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Obama Eats Dinner While People at CU Boulder Wait and Wait and Wait


If I have to wait 45+ for an appoinment, I’m pissed.

Obama is keeping people waiting at the University of Colorado – Boulder for his speech on students loans while he freaking eats dinner for God’s sake.

Don’t they have food on Air Force One?

This is the Twitter feed via the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper.  Bear in mind Obama’s speech was supposed to start at 6:00 p.m. local time.  Note the time stamps on the pics below:

Meanwhile the CU band is trying to entertain the crowd who started filing into the Coors Events Center three hours ago.


So disrespectful.

UPDATE:  Obama arrives, as hour late:

So glad I didn’t go.


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CU Students Line Up to See President Obama

President Obama is scheduled to speak at the University of Colorado – Boulder in about an hour (8:00 p.m. ET).  Here is a picture of students lining up to get into the Coors Events Center where the event will be held:

CU student Guillermo Baca rests in the grass as he waits in the long line to get into the President Obama speech on the CU Campus on Tuesday. The line snaked all over campus. (Photo Photo by Paul Aiken / Boulder Daily Camera)



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“Moms for Mitt” Not Liking Mitt All That Much

OMG, head on over to “Moms for Mitt” on Facebook and check out some of the comments.  Here are some of the most recent:

–  I’m a Dad for Ron Paul because Mitt’s a twit.

–  I am a Mom for Mitt because I would love to see 90 years of social progress and women’s rights be erased overnight.

–  I’m a mom for Mitt because he’s going to need someone to cry to when Obama hands him a crushing defeat.


–  The Republican/Tea Party are fond of saying they want to take this country back. They also want to use the original Constitution as a Biblical “Backstop” in not allowing moral and progressive change to occur in this country.

–  When the original Constituton [sic] was in place this was the kind of country that Women lived in, in the 19th century.

–  I am Mom for Mitt because he wouldn’t know fresh baked cookies unless he watched me pull them out of the oven.

–  I am Mom for Mitt because he enjoys a domesticated woman.

–  I am Mom for Mitt because he wouldn’t know how to fold his clothes with out me.


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The New Meaning of the Word “Strike”

My Tweet of the Day — a sign of the times:


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What Happens When We Have a Crappy Educational System

This is unbelievable:

Urban Outfitters In Trouble For “Star Of David” Shirt

Another day, another Urban Outfitters controversy. The Anti-Defamation League is none too thrilled over this shirt, which they feel too closely resembles the Star of David that Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Holocaust. The company who made the shirt denied it has anything to do with Holocaust imagery and the shirt is no longer available on the Urban Outfitters website.

So neither the company who made the shirt or anyone — anyone! — at Urban Outfitters saw any resemblance to the Star of David Jews were required to wear in Nazi Germany?

No.  None at all:

Moronic idiots.

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Is This a Parody Headline?

No, this isn’t a headline from The Onion.  It’s real but tell me the priorities here aren’t assbackward:

University of Florida Eliminates Computer Science Department, Increases Athletic Budgets

Wow, no one saw this coming.  The University of Florida announced this past week that it was dropping its computer science department, which will allow it to save about $1.7 million $1.4 million.  The school is eliminating all funding for teaching assistants in computer science, cutting the graduate and research programs entirely, and moving the tattered remnants into other departments.


Meanwhile, the athletic budget for the current year is $99 million, $97.7 million, an increase of more than $2 million from last year.  The increase alone would offset the savings supposedly gained by cutting computer science.

Well, we might not be able to compete with the Chinese or the Indians in computer science but if they get football teams, we’ll probably be really, really good at those games.  Glad to see we’re preparing for the future.


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Mad Cow Disease Discovered in California Cow

Yikes.  This is not good:

WASHINGTON, April 24, 2012 – USDA Chief Veterinary Officer John Clifford today released the following statement on the detection of BSE in the United States:

“As part of our targeted surveillance system, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has confirmed the nation’s fourth case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in a dairy cow from central California. The carcass of the animal is being held under State authority at a rendering facility in California and will be destroyed. It was never presented for slaughter for human consumption, so at no time presented a risk to the food supply or human health. Additionally, milk does not transmit BSE.


“We are sharing our laboratory results with international animal health reference laboratories in Canada and England, which have official World Animal Health (OIE) reference labs. These labs have extensive experience diagnosing atypical BSE and will review our confirmation of this form of the disease. In addition, we will be conducting a comprehensive epidemiological investigation in conjunction with California animal and public health officials and the FDA.


But hey, we’re all willing to flush food safety down the drain as long as we balance the budget and shrink government, right?

An exclusive Daily Beast investigation shows the nation’s food-safety system exposes Americans to the risk of illness and death because of a lack of inspectors and budget cuts.



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Boulder Moves Ahead on Banning Plastic Bags

I would absolutely love it if my town, Boulder, Colorado, banned the use of new plastic grocery bags.  There is no reason in the world why people can’t get in the habit of (1) recycling their own, old, plastic bags and/or (2) using cloth or heavy plastic bags intended to be reused hundreds of times.

I’m so happy to see we’re headed in that direction:

If it were up to those at a public feedback meeting Monday on a proposed ban or fee on disposable plastic and paper bags in Boulder, the city would start by charging fees and then move to a total ban.

Students from Fairview High School’s Net Zero Club have pushed for a ban on plastic grocery bags, and the city has taken up the question as part of its Zero Waste Master Plan.


Monday’s meeting was an opportunity for the public to provide feedback to city staff members. The city’s Environmental Advisory Board will take up the issue Thursday, using information from city staff members and public feedback to make a recommendation to the City Council.

City staff members are recommending that Boulder start with fees on plastic and paper checkout bags at the city’s 45 grocery stores and convenience stores. Those stores account for 60 to 80 percent of the city’s plastic bags, officials said, with the remaining percentage coming from retail stores, takeout restaurants and other businesses.

“The No. 1 lesson I learned from other communities was to keep the ordinance very simple,” said Jamie Harkins, Boulder’s business sustainability specialist.

Of the 40-plus people in attendance at Monday’s meeting, all but one wanted the city to take action.


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New Purple Crab Species Found

Check out this psychedelic new crab species found recently in the Philipines:

(Photo via Hendrik Freitag, of Germany's Senckenberg Museum of Zoology)

Four new species of freshwater crab, bright purple in color, have been discovered in the biologically diverse but ecologically-threatened Philippines, the man who found them said Saturday.

The tiny crustaceans burrow under boulders and roots in streams, feeding on dead plants, fruits, carrion and small animals in the water at night, said Hendrik Freitag of Germany’s Senckenberg Museum of Zoology.

Found only in small, lowland-forest ecosystems in the Palawan island group, most have purple shells, with claws and legs tipped red.

“It is known that crabs can discriminate colors. Therefore, it seems likely that the coloration has a signal function for the social behavior, e.g. mating,” Freitag told AFP by email on Saturday.

“This could explain why large males of various Insulamon species are more reddish compared to the generally violet females and immature males.”


Mother Nature usually does a great job combining colors but in this case I think she went a little too heavy on the purple.





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More Food Porn: Pizza Hut’s New Cheeseburger-Crusted Pizza

I think Pizza Hut has won the race (for now) to see who could come up with the fattest, most highly caloric meal on the planet.  Check out their new cheeseburger-crusted pizza:


Who comes up with these things?!


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Women in Tennessee Who Naturally Miscarry Could be Charged With Murder

WARNING to all women in Tennessee:  If you have a natural miscarriage, you could be charged with murder (chapter 378 in the Republican war on women):

(Image via.)

Bill Authorizes Prosecution for Death of an Embryo

NASHVILLE — The Senate approved and sent to Gov. Bill Haslamon Monday legislation that allows criminal prosecution for causing the death of “a human embryo or fetus at any stage of gestation in utero.”

The bill (HB3517) marks the second change in two years to a law that since 1989 had it a crime to cause the death of a “viable fetus.” That was changed last year to eliminate the word “viable.”

Sen. Mae Beavers, R-Mount Juliet, the sponsor, said legislators have since learned that, under the scientific definition of a fetus, the term only applies when eight weeks or more has passed since conception. Adding “embryo” covers from the moment of conception.


All votes against the bill came from Democrats, some of whom contended in floor debate that “embryo” is too broad.


Rep. Jeannie Richardson, D-Memphis, said that about 50 percent of all conceptions “miscarry naturally” before the embryo reaches eight weeks and the new law is vague enough to allow prosecutions in such cases.

Interesting, isn’t it, that in all of these kinds of bills that are being passed around the country, the man’s involvement in the pregnancy is never mentioned?




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