The 2016 Presidential Campaign in One Tweet

For me, the photo in this tweet encapsulates the coverage the cable “news” outlets (Fox, MSNBC, and CNN) have given to the presidential campaign since the day last June when Donald Trump announced his candidacy.  Trump spoke early this afternoon in Virginia Beach, Virginia while Hillary Clinton was in Tampa, Florida.

I wasn’t watching, but RawStory was, and good for them (and us).  I’ve seen this countless times again, since June 2015, with a box with Clinton in it (no audio) squeezed down into the right-hand corner while the vast majority of the screen was all Trump.

The point of this kind of “coverage” is apparently a cover so the cables can say they “aired” her speech too (which apparently they did, for a matter of minutes (see link above)) and they can claim that, hell yeah, we’re fair and balanced!

cables on trump

Updated: September 22, 2017 — 10:25 am

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