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WSJ Story About “Guns Tied to the U.S.” is Fear Mongering

News Corp:  We Pray That Our Readers and Viewers Stay Dumb and Dumber

The conservative/wingnut/anti-Obama media made a big deal today about “news” that ran in their premiere outlet — the Wall Street Journal (owned by Fox’s Rupert Murdoch):  Mexican Guns Tied to U.S.

The U.S. was the source of at least 70% of 29,284 firearms recovered by authorities in Mexico in 2009 and 2010, according to new U.S. government figures.

The statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are expected to add to controversy over the U.S. role in fueling drug-cartel violence in Mexico, which has killed more than 40,000 people since 2006.

Their point is to “prove” that the Obama administration is failing in the “war” on drugs and the “war” against the Mexican drug cartels and the “war” on “illegals.”

Problem is, this isn’t “news:”

December, 2010:  U.S. Guns Tied to Crime South of Border

September, 2010: Mexican Crime, American Guns

April, 2009: From Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News:  Mexican Envoy Defends Claim That Most Guns in Mexico Come From U.S.

March, 2009:  The U.S. Guns in Mexico’s Drug War.

Wingers hope you’re dumb and dumber. Show them you aren’t.  Know the facts.

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Remember the “Terrorist Fist Jab?”

Gosh golly gee whiz, despite marking it on my calendar, I forgot to put up a post commemorating the third anniversary of the “terrorist fist jab.”

Three years ago, when Fox was trying to portray candidate Barack Obama as a terrorist (a theme they continue to this day) their E.D. Hill (now with that bastion of liberalness, CNN) said this:


Scared yet?

BTW, this would be GW doing the same thing:

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Anthony Weiner Doesn’t Keep His Powder Dry

Democrats are (sadly) famous for saying they’re “keeping their powder dry” because they’re going to use it for this or that fight somewhere down the line — but they never do.

Anthony Weiner doesn’t hoard his powder. He uses it:

Rep. Anthony Weiner Rips into Republicans for Blocking the 9-11 First Responders Bill

Should Weiner resign? Hell no!  Show me another Democrat who stands up like this.

It’s no wonder some of his colleagues want him to go.  He shames them.

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Mitt Romney Showing Early Signs of Wimping Out

Romney to Skip Key Poll in Iowa.

My bet is he’s slinking away because he believes in facts and science (oh, no!):  Romney Draws Early Fire From Conservatives Tea Partiers Over Views on Climate Change.

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Denial Alert: Heat Causes Power Outage in Detroit

If we continue to deny the existence of climate change and to pour money into wars while neglecting our infrastructure, there’s going to be a whole lotta suffering going on around here:


Officials Say Heat Caused Detroit Power Outage

A major power outage hit downtown and Midtown, prompting the evacuation of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, shutdown of the People Mover and the closing of several public buildings.

After 2 p.m. today, employees in the complex that houses City Hall and the Wayne County Circuit Court civil division were asked to leave. Power also is out at Cobo Center, nearby parking garages, federal facilities including the McNamara Building, Wayne State University, the Detroit Institute of Arts and several streetlights.

Only buildings served by the city’s lighting department are affected, and all of its customers were affected except the Detroit Medical Center, a spokesman said.

The outage also left the website for the city down.

Power is expected to be restored in 24 hours. City officials said three lines were broken and that no one was injured.

City spokeswoman Karen Dumas said the outage was caused by extreme power demand for air conditioning after two days in the 90s. Even though temperatures were only in the upper 70s on Thursday, it had topped 90 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Republicans Voted to Increase the Debt Ceiling Seven Times Under Bush II

OK.  So.  The Republicans have convinced us (with lots of help from the “liberal media”) that raising the debt ceiling will mean the end of the world, right?

All you need to know as to what a crock of shit that is is (1) they voted to raise the debt ceiling seven times under George W. Bush:

(2)  Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt, (3)  George W. Bush doubled the national debt and (4) a $3 trillion tab for Bush’s unfunded wars still remains (and it’s climbing, unfortunately).

Thanks to Crooks and Liars for assembling all this info (there’s more here) but really, do we need a gargantuan post to make the point that in reality Republicans don’t give a damn about raising the debt ceiling ah, except that is, when their guy isn’t the one doing it?

If we had a real “news” media around here, we’d all know this stuff.

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It’s been raining here all day and the pups have been in and out.  They want to go out and then they see it’s raining and they want to come in.  Ten minutes later they forget it’s raining and they want to go back out and so it has gone, all day long.

That said, I just got back from an appointment and the smell of wet dog — make that two wet dogs — hit me when I walked inside.  Arrrh!

But heh, who can be “mad” at these guys?

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Helping People

Check out this picture one of the clients at the food bank where I volunteer painted and gave us to show her appreciation for our help:

Very touching.

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About MSNBC’s Very Serious Martin Bashir

Tweet of the Day:

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Newt Gingrich’s Staff “Resigns En Masse”


So, how long until this ahem, “campaign” is officially over?

The Associated Press has just moved an alert reporting that GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s staff has resigned en masse:

Gingrich press spokesman Rick Tyler told AP that he’s resigned along with campaign manager Rob Johnson, senior strategists and aides in key early primary states.

Other officials said Gingrich was informed that his entire high command was quitting in a meeting earlier in the day. They cited differences over the direction of the campaign but were not more specific.

The officials declined to be identified by name, saying they were not authorized to discuss private conversations.

Gingrich told the group he intends to stay in the race, they added.


UPDATE:  I’m hearing that:  “Newt’s staff walked b/c of his Messianism: He thought he could win on force of his ideas alone.”

Sounds about right.

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History According to Wingnut David Barton

History according to wingers (you know, the people with their own set of “facts”):

Talk to a prominent social conservative these day and the odds are pretty good that he or she is a fan of David Barton.

Perhaps more than any other person, the Texas-based amateur historian has provided grist for the idea of American Exceptionalism—the argument that America’s unique success in the world is divinely caused and due to its committment to core Judeo-Christian principles. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, the tea party champion and likely 2012 presidential contender, invited him to teach members of Congress about the Constitution; former House Speaker Newt Gingrich says he learns something new every time he listens to Barton.

He’s a pretty influential guy. So what, exactly, does he teach? On Wednesday, Right Wing Watch flagged a recent interview Barton gave with an evangelcial [sic] talk show, in which he argues that the Founding Fathers had explicitly rejected Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Yes, that Darwin. The one whose seminal work, On the Origin of Species, wasn’t even published until 1859.


(My emphasis.)

Fact:  The “Founding Fathers” were doing their work roughly 100 years — yep, 100 years folks — prior to the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species and 50 years prior to his birth, for God’s sake.

Yo, wingers:  They count on you being really, really dumb.

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Cool Photo

Good morning world.  We start the day with this cool photo:

Photo: Paolo Nespoli

This May 23 photo made by crew member Paolo Nespoli from a departing Soyuz capsule shows the shuttle Endeavour docked with the International Space Station. This was the first time a spacecraft had ever photographed a shuttle docked at the station.


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