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Fox: Pepper Spray is a “Food Product”

Wow, Fox’s hard hitting team is at the top of its game tonight.

Hours after we learned how horrible “pepper spray” is, Fox says pepper spray is…drum roll please… a “food product!”  (Is this akin to pizza being a vegetable?)

Per Megyn Kelly:

it’s “like a derivative of actual pepper.  It’s a food product essentially.”

Read more about how awful pepper spray is at the link above and watch Kelly selling her $oul to Roger Ailes here.

Pepper spray is like “actual pepper?”  It’s a “food product?”

Oh. My. God.  We’re watching history in the making here folks. This is going to top the “terrorist fist jab” as Fox’s greatest hit.

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Fox News Viewers Are Less Informed Than the Uninformed

Those of us who worked on Outfoxed have been screaming for seven years about how watching Fox makes you dumber than dumb.  Here’s another survey to back that up:

A new survey of New Jersey voters comes to a provocative conclusion: Fox News viewers tend to be less informed about current events than those who don’t watch any news at all.


“The results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions than those who don’t watch any news at all,” said Dan Cassino, a political science professor at Fairleigh Dickinson.

So, if you don’t watch any news at all you know more than people who watch Fox.

Think about that.

And think about the fact that Fox has the highest rating of any “news” channel in the United States.

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Michael Bloomberg — You’ve Been Had

Last night when New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg held a press conference and announced that his NYPD “foiled” a very limp-looking (my words, not his) “terror plot,” I surmised Mikey’s objective was primarily to divert attention from the thuggish tactics the NYPD used against Occupy Wall Street protesters and to, in essence say, “See. Without my cops, you could be dead so forget those ‘little’ indiscretions and those dirty looser hippies.”

Well, voila.  Lookie here:

New York bomb suspect Jose Pimentel not a serious terror threat: FBI sources

FBI did not pursue Pimentel case because they thought he was incapable of carrying out terror plot, according to officials

The FBI did not pursue a case against an alleged al-Qaida sympathiser accused of plotting to blow up police and military personnel because it believed he was mentally unstable and incapable of pulling it off, officials said on Monday.

Investigators from the New York Police Department, which announced the arrest of Dominican-born US citizen Jose Pimentel, 27, at a press conference late on Sunday night, sought to involve the FBI at least twice.

But both times the FBI concluded he wasn’t a serious threat, according to officials who spoke to the Associated Press.

From NYC to UC-Davis — the curtain is being pulled back on these wizards of Oz.

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Wow.  What a dramatic photo:

Contra Costa (CA) Times -- Robert Casillas / Staff Photographer

Details here.

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Christians in Egypt Link Arms to Protect Praying Muslims

Christians in the United States could learn a thing or two from Christians in Egypt:

Our photo of the day:

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How Hot is “Pepper Spray?” Roughly Two Million Times Hotter Than a Habanero Chili

Pepper spray.  When people talk about the pepper in pepper spray they ain’t talking about the pepper you have in the shaker sitting next to your salt or those green specks on your pizza:

I checked the Scoville Scale for something else yesterday. I was looking for a way to measure the intensity of pepper spray, the kind that police have been using on Occupy protestors including this week’s shocking incident involving peacefully protesting students at the University of California-Davis.

As the chart makes clear, commercial grade pepper spray leaves even the most painful of natural peppers (the Himalayan ghost pepper) far behind. It’s listed at between 2 million and 5.3 million Scoville units. The lower number refers to the kind of pepper spray that you and I might be able to purchase for self-protective uses. And the higher number? It’s the kind of spray that police use, the super-high dose given in the orange-colored spray used at UC-Davis.

The reason pepper-spray ends up on the Scoville chart is that – you probably guessed this –  it’s literally derived from pepper chemistry, the compounds that make habaneros so much more formidable than the comparatively wimpy bells. Those compounds are called capsaicins and – in fact – pepper spray is more formally called Oleoresin Capsicum or OC Spray.

But we’ve taken to calling it pepper spray, I think, because that makes it sound so much more benign than it really is…


Absolutely.  “Pepper spray” doesn’t begin to describe it.

Ah hah.  We’ve been dumbed down again!

November 21, 2011 at 6:44 PM 3 comments

CNN Counters President Obama With Grover Norquist

Approximately 15 minutes ago, President Obama made a brief statement about the “failure” of the super committee.  With that in mind, here is my Tweet of the Day:

So, that confirms it.  Grover Norquist is the Republican party.


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Heads Up, Kim Kardashian

An orphaned raccoon snuggles in donated furs. Amy Ouimet

Pass on your old fur items to a wildlife rehabilitator to warm and comfort orphaned and injured wildlife:

Do you have an old fur coat in your closet? Is your grandmother’s mink stole stored in the attic? Many of us have fur apparel that we no longer want or that was left to us by a family member. Some aren’t comfortable selling it or giving it to charity, because they feel people should not wear animal fur. And storing, cleaning, and remodeling old fur coats are highly profitable services for furriers and helps keep them in the fur business. So what should people do with it?

Give it back to the animals. If you would like to see that old fur put to a good use, see if there is a wildlife rehabilitator in your area who will use it to aid and comfort wildlife.

Fur can provide warmth and comfort to orphaned and injured wild animals. Wildlife rehabilitators will usually cut the fur into an appropriate size for the animal, whether it be a bobcat, fox, raccoon, squirrel, or rabbit, and place it inside the animal’s enclosure. The furry blanket becomes a surrogate mother to orphaned animals, reducing stress and giving comfort.


Just imagine the reduced stress and comfort these could provide a little raccoon or squirrel or rabbit:

Nobody wears fur anymore Kim.  Nobody.


November 21, 2011 at 6:02 PM 1 comment

If Congress Keeps Doing Nothing, the Deficit Will Plummet

The Super Committee is poised to fail after markets close on Monday — which is to say the 12 members weren’t able to agree on a package of new revenues and lower spending to reduce the deficit by at least $1.2 trillion over 10 years. That was their charge, and insofar as they didn’t do what they set out to do, they “failed.”

But if Republicans and Democrats keep failing to agree on this stuff for the next year and change, the result will be an extraordinary decrease in federal deficits — many multiples of what the Super Committee was tasked with finding.

More, and a larger version of the chart here.

Don’t forget, during the Bush years, per Dick Cheney, “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter.”  They suddenly began to “matter” on November 5, 2008, the day after Barack Obama was elected president.  They “mattered” because Republicans were setting up their spin to blame Obama for the deficit George W. Bush was leaving in his wake.  Unfortunately, Democrats, who are always running scared, swallowed it lock, stock and barrel, and here we are, fixated on the deficit.

So, the “super committee” has officially failed and now the “liberal media” is saying Wall Street is freaking out precisely because of those deficits (the Dow was down 248.85 points today).  But several economists I read — and I believe this — say the problem isn’t the deficit, it’s a lack of stimulus; of growth.  Nobody has any freakin’ money so unemployment is increasing because people aren’t buying things.

Maybe the Democrats will find it within themselves to beat back this deficit talk at some point before the next election and turn to a stimulus plan, so we can start dealing with the actual problem rather than chasing the Republicans’ post-Bush political strategy.

Then again, as indicated above, if Congress does nothing, the deficit gets dealt with but again, so what if the deficit goes down; there still won’t be any jobs.

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Iconic Photos From 2011

Wow.  Check out this stunning slide show (100 slides) from Reuters titled, Best Photos of the Year 2011.

What a year it’s been.

Here are a few of my favorites (not an easy decision):

A boy plays with a balloon at an evacuation center set in a gymnasium in Kawamata, Fukushima Prefecture in northern Japan, March 14, 2011, after an earthquake and tsunami struck the area. REUTERS/Yuriko Nakao

Ah, the ability of children to find a moment of joy in a small thing.

Women and children run away with their belongings from a fire in Kuma Garadayat, a village located in North Darfur controlled by members of SLA-Free Will faction, a signatory of the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) May 19, 2011. REUTERS/Albert Gonzalez Farran/UNAMID

The suffering in Darfur seems to be endless.

Children try to salvage metal and other parts from damaged vehicles near burning oil tankers, used to carry fuel for NATO forces in Afghanistan, after they were hit by a bomb attack in the outskirts of Landikotal, northwest Pakistan on August 16, 2011. REUTERS/Shahid Shinwari

Looks like hell on Earth.

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Personhood Crazies to Put Issue on Colorado Ballot, Again

Well, it looks like the folks who think this

is person, are going to put the “personhood” amendment back on the ballot in Colorado next year for the (get this) third time.

Coloradoans voted the amendment down in 2008 and again in 2010.  In 2010, the margin against was 2-1.

Heck, just a few weeks ago Mississippi — Mississippi! — rejected a personhood amendment by a margin of 59%.

I guess their goal is to wear us down.


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Think back to when you were 12-years-old and imagine (or maybe you don’t have to imagine) that you kissed a boy or girl on the school playground.  A teacher saw you, reported the incident to the assistant principal and the assistant principal called the Department of Children and Families and then she called the f**king sheriff’s department because she saw shades of a possible “sex crime!”

Two 12-year-olds faced a police investigation for a sex crime after being caught kissing at school.


The incident took place at Orange River Elementary School in Fort Myers, Florida.

According to local reports two girls who had a crush on a boy were talking about which of them liked him the most.

One of the girls approached the boy and briefly kissed him.

A teacher on duty noticed the kiss and reported it to the assistant principal Margaret Ann Haring.

She said it was a ‘possible sex crime’ and called social workers at the Florida Department of Children and Families [DCF].

They told her to report the matter to the Lee County Sheriff’s office who responded by sending deputies to the school.


Fortunately, the Sheriff’s Department didn’t take any action but there is “ongoing involvement with the DCF.”

For God’s sake America, calm the hell down!

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The Real Public Nuisance is the Tsunami of Big Money into Politics

If you have the time, take two minutes and 16 seconds out of your day and watch this kick-ass video with Robert Reich explaining why the Occupy folks aren’t the “nuisance,” the real “nuisance” is the “tsunami of big money into politics.”

He’s exactly right.


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Congress Pushes Us Another Step Back — Toward the Dark Ages

This is unbelievable, and I don’t use that word lightly:

Can Congress say no to an innocuous, zero-cost request for a government agency to reorganize itself so that it contains a National Climate Service? The answer — in our anti-science, post-truth, batshit crazy America — is yes.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wanted to create what it calls a “one stop shop” for climate information, which is more in demand than ever.

Farmers are wondering when to plant. Urban planners want to know whether groundwater will stop flowing under subdivisions. Insurance companies need climate data to help them set rates.


Meanwhile, everyone from large scientific groups like the American Geophysical Union (which represents 60,000 scientists) to the Reinsurance Association of America (which represents the groups that have to evaluate systemic climate risks for insurers) is in favor of the new organization. If only we lived in a democracy.


And I reiterate — this is a “zero-cost request,” and they still turned it down.


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Why the Super Committee Failed — in One Sentence

Here’s Greg Sargent on why the super committee failed:

Photo: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images

Here’s why the supercommittee is failing, in one sentence: Democrats wanted the rich to pay more in taxes towards deficit reduction, and Republicans wanted the rich to pay less in taxes towards deficit reduction.

Any news outlet that doesn’t convey this basic fact to readers and viewers with total clarity is obscuring, rather than illuminating, what actually happened here.

The media will turn this into a he said, she said thing and there will be a lot of rhetoric but again, that one sentence says it all.

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