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Mitt Romney Begs For Facebook Likes

I know this is trivial but this is up on Mitt Romney’s Facebook page tonight:

Mitt wants to get to five million likes.  As I type, he has 4,815,058.

Obama has 27,895,478.

Just sayin’.

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A Tribute to Journalist Mika Yamamoto

Mika Yamamoto was a reporter for Japan Press.  She was killed yesterday while covering the — what to call it — conflict in Syria.

Japanese news agency Japan Press releases the footage shot by journalist Mika Yamamoto in the hours before she was shot dead in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Via TelegraphTV.

Yamamoto gave her life to bring news of what’s happening in Syria to the world.


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When Raped Women Chose Not to Abort, 31 States Allow Visitation Rights for the Father

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Think This is a Person

Ladies, imaging giving birth to a child conceived as a result of rape and then having continuous contact with the rapist — via his visitation rights — until that child comes of age.  I had no idea our laws were this barbaric:

You see, nine months after my rape, I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. You could say she was conceived in rape; she was. But she is also so much more than her beginnings. I blissfully believed that after I finally had decided to give birth to and to raise my daughter, life would be all roses and endless days at the playground. I was wrong again.

It would not be long before I would learn firsthand that in the vast majority of states — 31 — men who father through rape are able to assert the same custody and visitation rights to their children that other fathers enjoy. When no law prohibits a rapist from exercising these rights, a woman may feel forced to bargain away her legal rights to a criminal trial in exchange for the rapist dropping the bid to have access to her child.


Go to the original article via the link above.  I can’t cut and paste it such that I do it justice.

These laws torture women and favor men.  Conservatives don’t want women to have abortions if they conceive via rape (which, according to them is very, very rare), but then they shove the rapist in the victim’s face — potentially for years on end — if they don’t.  A double anti-woman whammy.

This info blows my mind.



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Iran Ratchets Up Its Oppression of Women

This from FSRN (Free Speech Radio) News:

(Image via

Iran Bans Women From 77 Fields of University Study

Women in Iran have been banned from university courses in 77 different fields, after administration said they have a “manly nature” not suitable for women.  According to the US State Department, 36 universities have instituted the bans.  They won’t allow women to pursue courses such as engineering, education, English language, computer science and literature.  The Iranian Science Minister said the ban was put in place to protect morality.  The US is calling on Iran to reverse the policy and uphold women’s rights.  Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi has reportedly written a letter to the UN protesting the change in policy.

Geezus.  If I lived in Iran I would be livid.

So hey, let’s bomb Iran and kill a bunch of oppressed people.

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Prized Spanish Fresco of Jesus Destroyed by “Restorer”

This is bad:

An elderly parishioner has stunned Spanish cultural officials with an alarming and unauthorised attempt to restore a prized Jesus Christ fresco.

Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) by Elias Garcia Martinez has held pride of place in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church near Zaragoza for more than 100 years.

The woman took her brush to it after years of deterioration due to moisture.


The woman, in her 80s, was reportedly upset at the way the fresco had deteriorated and took it on herself to “restore” the image.

BBC Europe correspondent Christian Fraser says the delicate brush strokes of Elias Garcia Martinez have been buried under a haphazard splattering of paint.

The once-dignified portrait now resembles a crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic, he says.

The woman appears to have realised she was out of her depth and contacted Juan Maria Ojeda, the city councillor in charge of cultural affairs.


The “woman appears to have realized she was out of her depth?”  Ah, yeah.  Look at it now:

(Image via BBC)

What a shame.  The face in the original is beautiful, especially the eyes.


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Unable to Afford Corn, Farmers Feeding Their Cattle Candy

Forget the old slogan about “corn-fed beef.”  How does “candy-fed beef” sound?

(Image via Wikipedia)

MAYFIELD, Ky. – At Mayfield’s United Livestock Commodities, owner Joseph Watson is tweaking the recipe for success.

“Just to be able to survive, we have to look at other sources for nutrition,” he said.

His 1,400 cattle are no longer feeding off corn. The prices, Watson said, are too high to keep in stock. So earlier this year, he began to buy second hand candy.

“It actually has a higher ratio of fat then actually feeding them straight corn,” Watson said.

Which is important, because all of the cattle will be brought to slaughter. Watson wants them to gain weight and by feeding them chocolate, it gets the job done.

“It’s hard to believe it will work but we’ve already seen the results of it now, so we’re pretty happy with it,” he said with a smile.

Watson believes it is healthy. He monitors the cattle’s daily intake and said there haven’t been any health problems and the proof is in their weight.


Sorry but the thought of eating a piece of meat that came from a cow that was raised on candy makes me sick.


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Republicans Holding Convention in Publicly-Financed Arena

There’s no end to Republican hypocrisy:

GOP Will Tout ‘We Built This’ In Arena Built With Public Funds

“We Built This” (the GOP’s “Call Me Maybe”), is the catchphrase of the season, and it’ll be a major theme of the Republican National Convention at the end of this month. The irony? They’ll be holding that convention at the Tampa Bay Times Forum, formerly the Tampa Bay Ice Palace, which was publicly financed.  The Daily Dolt, a humor/politics site pointed out the irony first and according to the National Sports Law Institute of Marquette University Law School, 62 percent of the funding that built the Tampa Bay Times Forum a.k.a. The Tampa Bay Ice Palace in 1996 came from public funds to the tune of about $86 million. Kind of kills that idea that it doesn’t take a village, right?


No words.

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This Should be Fun

Give ‘em hell Joe, as only you can do:

(Image via AP / Steve Helber)

Joe Biden Is Heading For The GOP Convention!

It started with a rumor that the Secret Service is in Tampa, Florida, this week, laying the groundwork for a visit from Vice President Joe Biden during the Republican National Convention.Then the VP himself cracked a joke in Minneapolis, asking reporters if any of them were going to be in Florida next week because, “I’m the speaker at the convention.I’m gonna be down there.”

Tuesday, the Obama campaign confirmed the reports: Joe Biden will be campaigning in Tampa during the opening of the big GOP nominating fest. Some GOP supporters are practically wailing, “Say it ain’t so, Joe,” with the main whinger being The Washington Times. In a headline, the paper laments that the move shows “a lack of class” and further states that the political one-upmanship between the parties “comes at an extremely inconvenient time.” Well, isn’t that the point?


Exactly!  It’s no different from the Romney campaign bus circling and honking at Obama supporters.  So I don’t want to hear any whining from that crowd.

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Coast Guard Closes the Mississippi River, Again

Wow.  More awful news for  midwestern farmers (my heart goes out to them) and potentially for the economy as a whole:

(Image via Wikipedia)

The Coast Guard says the Mississippi River is closed to shipping again after a barge grounded near Greenville, Miss.

An 11-mile stretch of the Mississippi south of Memphis, Tenn., reopened to limited vessel traffic late Tuesday after dredges were able to clear a channel.

Petty Officer Ryan Tippets said crews were working Wednesday to refloat the vessel and allow limited barge traffic to resume. It’s not clear when the river will reopen.

Tippets says 33 northbound vessels were able to pass through the area before the grounding.

Low water is expected to hinder the flow of cargo from the nation’s heartland until October.

A prolonged river shutdown could hamper operations of the busy port upriver from New Orleans that handles U.S. grain for export.








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The Stunning Winners of the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Last week I posted a link to the 12,000-some photographs submitted to the annual National Geographic Traveler’s photo contest.  Today, the winners were announced.

Here’s the First Place Winner.  It’s titled:  Butterfly:

This image was shot in the Kyrgyz lands of the Wakhan Corridor. The intimacy of this everyday life moment, shot inside of a family yurt, is in total contrast with the harsh environment these nomadic tribes live in. On the right we notice a television and a sound console. These tribes live weeks away from any village by foot. In spite of being located at an altitude of 4,300 meters in one of the most remote areas of Afghanistan they are equipped with solar panels, satellite dishes and cellphones. Ancestral ways of living, with touches of modernity. (Photo and caption by Cedric Houin)

And this is my favorite of those that placed.  It’s a Merit winner and it’s titled:  Lost in Time — An Ancient Forest:

Near the city of Morondava, on the West coast of Madagascar lies an ancient forest of Baobab trees. Unique to Madagascar, the endemic species is sacred to the Malagasy people, and rightly so. Walking amongst these giants is like nothing else on this planet. Some of the trees here are over a thousand years old. It is a spiritual place, almost magical. (Photo and caption by Ken Thorne)

Gorgeous.  Look at those magnificent, other-worldly Baobab trees.

Go here to see the whole gallery.

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Paul Ryan: An In-Your-Face Liar

This headline sums up Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan slammed President Obama for scheduled defense cuts on Tuesday, despite voting for the bill that created them and playing an instrumental role in selling it to skeptical Republicans.



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