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In Homage to Nelson Mandela, Rush Limbaugh Rips Civil Rights Leaders

Remember when the Republican Party said it had to “rebrand” its message and they came out with their “Growth and Opportunity Project?”

The RNC’s Growth and Opportunity Project, an effort to take the existing party engine and give it a top-to-bottom tuneup, has solutions that include: A $10 million-dollar effort to better connect with minority communities…

That was in March.

This would be the speaker of the Republican party today:

Rush Limbaugh via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Limbaugh Uses Mandela’s Death To Slam U.S. Civil Rights Leaders

Yo, GOP: Good luck.

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Gallup: GOP Favorability Rating Hits Lowest Point E-V-E-R




GOP Dinoasur

Keep doing what you’re doing Republicans:  The GOP’s favorability rating has plunged to 28 percent, its lowest point ever, and the lowest point ever for either party.  That 31% rating in 1999 was when House Republicans voted to impeach President Clinton:

GOP Unfavorable Lowest Ever Gallup

(Image: Gallup)

This is what happens when a party gets all its information from the Fox Newses and the Rush Limbaughs of the world.  They think “the people” are on their side.



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Record Number of Militia and Hate Groups in the U.S.

This from the Southern Poverty Law Center (fantastic group):

Patriot Militia Groups

(Image via

The Year in Hate and Extremism

Capping four years of explosive growth sparked by the election of America’s first black president and anger over the economy, the number of conspiracy-minded antigovernment “Patriot” groups reached an all-time high of 1,360 in 2012, while the number of hard-core hate groups remained above 1,000. As President Obama enters his second term with an agenda of gun control and immigration reform, the rage on the right is likely to intensify.


While the number of hate groups remained essentially unchanged last year — going from 1,018 in 2011 to 1,007 in 2012 — the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) count of 1,360 Patriot groups in 2012 was up about 7% from the 1,274 active in 2011. And that was only the latest growth spurt in the Patriot movement, which generally believes that the federal government is conspiring to take Americans’ guns and destroy their liberties as it paves the way for a global “one-world government.” From a mere 149 organizations in 2008, the number of Patriot groups shot up to 512 in 2009, jumped again to 824 in 2010, and then skyrocketed to 1,274 in 2011 before hitting their all-time high last year.

Now, in the wake of the mass murder of 26 children and adults at a Connecticut school and the Obama-led gun control efforts that followed, it seems likely that that growth will pick up speed once again.


The Hysteria Mounts
Even before the Dec. 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, gun and ammunition sales shot up in the wake of the re-election of the country’s first black president, the result of shrill conspiracy theories about Obama’s secret plans to confiscate Americans’ guns. When the killings actually did spark gun control efforts that clearly had not been in the Obama administration’s plans, the reaction on the political right was so harsh that it seemed to border on hysteria.


I know the dates and numbers on the graph are hard to read. Apologies.  Go to the “More…” link immediately above to see a larger version.

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Thanks Rush

Here’s more on Jim Lee Dykes, the 66-year-old Vietnam vet who is holding a 5-year-old boy hostage in a hole in the ground just outside Midland City, Alabama:

Jim Lee Dykes via

(Image via

Michael Creel said Dykes kept to himself and listened to a lot of talk radio.

“He was very into what’s going on with the nation and the politics and all the laws being made. The things he didn’t agree with, he would ventilate,” he said.

James Arrington, police chief of the neighboring town of Pinckard, put it differently.

“He’s against the government, starting with Obama on down,” he said.


What Creel didn’t say is that Dykes listened to a lot of conservative talk radio which whipped this obviously unstable man into a fear- and hate-filled frenzy and helped push him into doing what he’s doing.

Who would have ever imagined such a thing (I say sarcastically).

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Obama Calls Out Lazy Media, Fox and Limbaugh

Obama via 1-27-13

(Image via

I like the plain truth President Obama told Steve Kroft in his 60 Minutes interview tonight:

You know, Steve, I gotta tell you, the — you guys in the press are incorrigible. I was literally inaugurated four days ago. And you’re talking about elections four years from now.”


And I like the plain truth he told The New Republic too:

One of the biggest factors is going to be how the media shapes debates. If a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News or by Rush Limbaugh for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, then you’ll see more of them doing it.


Memo to Obama and all Democrats:  Keep it up, hammer away at it, drive it home and for God’s sake, don’t let up!

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Remember When the Obama Administration Warned About Right-Wing Extremists?

Remember when the Obama administration raised a red flag about veterans becoming right-wing extremist but it caved under ah, pressure from right-wing extremists?

Remember the DHS report about Veterans being recruited to Right-Wing terrorist groups which was leaked and led newly appointed Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano to initially defending the report but later having to apologize and withdrawing the report after she was thrown under the bus by her own party (Bennie Thompson, Congressman from MS) & severely criticized by Republicans.


That was then (2009):

From Fox:  Napolitano Apologizes to Veterans Group for ‘Rightwing Extremism’ Report

From LiveLeak: Failed Obama clown posse apologizes to US vets after calling them right wing extremists

From RightWingNews: Napolitano Apologizes To Veterans For DHS Report

This is now:

Temple gunman Wade Michael Page had ties to military and racist rock music

Sihk Temple Shooter Was a Military Veteran

Sikh temple shooting suspect identified as former U.S. Army soldier Wade Michael Page

Filed under “Obama — Don’t Count on My Vote.”  You were right, but you didn’t have the guts to follow through.

Look at us now.

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Republicons Succeed at Convincing (More) Conservatives Obama is a Muslim

Most of the conversation surrounding religion and the presidential election has been around Mitt Romney’s Mormonism. The Church of Latter-Day Saints is still a mystery to many Americans, and there were fears that Romney’s Mormonism would hurt him with voters unfamiliar with the religion. But the latest survey from the Pew Forum for Religion and Public life suggests that Romney has nothing to worry about — of the voters who know that Romney is a Mormon (60 percent), the vast majority say they are either comfortable with his faith (60 percent) or that it doesn’t matter at all (21 percent).


Indeed, of the two candidates, religion actually seems to be a bigger factor for President Obama. Only 49 percent of voters know that Obama is a Christian, and 17 percent continue to say that he’s a Muslim. Among conservatives, 30 say that he is a Muslim; among the most conservative voters that jumps to 34 percent. When Pew first surveyed this question, in 2008, only 16 percent of conservatives believed that Obama was a Muslim. Put another way, as conservatives grew more familiar with Obama, their view of his religious beliefs moved deeper into fantasy.


I would put it differently.  It isn’t about conservatives growing “more familiar with Obama.”  It’s about right-wing media (I’m looking at you Fox) and hate radio succeeding in making conservatives feel less familiar / comfortable with Obama, thus the jump in those who think he’s a Muslim.

Bonus link:  Think Obama’s a Muslim? Then You’re too Stupid to Vote.

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Why Wingnuts Want to See Obama’s College Records

Ever wonder what the big fuss over on the right is about seeing President Obama’s college records?  Me too.

Now we know:

(Image via

In context of the “mounting pressure” for Mitt Romney to provide more tax and employment records, a reporter recently asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney whether President Obama would set an example in transparency and release some of his records that critics have asked for.


When the reporter got specific and asked if Obama would release his college records, Carney replied: “Right, this is the Donald Trump question.  It is preposterous.  This is from the guy who insisted he didn’t believe the president was born in the United States.”

Asking for college records is preposterous?

Writing for the, Jason Howerton suggests:

Carney was obviously trying to lump those who are interested to see what types of college courses Obama took in college into the same category as ‘birthers.’ However, many who want to see the president’s college transcripts say wanting to see the president’s transcripts has nothing to do with his citizenship. Rather they argue it could help provide insight into the types of courses Obama sought out while in college, which some believe promoted radical ideologies.

Yes, many want to see Obama’s college records for grades and courses (as with G.W. Bush and others).  But in Obama’s case, the primary reason to see his college applications is to learn whether the president applied for college in the U.S. as a foreign student.


Imagine thinking that’s the most important, urgent thing going on around here.

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Bye-Bye Rush

Rush Limbaugh is another one of those idiots who wants to flee the country because of rampant socialism — flee that is, to a country with ah, rampant socialism:

(Image via Twitter @etanthomas36)

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Bryan Fisher is Romney’s CEO

So, Mitt Romney is supposedly the big, bad CEO honcho huh?  I don’t think so.  Looks to me like winger Bryan Fisher is his boss:

(Image via

It was just last week that Bryan Fischer was declaring that if Mitt Romney wants to win in November,  he’d “better start listening to me.”  And the first thing that Romney needed to do was fire Richard Grenell because all week Fischer had beenrelentlesslyattacking the campaign for having hired an openly gay man to serve as the foreign policy and national security spokesman.

Today, during the second hour of Fischer’s daily radio broadcast, the news broke the Grenell had in fact resigned from the campaign and Fischer could barely contain his glee, declaring it a “huge win” for the Religious Right because it means that they have forced Romney to back down and taught him that he cannot do anything like this again.

See video here.


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Monica Crowley — Professional Hater, Professional Victim

Yesterday, professional hater Monica Crowley sent this tweet about Sandra Fluck:

This morning she sent this:

“My tweeted question?” Give me a break.  You weren’t tweeting a question.  You were tweeting a slur. You were tweeting hate.

Geezus.  You guys are always the victim.



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Stay Classy Monica

This would be my Tweet of the Day.  Monica Crowley is a Fox News “contributor” and a professional hater (of course those two go hand in hand).

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Limbaugh Says Protests Against Him Aren’t Working

…so the obvious thing to do is hire a crisis management firm.  Makes sense, right?

While [Rush Limbaugh] publicly scoffed at the notion that the reaction to his misogyny [and his three-day rant against "slut" Sandra Fluke] is having an impact, he’s quietly hired an expert in crisis management to handle the fallout.

Brian Glicklich has been acting on Limbaugh’s behalf since at least March 8. Glicklich is a former vice president at Premiere Radio Networks, and currently heads the firm How Handy Is That, which specializes in reputation and crisis management and “gadfly defense.” He previously worked as counsel to a firm that provides crisis management to clients like David Copperfield and Paris Hilton. Glicklich also has an extensive relationship with Glenn Beck, and is thanked in the acknowledgements of several of Beck’s books.


Repeat after me:  This is having no effect!  This is having no effect!  This is having no effect!

Man, there’s no end to the lying coming from the right these days.

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Quote of the Morning


And make no mistake: Limbaugh’s audience is very old. One station manager quipped to me, “The median age of Limbaugh’s audience? Deceased.”


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My Tweet of the Day:


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Limbaugh Filling Ad Air Time With PSAs

Morning tidbit:

56% of Limbaugh’s WABC ads Were Unpaid PSAs Yesterday, Versus Zero the Day Before

To date, 45 advertisers have dropped Limbaugh’s show.

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Rush Limbaugh Defended the Monster Joseph Kony 2012

I. Am.  Speechless.

Yesterday I posted a video produced by Invisible Children about Joseph Kony, the ruthless, soulless, ice-in-his-veins head of the “Lord’s Resistance Army,” a Ugandan militia group that kidnaps kids out of their beds.

Under threat of death, boys are made to be killers and/or mutilators (killing and/or mutilating their own parents included) and girls are forced into a life of sex slavery.

I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t heard of Joseph Kony before watching the video (see it here) but when I did, I got mad as hell.  I will never forget the name or face of Joseph Kony.

As of yesterday early afternoon, the video, which was posted on March 5, had 1,845,000 views.  As of today @7:42 p.m. ET, there have been 9,925,483 views.

Bravo to the world for that.

That said, check this out:

Joseph Kony, head of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a militia group in Uganda responsible for mass killings and mutilations in that country (often forcing children to perform their atrocities), is the subject of a new film intended to promote efforts to bring him to justice for crimes against humanity.

In October 2011, Joseph Kony had an unusual backer in the U.S. media: Rush Limbaugh.

At that time, President Obama announced that he had “authorized a small number of combat equipped U.S. forces to deploy to central Africa to provide assistance to regional forces that are working toward the removal of Joseph Kony from the battlefield.”

While conservatives like Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) supported the Obama administration’s effort, Limbaugh saw the announcement as an opportunity to bash the President.

Limbaugh told his audience that Obama was sending “a hundred troops to wipe out Christians” in Uganda, and that he was “help[ing] the Egyptians wipe out the Christians.”

On the headline was “Obama Invades Uganda, Targets Christians.”

Listen to the audio of Limbaugh ranting here.

Judging from this, and his 9-hour humiliation of Sandra Fluck, during which he proved he had no idea what Ms. Fluck said in her congressional testimony, I can only assume that a little bird plants a seed in Limbaugh’s ear and he goes off, without having any idea what he’s talking about.

Back in the day, when I blogged at the NewsHounds, conservatives would nitpick about a misplaced comma, yet they listen to Limbaugh who obviously doesn’t do his homework before he rips someone apart, as in the case of Ms. Fluck, or offers support, as in the case of the war criminal Joseph Kony.

It’s about doing ones homework and knowing what one is talking about, or it’s about not giving a flying f*ck.





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Limbaugh on Fluke, in Seven Minutes

I’m as sick of Rush (have been for years) as you are but I think it’s important to make a record of what just happened so here is a 7-minute video compilation of his smears against Sandra Fluke, in case you didn’t have time to watch all nine hours:

Oh, and don’t forget, he “apologized” for two words, “slut” and “prostitute.”

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Tracie McMillan — Rush Limbaugh’s Newest Female Target

If you’re a female, Rush Limbaugh will find a reason — any reason — to hate on you:

Photo via

Say you’re a conservative radio host who’s losing advertisers left and right for saying some deeply misinformed and misogynistic things about a the lifestyle of a highly-educated single woman, and now you need to change the conversation. How do you do that? If you’re Rush Limbaugh, you do it by attacking a different woman on the basis of her singleness, youth and education.

Limbaugh spent the entire first hour of his program today discussing “The American Way of Eating,” a new book by journalist Tracie McMillan, who logged almost a year working low-paying jobs at Wal-Mart, Applebee’s and other places to learn about the food industry. Despite the backlash he’s faced for branding law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute,” Limbaugh didn’t shy away from the matter of McMillan’s sex. On the contrary, he referred to her as an “authorette” and attempted to tie her to a broader trend of “all these young single white women” who are threatening Americans’ freedoms.

White women threatening Americans’ freedoms?  WHAT?

Limbaugh needs therapy. Immediately.

And there’s more:


Less thrilling to her was Limbaugh attacking her for being female, single and educated. “It just didn’t really occur to me that my being single would have any bearing on whether what my book was valid,” she says. “It seems to be a way to dismiss my intelligence or capacity to do the work.”

Ah yeah.

“But this really intense dismissal of women by someone like Rush Limbaugh, who’s considered an authority by a lot of people — that, to me, is distressing. I just wasn’t expecting anybody to say flat out that my work wasn’t valid because I’m a single woman.”

She also takes exception to Limbaugh’s calling her “over-educated.” “I only have a B.A. I don’t have an advanced degree,” she says. “Maybe he thinks women shouldn’t go to college at all?”


The guy is totally out of control.  I take this as a sign that Republicans are in full-throttle panic mode.

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Statue of Rush Limbaugh Headed to Missouri State Captiol


Radio commentator Rush Limbaugh, at the center of a storm of criticism for derogatory remarks directed at a young law school student, is set to be honored by the Missouri Legislature with a statue at the state Capitol.

House Speaker Steven Tilley, R-Perryville, confirmed Monday that Limbaugh, who, like Tilley, hails from southeast Missouri, will be honored with a place in the Hall of Famous Missourians, a circle of busts in the Capitol rotunda recognizing prominent Missouri citizens.

The statues are paid for with private funds raised by the speaker.

The unveiling is not expected until closer to the end of the legislative session in May, but, last month, a Kansas City artist published an announcement on his website indicating he was working on sculptures of Limbaugh and Dred Scott, whose landmark slavery case was heard at the Old Courthouse in St. Louis.


They’re drinking some serious Kool-Aid out there in Missouri.

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Female Vets Call on Armed Services Radio to Drop Rush


The largest progressive group of veterans in America,, is today releasing a statement from three female Iraq war veterans calling on Rush Limbaugh’s show to stop being broadcast by the American Forces Network (AFN).

“Rush Limbaugh has a freedom of speech and can say what he wants, but in light of his horribly misogynistic comments, American Forces Radio should no longer give him a platform.  Our entire military depends on troops respecting each other – women and men.  There simply can be no place on military airwaves for sentiments that would undermine that respect.  When many of our female troops use birth control, for Limbaugh to say they are “sluts” and “prostitutes” is beyond the pale.  It isn’t just disrespectful to our women serving our country, but it’s language that goes against everything that makes our military work.  Again, we swore to uphold our Constitution, including the freedom of speech, and would not take that away from anyone – even Limbaugh.  But that does not mean AFN should broadcast him.  In fact, it shouldn’t.”


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Andrew Breitbart Wouldn’t Have Been a Star Without Dumb People

My last post about Andrew Breitbart is this tweet from the extremely conservative David Frum:

What a legacy.



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Get Rush Off Of Armed Services Radio

Let’s get Rush off of Armed Services Radio.  Our tax dollars shouldn’t support humiliating the women in our military.

Sign the petition here.


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Seven Advertisers Have Dumped Rush

I’m likin’ this:

ProFlowers said Sunday on its Facebook page that it has suspended advertising on Limbaugh’s program because his comments about Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke “went beyond political discourse to a personal attack and do not reflect our values as a company.”

The six other advertisers that say they have pulled ads from his show are mortgage lender Quicken Loans, mattress retailers Sleep Train and Sleep Number, software maker Citrix Systems Inc., online data backup service provider Carbonite and online legal document services company LegalZoom.


Now I’m waiting for Oreck to make a move.  I have an Oreck and I’ll never buy another one if they don’t.

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Rush Limbaugh DID NOT Apologize to Sandra Fluke

The liberal media is reporting tonight that Rush Limbaugh has “apologized” to Sandra Fluke for insulting her.

What a joke.  He didn’t apologize.  Read his two sentence “apology” below.  No way is he sorry he insulted Ms. Fluke. He wishes he hadn’t used the words he used.  That’s all.

“My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir,” Limbaugh said on his website. “I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.”

Gimme some more disinfotainment!

Not only that, he “apologized” on a Saturday evening via Facebook.  Coward.

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Mitt Romney Owns Rush Limbaugh — Literally

Did you know that Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital owns Clear Channel which owns Premiere Radio Networks which owns Rush Limbaugh (to the tune of $400 million)?

Yep.  It’s true.  Check out the links above or do the Google.

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Romney Has to Be Programmed Before he Can Respond to Limbaugh Fiasco

Here are my Tweets of the Day (especially like the second one):

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Have Republicans Forgotten That Women Have the Right to Vote?

What with Republicans going off their rocker regarding oppressing women of late, this Sandra Fluke “slut” fiasco is not a good thing for them.  But, they don’t seem to give a sh*t:

President Obama called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke thanking her for speaking out on the contraception law — especially after Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut” on his radio show, Huffington Post reports.

Said Fluke: “He encouraged me and supported me and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of American women. What was really personal for me was that he said to tell my parents that they should be proud.”

Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told Greg Sargent she was surprised that Republican leaders had yet to condemn the comment: “They won’t disassociate themselves from it. They’re tattooed with that.”

Craig Crawford: “You almost have to wonder whether the Republican Party has forgotten women have the right to vote.”

They remind me of the gang of kids who become more and more vicious in the book, Animal Farm.  No one’s in charge, they try to one-up each other and they don’t care how inhuman, cruel or uncivilized they have to be in order to do so.


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Sign Petition Urging Limbaugh’s Advertisers to Pull Their Support

Has Rush Limbaugh f-i-n-a-l-l-y gone too far with his “slut” comment?  I think he’s been going too far for years so I gladly signed the petition over at the DailyKos asking his advertisers to pull their support for him.

Go here if you’re interesting in doing the same.

UPDATE:  Now TWO retailers pull adverts from Rush Limbaugh’s show after radio host suggests “slut” should make SEX TAPE.

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Mitt Romney: “Of Course” the Economy Is Getting Better

I thought I’d put up this little tidbit about the economy taken from an appearance by Mitt Romney on Laura Ingraham’s show (January 20, 2012).  I have a feeling it will come in handy in July, August, September, October and November, if you know what I mean (wink, wink).


Well of course it’s getting better.  The economy always gets better after a recession.  There’s always a recovery…


Have you got a better one [argument] Laura?  It just happens to be the truth.


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