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“The Interview” Will Make Millions


Sony pulled the plug on its film, “The Interview,” this afternoon due to the alleged hacking of its email system and the release of embarrassing emails sent from Sony execs.  The powers that be say North Korea is to blame.

My thinking:  One can only imagine who else might have an interest in doing this.

That said, “The Interview” will make millions for Sony. It’ll be released on Netflix and who knows where else and it will eventually be filed under the category of unsolved mysteries like James Dean’s car crash and John F. Kennedy’s assassination.  People will clamor to watch it.

Quite the marketing tool, huh?  (I mean, who knows.)

Just sayin': Question authority.


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Favorite Family Christmas Ornament

Favorite Ornament

I remember this paper ornament being on our Christmas tree when I was a little girl.  It ended up in my collection and I put it in a prominent spot on the wreath every year.

I don’t know where it came from.  I sure wish I did (talk to your parents/relatives about things like this before it’s too late.)  All I know is that on the bottom it says “Made in zechoslovakia.”  My mother’s grandparents immigrated from Poland so maybe it came from her family.  Then again, my father’s relatives immigrated from Germany so maybe it was theirs.

I’ll never know but what I do know is that it reaches back in time in my memories of Christmas so even though it’s a little dilapidated (aren’t those the best kind of ornaments?), I love it for always being there.

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Sunday Night in America

There but for fortune go you or go I…

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Pigs Are Flying in Kansas

Flying Pigs via Durova via Wikipedia

(Image Durova via Wikimedia Commons)

Geezus.  Republicans, who are supposedly against “government waste” (when it helps kids, the poor and the elderly), and “big government” programs — Medicaid in particular — are causing pigs to fly in Kansas, all in the name of, what appears to be, a big payout to three of their corporate minders:

Kansas Republicans blocked a proposal to create a special panel to investigate possible ethics violations in the operation of KanCare, the state’s $3 billion privatized Medicaid program.

Members of the KanCare Oversight Committee voted along party lines Tuesday to reject the appointment of a joint House and Senate committee that would be granted subpoena power to investigate the controversial KanCare program.


Gov. Sam Brownback (R), who won re-election in November despite prominent Republicans coming out against him, announced in 2011 that his administration would make sweeping changes to the state’s Medicaid program. The administration launched KanCare in January 2013, and the state’s traditional Medicaid program was phased out.

In its place the Brownback administration contracted three for-profit health insurance companies to coordinate health care for more than 360,000 low-income residents.

Since its inception, KanCare has come under scrutiny for possible pay-to-play corruption and complaints of long waits for benefits.

The FBI has reportedly conducted an investigation into the Brownback administration’s approval of the $3 billion in KanCare contracts. Former Brownback chief of staff David Kensinger is reportedly at the center of an FBI investigation, amid allegations that he received financial compensation from all three companies.


Ah yes, another way to transfer wealth to the top:  The money states are using to expand or “make sweeping changes” to their Medicaid programs comes from the federal government so when Brownback, et al., gives that money to his insurance buddies that’s our tax dollars we’re talkin’ about.

What a guy.  He probably goes to church on Sunday too.

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This Year’s Wreath is Up

The post below — and the not-very-good-photo — shows last years wreath.  Here’s this years.  Ain’t it beautiful:


After I dragged all the stuff out our old lights didn’t work so I bought some really cool new LED lights.  The “lights” aren’t bulbs.  They’re like drops of water strung on a piece of wire. So easy to use because you can bend the wire around the “branches” of the wreath and it’s invisible.  Man-oh-man, Christmas lights sure have changed since I was a kid.  I’m kind of glad the old ones didn’t work because I love not having to look at that green cord popping out everywhere.

They look like this, except the string I bought, obviously, is multi-colored.


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Simplifying Christmas

My husband and I live in a small house (1100 sq. feet) and we have two English setters.

Years ago we decided having a Christmas tree wasn’t in the cards for us (a “Charley Brown”-type tree wasn’t our cup of tea).  We didn’t have room and the dogs, well, you know.  We never knew what we’d find when we got home.

Looking to find a way to enjoy our ornaments and celebrate light during the dead of winter, we decided to go with a big wreath instead.


At roughly 36″, it held all our ornaments, it was up off the floor and we loved it.  We would sit in the living room with all the lights off save the wreath, just like anyone else would do with a tree.

Then a time came when we were sick of paying for a fresh wreath, at something like $50.00 a pop.  Not only that, voila, it was dry two days after we put it up (probably because the greens were cut, assembled and shipped in September — yea capitalism!).

Two or three years ago we bought a fake wreath, wrapped it in lights and put our ornaments on it.  We thought we had it made.

Fast forward to today.  I got the wreath out and the lights don’t work so I have to take all the ornaments off, take the lights off, buy a new string of lights, them on (that puppy is heavy — wrapping lights on it ain’t no easy task) and put the ornaments back on.

That said, I’m thinking there has to be a way to simplify this whole thing:

Simplily Christmas


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Happy Thanksgiving!

This is still one of my all-time favorite Thanksgiving memories in a SMDH, is-she-really-that-oblivious, gobsmacked kind of way:

November, 2008:


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