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Paul Ryan’s Incredibly Shrinking Medicare “Reform” Plan

Mitt Romney announced that fiscal conservative darling Paul Ryan as his VP pick at roughly 4:30 a.m. ET last Saturday.  The spin way, way, way back then was Romney was trying to solidify his wingnut bona fides with the Tea Party Republican base with such a bold choice.


Six and a half days into this charade and guess what those lying sacks of sh*t are saying now:

In his first week as a Republican U.S. vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan has quietly moved away from the Medicare reform plan that has defined his political career.

At campaign stops, Ryan has made little mention of the Medicare and budget savings that conservatives cheered when presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced his running mate.  When Medicare comes up, it’s more often than not in an attack on Democratic President Barack Obama.


Like Ryan’s plan, Romney’s plan would convert Medicare from a program that provides guaranteed health benefits to retirees to one that provides seniors with limited subsidies to buy coverage.

Unlike Ryan’s Medicare plan, Romney’s proposal lacks the detail that would let taxpayers and beneficiaries know how much it would cost them.


Run away like a dog with its tail between its legs and attack Obama instead of being proud of your own plan? Gosh.  Now that’s “bold.”

Oh, and now the intellectual-leader-of-the-GOP and bad-ass workout dude

Paul Ryan’s mommy is getting into the act:  Paul Ryan to Court Fla. Seniors With Mom’s Help.


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