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The UK Bans Teaching Creationism

GOP Dinasour


I predict Republicans will start hating on the U.K. now, like they did during the French Fries/American Fries crisis:


Many people who value science education are hoping the US takes note of the UK’s good example, but that seems unlikely considering that the UK appears to have taken note of the US’s bad example. Lawmakers in the UK probably realized that if they didn’t make it absolutely clear that creationism wasn’t allowed today, then tomorrow they’d be discussing the need for language banning the teaching of Loch Ness Monsterism.


If the U.S. banned the teaching of creationism,or more realistically, increased funding for teaching — I know it’s a bad word —  SCIENCE, we might get off the Loch Ness Monster thing.


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Obesity in China is Exploding

When you picture Chinese people do you picture fat people?  When you picture Chinese food, do you picture fatty meats?  Me neither, but I guess it’s time to.  Look at this chart showing how the Chinese obesity rate has exploded since 1980:

Chinese Obesity via

(Image via

More than a quarter of the adult population, or roughly 350m people, is overweight or obese (more than 60m squeeze into the latter camp).

The Chinese are not actually eating more as they get richer: the average daily intake has dropped a little over the past ten years, from 2,100 calories in 2002 to a little more than 2,000 today. This suggests that a sedentary lifestyle may be hurting people’s health as much as changes in diet. Rapid urbanisation means more people are leaving the fields to work in less strenuous manufacturing jobs. Meanwhile in the cities, walking and biking have been replaced by driving cars and sitting on public transport. Recent surveys show that less than 10% of urban dwellers exercise regularly.

Childhood obesity has grown hugely in richer coastal cities. During summer breaks parents send off their pudgy little emperors to weight-loss camps that have sprung up everywhere. The exam-oriented education system doesn’t help matters either: although schools are required to set aside at least an hour for exercise every day, they routinely cancel gym classes to make room for other courses. In May the Lancet, a medical journal, published a study showing that the obesity rate among Chinese boys is 6.9%, almost twice as high as that among adult men.



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No, I’m Not Eating Kale Tonight

I’ve been good, now I’m being bad:  Bermuda onions, tater tots, a sliced fried hot dog, grated cheddar and Ranch dressing.

Hot dogs

May 21, 2014 at 8:52 PM

Brave Chipotle Says No to Guns

Chipotle via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

I’m waiting for the wingnut freak out about this.

Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather not sit next to a guy with a Lugar under his belt:

Chipotle: Don’t Bring Guns in Our Stores

Chipotle is asking customers not to bring firearms into its stores after it says gun rights advocates brought military-style assault rifles into one of its restaurants in Texas.

The Denver-based company notes that it has traditionally complied with local laws regarding open and concealed firearms.

But in a statement Monday, the company said that “the display of firearms in our restaurants has now created an environment that is potentially intimidating or uncomfortable for many of our customers.”


Gee.  Ya think?

People who don’t want to be around guns have rights too.

Thanks Chipotle.




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The Other NRA: The National Restaurant Association

Good ad by ROCUnited, an organization whose mission is to:  Improve wages and working conditions for the nation’s 10 million restaurant workers.

Our mission: To improve wages and working conditions for the nation’s 10 million restaurant workers. – See more at:
Our mission: To improve wages and working conditions for the nation’s 10 million restaurant workers. – See more at:

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School Lunches From Around the World

Here’s an interesting pictorial about what kids are fed for lunch at schools around the world  This is the photo used to illustrate lunch in France and man-oh-man, look at all that food.

School lunches via A school lunch is laid out on a tray at the Anne Franck school in Lambersart, northern France. (AP Photo:Michel Spingler)

A school lunch is laid out on a tray at the Anne Franck school in Lambersart, northern France. (AP Photo/Michel Spingler)

Anyway, if you’re interested, check out the other photos and descriptions here.

London looks scrumptious.



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Whole Foods’ CEO: We Just Aren’t That $pecial Anymore

Whole Foods Logo

From Business Insider:

Whole Foods shares are getting destroyed this morning.

The stock is off 16% after earnings yesterday showed weak same-store sales growth.

What’s holding back the company?

On the company’s conference call, CEO John Mackey explained. Organic food is now everywhere. Whole Foods just isn’t that special anymore.


Whole Foods opened a gorgeous, fun store here in Boulder about ten years ago.  If I were rich, I’d do all my shopping there but I’m not and I don’t.  I have two or three things I like to get there but otherwise I shop at King Soopers, a local chain akin to Safeway.

I take my husband to the YMCA twice a week for an exercise class.  The Y is 100 feet from Whole so sometimes I wonder over there while I’m waiting for Dan’s class to end.  I swear, there have been times when I’ve purchased maybe an energy drink and two pieces of cake and I’m out $20.  It seems as if nothing there costs less than $7.  (I saw a juice/energy drink there the other day for $11.  $11 for a 16 oz. drink! (I kid you not.)

Is Whole Foods getting its comeuppance?   The organic food chain Trader Joe’s opened a store here about a month ago.  Given the hype (er, hysteria) surrounding that ahem, momentous event, I didn’t get it after I checked it out.  But I will say I bought some frozen foods to try — taquitos, egg rolls and chicken burgers to have for quick lunches — and I actually walked out after paying $17.  I’m guessing those three things, which fed us for six meals, would have run more like $30 at Whole Foods.

So, maybe Whole Foods will get down off its high horse now because again, they’re just not that special anymore.

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