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10 Hours in the Hospital = $5,230+

My husband has been diagnosed with sleep apnea.  On June 12 he spent ten hours at a medical office building across the street from our local hospital being “tested” to see which of several treatments might be best for him.  He checked in at 8:00 p.m. and checked out at 6:00 a.m. on June 13.

They hooked him up to a bunch of monitors, put him to bed in a room with a bunch of cameras, and they recorded his movement, BP, and oxygen intake for the night.  He didn’t get any food and he brought his meds with him.

We got the bill today:  $5,234.00.

medical costs

Per the “Ryan Plan,” House Republicans (100% of them) voted to give seniors who are on Medicare $8,000 a year to buy coverage from a private insurer.

Far as I can tell, President Obama has, tragically, been convinced that the Ryan Plan is a good thing and he is negotiating with Republicans to adopt some, if not all of its provisions in an effort to “reduce the deficit” and cow to conservatives who he apparently thinks are in the majority, even though they aren’t. (Google this issue.  Americans overwhelmingly don’t want cuts to Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid. They want taxes to be raised on people who make over $250,000.  Period.)

Anyway, think about this for a minute.  You have $8,000 to spend on a plan that supposedly covers you for a year and voila, your coverage essentially evaporates after one procedure?  Yeah.  That’ll work.

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