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NYPD: May Day Protestors are Terrorists

Oops.  Somebody leaked the NYPD’s plans for potential May Day protests tomorrow.  They’re filed under “NYPD Shield — Countering Terrorism Through Information Sharing.”

See the six page “Shield” plan here (pdf).  It’s incredible what they’re freaking out about:  a few bicyclists here, a high school walkout there.  They’re afraid of their own shadow and their goal is to protect the corporatocracy.

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The DCCC Endorses Republican-Lite in North Carolina

My Tweet of the Day:

It drives me insane when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee endorses Republicans-lite.  We’ve got a lot of work to do to purge the people at the top there.  Give voters a choice for God’s sake. If they believe what Republicans believe, they’ll vote for the real Republican, not for the Blue Dog “Democrat.”

Give the people a choice between a Republican and a real Democrat you idiots.


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Fox and Friends Ignores the 1st Anniversary of the Killing of Osama bin Laden

Earlier today I posted about my fun morning watching Fox’s Gretchen Carlson lie about how the Tea Party organization “True the Vote” is bipartisan.  But I forgot add a little tidbit to that post about something else that happened —  a “This Day in History” blurb.

Everyone is marking today as the 1st anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden (even though he was killed on May 2, so I don’t quite get it).  If a Republican was in the White House and he or she had killed bin Laden, as President Obama did, that person’s face would be on Mt. Rushmore by now.  But — Fox is so freaking obvious — with a Democrat having done that deed, the “This Day in History” blurb Fox aired this morning on Fox and Friends wasn’t about bin Laden, it was about how Michael Jackson’s album, Beat It, was released on this day in 1983.


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Anti-Bailout Tea Party Congressmen Taking Money From Banks

Remember when Teapartiers were rallying against “government handouts” and bailing out the banks and then in 2010 they elected all those ahem, patriots to congress who were going to kick some ass?

Well lookie here.  What a difference two years make:

Tea Party favorites such as Stephen Fincher of Tennessee were swept into Congress on a wave of anger over government-funded bailouts of banks.

Now those incumbents are collecting thousands of dollars for re-election campaigns from the same Wall Street firms whose excesses they criticized. They have taken no significant steps to curb them or prevent future taxpayer-financed rescues.

Republican freshmen have made clear their disdain for expanding government, and openly opposed a financial regulatory overhaul enacted by Democrats in 2010 before the newcomers arrived in Washington. Their ranks include ten Tea Party-backed freshmen on the House Financial Services Committee, part of a force that won election in a populist backlash to government spending that included emergency lending to major banks and bailout of firms including U.S. automakers.


The political action committees of those institutions have distributed $169,499 through March 31 to the campaign coffers of the ten freshman Tea Party-backed lawmakers on the House Financial Services Committee, according to an analysis of campaign finance disclosure records.


Fincher, a gospel musician from Frog Jump, Tennessee, has received $11,500 from the political action committees run by Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo. Citigroup’s political action committee had not contributed to the lawmaker through the end of March.

Two other members of the committee not listed as members of the Tea Party Caucus yet who won election to the House with Tea Party support are Representatives Steve Stivers of Ohio and David Schweikert of Arizona. Both ran ads attacking bailouts.



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Booker’s Place — a Must-See Documentary

This morning on DemocracyNow! I listened to a spellbinding segment about a brave and proud African-American named Booker Wright:

In 1965, Booker Wright, an African-American waiter in Greenwood, Mississippi, dared to be interviewed by NBC about racism in America, a decision that forever changed his and his family’s lives. Wright said during the interview, “I always learned to smile. The meaner the man be, the more you smile. Do all your crying on the inside.” He would later lose his job, be beaten by police, and ultimately be murdered. Wright’s story is told in the new documentary film, “Booker’s Place: A Mississippi Story,” a collaboration between our two guests: co-producer, Yvette Johnson, Wright’s grand-daughter; and director Raymond DeFelitta, whose father, Frank DeFelitta, originally filmed the interview with Wright and later said he regretted it.

I’m making a note to see “Booker’s Place:  A Mississippi Story.”  It sounds wonderful.  (The DemocracyNow! interview about Booker Wright is pretty wonderful too.  It’s unconscionable that Wright isn’t a household name.  Watch/listen at the link above.)

FYI, here’s the trailer:



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Fox’s Gretchen Carlson Lies About “True the Vote” Being “Bipartisan”

As one who spent 4-1/2 years monitoring Fox’s weekday “premiere business news show,” Your World w/Neil Cavuto during the making of Outfoxed and then at the Newshounds, I know Fox like the back of my hand and I also know better than to spend so much as a minute watching the liars over there.  But alas, I slipped up this morning and took a peek at Fox and Friends and now, here I am, posting about what I saw.  Again, I know better.

I happened to turn to Fox during an interview between co-host Gretchen Carlson

(Image via

and Catherine Engelbrecht, who Fox identified in the chyron at the bottom of the screen as the “founder” of “True the Vote.”

According to the portion of the interview I watched, “True the Vote” is dedicated to battling supposedly rampant “voter fraud,” something that is in fact extremely rare.  Fox however has lead in telling the lie that it is pervasive in order to convince people that voter suppression laws being implemented by Republicans around the country are righteous and protective of our democracy, while nothing could be farther from the truth.

Anyway, what struck me was Carlson’s insistance that “True the Vote” is a bipartisan organization.  She specifically asked Engelbrecht if it was BIPARTISAN, practically screaming that word into her mic, and of course Engelbrecht said yes it was.


This from PRWatch:  “True the Vote? Or Skew the Vote?

Since early February, groups involved in the “Verify the Recall” effort have been recruiting volunteers from around the country to enter the Wisconsin recall petitions into a massive online database. “Verify the Recall” is a joint project between the Houston-based nonprofit “True the Vote” (a project of the Texas Tea Party group King Street Patriots) and the Wisconsin Tea Party groups Grandsons of Liberty and We The People of the Republic.

Or this headline from the Houston ChronicleCatherine Engelbrecht, Leader King Street Patriots, Responds To Chronicle Article.

Or this quote from a video posted at MSNBC:  “…s[S]ure, True the Vote was started by the King Street Patriots, which is the Tea Party in Houston, Texas.”

Bipartisan?  Hardly.

Want to watch Fox lie?  Turn to the channel for three minutes.  That’s all it takes.


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Rum and Coke Newsletter

I wish I had the money to hire someone to take over for me when I want to sit down at the end of the day, take my head off, set it down and have a rum and coke, but I don’t.  So here’s my end of the day, rum and coke, things you’ve got to see and know newsletter:

•••  Alex Castellanos Denies ‘War on Women’ by Being a Misogynistic Jerk

Watch Romney’s point man — the guy who’s was sent out to put the ahem, lie to the Republican war on women — treat Rachel Maddow like a child.

•••  Read about how a police chief in Wisconsin begged the state senate not to allow habitual criminals to have gun permits.  The response he got?

“Here’s the phone number of the National Rifle Association lobbyist in Washington, D.C. If it’s O.K. with him, it will be O.K. with us.”

•••  Really important and informative article:  Far Right Conservatives Invent New Language.  Longish but worth it.  This photo included:

(Photo via

•••  The Economist freaks out about the possibility of a Socialist becoming France’s next president.  Monsieur Hollande is “rather dangerous” it says.  Yeah, “dangerous” to the corporatocracy.

•••  Watch a 50-foot puppet emerge from the waters off Liverpool, England and march down the street.  I don’t do it justice.  (Want to get back to that rum and coke.)  It’s amazing.  We think we here in the US pay homage to the Titanic?  This will blow your mind:


More about the “Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular” here.




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Get Ready for Surface-to-Air Missiles on London Rooftops During the Olympics

My God, when  a society has to go to this extent to “protect” itself, something has gone terribly wrong and it might want to take a look at what and why.

(Image via Wikipedia)

This is no joke:

London 2012: Missiles May be Placed at Residential Flats

The Ministry of Defence is considering placing surface-to-air missiles on residential flats during the Olympics.

An east London estate, where 700 people live, has received leaflets saying a “Higher Velocity Missile system” could be placed on a water tower.

A spokesman said the MoD had not yet decided whether to deploy ground based air defence systems during the event.

But estate resident Brian Whelan said firing the missiles “would shower debris across the east end of London”.

The journalist said: “At first I thought it was a hoax. I can’t see what purpose high-velocity missiles could serve over a crowded area like Tower Hamlets.

“They say they’ll only use them as a last resort, but… you’d shower debris across the east end of London by firing these missiles.”

Mr Whelan, who claims to have seen soldiers carrying a crate into the building, said his property management company put up posters and gave out the leaflets on Saturday.

He continued: “They are going to have a test run next week, putting high velocity missiles on the roof just above our apartment and on the back of it they’re stationing police and military in the tower of the building for two months.


My sense of the Olympic games is that they are designed to promote friendly competition amongst nations and to bring diverse cultures together. If the Olympic games have devolved into the need to put surface-to-air missiles on roofs, the heart and soul of the tradition is gone.  Let’s be done with it.

Aside from that, It’s hard to know who’s doing the terrorizing here.  The British government or some unknown entity they’re trying to protect people from.

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3-Year-Old Knows a Boob Tube When She Sees One

I’d say Peter Daou has a pretty darn smart daughter.  At 3-years-old she already knows that given the state of American television, watching it is a great way to get the brain to go flat.

It’s unusual for me to have two Tweets of the Day but I couldn’t resist this one:

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If Romney Wins, Will He Strap a Dog Crate to the Roof of Air Force One?

I have a big problem with the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  Rather, I have a big problem with White House “correspondents” hobnobbing with the people they’re supposed to cover.  One of the primary responsibilities of a correspondent journalists is to expose corruption and wrong-doing on the part of government and corporate officials, but when they become friends, that tends not to happen.

That said, here is my favorite shot from last night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which was held at the Washington Hilton:

(Image via C-SPAN)

Here is the full video of President Obama’s hilarious, kickass, wonderfully sarcastic speech.  (The screenshot above was taken from a faux campaign ad that airs beginning at 12:11 in the video.)

(Video via C-SPAN.)

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Mitt Romney is a Liar — Auto Bailout Edition

Remember Mitt Romney’s 2008 oped in the New York Times titled:  Let Detroit Go Bankrupt?  Yeah, me too.


Fast forward to April 2012 and the Romney campaign says what Obama did (can you hear me screaming?) was follow Mitt’s advice:

Romney Advisor Says Saving The Auto Industry Was Mitt Romney’s Idea

Mitt ‘The Flipper’ Romney is flopping again. After years of criticizing the auto industry bailout and declaring that Detroit should just be left to go bankrupt, Romney is now trying to take credit for saving it.  Eric Ferhnstrom is the advisor who said that Mitt Romney would be like an Etch-A-Sketch coming out of the Republican Primary. He said that the campaign would reverse course on many different issues…


During an appearance at a discussion hosted by The Washington Post, Ferhnstrom claimed that President Obama took Romney’s advice to go with a managed bankruptcy to save the industry, and thus, Mitt Romney is really the one who deserved the credit for rescuing the American auto industry.

“His position on the bailout was exactly what President Obama followed,” Fehrnstrom stated. “He said, ‘If you want to save the auto industry, just don’t write them a check. That will seal their doom. What they need to do is go through a managed bankruptcy process.’ The only economic success that President Obama has had is because he followed Mitt Romney’s advice.”

But President Obama didn’t follow Romney’s advice at all. Romney wanted to wait for private loans to magically appear to relieve the industry of its woes. But private industry could hardly be persuaded to give out $10,000 loans, so they certainly weren’t going to hand out billions of dollars of loan money. Romney’s plan would have allowed the industry to crumble, resulting in millions of job losses that would cruelly trickle down to everyone and anyone connected with the industry.


Romney is a loathsome, repulsive, weasel of a human being.





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Suggestion for Socialist-Hating Republicans

Yo, Socialist-hating Republicans, give this a try (my Tweet of the Day):


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Attack Iran? Something Americans Need to Know

It’s refreshing to know there are countries out there where leaders question leaders and they don’t just robotically fall in line behind the Commander-in-Chief “during times of war” (like a certain country I know).  Americans need to know that is happening in Israel with regard to attacking Iran:

Apart from Netanyahu and [Ehud] Barak, ‘most Israeli political and security leaders oppose attack on Iran”

The overwhelming majority of Israel’s political, military and intelligence leadership reportedly believes the time is not ripe for an Israeli military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, and shares the assessment that an Israeli strike would, at best, merely set back rather than destroy the Iranian program.

While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has indicated that a decision on striking Iran will be made in the next few months, and his Defense Minister Ehud Barak said last week that it was time to gear up to put the Iranian program to “a decisive end,” this assessment is not shared by President Shimon Peres, the chief of staff of the Israeli army and his predecessor, the head of the Mossad intelligence service and his predecessor, at least five of the most senior ministers in the government and the leader of the opposition, Kadima party chairman Shaul Mofaz, respected Israeli media analysts said Saturday night.

The issue is headline news because the former head of the Shin Bet domestic intelligence service, Yuval Diskin, on Friday publicly branded Netanyahu and Barak as “unfit” to lead the country in confronting the Iranian nuclear threat, and wrong in their approach to the danger, sparking a political firestorm.


This is huge to have such high-level people question a prime minister and a defense minister.  Wow.  Good on them.  People don’t do such things on a whim so their concern must be extremely serious.



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​Michigan Republicans Go to Crazyland in Order to Get Their Way

What conclusion can be drawn from this other than Republicans just don’t care how absurd or foolish or crazy they look and/or act in order to get what they want:

Opponents of Michigan’s emergency manager law who had gathered more than enough petitions to put the law on the November ballot were told yesterday [Thursday] that it wouldn’t happen because

get this,

the petitions had used the wrong font size.

Really?  REALLY?  Yes really:

Organizers had hoped to suspend Public Act 4, the Local Government and School District Fiscal Accountability Act, also known as the “emergency financial manager law” signed by [Republican] Gov. Snyder last year. [...]

Even though organizers had gathered 203,000 petition signatures, about 40,000 more than necessary to put a repeal on the ballot, the Board of State Canvassers was unable to accept the petitions due to a deadlock 2-2 vote with the two Republican members of the board ruling out the petitions, saying the size of the font on the heading was incorrect.


If the petitions had been certified, the emergency manager law would have been immediately suspended.


So again, the moral of this story is that Republicans are willing to either make sh*t up or enforce idiotic rules in order to block the democratic process and they don’t care how insane or ridiculous they look doing it.  Once they get into power they nitpick and slither around rules and guidelines and make stuff up in order to get their way and thwart the democratic process.

Unbelievable.  Maybe we should start calling them insurgents.

Oh, and the “emergency manager” law is a whole other level of anti-democratic, unAmerican crazy.




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U.S. Amasses Jet Armada Near Iran

Early this week I listened to an interview with a woman from Washington, D.C. about the defense budget on either DemocracyNow! or the David Sirota show on in Denver.  Apologies to her that I don’t remember her name.  During the interview she said she was in D.C. during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq and the “feeling” in that town now, with regard to invading Iran, “is the same.”  I thought oh no, say it ain’t so already.

(Photo via the U.S. Air Force at

Then this morning I came across this:

U.S. Amasses Stealth-Jet Armada Near Iran

The U.S. Air Force is quietly assembling the world’s most powerful air-to-air fighting team at bases near Iran. Stealthy F-22 Raptors on their first front-line deployment have joined a potent mix of active-duty and Air National Guard F-15 Eagles, including some fitted with the latest advanced radars. The Raptor-Eagle team has been honing special tactics for clearing the air of Iranian fighters in the event of war.

The fighters join a growing naval armada that includes Navy carriers, submarines, cruisers and destroyers plus patrol boats and minesweepers enhanced with the latest close-in weaponry.


And I said oh no, say it ain’t so already, again.






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Romney is a Liar — Foreign Policy Edition

Just sayin':


Romney should heed his own words:

Addressing the campaign directly, Romney turned to a Founding Father. “I love what, was it John Adams, who said that facts are stubborn things,” said Romney. “Words are easily malleable but facts, they’re stubborn. And so I suggest that in the campaign ahead and in the campaigns of various officers running for various positions ahead, that you consider not just the brilliance of their words, but also the facts of their record and what they’ve done. And that will be the best predictor, I believe, of what they’ll do going forward.”

If we apply what Romney said to Romney, the “best predictor” of what he’ll do “going forward,” is he will continue to lie, lie, lie.

Take this from the LATimes last night:

Europe has long been a pejorative in Mitt Romney’s lexicon, a laugh line popular with conservative crowds as he has campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination.

So it came as no surprise when he told an Ohio audience Friday that massive government borrowing and spending under President Obama was putting America “on track to becoming Greece.”

Describing Obama’s “government-dominated society” as a breach of America’s tradition of letting free enterprise thrive, Romney said, “In my view, that takes us down a path to becoming more and more like Europe. And Europe doesn’t work in Europe.”

Romney skirted any mention of Britain and other European nations recently sliding back into recession after they pursued the sort of austerity agenda that he proposes for the United States.

The remarks were only one demonstration of Romney’s sometimes selective rhetoric clashing with facts as he adjusts his pitch for the general election.

It’s astonishing, isn’t it, that we have a man who’s running for the most powerful position on Earth — the President of the United States —  who seems to be a pathological liar?  Has lying become that acceptable?


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Monica Crowley — Professional Hater, Professional Victim

Yesterday, professional hater Monica Crowley sent this tweet about Sandra Fluck:

This morning she sent this:

“My tweeted question?” Give me a break.  You weren’t tweeting a question.  You were tweeting a slur. You were tweeting hate.

Geezus.  You guys are always the victim.



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High-Powered U.S. Banks Set to Put Their Foot on the Neck of the Federal Reserve

The Financial Times is really, really touchy about people cutting and pasting their stuff so I’m not going to do it.  But from what I understand of the first seven paragraphs of this FT article — US banks to Put Stress Tests Case to Fed — the gargantuan U.S. banks who “own the place” ( i.e., Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorganChase, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley) are going to “meet” with Daniel Tarullo, the Federal Reserve governor next week because they’re furious that the Fed, “published the results of stress tests last month, causing consternation among the largest US banks as their capital buffers were deemed less resilient to a market meltdown than had been assumed.”

Less resilient to a market meltdown than had been assumed?  What?  Something less than high praise from the Fed?  We can’t have that!

So the Fed’s stress test wasn’t to their liking so they’re going to step on Tarullo’s neck and threaten to bring down the US economy and/or the world economy if the Fed doesn’t issue an amended, glowing report about how wonderfully resilient they are?  Or something.

Yep.  They really do own the place.

I could be totally wrong about what I’m reading.  Read it for yourself (link above) but bottom line is this sounds like the banks kicking the US government around, not vice versa, which is how it should be.



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Tiny Cute Things

I don’t know why I like looking at tiny things but I do and BuzzFeed has complied 86 photos of tiny cute things.  Check them out.  Good way to wind down on a Friday afternoon.

Here are three of my faves:

Tiny Donut Cheerios

Tiny Bug Memorial

Tiny Teddy Bear

Again, here’s the link.


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When Money is on Our Minds

The Center for a New American Dream presents:  The High Price of Materialism:

Volunteering at the food bank has done wonders at putting materialism into perspective for me.  Next week I start at the Humane Society where I’ll be charged with adding some fun (a walk, frisbee, fetch, cuddle?) to the lives of scared and confused dogs which I think do that too.

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It Took 30 Years to Write This Headline

From today’s Washington Post:

Ah, yeah.

Read the article here.

(H/t Beth.)

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Obama’s to Blame for High Gas Prices?

The right would have us believe that Obama, and Obama alone, is to blame for high gas prices.  That’s understandable coming from them.  One, it’s an election year so everything will be Obama’s fault and two, insofar as they are the party of the corporatocracy, they’re essentially saying, hey, look over there, trying to distract our attention from inconvenient facts like this:

Exxon Makes $104 Million In Profit Per Day So Far In 2012, While Americans Are Stuck With A Higher Gas Bill

$9.45 billion profits, or almost $104 million per day in the first three months of the year.

13 percent: The tax rate Exxon paid last year, lower than the average American family.

60 percent of its first quarter earnings, or $5.7 billion, on buying back stock. Became world’s largest dividend payer by increasing dividends 21 percent.

$1,091,000: Political contributions sent to federal politicians for the 2012 election cycle, making it the largest oil and gas spender.

91% of these contributions went to Republicans.

More than $52,000,000: Lobbying for the first three years of the Obama presidency, 50 percent more than in the Bush Administration.

$34.9 million: Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson’s salary for 2011, a 20 percent raise.

$52,300: Political contributions from Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson in the 2012 cycle, alone.

No. 2: Fortune 500 list of richest companies and for highest-paid CEO.

Grasping numbers like these is like trying to grasp what it would be like to travel for a light year or how many stars there are in the sky.

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The Kardashians Are Fox News Wingnuts

We’re talkin’ a bimbo fest here folks:

Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan to Attend White House Correspondents’ Dinner as Guests of Fox News

(Photos via Jim Spellman/WireImage)

Fox News wants Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan to be their guests.

The two drama queens will attend the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday, care of the network, according to the Washington Examiner.

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren and John Coale are inviting Lohan.

According to The Wrap.The troubled starlet will also be accompanied by her defense attorney Shawn Holley at the annual event, where members of the media rubs elbows with the President and other celebs.

Fox News will be bringing Kardashian, who also attended the dinner last year. The newly single reality star will bring her mother, Kris Jenner.

Fox is using the Kardashians for publicity and the Kardashians are using Fox for publicity. It’s gross.

Meanwhile, here’s a shout out to the Jenner/Kardashian crowd:  Take a break from shopping for God’s sake and watch Outfoxed:


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FYI – “Journalists Security Guide”

I’m putting this “Journalists Security Guide” up in part to save it for myself because I haven’t had a chance to look at it in detail yet but also to help throw it out onto the Internets.

The world isn’t safe for journalists anymore.  Countries across the globe — the United States included — are instituting measures to restrict the freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The international  Committee to Protect Journalists issued these new, detailed (and frightening) guidelines this month as to how journalists can protect themselves in areas it never occurred to me they needed protecting:

Go to the original version here.  There’s more.

It’s incredible what real journalists do to bring us news.  Imagine being so passionate about what’s going on somewhere that you’re willing to do this:

(Image via

Ugh.  Bravo to real journalists everywhere.   Jeremy Scahill, Sharif Kouddous and Tim Pool are among the best of the best.  Fingers crossed for them.





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“Democrat” Dutch Ruppersberger Has Got to Go

“Democrat” Dutch Ruppersberger

has got to go.  Why?  Because he’s no Democrat.

Read this:

House Passes Cybersecurity Measure CISPA

More on the CISPA bill here. Anyone who uses the Internets should be outraged.



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Republicans Scrubbing Attack Ads Against Each Other From You Tube

Let the Etch A Sketching begin:

The Republican Party has decided that it is time to hit the reset button. After an acrimonious primary that featured millions of dollars spent on negative ads, the candidates and their supporting super PACs are now in the process of scrubbing their YouTube pages to remove any evidence of their attacks on one another.

The most negative of all the 2012 Republican primary players, Restore Our Future, is now in the process of destroying the past. The impossibly named super PAC that spent more than $40 million to tar and feather opponents of Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential primary has begun removing the vicious attack ads against Romney opponents from its YouTube page.

The good news:

The scrubbing of official YouTube accounts shouldn’t be too worrisome, said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, the president of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, which runs the website, an attack ad watchdog.

“Since the attack ads survive in the relevant archives, they aren’t lost to history but instead a bit more difficult to locate,” Jamieson said in an email to HuffPost. “Some parts of some will undoubtedly live on in Dem attack ads.”


I laugh at the thought of the furious activity going on behind the scenes

in Republican offices everywhere.

It’s time kumbaya time.


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Edible Furniture-Shaped Treats

Check out these darling edible furniture treats:

Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira brought Milan Design Week visitors a special treat this year as they served up bite-sized delectable treats that took the form of lamps, tables and chairs. Dubbed Sapore dei Mobili(Taste of Furniture) the tastefully designed cakes were made using a special press – Fukusada and Pereira created the project to provide commentary on the way the contemporary furniture industry mass produces items and products to be consumed. The team offered the sweet pastries to passersby, grabbing everyone’s attention and helping visitors “fill-up” on furniture without having to go out and buy anything new.

Great idea.


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State Senator Terry Moulton (R-WI) Speechless When Asked Where the Jobs Are

Check out this video.  You will see Wisconsin state Republican Senator Terry Moulton being asked:  “Were there any bills passed that affect business, and what was done, in the last session that promotes job growth?  How many bills that affect business and then what was done to affect job growth?”

You won’t believe his answer.

Anyone who votes for a Republican is nuts.  These guys scream “jobs, jobs, jobs” when they want to scare voters about Democrats but when they’re the ones in a position to create them, this is what we get.

(Video via.)



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Spencer Ackerman Confirms That the D.C. Media is as Screwed Up As We Thought

Spencer Ackerman, a/k/a “Attackerman,” is a writer/blogger I’ve followed off and on for years.  I like his snarky personality and the topics about which he writes.

Andrew Sullivan, another favorite, has a video up over at The Daily Beast of Ackerman answering the question:   “What do you hate most about beltway culture”  Here’s what Ackerman had to say:

(Image via Wikipedia)

I hate everything.  I hate everything about this place um, that isn’t ah, directly related to the friends that I’ve made here.  Um, the family that I’ve started here.

D.C. itself is a wonderful place.

The culture of this business we’re in [journalism] is just soul-crushing.  Um, the self-importance, the humorlessness, the bad sense of humor, ah, the fact that ah, people deliberately take things out of context, the feigned outrage, the dedicated lack of real-keeping (?), the almost aggressive insulting of one’s intelligence that ah, marks successful political discourse and combat and media discourse.

The deceit on the part of editors um, who don’t work for Wired magazine or

Ah, the relentless self-importance.

The unhealthy offense taken at basic profanity.

Uh, the decided lack of creativity.

The class politics that never get acknowledged as class politics.

The um, disdain for um, the disdain for poor people.

Um, the aggressive refusal to recognize that there’s such a thing as white privilege.

The aggressive refusal to recognize that the media in Washington is relentlessly just white and rich and unchanging and self-satisfied about all of these things.

The traffic.

The inability to know how to operate on a subway.  The inability to call the Metro a subway.  The aggressiveness with which people take offense when you call the Metro a subway because you grew up in a real city with a mother fucking subway.

The restaurant culture is good. You know, people do like to cook here.

Ah, the aggressive refusal amongst other people outside of the beltway to see beltway people as human beings like them.  The idea that we are, you know, aliens in some way, or mutants.  The refusal of media mutants within the Beltway to recognize that there is some truth to that even if it is not totally true.

The idea amongst beltway people that one must, you know, if they’re going to own this and take back their lives, in that sense, that they have to aggressively own so many disgusting things about this; the way in which um, all of us eventually, even we think we’re challenging this culture, acquiesce to it in important ways.

The climate.

I wanted to post this because it’s rare to hear D.C. media insiders talk about the culture of D.C. media insiders, the Extremely Smart People who set the tone for so much of our discourse and who we see on the teevee all the freakin’ time but who don’t talk about anything that matters to us.  We had a pretty good idea why that was, but now what we thought all along has been confirmed.

Again, see the video here.

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Stay Classy Monica

This would be my Tweet of the Day.  Monica Crowley is a Fox News “contributor” and a professional hater (of course those two go hand in hand).

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