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Conservatives Donate Almost $3M to Potential Prez Candidate Who Doesn’t Seem to Want to Run

Ben Carson via Ben Carson on Twitter

(Image via Ben Carson on Twitter)

Marketing Wizards Make Millions Off the Movement. Is it Money Well Spent?

Amid the clattering circus that is CPAC, the soft-spoken neurosurgeon greeting supporters in the corner of an exhibition hall made an unlikely star. But the crowd couldn’t get enough of Dr. Ben Carson. His face was everywhere: stamped on room keys, plastered on the sides of buses and emblazoned on T-shirts. Supporters lined up for a chance to shake hands with the man who denounced Democratic policies in front of President Obama at last year’s National Prayer Breakfast.

The National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, which paid for the paraphernalia and drummed up the frenzy, is an unlikely juggernaut. It has no headquarters, few paid staffers and no known affiliation with Carson, who shows little sign of wanting to become a candidate. Yet the group has raked in $2.8 million from 47,000 donors during its first six months.


I guess one could make a comparison here to Hillary Clinton but heck, she has shown signs of “wanting to be come a candidate.”

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When You’re Embarrassed to Admit You’re a Republican

GOP Dinasour

After the 2012 elections, when Republicans and conservatives spent more than $1 billion trying and failing to unseat President Obama and win back the Senate, they concluded that they had fallen dangerously behind Democrats in the realm of technology. Now, with midterm elections just nine months away, the right is investing tens of millions of dollars to match the interactive platforms, grass-roots databases and sophisticated data analytics that allowed Democrats to identify voters, reach them with precision and persuade them to vote.

But first, the Republicans need the talent. In an industry where partisan politics has little cachet, and where prominent Republicans — like Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard — are relatively rare, the task of finding skilled programmers and engineers has fallen to scouts like Mr. Ginn.

Mr. Ginn, who worked on Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, describes himself as socially and fiscally conservative. But not right away. Instead, he takes a back-door approach to finding like-minded people with tech skills. He picks gently around the issues, rarely even mentioning the party name. “I avoid saying ‘Republican’ so people don’t think I’m part of crazy right-wing stuff,” Mr. Ginn said.

He added: “People have branding trauma. If I identify myself as this, they think I am best friends with Sarah Palin.”


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Christie: He Knew, He’s Done

First this:

Christie Knew About Lane Closings, Ex-Port Authority Official Says

The former Port Authority official who personally oversaw the lane closings on the George Washington Bridge in the scandal now swirling around Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said on Friday that the governor knew about the lane closings when they were happening, and that he had the evidence to prove it.


And here’s the headline on Drudge.  If Drudge is putting it this way, Christie truly is done:

Drudge re Christie 1-31-14

(Image via

Here’s the letter (pdf).

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Ted Cruz Thinks We’re as Dumb as a Rock

Ted Cruz had the gall to tell a bold-faced lie on CBS this morning thinking, apparently, that people who hear it are too dumb to know it is a lie.  Or else he doesn’t care that he’s known as an outright liar which tells me that he’s a pretty scary dude.

Then again, it’s also a testament to how absolutely awful our so-called-news media has become i.e., it’s outrageous that a politician feels he or she can tell a humongous lie on live television and not have the show’s host jump up and down and scream in disgust.

Tweet of the Day 1-26-14

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Chris Christie: It’s the Liberal Media’s Fault — Of Course

Chris Christie thinks we’re idiots.  Let’s prove him wrong.  If the U.S. attorney thinks the mayor of Hoboken should be taken seriously, at least initially, we should too.  This “liberal media” bullshit is meant to deflect attention ——-> over there and away <——– from Christie.

The “liberal media” meme was conjured up 30-yearsago by Republicans who didn’t like that the truth was being told about their ideas and policies. The “liberal media” has thus, over time, ducked it’s head and been cowed, endlessly trying to prove it isn’t liberal by going overboard in siding with conservatives.  It’s scared to death of being called “the liberal media.”  This has been exacerbated by Democrats who are too chicken shit to fight back.


Since when does Fox so-called-News feel scared or intimidated about being the voice of wingnuts?  Never.

So, yes, maybe MSNBC is liberal but that’s okay. We need freakin’ balance around here but don’t get me started on the media as a whole being “liberal.”  I wish.

Tweet of the Day 1-19-14

BTW, here’s a link to the article cited in the tweet:  US Attorney Inquiry Into Christie Widens.

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This is Gonna Wreck Chris Christie’s Day

A few days ago I read a headline implying that people aren’t paying attention to the Chris Christie/”Bridgegate” scandal.

Chris Christie via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

This would seem to belie that:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie dominated the news cycle last week, and a new analysis finds he also dominated the conversation on Facebook.

The words “Chris Christie” were mentioned on the social network almost three times as often as “Justin Bieber” from last Wednesday to this past Wednesday, according to CNN, and almost six times as often as “A-Rod.”

Christie was mentioned in comments, messages and posts on Facebook 271,000 times in that span, versus 104,000 for the pop singer and 44,000 for the Yankees third baseman.



Not good news for ol’ Chris.

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Chris Christy for Prez? Maybe Not

Chris Christie via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Have you heard about the early-September, 2013 Fort Lee, New Jersey, George Washington gridge blockade controversy engulfing N.J. Governor Chris Christie?  Allegations have been flying for months that Christie’s cronies ordered lane closures on the G.W. bridge to create commuter chaos in order to punish Fort Lee mayor, Mark Sokolich, a Democrat, who did not endorse Christie in the run-up to the November election.

Here’s a time line, which includes Governor Christie’s repeated denials.

This morning, emails from Christie’s associates leaked, showing they orchestrated the closure, yes, to punish Fort Lee’s mayor:

To this point, Chris Christie has treated the George Washington Bridge closure story as a joke, and national reporters have regarded it as a minor irritation. The public release of e-mails among his staff changes all that. The e-mails prove that Christie’s loyalists closed the bridge deliberately as political retribution, not as a “traffic study” as claimed. They display an almost comical venality bordering on outright sociopathy. And they will probably destroy Christie’s chances in 2016.

The bridge story itself, while small in nature, reveals a political culture around Christie of people who have no business holding power. Bridget Anne Kelly, a deputy on Christie’s senior staff, e-mailed David Wildstein, a Christie appointee on the Port Authority, which runs the George Washington Bridge, instructing, “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.” The resulting hours-long traffic jams worried public officials and created a safety hazard. Wildstein proceeded to gloat over the punishment.


Several things come together to make this scandal especially devastating to Christie. One is that it’s very easy for voters to understand: He punished a town because its mayor endorsed his rival. There are no complex financial transfers or legal maneuverings to parse. Second, it fits into a broader pattern of behavior, documented by the New York Times, of taking retribution against politicians who cross him in any way.


Christie comes off like an immature, petty bully.  Not only that, he was wining handily in the polls.  He didn’t need the mayor’s endorsement when he did this.  I can only wonder what he’d do if he was sitting in the White House and he felt really, really threatened.  I mean, do we want to turn control of the NSA over to this guy?

The messages are replete with references and insults to Fort Lee’s mayor, who had failed to endorse Christie for re-election and they chronicle how local officials tried to reach the Port Authority in a vain effort to eliminate the paralyzing gridlock that overwhelmed his town of 35,000, which sits in the shadow of the bridge, the world’s busiest.

The documents obtained by The Record raise serious doubts about months of claims by the Christie administration that the September closures of local access lanes to the George Washington Bridge were part of a traffic study initiated solely by the Port Authority. Instead, they show that one of the governor’s top aides was deeply involved in the decision to choke off the borough’s access to the bridge, and they provide the strongest indication yet that it was part of a politically-motivated vendetta—a notion that Christie has publicly denied.

- See more at:

Mark Sokolich
As soon as motorists were stuck in massive traffic jams – blockages that forced Fort Lee and surrounding towns into gridlock for days – many questioned why. The public was told that local lanes leading up to the George Washington Bridge were closed as part of a traffic study by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Since then, lawmakers have held hearings, subpoenaed witnesses and documents, and two top appointees have resigned. Governor Christie has faced months of questions about the incident. Here is a timeline of events based on emails, text messages and other documents obtained by The Record, as well as public statements by Christie and others. – See more at:
As soon as motorists were stuck in massive traffic jams – blockages that forced Fort Lee and surrounding towns into gridlock for days – many questioned why. The public was told that local lanes leading up to the George Washington Bridge were closed as part of a traffic study by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Since then, lawmakers have held hearings, subpoenaed witnesses and documents, and two top appointees have resigned. Governor Christie has faced months of questions about the incident. Here is a timeline of events based on emails, text messages and other documents obtained by The Record, as well as public statements by Christie and others. – See more at:

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Ted Cruz, Ashamed of His so-Called Filibuster, Blames Government Shutdown on Democrats

Ted Cruz via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Ted Cruz wants to be the President of the United States of America.  In September he staged a so-called “filibuster” and bullied his Republicon colleagues into going along with his plan to shut the government down. We the People saw through his egomaniacal grandstanding; polls showed it was a bust for both Cruz and the GOP.

Now, Cruz, who is counting on his followers being idiots and not knowing how to do the Google, is trying to cover his sorry ass:

Cruz Still Blames Shutdown On Democrats

Presidential material or not even trust worthy as a dog catcher? I vote for the latter.

Geezus.  What a slimebag.


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In Homage to Nelson Mandela, Rush Limbaugh Rips Civil Rights Leaders

Remember when the Republican Party said it had to “rebrand” its message and they came out with their “Growth and Opportunity Project?”

The RNC’s Growth and Opportunity Project, an effort to take the existing party engine and give it a top-to-bottom tuneup, has solutions that include: A $10 million-dollar effort to better connect with minority communities…

That was in March.

This would be the speaker of the Republican party today:

Rush Limbaugh via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Limbaugh Uses Mandela’s Death To Slam U.S. Civil Rights Leaders

Yo, GOP: Good luck.

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Gotta Find a New Search Engine

Ugh.  If we aren’t going to get money out of our elections, I wish a $330 billion company that funded flaming progressive organizations would come along sometime (soon):

Google Logo

Google, the tech giant supposedly guided by its “don’t be evil” motto, has been funding a growing list of groups advancing the agenda of the Koch brothers.

Organizations that received “substantial” funding from Google for the first time over the past year include Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, the Federalist Society, the American Conservative Union (best known for its CPAC conference) and the political arm of the Heritage Foundation that led the charge to shut down the government over the Affordable Care Act: Heritage Action.


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Obama’s SEC Says Disclosing Corporate Political Spending Isn’t a Priority

$  $  $  $  $  $  $  $

I wouldn’t be surprised if this were to happen under a Republican but under Mr. Constitutional lawyer Obama?  It’s a disgrace. Maybe it’s just me but I expect Democrats to have higher standards — standards that tilt toward We the Little People and away from the corporatocracy and the rich having all the freakin’ advantages.

This is just fucking infuriating.

SEC Drops Disclosure of Corporate Political Spending From its Priority List

Missing from the Security and Exchange Commission’s list of regulatory priorities for the coming year is any plan to consider whether public companies should disclose their political spending, a setback for investor advocates who rallied behind the cause.

A “set back for investor advocates?”  How about a set back for people like you and me who donate $10, $15, $20 and want to know what we’re up against?

Last year around this time, when the SEC released its 2013 to-do list, it signaled that it might consider formally proposing a rule to require the spending disclosures. But the item slipped off the 2014 agenda released this past week without any formal explanation.


Geezus.  Don’t get me started.

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Uh Oh — Chris Christie Supported a Ban On Assault Weapons

Red hot Wingnut / Teabagger alert here:

Chris Christie support ban on assault weapons via TheGarance on Twitter

(Image via TheGarance on Twitter)

More on this and other so-called “missteps” in Christie’s political career here.

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Glenn Beck to Chris Christie: Help Us!

Here’s Glenn Beck in May, 2010.

I’m thinking this audio could be relevant in roughly August, 2016.


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Who Owns Your State?

Finance owns mine.

Not good.

Finance owns the planet.

What Industry Owns Your State?Notice that Ohio and Massachusetts are the only states where manufacturing reigns.  Michigan should be in that category, but no.  Real estate reigns there.  Investors are buying cheap properties because manufacturing is dead. Workers are are moving out (because investors moved jobs overseas to increase profit via cheap labor) and in the end, those investors will make yet another a killing on the homes of the people who’ve left because of what they  — the investors and their friends in Washington — did.

What a deal…for them, that is.

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Republicans: Fer Sure, Obamacare is Dead

Republicans who were stunned Romney didn’t win last November (the polls were “skewed!”) didn’t learn a thing.  If they can’t pull their heads out of the closed loop belief that people who watch Faux and listen to Limbaugh are representative of Americans as a whole, they’re going to be pedaling up hill for a long time.

My Tweet of the Day:

Obamacare is Dead 13-25-13Sure is fun to watch though.


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When Americans See Teabagger Darlings in Action, They Don’t Like What They See

I’m so old I can remember when Ted Cruz was going to be the Republican party’s savior and Mike Lee was going to be his backup:

Laughing 1-25-11

Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) favorability rating has collapsed as the public has become more familiar with him, according to a Gallup survey released on Thursday.

The survey found that 26 percent have a favorable view of the Texas Republican, against 36 percent unfavorable. That makes 62 percent of the public that has an opinion on Cruz, up from 42 percent in June, when 24 percent had a favorable view of him against 18 percent unfavorable – a 16-point negative swing.

The Gallup poll comes on the heels of a Brigham Young University survey that found Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) losing favor in his home state. Lee has seen a 20-point negative swing in his favorability rating from the same poll in June, and now sits at 40 percent favorable and 51 percent unfavorable in Utah.

Lee and Cruz led the charge in provoking a government shutdown over the funding of ObamaCare.


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Right Ramps up Hillary Clinton Smear Machine

Hillary Clinton via Department of State

(Image via U.S. Department of State)

My, my, my.  Interesting that we haven’t heard from good ol’ Gennifer Flowers for years but — what a coincidence (wink, wink) — she’s baaaack, just in time to set the Hillary Clinton smear machine in motion ahead of the 2016 presidential election.  I wonder who’s paying her:

Their 12-year affair made Gennifer Flowers one of the most high profile mistresses in America. Now, two decades after they split amid scandal, the former news reporter from Little Rock, Arkansas wants to ‘sit down and talk’ with Bill Clinton.

In an exclusive interview with MailOnline, Gennifer has spoken of her deep regret at turning down Clinton’s pleas to talk some eight years ago and revealed her belief that they would still be together today, were it not the birth of Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea.

She said: ‘We have some unresolved issues that it would be nice to sit down and talk about now. He was the love of my life and I was the love of his life and you don’t get over those things.’


Gennifer said: ‘I don’t know Huma or the Weiners. I just know what Bill told me and that was that he was aware that Hillary was bisexual and he didn’t care. He should know.

He said Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had.’


Yep, that familiar narrative:  Any woman who’s as powerful, secure and forceful as Hillary is has GOT to be a lesbian, or at the very, very least, bisexual.  Therefore, she’s an “other” so don’t vote for her!  She’s creepy.

And poor Gennifer Flowers. What a pitiful figure.  She has built her life on having had an affair with Bill Clinton.  Sad.



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Peter King (Woohah-NY) Announces His Presidential Bid

Hahahahahah.  You’ll recognize Peter King if you watch any cable news, especially Fox:

Peter King via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Rep. Pete King of Long Island:  I am Running for President

During an interview on a New Hampshire radio station, the New York Republican became the first GOP member to throw his hat into the ring for 2016.

King, making the second of four scheduled visits to the state in the summer and fall, told a New Hampshire radio station on Friday that he’s here “because now I’m running for President.”


Talk about being inside the Fox/Limbaugh bubble, King is so ensconced in it he actually thinks he has a chance to win.  SO FUNNY!

Here are a few of King’s choicer quotes.  The guy is a reactionary, paranoid nut and far from the smartest taco on the plate.



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GOP: Do it! Do it! Do it!

My Tweets of the Day:

Tweet #1 8-15-13

Tweet 32 8-15-13

Do it GOP.  Please.  Pretty please!

(OMG.  The GOP is still living in the closed Faux / Limbaugh / Hannity loop it was in last year.  That “rebranding” ain’t going all that well.  Actually, it ain’t going anywhere at all, which indicates to me that kids are at the helm.)

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Get Ready For Two Years of Trump-Might-Run Coverage Even Though Everyone Knows He Won’t

It would be one thing if “E! News” did this but when the supposed “real” news outlets do it it’s pretty disgusting.  In short, get ready to get played:

Donald Trump's Hair

Here we go again.

More than three years ahead of the 2016 election, Donald Trump is already hinting at a presidential run, and the media — though certain this time around that he can’t be serious — are covering it anyway.

Dubbed a “sideshow” by NBC’s Chuck Todd and a “serial presidential campaign explorer” by CBS News, Trump is being accused by the press of engaging in yet another publicity stunt. “Folks,” the NBC News political team flatly declared this week, “he isn’t going to run.”

But don’t for one second think that means an end to Trump coverage. And lots of it.

Even as reporters suggest that Trump should not be taken seriously, many media organizations continue to cover him as a potential legitimate candidate, as they did in 2012. The reason for that is something Trump, the executive producer and host of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” is very familiar with: ratings.

“How many times do people have to fall for this game?” asked Rick Wilson, a Republican consultant. “Everyone knows this, and no one seems to be able to resist covering the spectacle, because Donald Trump – the brand – isn’t ever forced to post up against political reality. He’s a master marketer and brand-manager, and he’s learned that the media loves the bluster and the bullshit, even with the full knowledge he’s not going to ever, ever, ever pull the trigger on the race.”

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In the Tea Party, Republicans Created a Monster That is Killing Them

I’m headed out the door but I wanted to alert everyone to this must-read article about Mitch McConnell specifically and the Republican party in general.  In sort, the Tea Party has the GOP by the balls and it’s going to be hell around here until at least November, 2016.

A Pathetic Day for the Republican Party

McConnell holding nose 8-9-13

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Thanks to Nancy Pelosi, the Government Will Keep Spying on Us


Enough already:

Nancy Pelosi via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

The obituary of Rep. Justin Amash’s amendment to claw back the sweeping powers of the National Security Agency has largely been written as a victory for the White House and NSA chief Keith Alexander, who lobbied the Hill aggressively in the days and hours ahead of Wednesday’s shockingly close vote. But Hill sources say most of the credit for the amendment’s defeat goes to someone else: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. It’s an odd turn, considering that Pelosi has been, on many occasions, a vocal surveillance critic.

Not exactly. If the author of this article had done just a wee bit of The Google, he’d have learned how fake Pelosi’s criticism was, this from Glenn Greenwald:  Democratic Establishment Unmasked: Prime Defenders of NSA Bulk Spying.

Bottom line?   We’ve been punked.

Ahead of the razor-thin 205-217 vote, which would have severely limited the NSA’s ability to collect data on Americans’ telephone records if passed, Pelosi privately and aggressively lobbied wayward Democrats to torpedo the amendment.


“Pelosi had a big effect on more middle-of-the road hawkish Democrats who didn’t want to be identified with a bunch of lefties [voting for the amendment],” said the aide.


Shorter: Liberal San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi gave cover to “more middle-of-the-road hawkish Democrats” to vote to continue the spy program, instead of leading them in the other direction.

Going back to Glenn Greenwald (link above):

None of this should be surprising. Remember: this is the same Nancy Pelosi who spent years during the Bush administration pretending to be a vehement opponent of the illegal Bush NSA warrantless eavesdropping program after it was revealed by the New York Times, even though (just as was true of the Bush torture program) she was secretly briefed on it many years earlier when it was first implemented. At the end of June, we published the top secret draft report by the Inspector General’s office of the NSA that was required to provide a comprehensive history of the NSA warrantless eavesdropping program secretly ordered by Bush in late 2001. That report included this passage:

“Within the first 30 days of the Program, over 190 people were cleared into the Program. This number included Senators Robert Graham and Richard Shelby, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney, Counsel to the Vice President David Addington, and Presidential Assistant I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby.”

Okay.  That’s it.  If Nancy Pelosi can’t stand for the difference between Democrats and Republicans I give up.

I’m not leaving the Democratic party.  They party’s leaving me.

I hitchhiked from Michigan to D.C. in the early 70s to protest the Vietnam War.  Democrats like George McGovern and Eugene McCarthy stood with us.  The differences between the parties were clear.

Nancy Pelosi is a Democrat?  No way.

Democrats are melding with Republicans and it’s got to stop.

We desperately need new blood.  (But good luck with that what with Citizens United huh?  Geezus.  We’re in a big freakin’ fix.)


The things I posted above happened on Wednesday, July 24.  This would be Nancy Pelosi scrambling like a penguin stuck on ice today:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is circulating to fellow Democrats a letter she intends to send to President Obama outlinging [sic] their concerns over the National Security Agency’s phone surveillance.

The letter asks the president to “explore options which will preserve Americans’ privacy and civil liberties while protecting our national security.”


Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

Bye Nancy.  You’ve burned my bridge.

July 25, 2013 at 8:05 PM 1 comment

Doesn’t Look Like Republican “Rebranding” Is Going All That Well

This is bad, bad, bad news for Republicans but what’s also bad, bad, bad news is that it’s true:


New Poll: Latino voters strongly reject anti-immigrant posturing from House Republicans

New polling results released today show clear evidence that Latino voters now believe that the anti-immigrant voices in the House are not isolated individuals but that many Republicans in Congress hold these views.  When hearing a quote from Republican Mo Brooks, “There is a surefire way to create jobs now for American citizens: evict all illegal aliens from America” 77% of Latino voters said it gives them a less favorable view of the overall Republican Party.  After hearing quotes from eight different House Republicans, 66% of Latino voters said the anti-immigrant quotes represent “many Republicans in Congress” compared to 27% who said they represent only a few isolated individuals.

Latinos Blame R's for AntiImmigrant lingo

(Image via

More info and interesting graphs here.

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House Republicans Getting Ready to Kill Immigration Reform

It looks like House Republicans are going to kill immigration reform so on that note, here’s my Tweet of the Day:

Tweeet of the Day 7-10-13

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Donald Trump in the Midst of Swindling the Scottish People

Donald Trump's Hair

(Image via

The American entrepreneur Donald Trump has failed to deliver on pledges to create thousands of jobs through a supposed billion-pound investment that were key to planning approval for his hugely controversial Scottish golf resort, an investigation has found.

By his own admission, Mr Trump has created no more than 200 of his promised 6,000 jobs and is thought to have spent just £25m on the scheme while bulldozing environmentally sensitive areas of the Scottish coast, according to a new analysis of the scheme’s finances.


Mr. Trump’s failure so far to deliver his vision does not appear to have harmed his own interests. It is believed the planning permissions for the land have helped boost the value of his Scottish estate, bought for £7m, by at least £100m.


So Trump told local authorities that his “vision” would create 6,000 jobs so they approved Trump “bulldozing environmentally sensitive areas of the Scottish coast,” and now that promise has fallen flat on its face.

What an SOB.

July 8, 2013 at 1:16 PM 3 comments

The Guy Who Wants to be President Thinks He’s King Now

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s power seems to have gone to this head:

Bob McDonnell image via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell (R) and his wife, Maureen, have used taxpayer money for a range of small personal items they should have paid for themselves under state policy, according to spending records.

The McDonnells have billed the state for body wash, sunscreen, dog vitamins and a digestive system “detox cleanse,” the records show. They also have used state employees to run personal errands for their adult children. In the middle of a workday, for example, a staffer retrieved Rachel McDonnell’s newly hemmed pants at a tailoring shop nine miles from the governor’s mansion. Another time, a state worker was dispatched to a dry cleaner 20 miles away to pick up a storage box for Cailin McDonnell’s wedding dress.

About six months into the governor’s term, the official who oversees mansion spending told the McDonnells that they should not have charged taxpayers for a number of expenses, including deodorant, shoe repairs and dry-cleaning their children’s clothing. The official asked the McDonnells to pay the state back more than $300, which they did, and also gave them a refresher on what the state will and won’t provide for occupants of the governor’s mansion.

But since that time, state records show that the McDonnells have continued to let taxpayers pick up the tab for numerous personal items, including vitamins, nasal spray and sleep-inducing elixirs.


I’m glad McDonnell got busted for this.  Hopefully he’ll stop now that this is the second time around.

This is a perfect illustration of the term, “arrogance of power.”  It’s just wrong and I’m sure the state employees who’ve been asked to run errands for McDonnell and his family will be relieved.  That would piss me off no end.

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Clinton Hate is Baaack

Karl Rove’s group, American Crossroads, released this video this morning.  Now come on Darrell Issa, look me in the eye and tell me this whole Benghazi witch hunt isn’t all about politics and the 2016 election.

May 10, 2013 at 8:49 AM 2 comments

C-SPAN Launches “Road to the White House 2016″ Tomorrow

Oh, puleez:

C-SPAN logo

For those who still think it’s too soon to be talking about 2016 … tough luck.

On Friday, C-SPAN will start branding events with likely presidential hopefuls as “Road to the White House 2016.” The series starts tomorrow with footage of speeches by Vice President Joe Biden and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in South Carolina, and will continue with other events later this month.

This is an unusually early start date for the series, which normally gets under way about two years ahead of Election Day. C-SPAN’s “Road to the White House 2012″ didn’t start until Aug. 3, 2010.

News organizations have been hyping the 2016 presidential contest since before the 2012 election, and not a day goes by where there isn’t some talk of politicians’ presidential ambitions. But now, with C-SPAN on board, I think it’s fair to say that the race is truly on.


Can you hear me screaming?

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GOP Leaders Totally Opposed to the Desires of We the People

There’s this (note the last paragraph):

Letter to Reid 3-26-13The last paragraph reads:

We will oppose the motion to proceed to any legislation that will serve as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions.

Larger version here.

And there’s this:

90% Support background checks via wapo .com



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Jeb Bush: Conservatives Should Be Nice When they Deny Equal Rights to Gay People

I guess this is what Republicans mean when they say they’re “rebranding” their party:  Continue to deny gays and lesbians equal rights but be nice about it:

Jeb Bush AFP

(Image via AFP)

“I know for a fact that as it relates to gay marriage and other social issues there is growing divergence of opinion on this. When we talk about it, we ought to talk about it with a different tone — and we ought to talk about it recognizing that there is more than one point of view, and we should talk about it in a way that is not judgmental.

If we can get to that point where people who have diverging points of view and express them in a civil way, the conservative coalition can stay intact.”



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