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Republican Convention Goer Insinuates CNN Camera Woman is a Monkey

My Tweet of the Day:

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Teleprompter Hell at the Republican National Convention

Republicans have been screaming for going-on four years now about how President Obama is such an idiot he needs a teleprompter in order to remember what he has to say.

This is the stage in Tampa, at the Republican National Convention.  See the teleprompters?

Workers prepare the stage for the Republican National Convention inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum, Saturday, Aug. 25, 2012, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo / J. Scott Applewhite)

So let’s put this teleprompter bullshit to bed.

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The Photo Rob Moore Made His Workers Stage for Mitt Romney

Earlier today I posted about how Rob Moore, the pro-Republican CFO of Murray Energy intimidated employees of Ohio’s Century Mine, a subsidiary, to leave work (the mine closed down) to attend a rally with Mitt Romney, without pay.  Got that?  Without pay.

Here’s the million dollar photo Moore bought for Romney, on the back of those miners.  They weren’t there because they wanted to be.  They were there because their boss made them go:

(Image via Justin Sullivan /Getty Images)


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Eating a Pizza Hut “Super Pan Pizza” Makes You Want to Get Married

Pizza Hut (Malaysia) is out with a new, “Super Pan Pizza” that has cheese and garlic napoli sauce rolled into the crust.  It squirts out as you eat.  (One presumes it would be hot as hell and as it dribbles out and down your hand and arm it might kinda hurt.)

For some reason, Pizza Hut decided that eating a “Super Pan Pizza” induces one to propose marriage.  Get the correlation?  Me neither.  It’s the dumbest advertising ploy ever:

Not only that, the pizza doesn’t look good At.  All.


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The Republican Party Platform

Here is the official 2012 Republican Party platform.


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Right-Wing Promotes Killing Liberals


(Image via

“They” say the right and the left are equally hateful toward one another.  Show me a liberal site selling stuff like this.

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Ohio Coal Miners Forced to Attend Romney Event, Without Pay

This is outrageous:

Hundreds of coal miners and their families wait in line to attend a rally Aug. 14 at the Century Mine near Beallsville, Ohio. (Image and the AP)

When GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited an Ohio coal mine this month to promote jobs in the coal industry, workers who appeared with him at the rally lost pay because their mine was shut down.

The Pepper Pike company that owns the Century Mine told workers that attending the Aug. 14 Romney event would be both mandatory and unpaid, a top company official said Monday morning in a West Virginia radio interview.

A group of employees who feared they’d be fired if they didn’t attend the campaign rally in Beallsville, Ohio, complained about it to WWVA radio station talk show host David Blomquist. Blomquist discussed their beefs on the air Monday with Murray Energy Chief Financial Officer Rob Moore.

Moore told Blomquist that managers “communicated to our workforce that the attendance at the Romney event was mandatory, but no one was forced to attend.” He said the company did not penalize no-shows.


So, Rob Moore used his employees as props so Mitt’s media entourage would get the impression Ohio coal miners were all for Romney and so video of the event would show a huge crowd of blue-collar workers.  And then he has the gall to lie and say “no one was forced to attend.”  Maybe not physically forced, but I’m sure the psychological pressure was immense.

This is despicable.




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Bobby Jindal — Small Government Guy — Begs For Federal Aid

Small government Kool-Aid drinker Bobby Jindal’s whining about not getting enough money from the federal government to help with expenses surround preparations for Tropical Storm Isaac:

(Image via Wikipedia)

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) on Monday sent a letter to President Obama saying the federal government was not doing enough to help Louisiana cover the expenses it’s taking on in preparation for Tropical Storm Isaac.

“Unfortunately, your limited declaration does not provide for reimbursement of expenses that the state is taking to prepare for the storm,” Jindal said in his letter.

President Obama on Monday declared a state of emergency for Louisiana, which is expected to be in the path of Tropical Storm Isaac.
The action by Obama makes federal funding to the state available immediately, but Jindal said it “only provides for direct federal assistance” and doesn’t “provide for reimbursement of expenses that the state is taking to prepare for the storm.”

“The State’s expenditures for emergency protective measures are already approximately $8,000,000 and exceed the State of Louisiana’s threshold when making a request for a major disaster declaration,” the letter continued.


Politicians like Jindal brag about keeping taxes in their states low, but what happens at a time like this is they then look to the federal government, and the pot of money we all contribute via our taxes, to help them out.  You’d think a state like Louisiana, which is regularly hit by tropical storms and hurricanes, would have a special fund set aside for those times.

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Donald Trump, Romney Surrogate, Sends Scathing Tweet

Donald Trump yesterday (regarding this):

Donald Trump today (regarding this):

Typical Republican hypocrisy.  Obama “surrogates” are supposed to be polite and deferential whereas Republican surrogates can say whatever they want.

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Trying to “Humanize” Mitt

For God’s sake, what’s it going to take to “humanize” Mitt Romney?  They’ve been trying to do it now for nine long months (or should we make that six years?):

December 11, 2011:

Romney Begins Humanizing Campaign


Bloomberg:   Ann Romney Takes Biggest Stage Yet to Humanize Husband

Politico:  Ann Romney’s RNC Task: Humanize Mitt

National Journal:  Family Missions: Humanize the Candidates


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