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No Indictment in Chokehold Death of Eric Garner

Here is the July 17, 2014 video showing Eric Garner, a resident of New York City who was stopped for allegedly selling cigarettes illegally (not for breaking up a fight as the narrator says), dying after police put him in a chokehold and wrestled him to the ground.

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On August 1, the NYC Medical Examiner ruled Garner’s death a homicide and said he died from compression to the neck and chest.

It’s all there, on video.  The cops are the ones who compressed his neck and chest.  Yet, today this happened:  Grand Jury Not to Charge N.Y.P.D. Officer in Garner’s death.

So, what good are body cameras going to do if even when a homicide is filmed, the officer(s) go unpunished?  The system is in absolute shambles.

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Ferguson and #BlackPanic

Two hours from now the grand jury decision in the shooting of Michael Brown will be announced.  That said, I was just alerted to the Twitter hashtag #BlackPanic.  As usual, there are some really looney tweets there and some that are way off-topic but this caught my eye as it pretty much sums up what has been happening since Day One:





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Great Public Relations Going on Down in St. Louis County (Not)


Geezus, I wonder how much time, effort and money the St. Louis PD has put into actually meeting with and talking to the people of Ferguson; they look to be all set in the us-versus-them department:

St. Louis PD Military via ABC World News Tonight

(Via ABC World News Tonight)



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Republicans Count on Us Being Stupid When it Comes to History

Republicans are counting on us not knowing or remembering these inconvenient facts about presidents taking executive action (from PewHispanic) and of course, far be it for the so-called (cough) liberal media to remind people:

History of Exec. Action on Immigration via PewHispanic on Twitter

(Image via PewHispanic on Twitter)

Larger version here.


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Al Jazeera’s Headline Much More Honest Than the Washington Post’s

Al Jazeera Logo

You probably heard about this yesterday:

The Supreme Court is Allowing Ohio to Cut Back on Early Voting. Now What?

On Monday, the Supreme Court decided to uphold a proposal from Ohio’s Republican legislature to scale back early voting hours in the state. The issue has been a flashpoint in state politics for a decade. But the net effect in 2014 is very hard to judge.

In short, the new early voting regimen would cut a week from the total amount of time that Ohioans can visit local polling places and cast a vote before election day on Nov. 4. It makes two key changes: 1) eliminating a week during which people could both register to vote and then vote, which offered campaigns a chance to easily expand their voter bases and 2) eliminating voting on the Sunday before election day, which makes it harder for churches to organize efforts to go to the polls. In fact, black churches were the plaintiffs represented by the ACLU in the suit that ended up before the Court, recognizing that “Souls to the Polls” programs would be disproportionately affected.

Race, population and early voting overlap heavily in Ohio. In 2012, counties with higher densities of black residents were also the ones that cast more early votes


In other words, Ohio Republicans, with the help of the U.S. Supreme Court, have just made it harder for people who tend to vote Democratic to vote in Ohio. That’s how Republicans win, by gerrymandering districts, my “miscounting” ballots and by putting restrictions on the right to vote so the poor, those working three jobs, seniors who might need help getting to a polling place, etc., can’t vote.

Here’s the way USAToday worded its headline:

A Divided Supreme Court Delays Early Voting in Ohio

Here’s MSNBC’s headline:

Supreme Court Orders Cuts to Early Voting in Ohio

Here’s Fox:

Supreme Court Rules to Put Off Start of Early Voting in Ohio

But, by far and away my favorite is Al Jazeera’s headline.  It’s the most honest:

Supreme Court Helps Ohio GOP Limit Early Voting

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“Some of My Best Friends Are Black”

A note to American by #Ferguson kids:



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Marco Rubio Fails When Confronted by Four Brave DREAMers

Yesterday I posted about how the Republican War on Women may be taking a toll in the senate race in Georgia where Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn is up “about 20 points” among women voters when compared to the Republican candidate, David Perdue.

Now, enter Marco Rubio, who was (maybe he still is) supposed to be the answer to the Republicans’ “Latino problem.” Rubio was in South Carolina last night meeting with a bunch of conservatives when four gutsy DREAMers held up a banner and asked for Rubio’s support.  The crowd booed loudly, the kids were escorted out and Rubio said:

“We are a sovereign country that deserves to have immigration laws.  You’re doing harm to your own cause because you don’t have a right to illegally immigrate to the United States.”

Here’s video:


Pretty cold, but impressing angry white conservatives is evidently the most important thing to Republicans these days. I mean, surely Rubio knows that DREAMers are people who were, by and large, brought here as babies or toddlers and who didn’t make  a conscious decision to “illegally immigrate.”  This is the only country and culture they’ve ever known and if they were deported they’d be as lost in their native land as you or I would be if we were torn from our family and friends and plopped down in the middle of a county we knew nothing about.

Despite pleas by some in their party to reach out to the Latino population, I guess the Republican party is largely blowing off their vote.  Genuflecting to Tea Partiers is apparently more important which will make the next two years verrry interesting.  Remember “self-deportation?

Oh, and this video is a ready-made anti-Rubio campaign ad.



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