Romney Erasing His Work as a “Career Politician”

May 4, 2012 at 3:02 PM Leave a comment


Mitt Romney wrote an Op ed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer this morning in which he challenged President Obama:  Where are the jobs?  (Republicans are all about jobs again even though Republican-controlled state legislatures all across the country have been obsessed for the last two years not with creating jobs, but with passing bills having to do with restricting the right to vote and limiting the control a woman has over her own body.)

Anyway, back to Romney’s Op ed.  In it he describes the government as an “enterprise” and he emphasizes his business expertise and claims he isn’t a “career politician.”  Slyly, he never uses the words “governor” or “Massachusetts” and though he has been campaigning for president for six years, that isn’t mentioned either.

More Etch A Sketching.


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