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Google “Dumb Rick Perry” and You Get 1,310,000 Hits

Rick Perry Chia head 9-29-11

Here’s a hilarious article about not only Rick Perry but about how the entire GOP presidential field is acting like the three stooges.  It’s long but worth the time.  Here’s the opening salvo:

The media hates Republicans [yeah, right], and so naturally they’re elevating Texas Governor Rick Perry to the status of a potential 2016 GOP presidential contender who must be taken seriously. After his last embarrassing run – embarrassing not only for him, but for the much-maligned state of Texas (see the video above) – one would think he’d put his presidential aspirations in the back of the garage, along with that Stairmaster he never uses. But no: dumber than a steer who’s been zapped by a cattle-prod and still won’t move, Perry is going along with the joke.


I’ve got to remember that (bolded) line.  Oh, like I said, Google “dumber Rick Perry” and you get 1,310,000 hits.  And here’s more hilarity:  Rick Perry Just Boosted His Intellectual Reputation (because he started wearing glasses).  Riiight.

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Colorado Clerks Ignoring Republican Secretary of State — Issuing Same Sex Marriage Licenses

I’m so proud of the Boulder and Denver County Clerks:

Gay Flag - Best One

The Denver County clerk’s office on Thursday began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, just hours after a Boulder judge rejected a bid by the state to block a similar move there.

The first couple, Samantha Getman, 33, and Victoria Quintana, 23, got their license shortly before 2 p.m. They were far outnumbered by reporters, photographers and activists.

Clerk and Recorder Debra Johnson’s decision came after a Boulder County judge said he would allow Boulder’s clerk to continue issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, rejecting a request from Attorney General John Suthers to issue an injunction.

Johnson said on her Twitter account: “FINALLY! We can issue marriage licenses to ALL loving couples here in CO. Our Office will be issuing licenses till 4:30 pm today.”


The Boulder ruling Thursday gave Denver legal cover, in officials’ view.

“Now, thanks to Clerk Hall’s bravery, we can issue licenses today,” Porter said.

In the Boulder ruling on a temporary restraining order request [filed by Colorado's Republican Attorney General, John Suthers], Judge Andrew Hartman wrote that the validity of any marriage licenses issued by the Boulder clerk’s office to same-sex couples was conditional ultimately upon courts finding Hall had the proper authority.


No word yet on whether Suthers is going to ask for a restraining order against Denver’s clerk too.  I hope not.  Poor guy.  This train has left the station but he keeps trying to pull it back.


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Not a Good First Day for Georgia’s New “Guns Everywhere” Law

Paul Broun on Wikipedia

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) (Image via Wikimedia)

On Tuesday, July 1, 2014, Georgia’s new “Safe Carry Protection Act” went into effect.

Certifiably insane Georgia Congressman Paul Broun (R) explained the Act on Newsmax yesterday afternoon:

“We know that when law abiding citizens — who know how to use one — have one on their person, it helps to prevent crime.  A law that I think is going to help prevent shootings, that is going to help prevent crime.”

“We need to go back to the Constitution for not only the First Amendment, but the Second Amendment,” he explained. “Because the First and Second Amendments are the guardians of our liberties. The Second Amendment is the one that really protects all of our liberties that we are given by our Lord, and our God-given rights, and are protected under the Constitution.”

“Folks that don’t understand firearms are fearful of them, but actually firearms have been proven to reduce crime,” he insisted. “We see as we go forward that schools are going to be safer, that anybody around in any locale is going to be safer because someone who understands how to utilize a firearm will be there to protect other folks, and I think it’s going to be a very positive move.”

“These gun-free areas are actually — they’re free-shooting zones for people,” he said. “Because they know that there won’t be anybody there that can stop them.”


Okay, hold that thought:  This happened yesterday (again, the first day of the new law) in Valdosta, Georgia:

At approximately 3 p.m. Tuesday, police responded to a call regarding a customer dispute at the Enmark on the corner of Park Avenue and North Lee Street.

A man carrying a holstered firearm entered the store to make a purchase. Another customer, also with a holstered firearm, approached him and demanded to see his identification and firearms license, according to the Valdosta Police Department report.

The customer making demands for ID pulled his firearm from its holster but never pointed it at the other customer, who said he was not obligated to show any permits or identification.

He demanded the man’s ID again. Undeterred by the drawn gun, the man paid for his items, left the store and called for police.


“This is an example of my concern with the new gun law that people will take the law into their own hands which we will not tolerate,” [Police Chief Brian] Childress said.


Geezus.  Let’s check back in a few years to see how much gun deaths have skyrocketed increased there.

P.S.  Just an aside, Broun’s on his fourth marriage.  I wonder what “our Lord” thinks about that.


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House Doesn’t Want Public to Know About Lobbyist-Paid Junkets

Ah yes, Congress working to create jobs again:

American Flag Waving

Congress Quietly Deletes a Key Disclosure of Free Trips Lawmakers Take

It’s going to be a little more difficult to ferret out which members of Congress are lavished with all-expenses-paid trips around the world after the House has quietly stripped away the requirement that such privately sponsored travel be included on lawmakers’ annual financial-disclosure forms.

The move, made behind closed doors and without a public announcement by the House Ethics Committee, reverses more than three decades of precedent. Gifts of free travel to lawmakers have appeared on the yearly financial form dating back its creation in the late 1970s, after the Watergate scandal. National Journal uncovered the deleted disclosure requirement when analyzing the most recent batch of yearly filings.

“This is such an obvious effort to avoid accountability,” said Melanie Sloan, executive director of the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. “There’s no legitimate reason. There’s no good reason for it.”

Free trips paid for by private groups must still be reported separately to the House’s Office of the Clerk and disclosed there. But they will now be absent from the chief document that reporters, watchdogs, and members of the public have used for decades to scrutinize lawmakers’ finances.




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Creating Jobs

Ah yes, there those Republicans go again, you know, busting their butts creating jobs:

John Boehner Crying 12-22-10

Boehner says he’ll sue Obama over executive actions

Speaker John Boehner said he hasn’t decided which of President Obama’s actions to name in his planned lawsuit over executive actions.
Dumb idea.  Yeah, I know they’re pandering to their base but I think the majority of Americans will think this is a waste of time and they will be ticked Republicans aren’t getting down to the business of running the country.  And maybe, just maybe, they’ll see it for what it is:  Destroying this president.
Oh, and check out this graph on executive orders.  Obama’s issuance of executive orders at this point in his presidency is the lowest of any president since Grover Cleveland.

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What is Science

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What is a Temporary Worker?

This post at ProPublica struck me like a bolt of lightening:  Temp Worker Regulations Around the World.

The thing that hit me straight up the side of my head was the notion that many countries have defined what “temporary worker” means.  Ah, yeah.  That should be defined.  What’s “temporary?”

To some countries it means someone who works a year, to some it means three or five.  Yet the United States is mum on that, meaning that businesses everywhere define workers as “temporary” on infinitum and thus screw them out of raises and benefits.

This is happening, of course, because corporations own the U.S. government but seriously, what a simple concept.  What is “temporary?”  To fail to define that means “temporary” is permanent.

Here’s more.  The higher the bar, the better the protections.  The U.S. is the blue bar, third from left.

ProPublica re worker protections

(Image via ProPublica on Twittier)

Larger version here.

The United States has some of the weakest labor protections for temp workers in the developed world. Other countries have adopted regulations limiting the length of temp assignments, guaranteeing equal pay for equal work and restricting companies from hiring temps for hazardous tasks. Here, we map out how countries compare based on data compiled by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which produces research on behalf of the world’s industrialized nations.


I wish it were that Washington worked for We the People instead of the corporatocracy.

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About Obama Withdrawing From Iraq

Obama via Wikimedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

If the U.S. “news” media was truly a news media and doing its job, this would be on every so-called journalist’s lips today, especially when interviewing Republicans who seem to think the war was going great until Obama became president in 2003 and immediately screwed it up.  (If you get the misinformation in that sentence you get a round of applause.)

October, 2011:

U.S. Troops Are Leaving Because Iraq Doesn’t Want Them There

President Obama’s speech formally declaring that the last 43,000 U.S. troops will leave Iraq by the end of the year was designed to mask an unpleasant truth: The troops aren’t being withdrawn because the U.S. wants them out. They’re leaving because the Iraqi government refused to let them stay.


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When Asked What the Definition of Winning in Iraq is, John McCain Can’t Answer

For all of John McCain’s war mongering, you’d think by now he’d have an answer when asked what the definition of “winning” in Iraq is. But no.  (I saw this live this morning.  Not only can’t McCain answer, his anger at being asked is palpable.)

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This Says It All As to Why VA Voters Were So Sick of Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor forgot who he was working for.  If Brat wins, he probably will too.

Cantor v. Brag Campaign Spending

(Image via

Here’s more:  Dave Versus Goliath, by the Numbers.

I think we’re all upset by this.

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My So-True Tweet of the Day

Funny and so true. They really have boxed themselves into a corner.

My Tweet of the Day:

Tweet of the Day 6-11-12

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Eric Cantor Lost Tonight — Republicans Have Created a Monster

Eric Cantor via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Eric Cantor (R), the supposed next Speaker of the House, lost his re-election bid tonight in Virginia to a an even more extremist candidate, Tea Partier, David Brat.

Per the chatter on the MSN (which I take with a grain of sale), I’m hearing that Brat defeated Cantor because of Cantor’s willingness to entertain the notion of amnesty for immigrants.  I’m also hearing that, because of this result, any kind of immigration reform before the 2016 election is dead because Republicans are now scared shitless.

A time will come when Republicans can’t win without the Latino vote.  But hating on “illegals” is a central part of their message and it brings their voters to the polls, as in what happened today in Virginia.

So what do they do?

They’ve created a monster.

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24 Hours Before Tracy Morgan Crash, U.S. Senate Voted to Relax Trucker Rest Rules

Here’s the latest on the awful crash that killed one man and critically injured three others, including comedian Tracy Morgan:


The truck driver who caused a six-car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike that killed one man and critically injured three others, including comedian Tracy Morgan, had not slept for 24 hours according to the complaint charging him with vehicular homicide.

The complaint charges that Kevin J. Roper, 35, of Georgia, was driving his tractor-trailer on the Turnpike in Cranbury early Saturday morning, “ without having slept for a period in excess of 24 hours” before he struck the 2012 Mercedes van carrying Morgan, 45, who is in critical condition at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick.


By the way, the trucker was driving a WalMart/Sam’s Club rig.  Given WalMart’s reputation for horrible working conditions, I hate to think what kind of pressure he was working under.

Anyway, lookie here at what the United States Senate did last Thursday:

A Senate panel on Thursday approved an amendment that would nullify some of the federal rest requirements for truck drivers.

The amendment, which was opposed by the Obama administration and safety advocates, rolls back a requirement that drivers be given time off during specific hours of the night. The “restart requirements” were enacted in 2013 to reduce fatigue among drivers.

Specifically, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted 21-9 to rescind portions of the rules that require truck drivers to take breaks between 1 and 5 a.m. on consecutive nights before they can work again. The amendment would also undo a rule that limits truck drivers to declaring only one “restart” per week.

The amendment was sponsored by Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), who has been sharply criticized by transportation safety groups for the effort to change the rules.


Lawmakers were under pressure from the trucking industry and business groups to eliminate the 1 to 5 a.m. requirement and the one-restart-per-week limit because the industries said the rules resulted in drivers having to take two full days off between shifts, in some cases.




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Outrageous: Louisiana’s Republican Governor Signs Bill Blocking Lawsuits Against Oil and Gas Companies

Wow, what hutzpah and what a huge middle finger to all the people, animals, sea creatures and land damaged or destroyed by British Petroleum (BP) and oil companies past, present and future.  Talk about a corporatocracy.  This is just sickening. Talk about outrage overload:

BP Oil Spill via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia.)

Rejecting the advice of his own attorney general and dozens of legal scholars, Louisiana governor and potential presidential contender Bobby Jindal effectively blocked a New Orleans-area levee board from suing oil and gas companies for allegedly destroying the state’s coasts – and in so doing, may have also derailed state and local claims against BP for damages and tax revenue lost following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.


Don Briggs, president of the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association, was also quoted in the statement distributed by the governor’s office, hailing the measure as a “huge victory for the oil and gas industry.”

The law, SB 469, essentially bars a levee district in New Orleans’ East Bank – the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East, or SLFPA-E – from pressing forward in its lawsuit against 97 oil and gas companies, which it blames for exposing New Orleans to catastrophic damage from hurricanes Rita and Katrina by cutting thousands of miles of pipes and canals through sensitive barrier islands and wetlands that otherwise would have protected the coastal city.

The lawsuit, filed last summer, sought to force energy companies to restore the wetlands, fill in the canals, and pay for past damages.

“We are looking to the industry to fix the part of the problem that they created,” SLFPA-E vice president John Barry told the Times-Picayune last year. “We’re not asking them to fix everything. We only want them to address the part of the problem that they created.”


Impeach the bastard for crimes against humanity and nature.  Not only that, what, he wants to use taxpayer dollars to clean-up BP’s mess?  What, he probably doesn’t care about clean-up at all.

Everyone in the country, er, the world needs to know about this.  This is what politicians who are owned by oil and gas companies do.



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Wisconsin Republicans Move to Block Overturned Same-Sex Marriage Ban

This is happening right now:

Gay couples began marrying in Wisconsin on Friday shortly after a federal judge overturned the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Look at these awful people:

WI Gay marriage ban overturned re john nichols on twitter

(Image via NicholsUprising on Twitter)


As the marriages took place, the state’s [Republican] attorney general moved swiftly to stop them.


Republicans are craven ideologists who can’t see the tsunami of change that’s already happened. This is a done deal nationwide.  But oh no, they’ve got to appeal to those 28%ers (as in the Teabaggers).

Fools.  Just freakin jackass fools.

(My brother is gay and has been since the day he was born. He came out in 1977.  I am so done with this issue.  Full rights to everybody already and then, to those of you who want to fret endlessly about this?  Get a life.  Get a hobby.  Do wood carvings or sand paintings or something.  Geezus.  Let people be!)

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#NotAScientists (i.e., Republicans) On How Global Warming is a Bunch of Hooey

This is good, via Act.TV/Americans United:

The GOP may be a lot of things, but “climate scientists” is not one of them. But that won’t stop them from ignoring a 97% consensus among actual scientists, along with 7 out of 10 Americans, that climate change is man-made and needs to be dealt with.





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Oops: GOP Rep. Mark Amodei (NV) Happy About Bowe Bergdhal’s Release Until He Gets the Memo

You know the saying:  If you post something on the Internets it’s going to be there forever.  Too bad House Republican Mark Amodei of Nevada didn’t get the memo about how he should be really, really mad at President Obama for rescuing Bowe Bergdhal before he posted this now-deleted tweet.  It was up for 15 hours before it was deleted at 10:19 a.m. on June 1.

Mark Amodei Tweet via

Yikes, big OOPS there.

Gee.  I wonder if we can take anything from this as in maybe — ya think? — the conservative media blitz we’re living through right now is all about hating on Democrats and the 2014 election?

Nah.  They’d never do that.  They care about creating jobs, jobs, jobs, right?

Thanks to Politwoops (deleted tweets from politicians).

Oh, and there’s this inconvenient fact which I’m sure you’re hearing and reading everywhere as we speak:  White House first discussed Bergdahl prisoner exchange with lawmakers in 2011



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Chart Shows How Environmental Regulations Destroy the Economy

Oh, ah, wait. Maybe not.

Despite what Republicans and their corporate masters are screaming about with regard to Obama’s proposed cuts to power plant emissions, history shows that environmental regulations do not — repeat — do not slow and/or destroy economies.  They might force corporations to spend money to retrofit plants (the real reason for all the screaming) but implementing them doesn’t mark the end of life as we know it.  To those of us who’ve been around for a while, that meme is as old as dirt.

From Peter Gleick:


Enviro rules Don't destroy the economy

(Via Peter Gleick)

BTW, a huge majority of Americans support regulations like the ones proposed.


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Kansas’s Republican Governor Bankrupting State

Sam Brownback via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

This is what happens when a crazed, tax-cutting Republican governor comes into office:  He proves Ronnie right: Government is the problem and it doesn’t work because why?  The crazed, tax-cutting Republican governor bankrupted it:

Kansas revenues plunged again in May, leaving the state more than $300 million below estimates for the current year.

The state reported Friday afternoon that revenues fell $217 million below estimates in May, the second month in a row they came up short of expectations.

The latest decline leaves the state about $310 million short for the current fiscal year, which ends June 30.

Read more here:
Read more here: state reported Friday afternoon that revenues fell $217 million below estimates in May, the second month in a row they came up short of expectations.
The latest decline leaves the state about $310 million short for the current fiscal year, which ends June 30.

The numbers again raise questions about Gov. Sam Brownback’s income tax cuts from 2012 and 2013 and their effect on the state’s financial health.

Brownback’s administration attributes the falling revenues to taxpayers cashing in investments early before capital gains taxes increased in 2013.

Riiight.  That’s so lame.


Critics have blamed Brownback’s income tax cuts, which were cited recently when Moody’s Investors Service downgraded the state’s credit rating at the end of last month.

Moody’s warned that the income tax cuts — without offsetting measures such as spending cuts — would drain the state’s reserves. That, the ratings firm said, would pose a “significant credit weakness.”

The rating agency cautioned that spending cuts won’t be easy because of court-ordered spending on schools, keeping up with Medicaid demands and funding the state’s pension system.


Good luck Kansas.  Oh, and you guys might want to pick up a copy of Thomas Frank’s book:  What’s the Matter With Kansas?

Read more here:
Read more here:


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Today’s Republican Leaders

Allen West (check out some of his most famous quotes here, he’s a real case), Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and ah yes, Donald Trump:

GOP leaders via adamslily on twitter


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Winger Who Supports Voter ID Laws Turned Away at Poll Because He Forgot His ID

I wish everyone who forgets their voter ID had a gopher who could run home to get it for them:

Asa Hutchinson via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

A Republican candidate for Arkansas governor who supports the new voter ID law was left waiting after he forgot his identification.

Spokesman Christian Olson told The Associated Press that Asa Hutchinson forgot his ID when he attempted to vote at the polls in Bentonville on Monday. Olson says a staffer was able to retrieve the ID and bring it to Hutchinson so he could vote.


Olson says Hutchinson thought the incident was a “little bit of an inconvenience” but still believes the law is necessary.


It would have been way more of an inconvenience if he was trying to vote on his lunch hour and he’d be fired if he didn’t punch back in when he was supposed to.

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Chemicals Used in Fracking Must Be Absolutely Awful

Fracking Well Heads via Wikipedia

(Fracking well heads via Wikimedia)

Check out what corporate-owned Republicans in North Carolina are doing.  The chemicals used by the fracking industry must be terrifying if they’re going to this length to keep them secret:

As hydraulic fracturing ramps up around the country, so do concerns about its health impacts. These concerns have led 20 states to require the disclosure of industrial chemicals used in the fracking process.

North Carolina isn’t on that list of states yet—and it may be hurtling in the opposite direction.

On Thursday, three Republican state senators introduced a bill that would slap a felony charge on individuals who disclosed confidential information about fracking chemicals. The bill, whose sponsors include a member of Republican party leadership, establishes procedures for fire chiefs and health care providers to obtain chemical information during emergencies. But as the trade publication Energywire noted Friday, individuals who leak information outside of emergency settings could be penalized with fines and several months in prison.

“The felony provision is far stricter than most states’ provisions in terms of the penalty for violating trade secrets,” says Hannah Wiseman, a Florida State University assistant law professor who studies fracking regulations.

The bill also allows companies that own the chemical information to require emergency responders to sign a confidentiality agreement. And it’s not clear what the penalty would be for a health care worker or fire chief who spoke about their experiences with chemical accidents to colleagues.


Amazing.  The citizens of North Carolina pay these guys’ salary but these state senators are blatantly and flagrantly working against the wellbeing of the very people who voted them into office and again, who pay them to ah, work for them not against them.  Thomas Jefferson must be twirling in his grave.

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People Acting Up — Love It

Sign Holders 5-12-14

(Image Matt Culver via via WoodTV)

This happened yesterday:

In honor of Mother’s Day, Christine Weick an anti-gay woman from Grandville, Michigan, chose to stand on a corner holding a sign that said

“Thank your Mom today, for not being gay.”

Weick claims she’s not a bigot and that hers isn’t a message of hate. She just feels compelled to go out on Mother’s Day and offend as many people as possible – in the name of her God, of course.

Weick soon had company, as another sign barer arrived on the scene, to offer a counter message.

“Thank your mom if you’re not a bigot.”

Somewhere along the line someone threw a slushie at Weick which is unfortunate but imho, that’s a whole other story.

People joined the “Thank your mom if you’re not a bigot” sign holder:

After the slushie incident, more counter protesters arrived, including Zach Hoag, who brought a sign that read:

“But two moms can be great.”

During a short interview with Wood TV, Hoag said:

“Love one another. I think that two moms or two dads can love and nurture a child just the exact same way a mother and father could,”

Later in the day another man showed up with a sign that said:

“F*** her. I disagree,”

Another woman also came out to hold a sign that read:

“I [heart] gays.”


The reason I love this is because obviously it is Weick’s right to hold a sign that said what her sign said, but I’m willing to bet she surrounds herself with like-minded people and like minded so-called news organizations and like-minded radio talkers and that she thinks she’s in the (vast) majority in her thinking.  The conservatism in the MSM is overwhelming.

And I’m willing to bet she thought she’d be a bit of a local hero. So congratulations to the “Thank your mom if you’re not a bigot” sign guy, to Zach Hoag, to the man who held a sign that said “F*** her, I disagree” and to the woman who proclaimed “I [heart] gays.”  I love seeing people act up against resistance to change, to people who don’t want to let others live and let live and to this notion that conservative thinking dominates.

Look around. It doesn’t!

The folks who want to keep things as they are and/or take us back to the ’50s get way too much attention.  Bravo to three sign-holders for not taking it anymore and for being so cool about it.

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If Banks and Oil Companies Can Write Off Their Expense, Why Can’t Teachers?

This is what happens to the tax system when it’s permissible for corporate lobbyists to throw megabucks at people who are supposed to represent, ah, We the People. Hardscrabble teachers’ (and other) unions crawl on their hands and knees in an attempt to be heard but they aren’t.  They don’t have the

$5,000 bill

(Image via Wikipedia)

This is so wrong:

Tweet of the Day 5-10-14








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Things I Didn’t Have Time to Write Up

No little puppies tonight, unfortunately:

(Image via Wikipedia)

[Chris] Christie’s Lawyers Billed More Than $1 Million In January Alone.  And guess who’s paying the bill?  You got it!  New Jersey taxpayers.

My gut feeling is that Christie is about as corrupt as they get.  Mafioso-like.

This one has me SMDH.  I don’t get it.  Are Democrats sitting back, tuning out and thinking since Obama’s in the White House they don’t have to pay attention?  Geezus.  Really:

Scales of Justice Tipped

—–>  Conservative Supreme Court Seen Favorably by … Democrats?

And then there’s this beautiful photo from NASA that speaks to how fragile our atmosphere is:

NASA Photo of Atmosphere 5-7-14

(Image via

Earth’s Atmospheric Layers

International Space Station astronauts captured this photo of Earth’s atmospheric layers on July 31, 2011, revealing the troposphere (orange-red), stratosphere and above. Satellite instruments allow scientists to better understand the chemistry and dynamics occurring within and between these layers.




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The Heart of What Ails Us

My Tweet of the Day is a big yep.  It’s complicated of course but in a nutshell, this is where we are:

Tweet of the Day 5-6-14

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Radical Republican Pat Robertson Warns the GOP is Being Taken Over by Radicals

Irony is dead.

Pat Robertson

Back in 2011 Pat Robertson derided Republican primary voters as extremists who were causing the GOP to lose elections by pushing candidates too far to the right.

Today the 700 Club host warned that the party is facing a takeover by “radicals on the right” who will nominate candidates who “aren’t capable of beating the Democrats”



Today, the 700 Club host warned that the party is facing a takeover by “radicals on the right” who will nominate candidates who “aren’t capable of beating the Democrats.” – See more at:

Back in 2011, Pat Robertson derided Republican primary voters as extremists who are causing the GOP to lose elections by pushing candidates too far to right.

Today, the 700 Club host warned that the party is facing a takeover by “radicals on the right” who will nominate candidates who “aren’t capable of beating the Democrats.”

Of course, the Religious Right movement spearheaded by televangelists like Robertson has been one of the forces moving the GOP toward the conservative fringe.

- See more at:

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The GOP’s Congressional Schedule, at Least Through the Mid-Terms

GOP Cogressional Schedule


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This Presidential Library Thing is Out of Control

Pyramids via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikimedia)

Democrats in Illinois plan to spend — get this — $100,000,000.00 to lure Barack Obama’s presidential library to the state:

The Democrats, who run this state, regularly fret over Illinois’s financial woes — the unpaid bills, the mortifying credit ratings, the benefits cuts to save one of the nation’s most underfunded pension systems. But then there is the dream of becoming home to Barack Obama’s presidential library, which is, it seems, a whole different matter.

“In this case, we’re talking about a son of Illinois who became president of the United States,” Michael J. Madigan, the longtime Democratic speaker of the Illinois House, said on Wednesday, urging fellow lawmakers to pledge $100 million in state money [as in taxpayer dollars] as a way to help lure the presidential library here — and away from other states with claims on the president’s history, like New York and Hawaii.


That’s fu*ked up.  But it gets worse:

Richard Nixon’s presidential library cost $25,000,000. Jimmy Carter’s presidential library cost $26,000,000. George H. W. Bush’s presidential library cost $43,000,000. Bill Clinton’s presidential library cost $165,000,000. George W. Bush’s presidential library cost $250,000,000. The estimated cost of building Obama’s presidential library are coming in at $500,000,000.

A half a billion dollars for a presidential library.


The presidential library is like the American version of the pyramids.


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Republicans Kill Minimum Wage Increase

GOP Dinasour

I hope headlines around the country tomorrow read like this:

Senate Republicans Block Vote on Bill Hiking National Minimum Wage

Senate Republicans Wednesday killed a bill that would have increased the minimum wage gradually to $10.10 an hour. They said it would cost employers too much and cut jobs.


We’re not talking “liberal media” here, we’re talking facts.  The Republicans killed the bill.  Period.  I don’t want to see headlines like:  “Senate Fails to Approve Minimum Wage Increase.” I want to see headlines like the one above. Republicans killed the bill, the Senate as a whole didn’t.


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