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Colorado’s Obsessed Anti-Gay Marriage Republican AG John Suthers Finally Shuts Down Boulder Gay Marriage Licenses

It’s good to know that Colorado is such a crime-free, graft-free, corruption-free state that the number one priority of the Republican Attorney General is to stop the Boulder County Clerk from issuing marriage licenses to people of the same sex who love each other and want to get married:

Coloardo AG via Colorado attoreygenraal.ggov

(Image via


The Colorado Supreme Court today ordered Boulder County Clerk Hillary Hall to stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

The order was issued in response to a filing by Colorado Attorney General John Suthers on Friday asking the court to stop Hall — who was the only clerk in the state at that time giving marriage licenses to gay couples — from issuing the licenses.

The Supreme Court said it will take up the case and ordered a stay on Hall while the case is resolved.


In Friday’s filing, Suthers argued that Hall issuing licenses was causing “statewide confusion and legal chaos.”

Suthers has previously tried to stop Hall in two other courts and was unsuccessful both times.


ARE YOU HAPPY NOW JOHN?  What an idiot.  He’s obviously pandering to the Tea Party while trying to position himself for a run for governor but by the time that happens he’ll look like a dinosaur.   Gay marriage will likely be legal in the U.S. next year.

Kind of funny actually.  Guys like Suthers live in such a bubble.  When you only watch Fox and you only listen to Rush you think the whole world thinks like you do.


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Google “Dumb Rick Perry” and You Get 1,310,000 Hits

Rick Perry Chia head 9-29-11

Here’s a hilarious article about not only Rick Perry but about how the entire GOP presidential field is acting like the three stooges.  It’s long but worth the time.  Here’s the opening salvo:

The media hates Republicans [yeah, right], and so naturally they’re elevating Texas Governor Rick Perry to the status of a potential 2016 GOP presidential contender who must be taken seriously. After his last embarrassing run – embarrassing not only for him, but for the much-maligned state of Texas (see the video above) – one would think he’d put his presidential aspirations in the back of the garage, along with that Stairmaster he never uses. But no: dumber than a steer who’s been zapped by a cattle-prod and still won’t move, Perry is going along with the joke.


I’ve got to remember that (bolded) line.  Oh, like I said, Google “dumber Rick Perry” and you get 1,310,000 hits.  And here’s more hilarity:  Rick Perry Just Boosted His Intellectual Reputation (because he started wearing glasses).  Riiight.

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My So-True Tweet of the Day

Funny and so true. They really have boxed themselves into a corner.

My Tweet of the Day:

Tweet of the Day 6-11-12

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Eric Cantor Lost Tonight — Republicans Have Created a Monster

Eric Cantor via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Eric Cantor (R), the supposed next Speaker of the House, lost his re-election bid tonight in Virginia to a an even more extremist candidate, Tea Partier, David Brat.

Per the chatter on the MSN (which I take with a grain of sale), I’m hearing that Brat defeated Cantor because of Cantor’s willingness to entertain the notion of amnesty for immigrants.  I’m also hearing that, because of this result, any kind of immigration reform before the 2016 election is dead because Republicans are now scared shitless.

A time will come when Republicans can’t win without the Latino vote.  But hating on “illegals” is a central part of their message and it brings their voters to the polls, as in what happened today in Virginia.

So what do they do?

They’ve created a monster.

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Guidelines for Attending Hillary Clinton’s Book Signing

Hillary Clinton’s new book, “Hard Choices,” is officially being released today.  Yesterday she kicked off her book tour with the release of an interview with Diane Sawyer and today she holds her first book signing in New York City.  Here is what one has to go through to get a book signed:

Clinton Book signing Rules via Maggie Haberman on twitter

(Image via Maggie Haberman on Twitter)

(Larger version here.)

I can’t decide:  Is this a reflection of our violent society or of an isolated, aloof Clinton?


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So-Called Democrats in Montana Refuse to Include the Words Climate Change in Their Platform

coal Mine via Wikimedia Commons

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Democrats in Montana who are (1) owned by the oil and gas industry or  (2) who suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and are to immature to know it and too terrified to get therapy to overcome it have got to go:

BUTTE – While the Obama administration is churning out rules to limit greenhouse gases that cause climate change, Montana Democrats on Friday resisted placing the words “climate change” in their party platform.

“We can sit here and talk about what we believe here as Democrats,” said Sen. Jim Keane, D-Butte, who argued against mentioning the costs of climate change in the platform. “I believe in the (coal) workers who work in eastern Montana, too.


A party platform committee considered the change, which would have said the party believes in protecting the environment rather than burdening future generations with the “extraordinary costs of climate-change-caused” effects, but voted against adding the climate change language.


Short-sighted, uninspired, backward-looking idiots chained to the coal lobby:  A huge majority of Americans support regulating carbon from power plants. And they’re even willing to pay for it.

Do they have kids?  Grandkids?

We need LEADERS.





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Two More Years of This

Here is the cover of the latest People magazine.

Here is a photo from the Drudge Report over the headline, “Is Clinton Holding a Walker?”

Hillary Holding a Walker?  Drudge

((Image via

Aye yie yie.

Oh, and this is what walkers look like.

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Why Hillary Clinton is By No Means a Shoe-In in My Book

Hillary Clinton via Department of State

(Image via U.S. Department of State)

From David Corn over at Mother Jones magazine:

Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs Problem  —  She talks populism, but hobnobs with Wall Street

A few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton delivered a much-touted policy speech at the New America Foundation in Washington, where she talked passionately about the financial plight of Americans who “are still barely getting by, barely holding on, not seeing the rewards that they believe their hard work should have merited.” She bemoaned the fact that the slice of the nation’s wealth collected by the top 1 percent—or 0.01 percent—has “risen sharply over the last generation,” and she denounced this “throwback to the Gilded Age of the robber barons.” Her speech, in which she cited the various projects of the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation that address economic inequality, was widely compared to the rhetoric of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), the unofficial torchbearer of the populist wing of the Democratic Party. Here was Hillary, test-driving a theme for a possible 2016 presidential campaign, sticking up for the little guy and trash-talking the economic elites. She decried the “shadow banking system that operated without accountability” and caused the financial crisis that wiped out millions of jobs and the nest eggs, retirement funds, and college savings of families across the land. Yet at the end of this week, when all three Clintons hold a daylong confab with donors to their foundation, the site for this gathering will be the Manhattan headquarters of Goldman Sachs.


This is a case of actions speaking louder — way louder — than words.  I don’t trust her.


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Things I Didn’t Have Time to Write Up

No little puppies tonight, unfortunately:

(Image via Wikipedia)

[Chris] Christie’s Lawyers Billed More Than $1 Million In January Alone.  And guess who’s paying the bill?  You got it!  New Jersey taxpayers.

My gut feeling is that Christie is about as corrupt as they get.  Mafioso-like.

This one has me SMDH.  I don’t get it.  Are Democrats sitting back, tuning out and thinking since Obama’s in the White House they don’t have to pay attention?  Geezus.  Really:

Scales of Justice Tipped

—–>  Conservative Supreme Court Seen Favorably by … Democrats?

And then there’s this beautiful photo from NASA that speaks to how fragile our atmosphere is:

NASA Photo of Atmosphere 5-7-14

(Image via

Earth’s Atmospheric Layers

International Space Station astronauts captured this photo of Earth’s atmospheric layers on July 31, 2011, revealing the troposphere (orange-red), stratosphere and above. Satellite instruments allow scientists to better understand the chemistry and dynamics occurring within and between these layers.




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Radical Republican Pat Robertson Warns the GOP is Being Taken Over by Radicals

Irony is dead.

Pat Robertson

Back in 2011 Pat Robertson derided Republican primary voters as extremists who were causing the GOP to lose elections by pushing candidates too far to the right.

Today the 700 Club host warned that the party is facing a takeover by “radicals on the right” who will nominate candidates who “aren’t capable of beating the Democrats”



Today, the 700 Club host warned that the party is facing a takeover by “radicals on the right” who will nominate candidates who “aren’t capable of beating the Democrats.” – See more at:

Back in 2011, Pat Robertson derided Republican primary voters as extremists who are causing the GOP to lose elections by pushing candidates too far to right.

Today, the 700 Club host warned that the party is facing a takeover by “radicals on the right” who will nominate candidates who “aren’t capable of beating the Democrats.”

Of course, the Religious Right movement spearheaded by televangelists like Robertson has been one of the forces moving the GOP toward the conservative fringe.

- See more at:

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This is Cliven Bundy — The Republican’s New Hero

Check out this article from Caty Enders at Esquire mag: Life at The Bundy Ranch, Uncensored.

At the Bundy camp last week, pundits and politicians descended on Bunkerville, Nevada, to throw in their American flag hats with the BLM protestors. A FOX news van had been parked by the side of the road for days. Up on the ridge, militia snipers kept a trained watch as Bundy held court, and disciples from far and wide came to share their personal theories as to why the government was enforcing a court order.

But on Thursday, we witnessed a mainstream exodus from Bundy’s flank. Sean Hannity, Bundy’s biggest booster, called his racist remarks “beyond despicable,” but maintained that they should not taint the supporters who “for the right reasons saw this case as government overreach.”

Exactly how difficult was it, though, to determine pretty early on that Bundy and his followers were using the threat of force to back up some terrifyingly misguided beliefs?

During the few hours I visited last week, this was what was said.


Here’s the condensed version:

Bundy Ranch insanity via buhbyegop on twitter

(Image via BuhByeGOP on Twitter)

I want to be like it was growing up in the 50s too Cliven:  When the United Nations was the hope of the world.  When my father supported he, my mother and my two brothers (on one salary).  We had great public schools and California had essentially free universities.  I trick-or-treated for UNICEF when I was nine-years-old and I thought I could make a difference.  When my 14-year-old self and my girlfriend swooned over 20, 24-year-olds hunks who we saw in the Roosevelt National Forest in Colorado.  That would be before Reagan and his predecessors decided we didn’t need them anymore … the Forest Service caretakers or the forests.

U.S. Forest SErvice guyys

Back in the 50s I’d drink a Dr. Pepper and it had good ol’ sugar in it instead of high fructose corn syrup and it came in a glass bottle instead of one that leached BPA into my brain.

Here’s lookin’ at you Cliven.  The 50s were great in so so many ways but lots has happened since. You might want to Google it.

Woohoo!:  #RepublicanRebranding.

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Obama’s Getting Ready to Kill Net Neutrality

I think Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign was the biggest scam ever.  Put another way, I was an idiot to vote for the guy.

This would be Obama in 2007:

This would be Obama today:

Apparently net neutrality is officially dead. The Wall Street Journal reports today that the FCC has given up on finding a legal avenue to enforce equal access and will instead propose rules that explicitly allow broadband suppliers to favor companies that pay them for faster pipes.


Shorter: If you have a website, the more money you pay to, say, Comcast, the higher your visibility.

Guess who wins.  Again?

The people who have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

You and me and our little blogs?  Bye bye.




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Conservatives Donate Almost $3M to Potential Prez Candidate Who Doesn’t Seem to Want to Run

Ben Carson via Ben Carson on Twitter

(Image via Ben Carson on Twitter)

Marketing Wizards Make Millions Off the Movement. Is it Money Well Spent?

Amid the clattering circus that is CPAC, the soft-spoken neurosurgeon greeting supporters in the corner of an exhibition hall made an unlikely star. But the crowd couldn’t get enough of Dr. Ben Carson. His face was everywhere: stamped on room keys, plastered on the sides of buses and emblazoned on T-shirts. Supporters lined up for a chance to shake hands with the man who denounced Democratic policies in front of President Obama at last year’s National Prayer Breakfast.

The National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, which paid for the paraphernalia and drummed up the frenzy, is an unlikely juggernaut. It has no headquarters, few paid staffers and no known affiliation with Carson, who shows little sign of wanting to become a candidate. Yet the group has raked in $2.8 million from 47,000 donors during its first six months.


I guess one could make a comparison here to Hillary Clinton but heck, she has shown signs of “wanting to be come a candidate.”

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When You’re Embarrassed to Admit You’re a Republican

GOP Dinasour

After the 2012 elections, when Republicans and conservatives spent more than $1 billion trying and failing to unseat President Obama and win back the Senate, they concluded that they had fallen dangerously behind Democrats in the realm of technology. Now, with midterm elections just nine months away, the right is investing tens of millions of dollars to match the interactive platforms, grass-roots databases and sophisticated data analytics that allowed Democrats to identify voters, reach them with precision and persuade them to vote.

But first, the Republicans need the talent. In an industry where partisan politics has little cachet, and where prominent Republicans — like Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard — are relatively rare, the task of finding skilled programmers and engineers has fallen to scouts like Mr. Ginn.

Mr. Ginn, who worked on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, describes himself as socially and fiscally conservative. But not right away. Instead, he takes a back-door approach to finding like-minded people with tech skills. He picks gently around the issues, rarely even mentioning the party name. “I avoid saying ‘Republican’ so people don’t think I’m part of crazy right-wing stuff,” Mr. Ginn said.

He added: “People have branding trauma. If I identify myself as this, they think I am best friends with Sarah Palin.”


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Christie: He Knew, He’s Done

First this:

Christie Knew About Lane Closings, Ex-Port Authority Official Says

The former Port Authority official who personally oversaw the lane closings on the George Washington Bridge in the scandal now swirling around Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said on Friday that the governor knew about the lane closings when they were happening, and that he had the evidence to prove it.


And here’s the headline on Drudge.  If Drudge is putting it this way, Christie truly is done:

Drudge re Christie 1-31-14

(Image via

Here’s the letter (pdf).

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Ted Cruz Thinks We’re as Dumb as a Rock

Ted Cruz had the gall to tell a bold-faced lie on CBS this morning thinking, apparently, that people who hear it are too dumb to know it is a lie.  Or else he doesn’t care that he’s known as an outright liar which tells me that he’s a pretty scary dude.

Then again, it’s also a testament to how absolutely awful our so-called-news media has become i.e., it’s outrageous that a politician feels he or she can tell a humongous lie on live television and not have the show’s host jump up and down and scream in disgust.

Tweet of the Day 1-26-14

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Chris Christie: It’s the Liberal Media’s Fault — Of Course

Chris Christie thinks we’re idiots.  Let’s prove him wrong.  If the U.S. attorney thinks the mayor of Hoboken should be taken seriously, at least initially, we should too.  This “liberal media” bullshit is meant to deflect attention ——-> over there and away <——– from Christie.

The “liberal media” meme was conjured up 30-yearsago by Republicans who didn’t like that the truth was being told about their ideas and policies. The “liberal media” has thus, over time, ducked it’s head and been cowed, endlessly trying to prove it isn’t liberal by going overboard in siding with conservatives.  It’s scared to death of being called “the liberal media.”  This has been exacerbated by Democrats who are too chicken shit to fight back.


Since when does Fox so-called-News feel scared or intimidated about being the voice of wingnuts?  Never.

So, yes, maybe MSNBC is liberal but that’s okay. We need freakin’ balance around here but don’t get me started on the media as a whole being “liberal.”  I wish.

Tweet of the Day 1-19-14

BTW, here’s a link to the article cited in the tweet:  US Attorney Inquiry Into Christie Widens.

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This is Gonna Wreck Chris Christie’s Day

A few days ago I read a headline implying that people aren’t paying attention to the Chris Christie/”Bridgegate” scandal.

Chris Christie via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

This would seem to belie that:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie dominated the news cycle last week, and a new analysis finds he also dominated the conversation on Facebook.

The words “Chris Christie” were mentioned on the social network almost three times as often as “Justin Bieber” from last Wednesday to this past Wednesday, according to CNN, and almost six times as often as “A-Rod.”

Christie was mentioned in comments, messages and posts on Facebook 271,000 times in that span, versus 104,000 for the pop singer and 44,000 for the Yankees third baseman.



Not good news for ol’ Chris.

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Chris Christy for Prez? Maybe Not

Chris Christie via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Have you heard about the early-September, 2013 Fort Lee, New Jersey, George Washington gridge blockade controversy engulfing N.J. Governor Chris Christie?  Allegations have been flying for months that Christie’s cronies ordered lane closures on the G.W. bridge to create commuter chaos in order to punish Fort Lee mayor, Mark Sokolich, a Democrat, who did not endorse Christie in the run-up to the November election.

Here’s a time line, which includes Governor Christie’s repeated denials.

This morning, emails from Christie’s associates leaked, showing they orchestrated the closure, yes, to punish Fort Lee’s mayor:

To this point, Chris Christie has treated the George Washington Bridge closure story as a joke, and national reporters have regarded it as a minor irritation. The public release of e-mails among his staff changes all that. The e-mails prove that Christie’s loyalists closed the bridge deliberately as political retribution, not as a “traffic study” as claimed. They display an almost comical venality bordering on outright sociopathy. And they will probably destroy Christie’s chances in 2016.

The bridge story itself, while small in nature, reveals a political culture around Christie of people who have no business holding power. Bridget Anne Kelly, a deputy on Christie’s senior staff, e-mailed David Wildstein, a Christie appointee on the Port Authority, which runs the George Washington Bridge, instructing, “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.” The resulting hours-long traffic jams worried public officials and created a safety hazard. Wildstein proceeded to gloat over the punishment.


Several things come together to make this scandal especially devastating to Christie. One is that it’s very easy for voters to understand: He punished a town because its mayor endorsed his rival. There are no complex financial transfers or legal maneuverings to parse. Second, it fits into a broader pattern of behavior, documented by the New York Times, of taking retribution against politicians who cross him in any way.


Christie comes off like an immature, petty bully.  Not only that, he was wining handily in the polls.  He didn’t need the mayor’s endorsement when he did this.  I can only wonder what he’d do if he was sitting in the White House and he felt really, really threatened.  I mean, do we want to turn control of the NSA over to this guy?

The messages are replete with references and insults to Fort Lee’s mayor, who had failed to endorse Christie for re-election and they chronicle how local officials tried to reach the Port Authority in a vain effort to eliminate the paralyzing gridlock that overwhelmed his town of 35,000, which sits in the shadow of the bridge, the world’s busiest.

The documents obtained by The Record raise serious doubts about months of claims by the Christie administration that the September closures of local access lanes to the George Washington Bridge were part of a traffic study initiated solely by the Port Authority. Instead, they show that one of the governor’s top aides was deeply involved in the decision to choke off the borough’s access to the bridge, and they provide the strongest indication yet that it was part of a politically-motivated vendetta—a notion that Christie has publicly denied.

- See more at:

Mark Sokolich
As soon as motorists were stuck in massive traffic jams – blockages that forced Fort Lee and surrounding towns into gridlock for days – many questioned why. The public was told that local lanes leading up to the George Washington Bridge were closed as part of a traffic study by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Since then, lawmakers have held hearings, subpoenaed witnesses and documents, and two top appointees have resigned. Governor Christie has faced months of questions about the incident. Here is a timeline of events based on emails, text messages and other documents obtained by The Record, as well as public statements by Christie and others. – See more at:
As soon as motorists were stuck in massive traffic jams – blockages that forced Fort Lee and surrounding towns into gridlock for days – many questioned why. The public was told that local lanes leading up to the George Washington Bridge were closed as part of a traffic study by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Since then, lawmakers have held hearings, subpoenaed witnesses and documents, and two top appointees have resigned. Governor Christie has faced months of questions about the incident. Here is a timeline of events based on emails, text messages and other documents obtained by The Record, as well as public statements by Christie and others. – See more at:

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Ted Cruz, Ashamed of His so-Called Filibuster, Blames Government Shutdown on Democrats

Ted Cruz via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Ted Cruz wants to be the President of the United States of America.  In September he staged a so-called “filibuster” and bullied his Republicon colleagues into going along with his plan to shut the government down. We the People saw through his egomaniacal grandstanding; polls showed it was a bust for both Cruz and the GOP.

Now, Cruz, who is counting on his followers being idiots and not knowing how to do the Google, is trying to cover his sorry ass:

Cruz Still Blames Shutdown On Democrats

Presidential material or not even trust worthy as a dog catcher? I vote for the latter.

Geezus.  What a slimebag.


December 29, 2013 at 8:18 PM 1 comment

In Homage to Nelson Mandela, Rush Limbaugh Rips Civil Rights Leaders

Remember when the Republican Party said it had to “rebrand” its message and they came out with their “Growth and Opportunity Project?”

The RNC’s Growth and Opportunity Project, an effort to take the existing party engine and give it a top-to-bottom tuneup, has solutions that include: A $10 million-dollar effort to better connect with minority communities…

That was in March.

This would be the speaker of the Republican party today:

Rush Limbaugh via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Limbaugh Uses Mandela’s Death To Slam U.S. Civil Rights Leaders

Yo, GOP: Good luck.

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Gotta Find a New Search Engine

Ugh.  If we aren’t going to get money out of our elections, I wish a $330 billion company that funded flaming progressive organizations would come along sometime (soon):

Google Logo

Google, the tech giant supposedly guided by its “don’t be evil” motto, has been funding a growing list of groups advancing the agenda of the Koch brothers.

Organizations that received “substantial” funding from Google for the first time over the past year include Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, the Federalist Society, the American Conservative Union (best known for its CPAC conference) and the political arm of the Heritage Foundation that led the charge to shut down the government over the Affordable Care Act: Heritage Action.


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Obama’s SEC Says Disclosing Corporate Political Spending Isn’t a Priority

$  $  $  $  $  $  $  $

I wouldn’t be surprised if this were to happen under a Republican but under Mr. Constitutional lawyer Obama?  It’s a disgrace. Maybe it’s just me but I expect Democrats to have higher standards — standards that tilt toward We the Little People and away from the corporatocracy and the rich having all the freakin’ advantages.

This is just fucking infuriating.

SEC Drops Disclosure of Corporate Political Spending From its Priority List

Missing from the Security and Exchange Commission’s list of regulatory priorities for the coming year is any plan to consider whether public companies should disclose their political spending, a setback for investor advocates who rallied behind the cause.

A “set back for investor advocates?”  How about a set back for people like you and me who donate $10, $15, $20 and want to know what we’re up against?

Last year around this time, when the SEC released its 2013 to-do list, it signaled that it might consider formally proposing a rule to require the spending disclosures. But the item slipped off the 2014 agenda released this past week without any formal explanation.


Geezus.  Don’t get me started.

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Uh Oh — Chris Christie Supported a Ban On Assault Weapons

Red hot Wingnut / Teabagger alert here:

Chris Christie support ban on assault weapons via TheGarance on Twitter

(Image via TheGarance on Twitter)

More on this and other so-called “missteps” in Christie’s political career here.

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Glenn Beck to Chris Christie: Help Us!

Here’s Glenn Beck in May, 2010.

I’m thinking this audio could be relevant in roughly August, 2016.


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Who Owns Your State?

Finance owns mine.

Not good.

Finance owns the planet.

What Industry Owns Your State?Notice that Ohio and Massachusetts are the only states where manufacturing reigns.  Michigan should be in that category, but no.  Real estate reigns there.  Investors are buying cheap properties because manufacturing is dead. Workers are are moving out (because investors moved jobs overseas to increase profit via cheap labor) and in the end, those investors will make yet another a killing on the homes of the people who’ve left because of what they  — the investors and their friends in Washington — did.

What a deal…for them, that is.

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Republicans: Fer Sure, Obamacare is Dead

Republicans who were stunned Romney didn’t win last November (the polls were “skewed!”) didn’t learn a thing.  If they can’t pull their heads out of the closed loop belief that people who watch Faux and listen to Limbaugh are representative of Americans as a whole, they’re going to be pedaling up hill for a long time.

My Tweet of the Day:

Obamacare is Dead 13-25-13Sure is fun to watch though.


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When Americans See Teabagger Darlings in Action, They Don’t Like What They See

I’m so old I can remember when Ted Cruz was going to be the Republican party’s savior and Mike Lee was going to be his backup:

Laughing 1-25-11

Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) favorability rating has collapsed as the public has become more familiar with him, according to a Gallup survey released on Thursday.

The survey found that 26 percent have a favorable view of the Texas Republican, against 36 percent unfavorable. That makes 62 percent of the public that has an opinion on Cruz, up from 42 percent in June, when 24 percent had a favorable view of him against 18 percent unfavorable – a 16-point negative swing.

The Gallup poll comes on the heels of a Brigham Young University survey that found Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) losing favor in his home state. Lee has seen a 20-point negative swing in his favorability rating from the same poll in June, and now sits at 40 percent favorable and 51 percent unfavorable in Utah.

Lee and Cruz led the charge in provoking a government shutdown over the funding of ObamaCare.


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Right Ramps up Hillary Clinton Smear Machine

Hillary Clinton via Department of State

(Image via U.S. Department of State)

My, my, my.  Interesting that we haven’t heard from good ol’ Gennifer Flowers for years but — what a coincidence (wink, wink) — she’s baaaack, just in time to set the Hillary Clinton smear machine in motion ahead of the 2016 presidential election.  I wonder who’s paying her:

Their 12-year affair made Gennifer Flowers one of the most high profile mistresses in America. Now, two decades after they split amid scandal, the former news reporter from Little Rock, Arkansas wants to ‘sit down and talk’ with Bill Clinton.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Gennifer has spoken of her deep regret at turning down Clinton’s pleas to talk some eight years ago and revealed her belief that they would still be together today, were it not the birth of Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea.

She said: ‘We have some unresolved issues that it would be nice to sit down and talk about now. He was the love of my life and I was the love of his life and you don’t get over those things.’


Gennifer said: ‘I don’t know Huma or the Weiners. I just know what Bill told me and that was that he was aware that Hillary was bisexual and he didn’t care. He should know.

He said Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had.’


Yep, that familiar narrative:  Any woman who’s as powerful, secure and forceful as Hillary is has GOT to be a lesbian, or at the very, very least, bisexual.  Therefore, she’s an “other” so don’t vote for her!  She’s creepy.

And poor Gennifer Flowers. What a pitiful figure.  She has built her life on having had an affair with Bill Clinton.  Sad.



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Peter King (Woohah-NY) Announces His Presidential Bid

Hahahahahah.  You’ll recognize Peter King if you watch any cable news, especially Fox:

Peter King via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Rep. Pete King of Long Island:  I am Running for President

During an interview on a New Hampshire radio station, the New York Republican became the first GOP member to throw his hat into the ring for 2016.

King, making the second of four scheduled visits to the state in the summer and fall, told a New Hampshire radio station on Friday that he’s here “because now I’m running for President.”


Talk about being inside the Fox/Limbaugh bubble, King is so ensconced in it he actually thinks he has a chance to win.  SO FUNNY!

Here are a few of King’s choicer quotes.  The guy is a reactionary, paranoid nut and far from the smartest taco on the plate.



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