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Itty-Bitty Baby Gorilla Reacts to a Cold Stethoscope

Look at that face! This little guy reacts just like you or I would:

Via Science Porn

(Image via @SciencePorn on Twitter)

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Drone v. Hawk (Hawk Wins)

We humans think we’re so cool but maybe we’ve got a thing or two coming (love this):

On Oct 8th, I was flying my quadcopter at Magazine Beach Park in Cambridge, when a hawk decided he wasn’t too happy with my invasion of his airspace…

As far as I could tell, the hawk came out unscathed, and having defeated his prey, was happy to retreat. (As soon as he flew at me, I throttled down the props to try to minimize any harm to the bird.) The quadcopter came out unscathed as well.



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Image: 35,000 Walrus Resting on an Alaskan Beach

What an amazing photo but the story behind it is heartbreaking:

Image NOAA via

(Image: NOAA via

In this aerial photo taken on Sept. 27, 2014, and provided by NOAA, some 35,000 walrus gather on shore near Point Lay, Alaska. Pacific walrus looking for places to rest in the absence of sea ice are coming to shore in record numbers on Alaska’s northwest coast. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirms an estimated 35,000 walrus wer photographed Saturday about 700 miles northwest of Anchorage. The enormous gathering was spotted during NOAA’s annual arctic marine mammal aerial survey.


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A Cow and…a Dog in a Stroller

The focus of this video is apparently the cow, taking a walk with its guardian, but what I love is the dog in the stroller:



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Break Time: Artist Incorporates His Pet Terrier Into His Work

These are darling.

From Rafael Mantesso on Instagram:

Rafael Mantessso via instagram

(Image via

Way more cuteness here.



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Supremely Calm British Wildlife Worker Must Deal With Angry Father Sawn to Rescue Baby Swan (a/k/a a Cygnet)

Love this guy:

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A Photo or Drawing of Every Animal That Has Gone Extinct in the Last 100 Years

Go here to see photographs or drawings of every animal (that we know of) that has gone extinct over the last 100 years.  Fascinating and heartbreaking.

In 2012, we lost the magnificent Pinta Island Tortoise.  How old must this guy be and what secrets might he have told us?

Pinta Island Tortise

(Image Flickr/Putneymark via


In 1964 we lost the Mexican Grizzly Bear:

Mexican Grizley Bear

(Image:: “Mexico grizzlies” by Mills, Enos Abijah via


See the full list here.  It’s haunting to look at them knowing these beings will never walk the face of the Earth again.

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