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Voters Say Go Ahead Scott, Be a Zombie


Per MSNBC, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has defeated those who hoped to recall him, 59% to 40%.



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Ships Owned by the Corporatocracy Ruining Venice — Residents Furious

This is an example of the corporatocracy run amuck. It’s destroying people’s quality of life:

A visit by the biggest cruise liner to ever enter the Italian lagoon city of Venice sparked anger among campaigners who claimed the ship blocked views and polluted the air.

The 140,000 tonne MSC Divinia swept past St Mark’s Square on Saturday while protestors on the shoreline waved banners which read ‘No Big Ships’.

The liner which can carry more than 4,500 people is named in honour of screen legend Sophia Loren and was christened by the Italian star last month in Marseille.

More info and photos here…

Who can blame them for their anger?  Take a look:

(Getty Images)


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Fingers Crossed for Wisconsin



I’m afraid to say anything about the Wisconsin recall tonight.  I feel like a million bubbles of hope are suspended in the atmosphere and depending on what happens, they’ll fly away on wings of joy or crash to Earth in icy, sharp splinters.

I’m holding my breath.

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Stray Dog Follows Cyclists 1,056 Miles Across the Himalayas

It’s break time folks!

Meet a fluffy, homeless little white dog now named Xiao Sa who was sitting by the side of the road in China one day when a group of cyclists came by and gave him a drumstick.  No dummy, the dog figured the cyclists were good guys so he followed them for 20 days, over ten mountains, and for 1,056 miles into Tibet.

Needless to say, they’re all best buds now and the cyclists are going to keep him.

Great story:



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Rahm Emanuel is Pulling a Scott Walker in Chicago

Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s pal and the major of Chicago, is apparently doing everything he can to destroy the Democratic brand.  Maybe he should make it official and switch parties:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is picking his latest fight with unions representing public workers, though the political context is markedly different than his bitter stand-offs with the Chicago Teachers Union, AFSCME and SEIU.

Emanuel has provoked the ire of the firefighter and police unions by planning significant cuts in the firefighter union’s next contract and refusing to pay police officers all the overtime they say are due related to the NATO summit in late May. These unions aren’t traditionally allied with the city’s other public sector unions, which were among the key organizers of protests during the NATO summit, where Chicago police were accused of using excessive force.

While protest leaders circulated videos that they say show police mistreatment of protesters, city officials and business leaders proclaimed the city’s handling of the summit a success and praised law enforcement. But the Fraternal Order of Police has filed four grievances related to the summit and overtime pay, charging that the city is not honoring their union contract or its promises in regards to paying 3,100 officers for overtime—part of a bill for taxpayers that is expected to be huge. Officers had their days off and furlough days cancelled over a two-week period and were ordered to work 12-hour days in preparation for and during the summit.

On the FOP’s website, union president Mike Shields wrote, “We protected the mayor’s residence from anarchists. You’d think he could at least pay us what we are owed.”


At this rate we’re not going to be able to tell a Democrat from a Republican.  Then we’ll be totally screwed.  Forget party affiliation.  What we’ll have is The People Who Rule the World and the rest of us.

Oh, and I can’t think of a better way to get the firefighters and the police to join the “anarchists.”

Rahm Emanuel has got to go.



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Visualizing Africa

Even with this “map,” it’s hard to imagine the size of the African continent.  See China, India and the U.S. in there?



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How Many al Qaeda No. 2 Are There?

So, exactly how many Al Qaeda No. 2 are there?  48?  72? 325?

Abu Yahya al-Libi. (Photo: AFP)

US Strike Targets al-Qaeda No. 2

AL-QAEDA’S second-in-command Abu Yahya al-Libi was the target of a US drone strike that killed 15 people in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

US officials confirmed that al-Libi had been the target of the missile attack in North Waziristan on Monday, a Taliban and al-Qaeda stronghold along the Afghan border, but could not say whether he had survived.



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Obama Dangerous Game of Proving His Macho Bona Fides

I am so disturbed by this.  Undoubtedly presidents have ordered targeted assassinations for decades but it’s the frequency of the killings under the Obama administration and the boasting that I find grotesque:

(Image via CNN)

Assassin-in-Chief in the Oval Office

Be assured of one thing: whichever candidate you choose at the polls in November, you aren’t just electing a president of the United States; you are also electing an assassin-in-chief. The last two presidents may not have been emperors or kings, but they—and the vast national security structure that continues to be built up and institutionalized around the presidential self—are certainly one of the nightmares the founding fathers of this country warned us against. They are one of the reasons those founders put significant war powers in the hands of Congress, which they knew would be a slow, recalcitrant, deliberative body.

Thanks to a long New York Times piece by Jo Becker and Scott Shane, “Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will,” we now know that the president has spent startling amounts of time overseeing the “nomination” of terrorist suspects for assassination via the remotely piloted drone program he inherited from President George W. Bush and which he has expanded exponentially. Moreover, that article was based largely on interviews with “three dozen of his current and former advisers.” In other words, it was essentially an administration-inspired piece—columnist Robert Scheer calls it “planted”—on a “secret” program the president and those closest to him are quite proud of and want to brag about in an election year.


We are surely at a new stage in the history of the imperial presidency when a president (or his election team) assembles his aides, advisors and associates to foster a story that’s meant to broadcast the group’s collective pride in the new position of assassin-in-chief.


Another thing I’ve been thinking about lately is that we alone are doing things that have never been done so openly before, this being one example and the pervasive use of drones the another.  Pakistan is furious about our use of drones in their country and they’ve asked us to stop but we’ve basically given them the finger.  What happens when other countries pick people out for mass targeted assassination and use drones in a sovereign nation even after they’ve been asked to stop, like we do?



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Fifty Six Years of Tornado Tracks

Check out this cool graphic documenting 56 years of tornado tracks rated in strength by the Fujita scale.  For a larger, more readable version, go here.


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The Gobsmacking Drop in Government Spending Under Obama

Wow.  Check out this chart showing how government spending has fallen — through the floor I might add — under President Obama.

Obviously he has bought the conservative thinking that austerity is the way to go during a recession.  I totally disagree.  I think the implementation of austerity measures is why we’re still stuck at stall speed in terms of getting the economy going again.  I agree with the folks who say we need a country-wide jobs program to put people back to work fixing roads and bridges, etc.  We can worry about the deficit later when the country’s back on its feet.

Oh, and to Republicans who say Obama’s a “tax and spend liberal,” look at this thing!


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