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Send in Your “iReports” So the Cables Don’t Have to Hire Real Reporters

I’ve been flipping between Faux, CNN and MSNBC for the last 45 minutes or so, watching coverage of the plane crash at the San Francisco airport.  It’s amazing how much information all three of these cable so-called-news outlets are lifting off of YouTube and Twitter (often not giving credit to the person who took the photo or wrote the tweet which I think is just about as low as a “news” outlet can go}.

Hold that thought.

Meanwhile, I came across this photo from InsideCableNews.  They titled it:  “Media Swarm SFO.”

Media Swarm FSO via Inside Cablenews on Twitter

(Image via InsideCableNews on Twitter)

As you can see, that’s a pretty pitiful “swarm.”

The point is, the cables don’t need to send reporters to the site of “breaking news” anymore.  They pick photos and “facts” out of their “iReports,”  YouTubers and Twitterers who, in the end, do their work for them.  It saves them megabucks.  They use our stuff and they don’t have to hire real people to go out and get the story and the photos.

If the info they report turns out to be incorrect, meh, they can blame it on “early reports” or whatever.

Folks, think about that the next time you file an “iReport.”  The cables are feeding off of you and you don’t get a dime.

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Howard Kurtz Moving to Fox

Fox so-called-News announced this morning that Howard Kurtz, the host of CNN’s so-called media critiquing Reliable Sources show, will join the network as of July 1:

Howard Kurtz via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

FOX News Channel (FNC) has hired veteran media reporter Howard Kurtz, announced Michael Clemente, Executive Vice President of News for the network. He will begin in this new role on July 1st.

Kurtz will anchor a version of what is now called Fox News Watch, which focuses on the media, with a new format during the weekends. Additionally, he will serve as an on-air analyst for a variety of programs throughout the week, while also writing a regular column on, commenting on social media news, industry trends and breakthroughs, in addition to looking at how media are used in politics. Meanwhile, Jon Scott, current anchor of FOX News Watch, who won an Emmy for his writing at NBC’s Dateline, will move to the specials unit where he will serve as anchor.


He’ll fit right in.

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Hey, Let’s Shoot Us Some Illegals

My Tweet of the Day, which is actually from yesterday:Tweet of the Day 6-18-13

Todd Starnes — here’s his Twitter account — works for Fox so-called-News.

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The Craziest of the Crazies Gets a Gig on Fox


Allen West


Former congressman Allen West has found a new home on Fox News, where he has been signed on as a contributor.

“Representative West’s congressional and military experience along with his fearless approach to voicing key issues will provide a valuable point of view to the FOX News lineup,” Fox News Vice President Bill Shine said in a statement. West served in the army before running for Congress in 2010.


Go here to read some of the crazier things West has said.  This is my fave:

I believe there’s about 78 to 81 members of the Democrat party who are members of the Communist Party.  It’s called the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

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Doesn’t Fox’s Greta Van Susteren Get Enough Airtime Already?

Good question here in my Tweet of the Day:

Tweet of the Day 4-7-13I guess John McCain was busy.

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Reporter Tries to Explain Why Fox is Too Liberal for the Tea Party

If you don’t have time to watch this, here’s all you need to know:  “We don’t really rely on facts.  We rely more on our feelings and our emotions.”


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Cable “News” Obsesses About Cuts to White House Tours, Not so Much About Cuts to the Poor

Cable “news,” especially Fox, has gone nuts covering sequester-related cuts to tours of the White House, but not so regarding cuts to assistance programs for the poor.  As a matter of fact, “liberal” CNN has been totally silent on the issue:

Cuts to White House Tours via ThinkProgress

(Image via

As is always the case, the poor have no voice.

Go here for larger version.


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The Wall Street Journal Disappears Into the Abyss of Fox Propaganda

This from Barry Ritholtz at and the BigPictureBlog:

Below you will find today’s WSJ front page. With Unemployment at a 4 year low and the Dow is at an all time high, things are obviously awful.

Hence, the reveal of the destruction of America’s best newspaper has now been completed. What was once Wall Street’s paper of record has completed its transformation into the paper of Rupert.

Fox 3-9-13

Image via

Hence, it is no longer useful to investors.

The Wall Street Journal was once the greatest American newspaper. Sure, the OpEd writers were insane idealogues, and there was the occasional drunk or pederast on the masthead. But overall, the quality of the writing was so good, and the objective look at business so sharp, investors could rely on it.

Today, Fox News seems to write the headlines. The influence of the partisan editorials has completely overtaken the entire paper.

In other words, to investors, it has become a gnarly mess of unreliable, EXPENSIVE partisan bias. Nothing is trustworthy on its pages anymore. The problem with this is not political — rather, it is financial. (See my Washington Post article on exactly this topic, submitted on Thursday — before yesterday’s payroll data, and before this idiotic headline).

If you want objective, hard hitting business journalism, the role formerly inhabited by the WSJ has been taken over by the Bloomberg terminal and


And then there would be this, from yours truly, on June 27, 2007 when I was over at the Newshounds.  Rupert Murdoch was in the process of buying the Wall Street Journal but people were still believed he was a real newsman instead of the world’s most prolific and dangerous propagandist:

Wall Street Journal Reporters Justified in Their Concern About a Potential News Corp. Buyout

Ever since Rupert Murdoch, the owner of News Corp., the parent company of Fox News, made an offer to buy the Dow Jones Company, there have been rumblings at the Wall Street Journal (owned by Dow Jones) about how Murdoch might influence that newspaper’s editorial content. Those rumblings are justified but maybe the WSJ staff should be concerned about something else as well.

Anyone who knows anything about Rupert Murdoch knows that he, ah, shall we say, uses his empire to push his own agenda. A quick look at the documentary Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism makes that abundantly clear. He is also more than willing to screw his customers in order to get what he wants, so, in combination, those things don’t bode well for the journalism profession.

If the “business news” aired on Fox’s “premiere business news” program is any indication, WSJ staffers might want to take their concern beyond what Murdoch might do to editorial content and question what he might do to bedrock reporting, like what’s going on with stocks. Take, for example, the topics anchor Neil Cavuto covered today (June 25, 2007) during his “Fox Stox” segment. Cavuto is the managing editor and senior vice president of business news at Fox and “Fox Stox” is a 90-second segment purportedly covering news about a variety of stocks. Today’s “Stox” news was:

– Talks are reportedly heating up between News Corp. and Dow Jones;

– Germany bars Tom Cruise from shooting a movie about Hitler;

– A film about Hugh Hefner’s life is in development; and

– Christina Aguilera is looking to launch a movie career.

So, good luck to the dedicated reporters at the Wall Street Journal. If Murdoch buys your paper, your life will be easy. Forget slogging around down there on Wall Street and squinting at endless stock charts. Need to know what’s up with stocks? Relax, sit at your desk, click on, E! Online, and the Hollywood Reporter, and you’ll find everything you need to know right there!


We at the Newshounds knew Murdoch’s purchase of the WSJ meant the end of the paper as the world knew it; that it would turn into a sleazy propaganda rag and lo and behold, here we are, just six years later and the destruction is complete.


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Fox Plagiarizes — Deletes

Anyone who cares to do a decent job blogging (not to mention being an international “news” organization) knows that one’s reputation and credibility hinges on honesty, credibility and the ability to admit mistakes.

That said:

[UPDATED] Fox News Deletes Story That had a Paragraph Lifted From Politico.

What you do is admit that you did someting wrong.  You don’t delete a story you lifted from another site because you can’t lift it.  It’s out there.  Forever.  Embedded.

Big bad Fox, on the other hand, thinks it can plagiarize stuff, delete it and it’s gone.

Fox News Alert

Sorry Fox.  It ain’t gonna happen.

SO unprofessional.  But that’s to be expected from “America’s News Headquarters.”

Let’s riff on that for a while:  unprofessional / America’s news headquarters.

Explains a lot.

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Poor Lost Soul Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward has gone over to the dark side.  This would be him last night on Sean Hannity’s show:

Sean Hannity via

(Image via

Critics also noted the chumminess between Woodward and Hannity. After the Fox News host cricitzed the press for not looking into President Obama’s associations with Bill Ayers, Woodward said, “I agree with that.” He also lavished praise on Hannity, saying, “You let me say what I want. You dig into things. You — there is no bleep-out button.”


There’s no “bleep button” Bob because you’re on Hannity’s show criticizing President Obama.  Are you kidding? That’s Fox gold.  Start ripping someone like George Bush apart and they’ll pull out the bleep button alright, or better still, you just won’t get invited on.



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Tim Tebow — Descending Into Irrelevance

I live in “Bronco Country” as in Boulder, Colorado, just up the road from Denver.  As you probably know, Tim Tebow spent a year (2010 – 2011) quarterbacking with the Broncos before he was traded to the New York Jets.

Tim Tebow via Chaplain Bill on Youtube

(Image via ChaplainBill on Youtube)

The American Taliban tried to turn Tebow into a Jesus-like icon and an anti-women’s choice hero while he was here (it was intense) but it didn’t work.  When people found out he was a failure as a quarterback, he wasn’t taken seriously.

Now there’s this:

While Tim Tebow is struggling to find an NFL team that is willing to sign him, he is apparently having no problem booking speaking gigs as the Jets’ backup quarterback is scheduled to address a Texas megachurch whose pastor is notorious for extremist statements about Roman Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, gays and lesbians and President Obama.


Bye Tim.  I see you attending tent-style revival meetings in Arkansas in a few years.

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Bobak Ferdowsi Rocks — Will Be Michelle Obama’s Guest at the SOTU

Remember NASA’s “Mohawk Guy?”

NASA's Mohawk Guy via

(Image via

It’s been quite a six months for Bobak Ferdowsi, the NASA flight director on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission, whose aggressively mohawked hair — and otherwise charming appearance — first attracted attention last summer. Now, he is going to be a guest of First Lady Michelle Obama in her box at President Obama’s State of the Union address.


“I found out less than a week ago, honestly, that I’d been invited to the State of the Union,” he said. “I freaked out for a few minutes, just needed a moment to gather myself. It’s really cool, I’m really excited, yet again, to represent NASA and JPL and all of the work that everybody here does. It’s really amazing to me. Sometimes I feel unworthy in some ways to do all this. I think there’s so many talented and fun and amazing people on the project that I worked on, but all across our place. I just feel very lucky to get to do stuff like this.”

As for what he is most excited about, he told BuzzFeed, “I’m really excited to get to represent NASA. I’m excited that people have been excited and watching and paying attention. I am excited to — like anyone would be — to meet the First Family. A little giddy with excitement there, I don’t think I have to hide that. It’s really cool.”

The hair colors Tuesday night will not be missed. Bright red and blue streaks run along the top of his freshly coiffed mowhawk [sic].


Republicans are going to hate this because — SCIENCE — but what better way to say it’s cool to be smart?

And I can’t wait to hear what Fox does with it:  OMG, there’s one of the Obama’s hippy Muslim friends!


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David Shuster on Working at Fox

Check-out this interview of former Fox News reporter David Shuster spilling the beans on what it was like to work there (1996 – 2002).  My favorite quote is this about Fox star Bret Baier.  Bret Baier was “playing to management [and what management wanted the message to be], he’s not really playing to journalism.”

Schuster also talks about how Fox tended not to air stories or information that “conflicted” with the message they were trying to deliver.  In other words, what you don’t see on Fox is as important as what you do.

He also talks a bit about the comparison between Fox and MSNBC and he says MSNBC “tends to adhere to facts and basic science much more in a strict sort of fashion more than you get on the opposite side on Fox News.”

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Obama Calls Out Lazy Media, Fox and Limbaugh

Obama via 1-27-13

(Image via

I like the plain truth President Obama told Steve Kroft in his 60 Minutes interview tonight:

You know, Steve, I gotta tell you, the — you guys in the press are incorrigible. I was literally inaugurated four days ago. And you’re talking about elections four years from now.”


And I like the plain truth he told The New Republic too:

One of the biggest factors is going to be how the media shapes debates. If a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News or by Rush Limbaugh for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, then you’ll see more of them doing it.


Memo to Obama and all Democrats:  Keep it up, hammer away at it, drive it home and for God’s sake, don’t let up!

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Rupert Murdoch Plays Dumb About “Global Warming”

I have to think Rupert Murdoch is smarter about climate change than his most recent tweet suggests; that his aim at playing dumb is to protect his corporate buddies who stand to lose big if we seriously tackle that issue.

I mean, does one of the most powerful information and news purveyors on the planet really think global warming climate change simply means it doesn’t get cold anymore?

Murdoch re global warming

I wish the term “global warming” had never come into common use because it lets the likes of the Rupert Murdochs of the world imply that very thing — that it’s only about warming.

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Fox News Fires Sarah Palin

I know what’s written below doesn’t say, per se, that Fox fired Sarah Palin but reading between the lines, I think that’s pretty clear:

Sarah Palin Turkey Slaughter

Sarah Palin and Fox News Channel have broken up.

The former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee had been a staple on the news channel since 2010. But reports have surfaced that she and Fox News chief Roger Ailes clashed.


“We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with Governor Palin,” Bill Shine, an executive vice president at Fox News, said in a statement. “We wish her the best in her future endeavors.”


So Fox fires Palin but hires Dennis Kucinich?
Don’t know how this will play out but I suspect Fox realizes it has to appeal to more than the 26%ers who still love George W, who think Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons and who think Palin can see Russia from her kitchen.
I do know one thing though:  Sarah Palin’s has had her 15 minutes and she’s done.
A sliver of good news today.

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You Should See the Wall Street Journal’s Idea of Everyday Family Incomes

On January 4, the Wall Street Journal ran an article titled, How Much Will Your Taxes Jump?  It talked about how “millions of people soon will feel something less than relief from the new law.”  As a way to illustrate how those “millions of people” will see their taxes change, this chart was included:

WSJ Tax Jump via

(Image via

The lowest income on this chart is that of the retired couple at $180,000.  They must have some incredible investments if they’re making that much which is way, way, WAY higher than that of any retired couple I know now or that I’ve ever known in my life.  Not only that, the median U.S. income is $52,762 so who exactly was the WSJ thinking of when they put this thing together?  No one I know, that’s for sure.

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The NYPD at Rupert Murdoch’s Beck and Call

The folks at Fox do a lot of screaming about the high cost of government but they don’t seem to mind calling cops away from the streets of New York City to do this on the taxpayers’ dime (and what’s with the cops obliging?):

News Corp Uses NYPD Cops via

(Image via

Two protesters at News Corp. HQ vs. 12 cops

A Rupert Murdoch minion snapped the photo below and sent this report at 1 p.m. ET: “Happening now. A dozen cops are guarding the building with those barricade things they use during the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Yet there are TWO protesters! I heard some screaming about ‘the banks.’ The story to me was the complete overkill of security for little more than one complainer. Must be nice to have an entire police force at your beck and call.”


This might have something to do with Roger Ailes’ paranoia:

Murdoch installed Ailes in the corner office on Fox’s second floor at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan. The location made Ailes queasy: It was close to the street, and he lived in fear that gay activists would try to attack him in retaliation over his hostility to gay rights. (In 1989, Ailes had broken up a protest of a Rudy Giuliani speech by gay activists, grabbing demonstrator by the throat and shoving him out the door.) Barricading himself behind a massive mahogany desk, Ailes insisted on having “bombproof glass” installed in the windows – even going so far as to personally inspect samples of high-tech plexiglass, as though he were picking out new carpet. Looking down on the street below, he expressed his fears to Cooper, the editor he had tasked with up-armoring his office. “They’ll be down there protesting,” Ailes said. “Those gays.”


Those gays?  You have a guilty conscience Roger.  Karma’s a bitch ain’t it?  I’m sure “those gays” have better things to do in life than attack you for something you did 25 years ago.

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Dennis Kucinich Joins Fox News as Paid Contributor

Dennis Kucinich via wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Fox News Channel has signed former Congressman Dennis Kucinich as a paid contributor to FNC and Fox Business network. Kucinich, who was for years a liberal stalwart in the House of Representatives, will provide analysis and commentary across all of FNC and FBN’s programs, beginning with Thursday’s edition of “The O’Reilly Factor.”

“I’ve always been impressed with Rep. Kucinich’s fearlessness and thoughtfulness about important issues,” said Fox News chairman and CEORoger Ailes in a statement. “His willingness to take a stand from his point of view makes him a valuable voice in our country’s debate.”

This from Kucinich:

“Through 16 years in Congress and two presidential campaigns, Fox News has always provided me with an opportunity to share my perspective with its enormous viewership,” Kucinich said in a statement. “I look forward to a continuation of our relationship this time as a Fox News contributor.”


When I worked on Outfoxed and monitored Your World w/Neil Cavuto over at the Newshounds for four years, Kucinich was a relatively frequent guest on Cavuto’s show.  They genuinely seemed to like and respect each other.  Oh, and Cavuto would actually let Kucinich speak, i.e., he wasn’t on, essentially in name only, so Fox could claim it is “fair and balanced.”  He actually got to express his opinion.  So hey, we’ll see how this pans out.

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Apparently Rupert Murdoch Has Never Heard of Chris Christie

Did you hear about the 400 pound woman who fell through the sidewalk in New York City on Friday?

Ulanda Williams, who stands 6′ 5″ and weighs 400 lbs, fell through a New York City sidewalk while trying to get out of the rain Friday, the New York Post reported. The 32-year-old social worker told the Post that officials said her above-average size “was the only thing that saved me.”

While a thinner person may have died from the fall, Williams was able to walk away with only cuts, bruises and a broken arm, the Post reported.

Williams said she was waiting for a bus at around 9:10 p.m. and had only been standing in the same spot for about 10 seconds when the ground caved in beneath her.

Inspectors determined that the four-foot-by-six-foot slab of concrete had collapsed into a cellar in front of the building, WABC reported, and that defective steel doors and a loose staircase were partially responsible for the sidewalk collapse.


Inspectors with the Department of Buildings determined that defective steel doors and a loose staircase were responsible for the sidewalk collapse.


I’ve highlighted the important facts:  A large woman, not only weight-wise but height-wise, who is employed as a social worker was standing on a slab of concrete when defective steel doors and a loose staircase underneath gave way, causing her to fall into a cellar beneath the concrete.  She walked away with nothing more serious than a broken arm.

Again, those are the facts.

Check out this tweet the most powerful news man on the planet — who one would think would know the importance of facts — sent out a few minutes ago about this incident:

Rupert Murdoch Tweet re fat lady falling through concreteMurdoch is so marinated in his own propaganda — only a (probably African-American) lazy bonbon-eater on food stamps and welfare could weigh 400 pounds and oh look, now we’re going to have to take care of the slob for 20 years.  Fact is, Williams is employed, she did not cause the sidewalk to collapse and she’ll probably recover from her broken arm and be just fine.

What a racist, classist pig Murdoch is.


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The News According to Rupert Murdoch: Cheerios and Twitter

This is the headline tonight at the NYPost which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the most powerful “news” man in the world.  I.e., this is what he thinks — given all that’s happening in the world — we should know before we go to bed tonight:

NYPOst 1-11-13


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Australia Braces for “Catastrophic” Heat Wave

Of course we don’t hear about this in the U.S. because it’s well, outside the U.S.:

Australia is bracing for days of “catastrophic” fire and heatwave conditions.

Fires are already burning in five states as a search continued for people missing after devastating wildfires in the island state of Tasmania.


Bushfires were ablaze in five of Australia’s six states, with 90 fires in the most populous state New South Wales, and in mountain forests around the national capital Canberra.

Severe fire conditions were forecast for tomorrow (local time), replicating those of 2009, when “Black Saturday” wildfires in Victoria state killed 173 people and caused $4.4 billion worth of damage.

A record heatwave, which began in Western Australia on 27 December and lasted eight days, was the fiercest in more than 80 years in that state and has spread east across the nation, making it the widest-ranging heatwave in more than a decade, according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

The highest “catastrophic” bushfire temperature conditions are expected tomorrow, said fire officials, under which people are advised to flee if fire threatens, as the blaze is likely to be too fierce for fire crews to easily extinguish.

In the Australian capital Canberra, hit by a firestorm in 2003 that destroyed hundreds of homes, authorities said they were expecting the worst conditions in the decade since, with a fifth day of searing temperatures and strong winds.


Imagine being told “to flee if fire threatens” because strong winds make any potential fire “too fierce for fire crews to easily extinguish.”

I can relate.  This was the view from my living room last June:

Boulder Fire my Pic June 2012

(Image via

The wind wasn’t blowing when I took this photo but it did before the fire was put out.  We were all thinking embers.  What if flying embers started a fire closer in.

My thoughts are with the folks in Australia tonight because it’s tomorrow there now.  Wind, fire and drought are an awful, terrifying mix.

Good luck Australia.  And h/t to the U.S. media for their total failure at ah, delivering news.  Not to mention mentioning that thing called CLIMATE CHANGE.

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Why I Don’t Watch Cable “News” Anymore

This has been the “news” on cable “news” for what, a year, with time out for election interruptus?

"Fiscal Cliff via TexasLeftist"

(Image via TexasLeftist on Twitter.)

Is there anything else going on in the world?

Apparently not.




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Fox News Says the Westboro Baptist Church is a “Left-Wing Cult”

You know the people who belong to the Westboro Baptist Church, the folks who demonstrate at funerals and hold signs like this?

Westboro Baptist via Gawker

(Image via

They belong to a “left-wing cult.

Yep.  Fox News said so.  Look at the caption underneath the photo, below:

Westboro Left Wing Cult Fox 2

(Image via

It says: “Bikers turn out to protest Newtown Mourners from Left-Wing Westboro Cult.”

Oh, and their leader, Fred Phelps, is a Democrat.  Yep, that’s right.  Here’s the text of the article below the photo:

Bikers descended on the town of Newtown yesterday and linked arms blocking the hate group protesters of Westboro Baptist Church from disrupting the funerals. (Free Republic)

Conservative bikers turned out yesterday to protect Newtown mourners from Democrat Fred Phelps and his Westboro cult from protesting.
The Cochrane Times reported:

Bikers seem to have thwarted attempts by the Westboro Baptist Church to protest the funeral of Newtown, Conn., shooting victim Principal Dawn Hochsprung.

See the whole thing for yourself, in person, here.  (Hurry, before they delete or re-write it.)

I think it’s safe to say that the Westboro people are universally loathed.  So it follows Fox’s narrative to claim they are Democrats and/or left-wing because Fox wants its audience to think Democrats and left-wingers are hateful crazies so, well, their audience will loath them (Democrats and left-wingers as well as the Westboro folks).  And fortunately for Fox, its audience probably doesn’t know how to use the Google to find out for themselves what the “church” is all about.  If they did look into it, they’d know how ridiculous it is to think they’re either Democrats or left-wingers.  But hey, who cares about facts, right?  After all, Fox doesn’t claim to be a news organization. Oh, what…


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Rupert Murdoch Goes Softy Liberal Socialist Commie on Gun Control

This is an amazing tweet from a guy who bulldozed his way through life, tossed aside anyone and anything who stepped in is way and who loathes “government regulation:”

Murdoch on Gun Control

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“I Only Know What I Hear on Fox News” Says Man Who Torched Islamic Center

52-year-old Randolph Linn of St. Joe, Indiana agreed to a 20 year sentence in federal prison yesterday for torching the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo on September 30.  When Judge Jack Zouhary asked him, ‘Do you know any Muslims or do you know what Islam is?’ he said, ‘No, I only know what I hear on Fox News and what I hear on radio.”

A long time ago Keith Olbermann said Fox News engages in the “manipulation of society,” which I thought was a perfect description and here we have a case in point.

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FOX News on Connecticut School Shooting: Beginning the Healing Process

I can understand how pro-gun Fox so-called-News is in a pickle as to how to handle the massacre that occurred today in Connecticut with 20 little kids dead as well as six adults, but to post this headline eight hours — EIGHT HOURS — afterward is just Un.  Believable.  The bodies aren’t even cold yet:

Fox the Healing has Begun 12-14-12

Here’s the article if you want to read it.

What an insult to the family and friends of the victims.  Are they supposed to think the healing process should already have begun?  REALLY?!  One of my brothers died in 1988.  I’m still grieving and I suspect in one form or another the family members of the people murdered today will grieve for the rest of their lives too.  The pain from the untimely, tragic death of a loved one doesn’t “heal.”  It gets less and less intense and acute over time but it never goes away.

Shame on Fox for its incredibly cruel insensitivity.




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Fox Cites More (Alleged) Evidence Obama Isn’t One of Us

Fox is having a fit over the White House Christmas card because it doesn’t mention Christmas, God or Jesus:

Whiite House Christmas Card

The 2012 White House “Holiday” card spotlights the Obama’s family Portuguese water dog — instead of Christmas.
The black and white illustration was designed by Iowa artist Larassa Kabel and shows Bo the dog, wearing a scarf, while  frolicking in the snow on the South Lawn of a blurred White House.
The inside of the card reportedly reads, ”This season, may your home be filled with family, friends, and the joy of the holidays.” The card is signed by the entire First Family — along with Bo’s paw print.
Vanity Fair deemed this year’s Obama ‘Holiday’ card his best-ever in a posting titled, “Bo Obama: the True Meaning of Christmas.”
The 2012 card made no mention of any specific holiday nor did it include a Bible verse noting the birth of Christ.
More here.

Fox looks so silly here.  What percentage of the American public will be outraged by this?  Maybe 23%.  The same 23% who still think George W. Bush was a great president and Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons.

Go for it Fox!
Oh, and psssst!  Don’t tell Fox about the Bush’s 2005 holiday card:
Bush 2005 holiday card

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Yikes: The Average Fox Viewer is 65-Years-Old

Holy cow:

Fox News Alert

In a survey released by analyst Steve Sternberg, Fox News has the oldest audience among fully distributed cable networks. The network’s average viewer last season was 65 years old, according to Nielsen. Heck, it’s viewers are even older than viewers of Hallmark Channel, Military Channel and Golf Channel.

Perhaps the reason viewers tend to leave Fox News on all day racking up hours of big Nielsen numbers is they can’t actually change the channel?  [Or they die sitting in their chair with the TV on.]

(Ah, Fox News, you know we only kid you because you sort of set yourself up for it).

CNN wasn’t far behind, though — its average audience was 63. MSNBC was a perky 59. CNBC is the young turk at 52.

The youngest fully distributed cable channel? Oxygen. Followed by Bravo and, weirdly, VH1 Classic, then Travel and TLC — all averaging about 42 years old.


If Fox’s audience is older than the Hallmark Channel, the Military Channel and the Golf Channel, that blows my mind. I knew their audience was old but wow.


Here’s more info about Fox.  Turns out Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) is trouncing Sean Hannity so what does Fox do?  It attacks her.  Stay classy guys!

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Fox News Contributor Dick Morris Called a “Laughingstock”

Dick Morris has been a Fox News favorite for years. This is how his colleagues view him:

Dick Morris

Reporters at The Hill newspaper are levying tough criticism at the publication’s columnist Dick Morris following recent outlandish predictions that caused Fox News to restrict his time on the air.

“I think everyone at The Hill views him the way that people outside The Hill do,” said one staffer. “He is a laughingstock, especially the way he acted in this last election.”

“I don’t think people take his column seriously,” added another. “What did he predict, 300 electoral votes for Romney?


Fox may be benched Morris after the election, but believe you me, he has been a laughingstock in my book for years but nonetheless, he was on the air right up until the end, despite his “outlandish” predictions.

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