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Obama Lies: “I’ll Be There With You”

This would be Barack Obama today in a message to Netroots Nation:

“Change is hard, but we’ve seen that it is possible,” Obama said. “As long as you’re willing to keep up that fight, I’ll be right there with you.”

Here’s the video:


“I’ll be right there with you?”

Whut?  Like this?


Fool me once…?

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Food Trucks!

My hubby and I went to this food truck party last night and it was crazy fabulous.  I love the idea of food trucks:

Food Truck Event Draws Thousands Near Boulder

John and Debra Grabowski sat at a picnic table in a crowded festival tent at the Gateway Park Fun Center near Boulder on Friday, carefully putting down several plates of food they had just grabbed from the nearby Street Eats 5280 truck.


The event featured 10 food trucks from the Denver and Boulder County areas including Street Eats and local favorites such as Comida, Heirloom and the Tasterie Truck. The Grabowskis settled in to chow down on a salad and Hawaiian-style Kalbi rib plate, as their grandchildren enjoyed sweet potato fries.

(Image via Travel + Leisure)


The Truck It party idea originated several months back, organizer and Tasterie Truck co-owner Shannon Aten said, but took a while to materialize because truck owners could not get approval to throw the party in city limits.

Gateway, at 4800 N. 28th St., falls outside of Boulder, freeing the trucks to group together, which is not allowed under the 2011 city ordinance allowing food truck businesses.


“The trucks were stoked,” Aten said as she, Miller and his parents dished out creme brulee, key lime pie and other sweets Friday. “A lot of us are starting our second year (in business). Year No. 1 was about surviving. Year No. 2, we want to expand and have some fun. Boulder is so thirsty for food trucks.”

On Friday, trucks offered everything from quesadillas to slow-cooked pulled pork to ice cream, as local deejay Zach Johnson provided music and kids played with hula hoops or in Gateway’s outdoor maze.

Boulder is crazy not to allow “food truck events.”  This one was so fun.  Who is the city protecting?  Established, corporate-owned restaurants?  I don’t know but I do know that I love food truck parties.

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Polar Bear Says Get Me Out of Here

Dumb animals?


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My Tweet of the Day — Bipartisanship Crapola

Remember Van Jones?  Obama hired Jones as his Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation but when the righties dug up a sliver of dirt on him Obama didn’t fight back and within six months he was gone.  You know, hope and change.

Too bad for Obama and too bad for us.  Obama needed/needs to hear this ten times a day:





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Good to See a Union Win for a Change



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Living the Good Life

My friend Chris and I after lunch at the Chautauqua Dining Hall in Boulder, Colorado on Thursday.  We worked on Outfoxed and at the Newshounds (2004 – 2008) together.  (I’m on the right.)


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“How Can We Drive More Ounces Into More Bodies More Often?”

A shorter title for this post might be, “Confessions of a Former Coca-Cola Marketing Executive”

Todd Putman stepped up to a podium Thursday ready to break with his past.

Stretched before him was a ballroom full of public health officials and community activists, gathered in Washington for a “National Soda Summit” on how to loosen the soda industry’s grip on the American appetite.

To fast forward in a fairly long article:

From 1997 to mid-2000, [Putman] was a top marketing executive at Coca-Cola.

“It took me 10 years to figure out that I have a large karmic debt to pay for the number of Cokes I sold across this country,” he said.

On Thursday, he came to settle it.


“I’m not against soft drinks per se,” he began carefully. “What I am for is balance of power. And I think the power has shifted in the wrong direction. The resources, the scale, the intelligence, the strategy these companies use is intense.

“We need to take all that thinking . . . all that strategy and convert it — jujitsu it — to healthy products.”

Such a mission would have been inconceivable to the man who joined Coca-Cola back in 1997, Putman said during an interview before the speech.

“It’s one of the great marketing machines of the world. You’ve got so many tools at your fingertips. . . . You’re dealing with Michael Jackson, the NFL, multimillion-dollar decisions,” he said. “If you’re interested in moving consumers, then you’re most happy when you move millions of consumers. . . . It’s exciting, intoxicating, even. I felt like the king of the world.”

For all the range and reach of Coke’s marketing operation, Putman said he quickly learned it was built around one goal: per capita consumption. “How can we drive more ounces into more bodies more often?”


Putman tells a fascinating story. It’s a real indictment of the industry, straight from the horse’s mouth. I suggest reading the whole thing if you have time.

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) Helping Obama in Florida, Maybe

When you hang out solely with people who share your beliefs and you get your “news” from Fox and winger hate radio, you think you live in a vacuum:

Florida Governor Rick Scott’s Approval Rating Free Falls, President Obama Now More Popular In The State

Here’s a lesson for Republicans: When you try to strip voters of their rights, it pisses them off. Governor Rick Scott’s attempts to purge eligible voters from the rolls has angered the citizens of Florida. Even Republicans have a problem with this clearly unconstitutional and devious plot to weaken democracy. In fact, Scott has managed to find himself with an incredibly low approval rating in the wake of the voter purge scheme. The newest PPP Poll hands Scott a 31% approval rating, while 56% disapprove. His numbers are so bad that Republicans would rather see a little known Democrat named Nan Rich defeat Scott in the next election.

In other good news for Democrats, President Obama now enjoys a six point lead in Florida over his Republican opponent Mitt Romney, according to an NBC Marist Poll. …  So overall, Democrats are seeing very positive numbers in Florida. Keep up the good work, Rick Scott! You’re the best player on the Democrat’s team.


Then again, what voters think might not matter.  After all, despite being warned by the Attorney General’s office to stop purging the voter rolls, Scott is still doing it.  Maybe they figure they’ll rig the election, flood the airwaves with deceitful ads due to their unlimited money and their guy will “win” anyway.




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These Are Not Photographs

I don’t know how he does it:

With their spectacular use of focus and reflected light, these incredible artworks look like carefully composed still-life photographs.

But in fact they are all painstakingly rendered on canvas with acrylic paints by Canadian artist Jason de Graaf.

The hyperrealistic paintings, which almost appear as if they are computer generated, are like freeze frames of a world more magical than our own – inspiring the term Magic Realism as a description.

(Image: Jason de Graaf)

(Image: Jason de Graaf)

These blow my mind.

See a slide show here.

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Republican Power Brokers See Romney as a Soulless Lacky Who Will Do What They Want

Jason Linkins over at the Huffington Post has the most clear-headed and concise, yet comprehensive, take on the Wisconsin recall election I’ve read.  Check it out here.

In the article Linkins moves from Wisconsin on to a rant about the presidential election, particularly what’s going on on the Republican side, and he puts to words a notion that has been floating around in my head for a couple weeks now:

That’s where we get the scenario that Jonathan Chait identifies, in which members of the Republican Party, recognizing that demography is not on their side in the long term, have “concluded that they must strike quickly and decisively at the opposition before all hope is lost.” This strike includes enshrining Paul Ryan’s Randian True Believer vision as America’s permanent alternative fiscal scenario:

The connecting thread of my last two print stories for [New York magazine] — the first on the GOP’s almost panicked now-or-never focus on 2012, and the second on the rise of Paul Ryan — is that the Republicans, led by Ryan, have made a strategic decision that the economic crisis offers them an expiring window of opportunity to pass the agenda of their dreams. Should they win the election, it is vital that they use their majority immediately and to maximal effect. That’s why Ryan insisted on boxing the party in by getting his fellow Republicans to take dangerous votes on his budget in 2011 and again this year despite having no chance of signing [it] into law under Obama. By making virtually all Republicans in Congress take the vote now, they will have a hard time claiming next year that voters don’t want such radical change.This is why Grover Norquist sees Romney’s lack of a core as his best quality. All Norquist wants from Romney is for him to bring to the White House a hand in which he can grip a pen.

I think that’s exactly what’s happening.  The powers that be in the Republican party i.e., Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, the Koch brothers and their billionaire friends, see this election as their last best hope to remake the country in their image.  And they see Mitt Romney as a milquetoast lacky who will sign any bill they put in front of him.

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