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More on No-Details Mitt

My Tweet of the Day:

Why is Romney hiding the details of his revenue raising plan? Duh.  BECAUSE WE WOULDN’T VOTE FOR HIM IF WE KNEW THEM.

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Charles and David Koch Each Made $124.8 Million — TODAY

They say you learn something new every day.  What I learned today was that Bloomberg has a daily “Billionaires Index” where they track what the world’s billionaires made on any given day.  Charles and David Koch, the guys who are buying our government, each made $124.8 million — TODAY.  Yep.  In.  One.  Day.


Oh, and the guy at the top of the list, Carlos Slim Helu, the richest man on Earth who made $1,617.2 million today?  Last week he said the world should raise the retirement age to 70 for We the Little People.


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Michigan: Pure Misogyny

I don’t know if you’re following what’s going on in Michigan but it’s trying to make Georgia and Louisiana look like liberal hotbeds.  Google Michigan+Brown+Vagina and you’ll get the full picture.

Anyway, I got a tweet today with this photo attached:


I love it because it’s a play on the Michigan Travel and Tourism office’s official logo:

I used to live in Michigan.  I don’t recognize the place anymore.

Yo, Michigan — you might want to think about your reputation.

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The New York Times Covers for Nuclear Power Industry

The New York Times, that bastion of the so-called liberal media doesn’t want Americans to know that the Japanese overwhelmingly reject restarting some of their nuclear power plants in lieu of what happened last year at the Fukushima power plant after the huge earth quake there in March:

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant (Image via Wikipedia)

Japan Public Still Divided as 2 Reactors to Be Opened

Brushing aside widespread public opposition to avoid feared electric power shortages, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda ordered the reactivation of two nuclear reactors at a plant in western Japan on Saturday, making it the nation’s first plant to go back online since the crisis last year in Fukushima.


According to polls, two-thirds of Japanese express deep concern about the safety of nuclear plants after last year’s accident, which contaminated food with radiation and shattered the myth of Japan’s infallible nuclear technology. The day before Mr. Noda gave the order, his government was visited by an antinuclear group led by the Nobel laureate Kenzaburo Oe, which presented what it said were the signatures of 7.5 million people calling for the abolition of nuclear power.

So, the title of the article says the Japanese are “still divided” but in the body we learn there is “widespread public opposition” and “two-thirds of Japanese express deep concern about the safety of nuclear plants.”

That doesn’t sound “divided” to me.




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Sunglasses That (Almost) Allow You to See Through People

I can’t wait to try on a pair of these:

(Image via

We at 2AI Labs are excited to have received from our manufacturer our first shipment of O2Amps, our patented eyewear that amplifies one’s view of the emotions and health visible in the color and pallor of other people’s skin.

The technology comes out of my research while at Caltech on the evolution of color vision in primates, where I provided evidence that color vision evolved to sense oxygenation modulations in the hemoglobin under the skin. Once one understands the connection between our color vision and blood physiology, it’s possible to build filters that further amplify our perception of the blood and the signals it provides.

Because color vision evolved for everyday wear, so to speak, one of our largest markets is for everyday-wear sunglasses, to enhance one’s perception of the emotion, mood and health signals we evolved to detect with our color vision. For example, typical sunglasses shade the world but also end up shading one’s connections to other people; this is exemplified by the way people tip up their sunglasses to get a better look at someone.




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Has Mitt Romney Ever Been to a 7-11?

While on his bus tour through Pennsylvania on Saturday, Mitt Romney went to a WaWas.  A WaWa is like a 7-11:

This format is best typified by Pennsylvania-based Wawa, Inc., which operates about 400 upscale hybrid convenience-grocery stores in the eastern Unites States. Wawa stores offer fueling stations and tobacco products like traditional convenience stores do, along with offering a limited assortment of basic grocery items.


This is a photo of the inside of a WaWa store:

(Image via

You get the idea.

Now here is Romney explaining what it was like to go to that WaWas:


Have you ever seen him so excited?  You’d think he just got back from visiting another planet.  I have the feeling he’s never been to a 7-11-type store in his entire life yet he’s telling this story to try to “connect” to we the Little People.

Big fail.

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Millions of Sardines

Check out this cool little slide show of divers interacting with a huge shoal of sardines.

Here’s a taste:

(Image via

We humans could learn a thing or two from fish who stick together for the common good.


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Google Censorship Requests Skyrocket Under Obama

Man, Obama has been such a disappointment is so many ways:

Google Reports ‘Alarming’ Rise in Government Censorship Requests

Western governments, including the United States, appear to be stepping up efforts to censor Internet search results and YouTube videos, according to a “transparency report”released by Google.

“It’s alarming not only because free expression is at risk, but because some of these requests come from countries you might not suspect — Western democracies not typically associated with censorship,” Dorothy Chou, a senior policy analyst at Google, wrote in a blog post on Sunday night.

“For example, in the second half of last year, Spanish regulators asked us to remove 270 search results that linked to blogs and articles in newspapers referencing individuals and public figures, including mayors and public prosecutors. In Poland, we received a request from a public institution to remove links to a site that criticized it. We didn’t comply with either of these requests.”

But that ain’t nothin’.  Get a load of this shocking news about the hope and change administration:

In the last half of 2011, U.S. agencies asked Google to remove 6,192 individual pieces of content from its search results, blog posts or archives of online videos, according to the report. That’s up 718% compared with the 757 such items that U.S. agencies asked Google to remove in the six months prior.



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Watch Fox, Get Dumb

Fox counts on its audience being really, really dumb otherwise they wouldn’t run a headline like this:

So Fox wants us to believe Sarah Palin invented the bus tour?

After doing a Google, I think Clinton was the first candidate to go on a bus tour during the 1992 campaign.

Obama copies Palin?  Ridiculous.

No wonder people who get their “news” from Fox are dumber than people who don’t consume news at all.



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I take a three mile “speed walk” five days a week.  Based on the yard signs I’ve seen in front of one of the houses I pass, its occupants are very conservative.  They were for McCain in ’08 and they’ve displayed signs for conservatives in local elections.

But, sorry to say, they don’t appear to be very bright.  On the back of one of their cars, a Prius (they also have a Porsche and a Volvo), are two bumper stickers, one on top of the other.  The top one looks like this:

40 Days for Life is:

[A] community-based campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three-point program:

  • Prayer and fasting
  • Constant vigil
  • Community outreach

40 Days for Life takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods, for their own friends and families. It puts into action a desire to cooperate with God in the carrying out of His plan for the end of abortion in America.

So in other words, 40 Days for Life wants to impose its religious views on the women of America and make laws restricting what they can do with their own bodies and their own lives.

Immediately below the 40 Days for Life bumper sticker — and I mean immediately as in less than an inch — is this bumper sticker:

Okaaay.  Apparently the blatant hypocrisy going on here is lost on the owner of that Prius.

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Romney’s Game Plan: No Details

From Greg Sargent over at The PlumLine:

Romney’s campaign regularly says he is offering an approach to the economy that hasn’t been tried before. But he has not been pressed hard to explain how, exactly, his policies would differ from those of George W. Bush — or indeed why we should expect those policies to produce runaway growth and shared prosperity when that didn’t happen last time around. Romney regularly criticizes Obama’s stimulus as a failure, but he has not been pressed to say what he would have done differently if he’d been president in January of 2009.

More broadly, it’s almost never remarked upon at all, but Romney doesn’t have a plan to fix the economic crisis — at least in the sense that he’d be proposing the same things he is now if the economy were doing great — despite the fact that this presidential race is all about what to do about the economic crisis.


So are we going to elect a guy who says he knows how to get the economy moving again but he won’t say how?  Really?  If he doesn’t want to talk about the details, doesn’t it stand to reason that we probably wouldn’t like what he has in mind?

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The One Thing You Don’t Want to Touch in a Hotel Room


A study that investigated bacterial populations on hotel room surfaces found television remote controls and housekeeping carts to be amongst the most heavily contaminated items.


The study adds some empirical weight to other ad hoc investigations that have likened hotel rooms to giant petri dishes.


For the study, Kirsch and her colleagues sampled a variety of surfaces from hotel rooms in Texas, Indiana and South Carolina. They tested the levels of total aerobic bacteria and fecal bacterial contamination on each of the surfaces.

While some of the most contaminated samples, including the toilet and the bathroom sink, were to be expected, they also found high levels of bacterial contamination on the TV remote and bedside switches.


The only thing I could think of while reading this was:


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The United States is “Post Racial?”

The U.S. is “post racial?”  Tell me about it:


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