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Obama: Millions (More) for Israel

Let’s cut education, trash our roads and bridges, watch Americans die for lack of health care and oh, btw, turn off the street lights but hey, there’s always money for “defense.” Israel’s that is:

The Pentagon said Tuesday it will request funding to expand Israel’s “Iron Dome” short-range air defense system, which helped thwart rocket attacks out of Gaza earlier this month.

The United States spent $204 million on the Iron Dome system in fiscal year 2011 and the Pentagon did not specify what level of funding it would propose to Congress for additional batteries.

“The Department of Defense has been in conversations with the Government of Israel about US support for the acquisition of additional Iron Dome systems and intends to request an appropriate level of funding from Congress to support such acquisitions based on Israeli requirements and production capacity,” press secretary George Little said in a statement.


You go Obama.  The hope is gone.  I’ve been clinging to the change thing but that’s going down the drain too.

What will it take for an American president (to have the guts) to say ENOUGH when it comes to funding the defense budgets of other countries, when we spend an absolutely outrageous amount on our own?

Seriously.  When is ENOUGH a ENOUGH?

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I Held my Tongue When Andrew Breitbart Died

Out of respect for a human being; a man who was loved and who had a wife and children and a sibling and parents and friends, I held my tongue when Andrew Breitbart died.

Photo via Wikipedia

What have Breitbart’s cohorts done since Trayvon Martin died?  This:

What Everyone Needs to Know About the Smear Campaign Against Trayvon Martin:


1. Prominent conservative websites published fake photos of Martin.


2. The Sanford Police selectively leaked irrelevant, negative information about Martin


3. On Fox News, Geraldo said that Martin was dressed “like a wannabe gangster.”


4. Without any evidence, prominent right-wing bloggers suggested that Martin was a drug dealer.


5. Without any evidence, a right-wing columnist alleged that Martin assaulted a bus driver.


6. Zimmerman’s friend says Martin was to blame because he was disrespectful to Zimmerman.

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Poor Olympia Snow, She Wishes President Obama Had Given Her More Attention

I like to think people in the United States Senators are grownups but ah, I guess not:

So Olympia Snowe, in an extraordinary act of candor, has confessed that she’s really upset with President Obama for not calling her often enough during the past two years. She says Obama deserves a failing grade when it comes to his willingness to work with Republicans — and that things would be far better if he had tried harder.


Tried harder?  Read the rest of the article.  Greg Sargent sets forth all the things Obama did to coddle the likes of Olympia Snow and all the things she did to put roadblocks in his way.

What did she want Obama to do so her widdle feewings wouldn’t be hurt?  Phone calls as well as flowers and candy and sleep-overs?  Geezus.  This is the grownup real world people.

Memo to Maine:  Please elect an adult to replace




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Calling all Gardeners — Great Idea for Gardening With Shipping Pallets

It’s break time — time to think about gardening.  Woohoo!

I like most of this idea:   Shipping Pallet Garden Wows Visitors at the Canada Blooms Garden Festival.

Check out the photos (link above).  This is the part of the project I love:

(1)  Turning pallets into a garden wall, like this:

You wouldn’t necessarily have to use this many pallets; you could use one or two.  You could paint them if you wanted or let them weather.  I imagine them used either as a planting platform maybe up against a fence, with potted plants stuck randomly among the slats and/or as a privacy screen, again with plants scattered about.

And (2), I love the look and feel of this “room:”

Again, this could be modified but I can see how using pallets to frame a seating area in a corner of the garden (or even smack dab in the middle) would be so cozy.  Imagine vines growing all over the wood.

I’m going to have to think on this and see if I can figure out how to do something with pallets in my yard.

Really like the look and the possibilities.

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Why I’m Not Covering the Supreme Court Health Care Issue

This is why I’m not covering the Supreme Court health care arguments:

Predicting Supreme Court Outcomes is a Sucker’s Game

There’s enough speculation going on around here about who will be the Republican presidential nominee and then who will win in November.  Enough already.  I’m sick of speculation and faux predictions.

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CNN is On Its Death Bed

Wow, CNN’s Q1 ratings numbers reflect what a crappy network it is:

CNN bore the brunt of the downward trend the news networks experienced this month and for much of the first quarter, when compared to the busy first few months of 2011. For the month of March, CNN was down -50% in total viewers and down -60% in A25-54 viewers (Total Day). [That's incredible.] The net was down -21% in Total Viewers and down -26% in A25-54 viewers (Primetime) compared to March 2011.


The “most trusted name in news” blew it.

While still No.1, Fox is down too, particularly in younger viewers (the coveted “demo”):

For the month, Fox News is down -17% in Total Viewers and down -27% in younger viewers for Total Day viewing vs. March 2011. The loss in Primetime is not as great: -9% in Total Viewers and -26% in younger viewers.

Bottom line?  Fox’s viewers are old, angry white people who are slowly dying off.

MSNBC on the other hand, reclaimed second place.

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California Republicans Sue Latino Candidate For Being Too Accomplished

California Republican just can’t stand the thought of a illegal allien Mexican-American who done something other than pick grapes or smuggled drugs:

Photo: Wikipedia

San Joaquin Valley congressional candidate Jose Hernandez flew in space, but his astronaut identity is now under political fire.

In a pointed new challenge, a Sacramento law firm is asking a judge to block Hernandez from describing himself as an “astronaut/scientist/engineer” on the June ballot. The lawsuit notes Hernandez has left NASA.

“Hernandez’s attempted use of ‘astronaut’ violates the Election Code’s unambiguous requirement that a candidate’s ballot designation reflect one’s current profession, vocation, or one held during the previous calendar year,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit quietly filed Wednesday in Sacramento County Superior Court by the firm Bell, McAndrews & Hiltachk strikes right at the heart of Hernandez’s biography. It’s a life story he’s making considerable use of as he seeks to challenge freshman Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Turlock.

“I went from plowshares to the stars,” Hernandez told supporters when he announced his candidacy in Modesto in October.

The French Camp native, born into a farmworker family, trained as an engineer at the University of the Pacific and was selected as an astronaut candidate in May 2004. He flew aboard the shuttle Discovery in 2009 and left NASA in January 2011.


Wow, gotta love those patriotic Republicans. Not only that, they are getting so creative at finding ways to piss off every single Latino in the country.  Keep it up kids!



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One Million Signatures Delivered to FDA in Favor of GMO Labeling

Hey, here’s some good news for a change, this from Just Label It!

Image via

Congratulations, together, we have made history. We now stand more than one million strong in asking the FDA to label genetically engineered (GE) foods. Today, March 27 is the date that the FDA is required to respond to the petition and it took us less than 180 days to accumulate a record breaking number of public comments—a testament to the power of our collective voices to demand our right to know what’s in our food. This campaign’s strength is due to the over 500 diverse partner organizations who helped galvanize the American people to this moment.

We know that one million is just a start. Today, a new national survey commissioned by Just Label It reveals that more than nine out of 10 of Americans across the political spectrum supports labeling food that has been genetically engineered.

Just Label It! is right.  If the FDA actually worked on behalf of We the People there wouldn’t be a problem labeling GMO food.  But since it doesn’t, we have to jump through these hoops because the food industry doesn’t want GMO food labeled because it knows we wouldn’t buy it if it is.

The big question now is whether the FDA will listen.  Seems like such a no-brainer but again, when the FDA works for the food industry it ain’t.




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“Regular Guy” Mitt Romney’s Proposed Beach House: An Elevator For The Cars?

Politico has a piece out this morning about the beach house Mitt Romney proposes building (after the one below is demolished) in La Jolla, California:

At Mitt Romney’s proposed California beach house, the cars will have their own separate elevator.

There’s also a planned outdoor shower and a 3,600-square foot basement — a room with more floor space than the existing home’s entire living quarters.


And there’s this:  “A project this ambitious comes with another feature you don’t always find with the typical fixer-upper: its own lobbyist, hired by Romney to push the plan through the approval process.”
Mitt wants us to believe he’s just a “regular guy,” but regular guys don’t have elevators for their cars nor do regular guys hire lobbyist when they’re trying to get approval to rebuild or remodel a home.  That doesn’t cross a regular guy’s mind and that’s the difference between a real regular guy and “regular guy” Mitt Romney.

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Denver Area Unprepared for Wildfires

I live in Boulder, Colorado.  Boulder is approximately 35 miles northwest of Denver.  Boulder sits along the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains, just below Rocky Mountain National Park.

The biggest potential disaster that could hit Boulder, and cities all along the “front range” of the Rockies in the Denver metropolitan area, is a wildfire.  We don’t get hurricanes or tornadoes or earthquakes.  We are prone to flooding caused by torrential rain in the mountains causing water to pour down the mountainsides and down into our cities, and we are prone to wildfires.

Our winds mostly out of the west and they can be very strong. Just a month ago we had a windstorm with gusts up to 87 mph.

Add the wind to low humidity and high temperatures and you have a parched landscape and the warmest March on record.  “Fire season” usually begins in July/August.  This year it’s beginning in March.

All that said, yesterday a fire broke out in the foothills about 40 miles due south of Boulder, in Jefferson County, named the Lower North Fork fire.  Winds were gusting up to 50 mph yesterday, the temperature was roughly 75º and the humidity was 4%.  Perfect fire conditions.

Photo: Helen Richardson / The Denver Post

At 6:30 a.m. local time this morning, I watched a live news conference about the fire put on by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.  Spokeswoman Jackie Kelly said the fire is zero percent contained; one person has died; five homes have been destroyed; 900 families have been evacuated and 4,050 acres have burned.  So far.

Ms. Kelly also said,

Firefighters are asking for air support today, including a heavy airplane tanker and a heavy helicopter tanker. A lead plane, which would guide the airplane tanker, is already on the way from Ogden, Utah.

Officials also plan to have 450 firefighters, from around the state and beyond, battling the fire today, and a Type One Incident Management Team, which would include federal aid, has been requested.

So, despite the threat of wildfires up and down the front range, we have to wait for a “lead” tanker to fly in from Ogden, Utah so a serious air assault can begin?

Gosh, just think.  If we weren’t pouring 45% of our budget into the military and ordering $1 trillion jets, we just might have a few million dollars to buy 15 or 20 tankers to station around the country in fire-prone areas, so they’d be there, at the ready when needed.  What a concept.

People’s lives and homes and communities are literally in jeopardy because of our totally fucked up priorities.

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