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Mitt Romney Campaigns For His Millionaire Donors

Who is Willard Mitt Romney campaigning for?  You?  Me?  No.  He’s campaigning for the folks who give to his SuperPAC, Restore Our Future, Inc.

Restore Our Future Inc.?  A more appropriate name would be, Restore Rich People’s Future Inc.

Don’t be fooled.

Details here

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Gingrich and Paul are In — Let The Games Begin!

This would be Newt tonight:


I love the word. Problem is, I’m  thinking:

And this would be Ron Paul’s website:

What?  This is what his site looks like tonight?  After Florida?  I thought he had legions of young people working on his campaign.  This is the best they can do?

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Lingerie Bowl This Weekend!

Don’t forget, the Lingerie Bowl is this weekend!

(The background on this pic is here, which I wrote during my days at the NewsHounds.)

More on family values Fox News Porn here.


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Elephant Tired of Being Treated Like an Idiot

You go elephant!


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URGENT: Willard Wins Florida

“URGENT:”  Willard “Mitt” Romney wins in Florida.


Give it a week.  Tonight will be a distant memory.

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British Banking Crook Stripped of his Knighthood


Fred Goodwin, Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc’s former chief executive officer, was stripped of his knighthood by the U.K. authorities after he led the 285-year-old lender into the world’s biggest bank bailout.

Britain’s Honors Forfeiture Committee met last week and decided that Goodwin should lose his knighthood for services to banking in the light of the collapse, the Cabinet Office in London said in a statement today. He was awarded the honor, entitling him to call himself Sir Fred, in the name of Queen Elizabeth II in 2004.

“This decision, not normally publicized in advance, was taken on the advice of the Forfeiture Committee, which advised that Fred Goodwin had brought the honors system into disrepute,” the Cabinet Office said. “The scale and severity of the impact of his actions as CEO of RBS made this an exceptional case.”

Edinburgh-based RBS needed 45.5 billion pounds ($71.7 billion) of U.K. government money after Goodwin, now 53, led its takeover of Amsterdam-based ABN Amro Holding NV in 2007.


According to the article, stripping someone of a knighthood doesn’t have any particular legal repercussions; the significance is the humiliation factor.  But hey, that’s more than any of the robber barons on this side of the pond have experienced.

In the fall of 2008, while George W. was slinking out the door, We the American people bailed AIG out to the tune of $187 billion.  So far?  Nada.


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The Susan G. Komen Foundation Joins Republican Effort to Destroy Planned Parenthood

The nation’s leading breast-cancer charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, is halting its partnerships with Planned Parenthood affiliates — creating a bitter rift, linked to the abortion debate, between two iconic organizations that have assisted millions of women.

The change will mean a cutoff of hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants, mainly for breast exams.

Planned Parenthood says the move results from Komen bowing to pressure from anti-abortion activists. Komen says the key reason is that Planned Parenthood is under investigation in Congress — a probe launched by a conservative Republican who was urged to act by anti-abortion groups.

So, conservative congressional Republicans launch a “probe” of Planned Parenthood and then they turn to the Komen Foundation and pressure it to withhold donations to Planned Parenthood because they’ve launched a “probe?”  How deceitfully, viciously clever.

Are the Komen people that stupid?  Don’t they get that Republicans want to destroy Planned Parenthood altogether because they want to impose their American Taliban-like beliefs on all of us; that they don’t want women to have the freedom to chose?

Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, has depicted Stearns’ probe as politically motivated and said she was dismayed that it had contributed to Komen’s decision to halt the grants to PPFA affiliates.

“It’s hard to understand how an organization with whom we share a mission of saving women’s lives could have bowed to this kind of bullying.”



And I say this to the Republicans conducting that “probe:”  It takes two to get pregnant:

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Scathing Letter From a Freed Slave to his Former Owner

Powerful stuff:

In August of 1865, a Colonel P.H. Anderson of Big Spring, Tennessee, wrote to his former slave, Jourdan Anderson, and requested that he come back to work on his farm. Jourdan — who, since being emancipated, had moved to Ohio, found paid work, and was now supporting his family — responded spectacularly by way of the letter seen below (a letter which, according to newspapers at the time, he dictated).

✺  ✺   ✺  ✺  ✺

Dayton, Ohio,

August 7, 1865

To My Old Master, Colonel P.H. Anderson, Big Spring, Tennessee

Sir: I got your letter, and was glad to find that you had not forgotten Jourdon, and that you wanted me to come back and live with you again, promising to do better for me than anybody else can. I have often felt uneasy about you. I thought the Yankees would have hung you long before this, for harboring Rebs they found at your house. I suppose they never heard about your going to Colonel Martin’s to kill the Union soldier that was left by his company in their stable. Although you shot at me twice before I left you, I did not want to hear of your being hurt, and am glad you are still living. It would do me good to go back to the dear old home again, and see Miss Mary and Miss Martha and Allen, Esther, Green, and Lee. Give my love to them all, and tell them I hope we will meet in the better world, if not in this. I would have gone back to see you all when I was working in the Nashville Hospital, but one of the neighbors told me that Henry intended to shoot me if he ever got a chance.

I want to know particularly what the good chance is you propose to give me. I am doing tolerably well here. I get twenty-five dollars a month, with victuals and clothing; have a comfortable home for Mandy,—the folks call her Mrs. Anderson,—and the children—Milly, Jane, and Grundy—go to school and are learning well. The teacher says Grundy has a head for a preacher. They go to Sunday school, and Mandy and me attend church regularly. We are kindly treated. Sometimes we overhear others saying, “Them colored people were slaves” down in Tennessee. The children feel hurt when they hear such remarks; but I tell them it was no disgrace in Tennessee to belong to Colonel Anderson. Many darkeys would have been proud, as I used to be, to call you master. Now if you will write and say what wages you will give me, I will be better able to decide whether it would be to my advantage to move back again.


Read the whole thing, all the way to the last paragraph, which is the best.

(I’m going to bookmark the blog where I found this letter:  Letters of Note.  Fantastic site.)



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The Starting Lineup for the…Puppy Bowl!

I can hardly believe it but here is a serious-as-a-heart-attack article about the “starting lineup” of the Puppy Bowl:

Not into football? Check out the starting lineup of the 2012 Puppy Bowl! Animal Planet’s eighth annual event will be broadcast at 3 p.m. EST/PST on Super Bowl Sunday.

Who knew?!  There’s a “Kitty Half-Time:”

And “piglets cheer on the pups:”

Check out the 28 accompanying photos at the link above.

(Now you know why I named this blog what I did.)


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Corporate Logos Already Seared into the Brain of a 5-Year-Old

This is both adorable and disconcerting.

The undeniable power of advertising:  “A fun Sunday project with my daughter on brand logos.”


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Bullied and Rejected to Death

One of my brothers committed suicide in 1988 at the age of 32, so stories about suicide tend to catch my eye.  This one is particularly dreadful:

A gay teenager who committed suicide earlier this month claimed he had an exorcism performed on him by his Christian parents before they kicked him out of the house.

Eric James Borges, 19, took his own life on January 14 after suffering years of physical and verbal abuse at school and rejection from his ‘extremist’ family who made him leave home for being gay.

A friend read from the suicide note he left at one of several memorial services held for the young man in San Joaquin Valley, California last week. In it, he thanked friends for their love and support and mentioned Lady Gaga for being ‘a fearless, relentless, proud LGBT advocate’.

San Diego Gay & Lesbian News writer Melanie Nathan read from the teenager’s note, which said: ‘My pain is not caused because I am gay. My pain was caused by how I was treated because I am gay.’

He explained: ‘I was raised in an extremist Christian household. My earliest recollections of my experience with the relentless and ongoing bullying was in kindergarten, but of course to a lesser degree.

‘Throughout elementary, junior high and high school it got progressively worse. I was physically, mentally, emotionally and verbally assaulted on a day-to-day basis for my perceived sexual orientation.

”I had nowhere safe to go, either at home or school… My parents told me that, among other things, I was disgusting, perverted, unnatural and damned to Hell. About two months ago they officially kicked me out of my house.

‘My name was not Eric but “Faggot”.

‘And I know what it feels like to live in a world of government-sanctioned homophobia. But I refuse to be treated as a second-class citizen.’

(My emphasis.)

Go here to read more and to see an “It Gets Better” video Mr. Borges made, as well as his short film titled, Invisible Creatures.

What a sad, sad story.

Eric James Borges, you sound like an amazing guy.

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Newsweek is Pathetic

This is the real cover of the February 6, 2012 issue of Newsweek magazine:

Our presidential campaigns consist of nine second sound bites.  Never mind a real discussion of the issues. And instead of being a check and balance on that tragedy, the media encourages it.

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Michael Steele Lies: Florida’s Primary is a “Grass Roots” Effort

Former Republican party leader* Michael Steele was on Hardball w/Chris Matthews a few minutes ago.  He and Matthews were talking about — duh — tomorrow’s primary vote.   Good ol’ Michael was downright giddy, treating us like idots and trying to appeal (I guess) to the Tea Party/Occupy/populist vote:  “It’s all grass-roots that’s driving this; that’s what’s exciting to me.”
Really?  Grass-roots?  You call millions of dollars “grass-roots?”

Figures made available to The Associated Press showed Romney was spending $2.8 million to air television commercials in the final week of the Florida campaign. In addition, a group supporting him, Restore Our Future, was spending $4 million more, for a combined total of $6.8 million.

By contrast, Gingrich was spending about $700,000, and Winning Our Future, a group backing him, an additional $1.5 million. That was about one-third the amount for the pro-Romney tandem.

Only nine more months to go!

It isn’t like me to refer to the former head of the Grand Old Party (i.e., the GOP) as the “former Republican party leader.” But given that 50% of Republicans have no idea who the GOP is, I’m thinking it’s a good idea to refer to Republicans not as the GOP, but as Republicans.  I mean, if I have to hold their little hands so they’ll know what their party’s up to, I’ll do it.

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Remember When Voting Was Thought of as a Sacred Right?

Remember when Iraq held its first election after the U.S. invasion and all of us, including conservatives like Bill Bennett, held their breath hoping the elections would be “free and fair?”

Let’s see many Americans color their right index finger purple in solidarity for the people voting in free elections in Iraq.  Americans should watch closely the voting in Iraq.

I think it will do us all good to see democracy in action.

We watched from a high and mighty place back then because after all, we were the United States of America, where everyone has a voice, everyone has a vote and voting is sacred and respected above almost all other rights.

Well, that was then, this is now.  Since then, the people in Bill Bennett’s Republican party have pushed through extraordinarily repressive voting rights laws in several states and now the international community is focusing attention on one of our most deeply held rights and traditions:

A wave of restrictive laws passed in Republican-held state legislatures will mean that a disproportionate number of ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, the elderly and the young, will find voting difficult and in many cases impossible.

Among the legislation is a requisite that aspiring voters present a state-issued photo identification card to cast their ballot. That would affect around 21 million people who do not have the ID.

The apparent reason for the ID requirement is to prevent voter fraud, yet an extensive analysis by the US Justice Department.found that incidents of vote fraud are exceedingly rare and that the new laws would not solve the eligibility issues.

Some analysts say the restrictions would have a severe impact on the country’s presidential vote in November, favouring the Republican candidate.

Al Jazeera’s Rob Reynold travelled to the state of Wisconsin, where he spoke to one woman whose right to vote may have been stripped by the new restrictions.


Fundamental rights in the United States are under assault people.  We are facing an emergency.

Newt Gingrich attended a rally in The Villages, Florida yesterday and he said something about how he isn’t going to stand around while President Obama presides over America’s decline.  Time to look in the mirror Newt.




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Romney’s “Schlock Patriotic Presentation”

Regular visitors to this site know I love Matt Taibbi.  Nobody cuts through the bullsh*t like he does and today he’s out with another masterpiece:

How the GOP Race Became a Showdown Between a Walking OCD Diagnosis and a Flatulent Serial Adulterer

But [Romney] couldn’t do it. Less than a week after New Hampshire, Romney committed a series of gaffes that revealed his crucial character flaw: He’s a hypernervous control freak who flips out if you try digging around below the paper-thin veneer of his schlock patriotic presentation. The robotic Mormon financier looks like a walking OCD diagnosis, a trim coil of tightly wound energy with perfect coif and tie, seemingly living in permanent terror of a single hair falling out of place. For this type of anal-retentive personality, the messy chaos of South Carolina was a phobic horror. Faced with actual opposition, he lost his grip on everything. At a time when a quarter of the population has zero or negative net worth, when outrage against the financial elite is at an all-time high on both sides of the political aisle, Romney, it turns out, is so weirdly tone-deaf about his status as a one-percenter and bloodsucking corporate raider that any question in that direction sends his eyes pinwheeling. As his electably boring-mannequin act began to crumble, his carefully concealed true self – a deluded gazillionaire nitwit – was suddenly thrust naked onstage for all of America to gape at.

The only problem is, [Newt's] a bloviating, egomaniacal hog clinging to a third marriage who suffers from incurable diarrhea of the mouth and, according to polls, is one of the most intensely disliked politicians in America, making him an utterly absurd choice for the general election. If Gingrich ends up winning the nomination, Obama will essentially be running against the political version of Gilbert Gottfried or raw garlic – strong tastes that some like quite a lot, but many more can’t stand to even be near. If that happens, every Democratic flack from Leon Panetta to Obama himself will have to wear restraints to keep from publicly crying out in joy.

You go Matt!

If you have time, read the whole thing.  Taibbi’s sarcastic sense of humor alone makes it worth it.

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Sarah: Have You Ever Heard of a Pot Calling a Kettle Black?

Sarah, you’re kidding right?

Palin’s self-awareness is just stunning, isn’t it?

Seems like just yesterday that Palin was the “grifter” who hadn’t “been properly vetted.”


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Global Warming — The Video

No wonder Republicans want to do away with government.  It produces hippie, socialist videos like this that rely on hocus pocus, commonly referred to by pot smoking liberal tree huggers as “science:”

The global average surface temperature in 2011 was the ninth warmest since 1880.The finding sustains a trend that has seen the 21st century experience nine of the 10 warmest years in the modern meteorological record. NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York released an analysis of how temperatures around the globe in 2011 compared to the average global temperature from the mid-20th century. The comparison shows how Earth continues to experience higher temperatures than several decades ago. The average temperature around the globe in 2011 was 0.92 degrees F (0.51 C) higher than the mid-20th century baseline.



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How Loving Owners Transport Their Dogs

Surely you’ve heard about the time when Mitt Romney and his family were on vacation and they strapped a crate containing their Irish setter, Seamus, to the to top of the car and then set off on a 12-hour trip from Boston to Canada.

Mitt Romney explained the incident to Fox’s Chris Wallace like this:

This is a completely air-tight kennel mounted on the top of our car. He climbed up there regularly, enjoyed himself. He was in a kennel at home a great deal of time as well. We loved the dog. It was where he was comfortable and we had five kids inside the car and my guess is he liked it a lot better in his kennel than he would have liked it inside.”

If it was an air-tight kennel, how could the dog breathe?  Why did the dog “regularly” climb on top of the car?  Whose dog does that?  Why was he in a kennel a “great deal of the time” at home?  Probably because he hadn’t been potty trained and/or trained not to tear stuff up.

Anyway, Mitt, this is how a loving owner transports their dog:

(Photo via.)

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Love the Smell of Bacon Cooking

I’m making Dean & Deluca’s Cabbage Soup with Paprika, Kielbasa, and Raisins (but I’m leaving the raisins out and I’m amping up the paprika, using smoked paprika (so good!) instead of sweet paprika).

The first step in the process is to brown six slices of bacon, which I’m doing now.  A few minutes ago I yelled out to Mr. SayItAin’tSoAlready that I love the smell of bacon cooking!  He joked that I should see if there’s such a thing as bacon air freshener and lo and behold, there is!

I’m sure it smells terrible but hey, given that I’m a bacon person, I couldn’t resist spreading the word.


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Mitt is So Rich, He’s In the Top 0.0025%

Per the 1%er’s newspaper — the Wall Street Journal — Mitt Romney is unfathomably rich:

Mitt Romney’s income last year of $21.7 million clearly makes him rich. But how rich?

So rich, that he makes the one percenters look like the 99 percent.

According to a calculation from Emmanuel Saez, the economist at the University of California at Berkley, who has become the top expert on top incomes, Mitt Romney’s income of $21.7 million puts him well above the 1%.

In fact, his income puts him in about the 99.9975% income bracket.  Put another way, Mitt is in the top 0.0025%.

Don’t forget folks, Romney’s net worth isn’t $21.7 million.  That was his income for one year.

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Ever Seen an Albino Ruby-Throated Hummingbird?

Wow.  I’ve never heard of an albino bird much less an albino ruby-throated hummingbird:

These shots of an extremely rare albino ruby-throated hummingbird were photographed by two Virginia teenagers and two preteens: Marlin Shank, 16, Shaphan Shank, 14, Darren Shank, 12 and Allen Shank, 9.

The Shank brothers spotted the rare bird with their father Kevin Shank, who runs Nature Friend Magazine with his wife Bethany.

The Shanks heard about sightings of the rare bird at a feeder at the home of Ed and Nancy Lawler of Staunton Virginia back in August.

“When we heard through a listserve that some birders were watching a rare albino ruby-throated hummingbird come to their feeders only 30 miles away, we took the drive,” Kevin Shank told Discovery News.

As he wrote on on his web site: “The thoughts rolling through my mind were several. For one, this might be the only day in our lives when the boys and I would have the opportunity to photograph an albino hummingbird. Obviously we would prefer the photos ‘turn out.'”

The Shanks set up cameras, including a Canon EOS1D Mark 4 with a 600ml F4 lens, in different spots. And each took turns shooting between August 12 and August 27. All of these shots were taken on August 26. More photos of the bird can be seen here.

More photos can be seen here too.

This is what a “normal” ruby-throated hummingbird looks like:

Photo: Jerry Green


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Obama Enjoying the Super Bowl

Memo to Sarah Palin:  This is what annoy looks like:


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Afghan Man Murders Wife For Giving Birth to a Girl

I guess Laura Bush’s mission to lift Afghani women up and out of the Stone Age failed.

This is horrible:

Afghan man strangles wife for having baby girl

An Afghan man killed his wife for giving birth to a third daughter rather than the son he hoped for, police in Afghanistan’s northern Kunduz province have said.

The victim, 28, known by the one name of Storai, was strangled by her husband, a local militia member, and his mother on Saturday “in revenge” for bearing the couple’s third daughter three months ago in Mohasili village, police said.

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Kim Kardashian’s Millions — She Makes Tweeting What it Would Take Me 1,063 Years to Make

New York Magazine is out with an article about how Kim Kardashian makes $10,000 per tweet:

The weirdest thing about the rumor that Kim Kardashian gets paid $10,000 for a Twitter endorsement is that it’s true. (Recent plugs have been for and CVS.)

As of 1-29-12 at 9:27 p.m. ET, Kardashian has sent 10,208 tweets:

Assuming she’s been paid $10,000 per tweet since Day One, and assuming — generously — that only half of her tweets are endorsements (5,104), that means Kardashian has made $51,040,000 simply by sending tweets.

Given my family’s income, it would take us 1,063 years — working full-time — to make that much money.

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Mitt Romney: “Of Course” the Economy Is Getting Better

I thought I’d put up this little tidbit about the economy taken from an appearance by Mitt Romney on Laura Ingraham’s show (January 20, 2012).  I have a feeling it will come in handy in July, August, September, October and November, if you know what I mean (wink, wink).


Well of course it’s getting better.  The economy always gets better after a recession.  There’s always a recovery…


Have you got a better one [argument] Laura?  It just happens to be the truth.


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Sarah Palin: Vote for Newt, Annoy a Liberal

This is hilarious — Sarah Palin last night on Fox:

“And I say, you know, you’ve got to rage against the machine at this point in order to defend our republic and save what is good and secure and prosperous about our nation,” Palin continued. “We need somebody who is engaged in sudden and relentless reform and is not afraid to shake up the establishment. So, if for no other reason, rage against the machine, vote for Newt, annoy a liberal, vote Newt, keep this vetting process going, keep the debate going.”


Oh, Sarah, you watch so much Fox you’re living in their alternate universe.  Liberals would love it if Newt keep winning.  If he won the nomination we’d be dancing in the street.  He’s so crazy, he’d be a joy to run against and watching him stick his foot in his mouth would be So.  Much.  Fun.  Are you kidding?

Imagine choosing a leader during this time of crisis because that person will annoy your opponents.

Poor Sarah.

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A Solar Flare — Up Close and Personal

Wow.  This is the most amazing video I’ve ever seen of a solar flair.  I recommend watching it in full-screen.

What you’re seeing is Active Region 1402, a sunspot cluster. This is a tangled collection of magnetic field lines piercing the surface of the Sun. Like a bar magnet, there are two poles to each loop, a north and a south pole. The gas on the surface of the Sun is so hot it has electrons stripped off, so it’s strongly affected by the intense magnetic field, and flows along these towering loops, which can reach heights of 300,000 km (180,000 miles) in this region.

The loops are tied to the plasma, too, and this material is twisting and roiling as it rises and sinks. The lines get tangled, and like a short circuit they can snap and reconnect. When they do, they release vast amounts of energy as a solar flare. In the video you can see the messy, disorganized loops getting more and more tangled up.

Love this editorial comment:

The Sun is fiendishly complex, and astonishingly beautiful. Clearly, to our brains, these things are connected. Remember, too: this beauty, this magnificence, is brought to you by science. Without our curiosity and our need to understand the Universe better, you would never have been able to watch in awe as superheated plasma arcs dwarfing the Earth itself grew and collapsed on the surface of a star one hundred fifty million kilometers away.

Think of that the next time someone says science takes away the beauty and mystery of life.


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Ann Romney Disrespects Her Dead Father

When you’re a Romney, apparently, it doesn’t matter what other people feel, believe or want. What matters is what you want and that you get it:

Gawker’s substantial Mormon readership has come through for us: Two readers have sent us confirmation that Edward Davies, Mitt Romney’s militantly atheist father-in-law, was indeed posthumously converted to Mormonism by his family, despite the fact that when he was alive he regarded all religions as “hogwash.”


As we mentioned yesterday, Ann Romney’s Welsh-born father (who Mitt mentioned in last night’s debate to shore up his pro-immigrant bona fides) was an engineer, inventor, and resolute atheist who disdained all organized religion and raised his children accordingly. Davies, his son Roderick told the Boston Globe in 2007, regarded the faithful as “weak in the knees.”


Until he died. According to this entry in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ genealogical database, Davies was baptized as a Mormon at a “special family meeting” 14 months after his death; “All ordinances except sealing to spouse performed in Salt Lake Temple on 19 Nov 1993 in special family meeting,” the entry says


A little under a year after the posthumous baptism, according to this entry at, a Utah-based genealogical registry linked to the Mormon church, Edward Davies was “sealed” to his spouse for eternity in a ceremony that appears to have been performed in Atlanta, Ga.

[I]t’s an exceedingly odd way for the Romney family to honor the memory of a man who was committed, for his entire life, to the notion that organized religion is a fraud.


“Exceedingly odd?”   That’s way too kind.  Exceedingly, unimaginably disrespectful is how I’d define it.

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Oakland, CA Police Over Reacting to a Small Occupy Action There Tonight

At most, 1,000 Occupy Oakland protesters are taking action in Oakland, CA right now and the police are acting like it’s Pearl Harbor all over again.  Watch the brave and intrepid citizen journalist WillFoReal broadcasting live here.

Far as I can tell, they’re arresting everyone.

Who are the police working for? The corporatocracy?


For another good live feed, go here.

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Herman Cain Endorses Newt

Herman Cain officially endorses Newt Gingrich at 9:24 p.m. ET on a Saturday night?

Now them’s some guts.



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