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Beautiful Morning Photo


Sunset in South Africa via GlobePics on Twitter

(Image via Globe Pics on Twitter)


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Dog Helps Man Rescue Him From Well

I came across this video over at One Green Planet under the title:  Man Rescues Dog From Old Well Using Just a Rope.  I clicked on the YouTube box and was taken to LiveLeak’s Youtube channel.  LiveLeak posted the video under a similar headline:  Dog Rescued from Old Well.

After I watched the thing, I realized the epic part wasn’t that a man rescued a dog from a well using only a rope, it was that the dog understood what the man was trying to do and he repeatedly held on to the rope with his teeth (he fell back in several times) until he was finally pulled all the way out.

It’s amazing.

I swear, we underestimate our animal brethren.

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An Ant Pushing a Water Droplet


Ant Pushing a water droplet via enthicingpics

(Image via EnticingPics on Twitter)



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Love This Thinking: It’s Illegal to Keep Just One Guinea Pig in Switzerland

Guinea Pigs via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)


I came across this article at TheGuardian earlier today about the happiest countries as ranked by the U.N.:  Which Countries are Happiest?

I clicked on it because, of course, who wouldn’t?  Denmark and Norway are #1 and #2.  Switzerland is #3 (the U.S. is #17).

What caught my eye about Switzerland was this (h/t to Roger, the guinea pig I had when I was about 10-years-old):

It’s illegal to keep just one guinea pig in Switzerland. You must have them in pairs and there is a “rent-a-guinea pig” service to provide companionship for lonely animals in their twilight years.


If a lawmaker here in the U.S. proposed such a law they’d be run out of the country.  For all intents and purposes, animals don’t have rights here.  They aren’t thought of as having feelings or needs.  So bravo Switzerland.  I can only imagine how the thought that guinea pigs need companionship radiates out into your wider society.




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Giraffes are people too (love these faces):

Giraffes via Fascinating Pictures on Twitter

(Image via FascinatingPictures on Twitter)

Look at those eyelashes.  I’m too lazy to look into it right now but I bet they’re meant to protect against blowing sand.




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Queso the Pit Bull Conquers His Fear of Walking Through Doorways

Queso the dog is afraid to go through doorways so he solves that problem in very logical way:


You gotta love dogs!

Oh, and what a great name, huh?


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Friday Puppy

Three weeks ago I threw my back out after moving boxes and boxes of apples at the food bank.  Everyone has apples! around here.  We’ve got apples out the wazoo probably because of last years flood; the ground was soaked and the trees were very happy (that, and we didn’t have a late frost to kill the buds this spring).

Anyway, after another day at the food bank I’m better but still taking aspirin when I can’t stand the gnawing pain anymore (I held out until 2:30 today — hooray).  I’m hoping to feel just a tad better every day (or two) as a sign that things are going the right way.

Not only that, it was 82º in the Denver area this afternoon, “about 1/100 year heat for date” according to Josh Larson, a Colorado weather guy I follow on Twitter so hey, you know, I should be outside.  I’m not outside because I’m staring at this photo. I can’t stop looking at it. SO CUTE!

Here’s a shout-out to all of you who live with chronic pain.  God.  It’s.  Exhausting.

Okay, enough of that.  Happy Friday. Happy fall.  Thanks to the universe for puppies!

Puppy 10-24-14 via Buzzfeed Animals

Image via BuzzfeedAnimals on Twitter)




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