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Elementary Schools in Tiny Texas Town Join Meatless Monday Movement, Texas Ag Commissioner Flips Out

Image city of dripping


Well folks, I’d say this makes it pretty clear that Todd Staples, Texas’s Agricultural Commissioner, works for the beef industry, not for the people of the Lone Star State.  Kids liking salad?  Fruit?  No way!

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas — “Meatless Monday” is just what it sounds like: A day without meat. It’s a trend happening across the nation, and Dripping Springs ISD is trying it out — and cooking up some controversy.

The international campaign encourages everyone to skip eating meat one day a week. Advocates say it can improve people’s health and the health of the planet.

On Monday’s menu at Rooster Springs Elementary School: cheese pizza, black bean burritos, vegetarian chili, cheese nachos and more.

The cheese sauce is made with real cheese. It comes from Land O’ Lakes, and it actually has incredible value as a protein product,” said John Crowley, director of Dripping Springs ISD’s Child Nutrition Services.

He said after talking with other school districts, including one in Los Angeles, he decided to give “Meatless Monday” a try.

“With more parents and kids asking for vegetarian choices, we just decided to give it a try in Dripping Springs for a year,” Crowley said. “We’re definitely not against meat. This is a pilot program we’ve decided to try this year and see how our kids do with it.”

It’s happening at the district’s three elementary school campuses, and it’s getting good reviews from some young critics.

“I think it’s pretty good,” said 10-year-old Avery. “They used to have a salad bar and I used to eat it every day instead of getting meat.”

But wait, yep, Texas’s Ag Commissioner is having a fit because the elementary schools in teeny tiny Dripping Springs, Texas  (pop. 1,788) are going meatless beefless one day a week:

But “Meatless Monday” is drawing criticism from Texas Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staples.

In an Austin American-Statesman editorial, Staples wrote, “restricting children’s meal choice to not include meat is irresponsible and has no place in our schools.”

He calls the meat-free campaign “an activist movement that seeks to eliminate meat from Americans’ diets seven days a week — tarting [sic] with Mondays.”


Actually, maybe we should thank good ol’ Todd Staples.  He undoubtedly promoted the Meatless Monday movement more by raising a stink about this than would have happened if he’d just kept his mouth shut.  Sheesh.  But thanks Todd!


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Bravo to Community Fruit Rescue


(Image via

What a great idea!  And as a food bank volunteer, I say thank you! to Boulder’s Community Fruit Rescue.

Our mission is to inspire Boulder residents to harvest, share, and celebrate the bounty of our urban forest.


When a homeowner is overwhelmed by the bounty of their fruit trees, they call on us to mobilize a team of volunteer pickers. The harvest is split three ways: 1/3 is offered to the homeowner, 1/3 is shared among the volunteers, and 1/3 or more is delivered by bicycle to local organizations feeding the hungry in our community. Everyone wins!


(Another way in which this helps is that this time of year bears come down from the mountains looking to pack in the calories prior to going into hibernation. On average three bears are killed a year here in town (often leaving cubs behind who can’t fend for themselves) so the more we remove the food that attracts them, the better.)

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The Best Awful Restaurant Review Ever

I love reading bad restaurant reviews, especially the few-and-far-between ones that don’t soften their language and beat around the bush when they obviously hated the place.  Here’s one of the best I’ve read yet, from Ryan Sutton over at NY Eater, about the famous Tavern on the Green restaurant in New York City:

Tavern on the Green logo

Tavern on the Green is a former sheep barn that Robert Moses, in 1934, turned into what would eventually become one of New York’s most famous restaurants, under the management of great names like Joe Baum and Warner LeRoy, and with cameos in films like Ghostbusters and Wall Street. It’s one of the few New York hangouts that an out-of-town culinary novices could name with ease, which probably explains why it was once America’s highest grossing independent eatery — a title it could very well claim again, as it currently feeds 900-1000 guests on weekdays, and up to 1,700 on weekends.


Those numbers themselves mean the Tavern is a de facto gastronomic ambassador for the Big Apple, an unfortunate phenomenon for a venue whose $22 mac ‘n’ cheese is real prison slop. And when the waiter upsells you into topping it off with salmon — because what’s better than oily fish to pair with cheese-y, mushy, pasta — you’ll have spent $32 on what is surely one the worst things anyone can eat outside of Rikers.


This could be a turnip. This could be a potato. This could be anything,” my companion says of the roasted Japanese eggplant, devoid of flavor. Gruyere and goat cheese sandwiches, two tiny halves for $14, boast more grease than a lube job. Mushrooms, nominally affordable at $9, still overpriced because they’re the same criminis you could find at a supermarket for $1.50. They sit in bowl above a slice of baguette to soak up all the juices. Except there are no juices.


You go Ryan!

Keep reading.  At the end the author calls it a “shitshow.”


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Too Much Bacon?

Want:  This T-Shirt from Snorgtees: “That’s too much bacon. Said No One Ever.”

Bacon t

(Image via


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Body Scan of a 250 Pound Woman Versus a 120 Pound Woman

Via Science Porn on Twitter:

Two Women Body Scans via SciencePorn on Twitter

(Image via SciencePorn on Twitter.)


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The UK Bans Teaching Creationism

GOP Dinasour


I predict Republicans will start hating on the U.K. now, like they did during the French Fries/American Fries crisis:


Many people who value science education are hoping the US takes note of the UK’s good example, but that seems unlikely considering that the UK appears to have taken note of the US’s bad example. Lawmakers in the UK probably realized that if they didn’t make it absolutely clear that creationism wasn’t allowed today, then tomorrow they’d be discussing the need for language banning the teaching of Loch Ness Monsterism.


If the U.S. banned the teaching of creationism,or more realistically, increased funding for teaching — I know it’s a bad word —  SCIENCE, we might get off the Loch Ness Monster thing.


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Obesity in China is Exploding

When you picture Chinese people do you picture fat people?  When you picture Chinese food, do you picture fatty meats?  Me neither, but I guess it’s time to.  Look at this chart showing how the Chinese obesity rate has exploded since 1980:

Chinese Obesity via

(Image via

More than a quarter of the adult population, or roughly 350m people, is overweight or obese (more than 60m squeeze into the latter camp).

The Chinese are not actually eating more as they get richer: the average daily intake has dropped a little over the past ten years, from 2,100 calories in 2002 to a little more than 2,000 today. This suggests that a sedentary lifestyle may be hurting people’s health as much as changes in diet. Rapid urbanisation means more people are leaving the fields to work in less strenuous manufacturing jobs. Meanwhile in the cities, walking and biking have been replaced by driving cars and sitting on public transport. Recent surveys show that less than 10% of urban dwellers exercise regularly.

Childhood obesity has grown hugely in richer coastal cities. During summer breaks parents send off their pudgy little emperors to weight-loss camps that have sprung up everywhere. The exam-oriented education system doesn’t help matters either: although schools are required to set aside at least an hour for exercise every day, they routinely cancel gym classes to make room for other courses. In May the Lancet, a medical journal, published a study showing that the obesity rate among Chinese boys is 6.9%, almost twice as high as that among adult men.



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