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Dunkin’ Donuts Bucks The Styrofoam Kids Club at its Peril

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Cup

A grade school club that began on the wooded Brookline campus of the Park School has spawned a nationwide campaign urging Dunkin’ Brands to stop using styrofoam.

Last school year, a group of Park School fourth and fifth graders (now headed to fifth and sixth) formed the Kids Styrofoam Club during recess. They subsequently launched a petition that asks the company to eliminate styrofoam from its Dunkin’ Donuts stores by Earth Day of next year. The same petition has now garnered 250,000 signatures on

The club and its faculty advisor will deliver the petition to Dunkin’s Canton headquarters Friday morning. The middle schoolers from the independent school are also scheduled to meet with Dunkin’ staff after they drop off the petition.


Dunkin’ stated during 2012 that it was exploring ways to “roll out an alternative cup that meets our cost, performance and environmental criteria in 2-3 years.”


Dunkin’ Brands, are you serious?  (No you’re not.)  Hundreds of outlets in my town use recyclable cups.  This isn’t all that hard.  It shouldn’t take you “2-3 years” to get it together on that.  Call me.  I’ll show you around.

That said, BRAVO TO THE STYROFOAM KIDS CLUB acting up.  They aim to get things done, unlike corporate IDon’tGiveAShitLazyAsses like ah, Dunkin’ Brands.

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Throw a Shot of a Baby in for Good Measure

Check out this “Generic Brand Video” using stock video meant to make us feel good about a company, any company:


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Gun News Headline of the Day

From the Detroit Free Press:

Handgun Interror of barrel via Wikimeida commons

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Oakland County Man Accidentally Kills Himself Demonstrating Gun Safety

A 36-year-old man from Independence Township apparently shot and killed himself by accident while trying to demonstrate gun safety to his girlfriend after he had been drinking, authorities said.

I would think the first rule when it comes to gun safety is that you don’t demonstrate gun safety after you’ve been drinking.

What a waste of a life.


USA!  USA!  USA!  Guns everywhere.  Woohah. Are we happy now?  (The NRA sure as hell is.)

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Fostering Female Body Loathing — Boob Deodorant

In its never-ending quest to create problems and sell us remedies, the “beauty industry” has decided that women need to wear deodorant under their boobs.  Yep, boob sweat is now a thing:

Fresh Breast for Women via

(“Fresh Breast for Women” via

We’ve heard about women tattooing their nipples, giving their vaginas facials and buying intimate cleansers, but just when you thought beauty products had reached their limits, out comes breast deodorant.

Not one, but three companies are promising their products will eliminate ‘swoobs’ AKA sweaty boobs. “Women can now rest easy,” promises Fresh Body as it advertises its Fresh Breasts deodorant. “We’re replacing ‘swoobs’ – dreaded boob sweat – with smiles!”

Erm … what?

I had no idea boob sweat was even a real thing, let alone something we should all “dread” and spend up to $20 (£12) to eliminate.



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Is Today the Day the Internet Died?

Internet via wikimedia commons

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Unless this ruling, which was handed down this morning, is overturned, Internet providers will begin charging for Internet connections by website, like in cable television packages.  I.e. by (1) the number of channels websites one can access and (2) the desirability/popularity of those channels websites.

This is a very big deal:

The DC Circuit Court has issued a ruling in Verizon v. FCC that is likely the shape the very nature of the internet. At the heart of the case is how the companies that provide internet to consumers can control that flow of information. In 2010, the Federal Communications Commission put forth an order that required “network neutrality,” meaning that internet providers had to treat all packets delivered on the internet as equal. Today, a court ruled that the FCC lacks the authority to impose net neutrality on high-speed internet providers.

Without a net neutrality requirement, service providers could turn internet connections into a toll road, charging companies like Netflix or Google extra money to deliver their packets with a higher priority than others. This, in turn, could also slow down the loading of sites that couldn’t or refused to pay. The biggest fear is a “cable-ization” of the internet, where certain internet providers only provide service to certain sites, in much the way that cable channels are packaged and sold separately.


FreePress has a petition to urge the FCC to fix (as in stop) this.

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Photos Of Workers and Supporters Standing Up To Walmart’s Greed

Walmart First



Walmart 3

Walmart 4

Walmart 5

Walmart 6

Walmart protest A

BRAVO to all these brave and wonderful souls who took the time today to gather and march instead of to freakin’ shop.

(P.S. Memo to anyone who writes about Walmart and to WordPress’s auto correct:  About eight months ago — maybe a year — Walmart dropped the dash from its name.  They’re now just pain Walmart.  See here.)

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The Shutdown Hits the Senate and They’re Crying Like Babies


Bpxed Lunches 10-6-13I invite these poor suffering Senators to hang out with me on any given Friday at the food bank where I volunteer.  A boxed lunch sounds so fresh compared to what the people I see get.

How about some canned chili made with mystery meat that’ll last for a million years and oh, I don’t know, some canned green beans from who-knows-where?  And let’s have some soggy brownish government-issued canned peaches for dessert.

Sounds yummy huh?

Catered meals?  Really?  That’s what you’re used to?

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Kanye West Wears Dead Animal to Paris Fashion Show

It’s amazing to me that there are pockets of society left where wearing a dead animals is still acceptable:

Kanye West EROTEME.CO.UK via

( via

Known as ‘The Louis Vuitton Don’ it would of course only make sense for Kanye West to be at the French fashion house’s Menswear Fall/Winter Collection for 2013/14 show on Thursday.


Holding his head up high, the Watch The Throne genius wore a black T-shirt with a pair of slim fitting black jeans teamed with black trainers.

Wrapping a red and black checked shirt around his waist, West accessorised with a large gold linked chain and a gold grill worn on the bottom row of his teeth.

Standing out from the crowd – as he would have wanted it – Kanye wore a khaki jacket which was beautified with fur lining and a fur large hood.
Sickening.  And what’s a “gold grill worn on the bottom row of his teeth?”
I presume it’s something like this row of gold and diamonds Kanye wore on over his bottom teeth on the Ellen show in 2010.
When I see this kind of gross consumption all I can think of are the folks at the food bank where I volunteer on Friday’s who are so thrilled when we have toothpaste or shampoo or cheese.


January 17, 2013 at 5:19 PM 7 comments

Easter Candy Hits the Stores

Okay, this is ridiculous.  I just got back from the grocery store and guess what I saw there?  A ten foot long display of Easter candy, namely 15 variations of this Cadbury egg.  It’s what, 48-hours since Christmas Day?

Cadbury Cream Egg

Ahhh.  Let me out of here!!

December 27, 2012 at 3:30 PM 2 comments

Happy Buy Nothing Day

Black Friday?  No.  Let’s make the day after Thanksgiving National Buy Nothing Day America!

(This ad was produced in 2006 so the date for Buy Nothing Day — November 26 — is incorrect for this year.)

Again, happy Buy Nothing Day everyone!

November 23, 2012 at 1:28 AM 1 comment

Yo Corporatocracy, Give It a Rest!

Fox (yeah, I know) has been taking an “unscientific” poll all day as to whether stores should open tonight ahead of “Black Friday.”  Love the overwhelmingly clear results:


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The “Holiday Spirit” in the United States, Circa 2012

Can you believe it?  People are already camping out, waiting for those “Black Friday” deals (and the dateline on this article is yesterday for God’s sake, November 19 — only four days to go!):

The most eager of shoppers are already lining up for Black Friday sales at retail stores.

Local newspapers and TV stations from around the country are reporting that folks are camping out in tents in front of Best Buy stores and other retailers days before doorbuster sales hit.

Many of the photos we found were in front of Best Buy locations. Consumer electronics, as always, are hot items.

(Image via

(Image via

Is the trade-off worth it?  Is the money these people will save worth the price they’re paying for that supposed savings?  Really?

And OMG, I am so sick of our obsession with THINGS!  Aaaaah.



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Spend. Money.

QVC tonight:

(Image via

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Plastic, Plastic Everywhere

The Museum of Design in Zurich, Switzerland just opened an exhibit called the “Plastic Garbage Product” about the proliferation (to say the least) of plastic on our poor planet.

Here’s a photo of one of the exhibits:

And here’s a video depicting the eternal life of the “majestic plastic bag:”

More here.

(H/t Chris L.)

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Ready for Halloween?


I just got back from a Michaels craft store (needed a cheapo picture frame) and — are you ready for this? — their big display is for Halloween stuff!


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Mercedes-Benz Moms

I spent a good part of my day yesterday standing outside my local grocery store asking people to donate one or two cans of food to my local food bank in conjunction with the National Association of Letter Carriers‘ nation-wide food drive.  (Bless their hearts.)

Old ladies, students and people who didn’t look like they had all that much went into the store and came out with a can or two.  One kid  — I swear, he couldn’t have been older than 19 –giddily handed me a whole bag of food.  He was amazing.  You should have seen his smile.

Thank you!

But what sticks with me tonight is a woman who drove up to the door with her husband at the wheel of their Mercedes-Benz station wagon.  A car like this:

It sells for — this is the bare bones price — $52,000.

She and her 9-something-year-old-daughter got out of the car, acknowledged our plea for a can or two and walked into the store.

Ten minutes later they walked out and walked past us without making a donation.  Nothing.  Not even a 10c bag of ramen soup.

A family that owns a car — a car — that cost at least $52,000 — walks away from people who can’t afford food?

The HHS sets the yearly income poverty level for a family of eight — eight — at $38,390.  (Can you imagine?)


Again, thanks to all who gave but geeze Louize, what’s with that mom and her daughter?

Hey, I think I know:  #IGotMine.

May 13, 2012 at 9:16 PM 2 comments

What Happens When We Have a Crappy Educational System

This is unbelievable:

Urban Outfitters In Trouble For “Star Of David” Shirt

Another day, another Urban Outfitters controversy. The Anti-Defamation League is none too thrilled over this shirt, which they feel too closely resembles the Star of David that Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Holocaust. The company who made the shirt denied it has anything to do with Holocaust imagery and the shirt is no longer available on the Urban Outfitters website.

So neither the company who made the shirt or anyone — anyone! — at Urban Outfitters saw any resemblance to the Star of David Jews were required to wear in Nazi Germany?

No.  None at all:

Moronic idiots.

April 24, 2012 at 4:34 PM 1 comment

J.Jill — $60 for a T-Shirt?

They are so ripping us off:

Easy luxe with a silken touch. Scoop neckline. Mid-hip length. Modal rayon and polyester. Machine wash. Imported. [As in:  Made in China.]


This is outrageous.  Show me a Savers and I’ll show you a soft 100% cotton boyfriend-style top for $2.00.

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Drunk Shopping on QVC

Apropos of my post of a few days ago about stores targeting people who are drunk-shopping, check out what QVC is hawking as we speak  (at 9:12 p.m. ET / on 1-1-12):

$1,000 for a camera?  Someone, anyone, please, is QVC’s audience as a whole in the bracket of those who can afford to spend that kind of money on that kind of thing?

I don’t think so.

Heck.  I wouldn’t pay that much either.  I looked at a camera the other day that was going for something like $84, and I nixed it.

It’s just sad.  Sad that ten days from now good, well intentioned good people will open their credit card statements and wonder WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?  QVC, on the other hand, will smile all the way to the bank.


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Enough of This Pink Stuff For Girls!

Here’s an approximately 3-year-old girl named Riley who thoroughly grasps how corporations market to little kids:

I never much liked pink either.

Riley for President!

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Stores Targeting People Who Shop While Drunk

Don’t know why we should be surprised by this:

Photo: Los Angeles Times

After enjoying a few drinks, some people go dancing. Others order food. And for some, it’s time to shop online.

“I have my account linked to my phone, so it’s really easy,” said Tiffany Whitten, of Dayton, Ohio, whose most recent tipsy purchase made on her smartphone — a phone cover — arrived from Amazon much to her surprise. “I was drunk and I bought it, and I forgot about it, and it showed up in the mail, and I was really excited.”


“Post-bar, inhibitions can be impacted, and that can cause shopping, and hopefully healthy impulse buying,” said Andy Page, the president of Gilt Groupe, an online retailer that is adding more sales starting at 9 p.m. to respond to high traffic then — perhaps some of it by shoppers under the influence.

On eBay, the busiest time of day is from 6:30 to 10:30 in each time zone. Asked if drinking might be a factor, Steve Yankovich, vice president for mobile for eBay, said, “Absolutely.” He added: “I mean, if you think about what most people do when they get home from work in the evening, it’s decompression time. The consumer’s in a good mood.”


At QVC, the television shopping channel, traffic and viewers rise around noon, then quiet down until after 7 p.m. Then items like cosmetics and accessories sell briskly. “Call them girl treats — they seem to attract a really strong following once you get past dinnertime,” said Doug Rose, senior vice president for multichannel programming and marketing for the company. “You can probably come to your own conclusion as to what’s motivating her.”


Take a look at QVC after oh, say, 9:00 p.m.  Chances are they’re hawking rings that sell for over $200.00 that are so gaudy I can’t imagine anyone actually wearing them.  It’s sad.

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Ah, Christmas

Nothing sadder than watching people in a Walmart store tear each other apart so they can buy cheap s**t made in China:

This video was taken at the Walmart in Porter Ranch, CA on November 24th, 2011 during the store’s Black Friday sales.

What you’re seeing is a clip taken of a group of shoppers ripping and tearing at each other and a kiosk to get their hands on discounted Xbox 360 games. During the mayhem, one woman thought she was going to be robbed, so she pulled out her pepper spray and blasted the crowd. From my understanding another girl was shot directly in the face with the spray.

You can see the Security guards escorting the girl in a white shirt away from the area at the end of the video.

All this for a few video games….


The corporatists who run the country have some of us right where they want us to be.


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Let the Shopping Begin!

I turned the TV on this morning intending to head to my local channel to catch the weather.  I don’t know which channel the TV was when I turned it off yesterday but the first shot I saw was an aerial view of a shopping mall in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  The anchor was excitedly noting that the parking lot was packed.  And yes, there, before my eyes were acres and acres of pavement and parked cars.  Woohoo!

Then I began to wonder whether the New York Stock Exchange was going to be open today so I turned to CNBC.  They were live inside a mall.  It was packed too.  Another woohoo!

I finally landed on my local channel for that weather report but it struck me that the media seems happy and relieved that that unfortunately placed, pesky orphan of a holiday — Thanksgiving — is finally out of the way and it can concentrate on the real business of life here in these United States of America —  “consumers” (God I hate being called that) buying stuff!

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UCDavis Live via CBS

At 9:16 p.m. ET: Here’s a live feed from the campus of UCDavis (see below if you don’t know what’s going on there).

Granted, it’s via the corporate media — CBS — so it could go dark at any minute but it’s on now, here.

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People Camping in Public Don’t Always Get Evicted or Harassed by the Police

Now that so many cities have banned camping in parks or near city halls in response to the Occupy movement, it’s going to be very interesting indeed to see how people like Christine Orta of Tampa, Florida are treated:

Christine Orta of Tampa is ready to take advantage of big Black Friday deals at her local Best Buy. She’s so ready, in fact, that she started camping out in a tent in front of the store on Wednesday, a full nine days before the deals will be offered, NBC affiliate Tampa Bay Online reports (h/t The Consumerist).

But Orta’s not alone in her quest for discounts, she’s camping with three other families who plan to share resources while awaiting the biggest shopping day of the year.


So it’s OK for people to camp out when they’re being a consumer, like Ms. Orta or these people who camped outside an Apple store in New York City to buy an iPod:


But when people are protesting the corporatocracy, it isn’t.

I’d say that’s a telling example of where our priorities lie.

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The Banksters Get Away With Yet Another Crime

Are these guys ever going to be charged?  With something?  Anything?  I mean, now they’re bring Europe down.

Yesterday – Jefferson County, Alabama filed bankruptcy – and became the latest victim of the high crimes on Wall Street.  The decision made by Jefferson county to file bankruptcy represents the largest-ever municipal bankruptcy in American history.

In a twisted scheme of corruption and financial manipulation – mega banks JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs allegedly paid off elected officials to invest in junk bonds to help finance a new sewer system.  But when the junk investments went bust – so too did Jefferson County – running out of money.


If JPMorganChase and Goldman  Sachs are people, this is where I want to see them:

I steal a piece of pizza and that’s where I am.  These guys bring down the world’s economy and heck, they’re probably merrily  making money off of that too.

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Hey, Let’s Be Slaves to “Shadow Work”

I hadn’t heard of “shadow work” until today, when I read this article, though I’ve done plenty of it without knowing it had a name, and so have you.

So, what is “shadow work?”

Photo: Flickr via Bluesman 854

Examples abound, helping drive unemployment rates. Airports now have self-service check-in kiosks that allow travelers to perform the jobs of ticket agents. Travel agents once unearthed, perused and compared fares, deals and hotel rates. Shadow-working travelers now do all of this themselves on their computer screens. Medical patients are now better informed than ever — as a result of hours of online shadow work. In 1998, the Internal Revenue Service estimated that taxpayers spent six billion hours per year on “tax compliance activities.” That’s serious shadow work, the equivalent of three million full-time jobs.

Once upon a time, retail stores had employees who were not cashiers but roamed the floor, assisting customers. Go into a Wal-Mart or Target or Staples and find someone to help you locate and choose a product. Good luck. You’re on your own, left to wander the aisles in search of an unoccupied staff person. (Meanwhile, you might stumble on and purchase some item you hadn’t planned on buying.) Here, it’s not technology, but a business tactic that cuts payroll expenses by trimming the service provided to customers — and prolongs the time those customers spend rambling around inside the store. Regardless, the result is still more shadow work, as customers take on the job that retail salespeople once did.

Shadow work isn’t always unpaid; sometimes it shows up at one’s salaried job in the form of new tasks covertly added to one’s responsibilities. Not long ago, human resources departments kept track of employees’ vacation, personal and sick days. In many organizations, employees now enter their own data into absence management software.

The American corporatocracy has surreptitiously conned us into doing things for it that it used to do for us. And, far as I can tell (hello!), they aren’t reducing what they charge us to compensate for that.

So they win again and we go along with the program like dumb drones.

Welcome to a new week of doing that (me included).

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We Support Our Troops! Oh, and Then We Shoot Them

This would be our Tweet of the Day:

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A “Kitty Throw?”

I’m in the market for a throw to spread out on my couch so when Mr. Al (pictured above) lies on top of the back cushions (yep, that’s what he does) they stay as clean as possible.

So I’m looking around today for the nicest looking but cheapest throw I can find and I come across this “Kitty Throw” at The Company Store.  Check it out:


This is a “throw?”  They’ve got to be kidding.  It looks like a doily or a place mat.  It looks like a piece of burlap with an applique slapped on it and, get this, they’re selling it for $40!  I think I could make it for about $3.

Geez Louise.

OccupyWallStreet and stop corporations from ripping us off is all I can say.

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Michael Bloomberg: The $18+ Billionaire

This would be our Tweet of the Day re NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg who’s worth an estimated 18.1 BILLION.

Got that?

$18+ Billion. That’s with a B.


I’m off tomorrow, volunteering at my local food bank.  When I’m there, I think about how the people who come through would love to have an extra $30 much less $18 billion.

The disparity in this country is Un.  Real.

H/t to #OWS for their work.

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