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Political Cartoon of the Day

The political cartoon featured in my local newspaper today is great. It guesses at the conversation Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and President Obama had in Tucson earlier this week during which Governor Brewer stuck her finger in Obama’s face.

Check it out here.  The first line is from Brewer:  “Welcome to the Mecca for hate.  Just kidding!  How was the flight from Kenya?”

Love it.

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Saturday Morning Funnies

Well, in the wake of the S&P downgrade, there’s nothing much we can do so let’s have a little laugh:


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The Debt Ceiling Debate — in Pictures

The history of the debt ceiling debate, in pictures — check it out.  It’s great.

Here’s a taste:

Again, go to the link above to see the whole thing.  We could use a bit of levity around here after such a maddening week.

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The Final Edition of the New York Times

Oh my God.  The people over at Slate put together a website spoofing the “final edition” of the New York Times.  Check it out.  Note the various headlines.  It. Is.  Hilarious.

This is my favorite picture — yep, The Donald still running for prez years from now:

And this is my favorite headline:  Governor Christie Explodes in Trenton:

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey exploded this morning while signing a bill in Trenton officially changing Labor Day to Management Day. Doctors had been warning the Governor for some time that he ran the risk of exploding, not simply from morbid obesity – his weight had climbed from 382 pounds at his inauguration to well over 700 – but also from a colossal build-up of methane in his internal organs due to an inability or unwillingness, to expel bodily waste from his system.


Adipose tissue and fecal matter rained down on Mercer County for several hours after the explosion.


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Cartoon of the Day



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Famous Crybabies

Somebody had to do it:


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Cartoon of the Day


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Vote for That Chicken, Harry Reid

Per Harry Reid siding with Republicans on the mosque issue, here’s the perfect political cartoon for him:

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Helen Thomas: mainstream media “played ball” with Bush administration

Helen Thomas has only been retired 48 hours, but we can already read about what she thinks of the Bush administration and her fellow journalists here…. and it’s not a very high opinion.

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Goldman Sachs Owns the Planet

This “Cartoon Lounge” post from the New Yorker isn’t all that far from the truth.

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Political Cartoon of the Day

Love it.

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Political Cartoon of the Day

Iranian officials silence the media. (Not!)

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New Video from JibJab: “He’s Barack Obama”

Hilarious satirical video by JibJab about President Obama.  It debuted last night (in front of Obama) during the RTCA dinner.  Well done.   (The wingers are going to have a field day with this!)

(FYI – the last minute is an ad for JibJab.)

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Political Cartoon re Health Care

This pretty much sums up what I think about the folks who are soooo opposed to “socialized medicine.”

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Mr. 18% Approval Rating

Dick teaches a dog to “speak.”

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I Feel Your Pain

And I felt it for eight long, dark years.

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