and sent a text message saying she did not want to suffer and would kill herself first. She then hung herself with clothes on her veranda and was later found dead.

What can I say?  Camping caused the deaths of these two kids.  Period.

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Mitt Romney: Anything for the Tea Party Vote

Apropos of my last post, there’s this Tweet of the Day:

Interesting is an understatement.  Romney is a suck-up, ass-kissing chameleon who will do whatever it takes to be attractive to ah, who I’m not sure.  I mean, you can’t win with the Tea Party vote alone but I don’t think he’s figured that out yet.

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Mitt Romney’s Camp Trying to Rewrite History re Auto Bailout

OMG, this is an insult to all of us:

The Democratic National Committee on Tuesday released a YouTube video highlighting a 2008 opinion article by Mitt Romney in The New York Times titled “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” In the video, Mr. Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, is shown asserting, “If you write a check, they are going to go out of business.”

In 2009, Mr. Romney said Mr. Obama’s plans for rescuing the automobile industry were “tragic” and “a very sad circumstance for this country.”

A Romney spokesman said on Tuesday [May 24, 2011] that the president’s plan was modeled after one Mr. Romney advocated in 2008.

“Mitt Romney had the idea first,” said Eric Fehrnstrom, a Romney spokesman, citing the Times opinion article. “You have to acknowledge that. He was advocating for a course of action that eventually the Obama administration adopted.”

This would be Romney’s position in Novemer, 2008.  It’s exactly opposite of what his “spokesman” said yesterday:

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is standing steadfastly behind the forces opposing a $25 billion “bridge loan” for struggling Detroit auto manufacturers.

Speaking Thursday morning amid growing signs of gridlock in Congress, Romney said “there’s no question but that if you just write a check, you’re going to see these companies go out of business ultimately.”

He told CBS’s “The Early Show” that he doesn’t want to see the carmakers go out of business, “but we don’t want them to continue business as usual.”


Mitt Romney said Thursday he believes bankruptcy filings or an out of court settlement might be the best answer “get these companies into a competitive position so that they can stay, grow and add jobs.”

This is just shameful.  There’s something really dangerous about a person who would blatantly lie like this.  They have to know a certain segment of the population will know they’re doing it but they clearly hope that the “low information people” won’t.

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Woodpeckers Fill Antenna With Acorns

Amazing.  A whole lot of work went into this:


I hope they left the acorns on the ground for the birds (and other critters) to take.

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Oh to Stay at Buckingham Palace

Quickie:  Per WestWingReport on Twitter:  Buckingham chefs send these snacks to the Queen’s guests: fruit, mints & chocolates:

I can dream.

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About Newt Gingrich’s Interest-Free Account at Tiffany’s

Did you hear about the $250,000 – $500,000 charge account balance Newt Gingrich racked up at Tiffany’s?  And did you hear it was interest-free and did that strike you as odd?  I mean, totally interest free?  That’s pretty dang unheard of.

Well, it turns out those who were suspicious about that had reason to be:

At the same time Tiffany & Co. was extending Callista (Bisek) Gingrich a virtual interest-free loan of tens of thousands of dollars, the diamond and silverware firm was spending big bucks to influence mining policy in Congress and in agencies over which the House Agriculture Committee–where she worked–had jurisdiction, official records show.

Filings by Tiffany’s lobbyist, Cassidy & Co., and other government records show that the firm’s spending on  “mining law and mine permitting-related issues” in Congress, as well as the Forest Service, the Interior Department, and Interior’s  Bureau of Land Management shot up sharply between during the period when Callista Gingrich was chief clerk at the House Agriculture Committee.
Silver, of course, is a big part of Tiffany & Co.’s business.

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Kathy Hochul Isn’t a Win for Democrats

Kathy Hochul

is a very, very conservative “Democrat,” not one who holds the core principles of the Democratic party so let’s not get too excited.

Google her.

More tomorrow.

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