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Throw “Like a Girl”

I feel a little hesitant putting this video up because in doing so I’m posting an advertisement for “Always” feminine products but I’ve got to say, it makes a great point.  I know I absorbed the “throw like a girl” message as a kid so I applaud the younger ladies in this video who haven’t been brainwashed along those lines yet.  Don’t let it happen.  Ever!

Using #LikeAGirl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. And since the rest of puberty’s really no picnic either, it’s easy to see what a huge impact it can have on a girl’s self-confidence.
We’re kicking off an epic battle to make sure that girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond, and making a start by showing them that doing it #LikeAGirl is an awesome thing.



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Nigeria Abandons Search For Those 200+ Kidnapped School Girls

The world has so many problems it can only focus what rises to the top and  200+ black school girls apparently don’t:

Jon Benet Ramsey via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Nigeria Concludes Kidnap Investigation; More Than 200 Schoolgirls Still Missing

Nigeria closed its investigation of the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls on Friday, with little progress made in recovering the girls, who were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants from their secondary school in northeast Borno State during exams April 14, according to Reuters.

Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Sabo submitted the final report, which noted that the 57 girls who did manage to escape shortly after their abduction have been reunited with their families, according to Reuters.

“We are … pained that the schoolgirls remain in captivity,” Sabo said in a statement. “The hostage situation that this represents is obviously delicate.”

Despite the Twitter hashtag campaign Bring Back Our Girls, which voiced outrage and drew global attention to the initial abduction of the girls, more than 200 of them remain missing from their Chibok village, a number unchanged since their capture.


If they were white and they all looked like Jon Benet Ramsey their fate wouldn’t be thrown to the wind.


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Wait — Is it 1914 or 2014?

Actual Washington Post headline on June 10, 2014 on how to stop the abuse, rape and murder of women:

Wasthington Post urging women to get married

(Image via

That’s a screenshot in case they change it.  Here’s the article itself.

SMDH.  Unbelievable.

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NIH to Labs: Start Including Women in Drug Studies


Pills via wikimedia commons

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

For decades, scientists have embarked on the long journey toward a medical breakthrough by first experimenting on laboratory animals. Mice or rats, pigs or dogs, they were usually male: Researchers avoided using female animals for fear that their reproductive cycles and hormone fluctuations would confound the results of delicately calibrated experiments.

That laboratory tradition has had enormous consequences for women. Name a new drug or treatment, and odds are researchers know far more about its effect on men than on women. From sleeping pills to statins, women have been blindsided by side effects and dosage miscalculations that were not discovered until after the product hit the market.

Now the National Institutes of Health says that this routine gender bias in basic research must end.

In a commentary published on Wednesday in the journal Nature, Dr. Francis Collins, director of the N.I.H., and Dr. Janine A. Clayton, director of the institutes’ Office of Research on Women’s Health, warned scientists that they must begin testing their theories in female lab animals and in female tissues and cells.


Sexism runs so deep.

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Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) is a Liar


Republican Dinasour

After Senate Republicans spent the week blocking a bill to strengthen equal pay for equal work, they used their weekly radio address this morning to claim ah, they’re for equal pay for equal work:

House Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., made the case.

“There was plenty of talk in Washington this week about equal pay. it was just that: more talk,” she said.

No, it wasn’t just “more talk,” Ms. Rodgers.  There was an actual bill on the floor of the Senate that you guys blocked!

“As a woman who worked at McDonald’s to get through college…. as the mom of two young daughters  … and as the elected representative of thousands of hardworking women, I have always supported equal pay for equal work.

“And if a woman is being paid less than a man because of gender discrimination, that is both wrong and against the law. “


I’m sick of words like “misspoke” or “untruth.” Let’s tell it like it is:  Lying sacks of sh*t.

Read more here:


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Illinois Middle School Says Girls Can’t Wear Leggings. What’s Next? Burkas?

Geezus.  For real?  In 2014?  In the United States of America?

Middle-school girls in Evanston, Ill., are picketing for the right to wear leggings. Sophie Hasty, 13, told the Evanston Review that teachers at Haven Middle School informed female students this month that leggings are “too distracting to boys” to be fit for the classroom.


The lesson to be taught here is to boys, not girls.

What’s next?  Burkas?  The Taliban forces women to wear burkas for exactly the same reason…boys and men just can’t control themselves when they look at the female body…even if it’s covered in leggings.  Males can be so weak when it comes down to it but, natch, women and girls pay the price because men wield the power.  They’ve got the guns.

Burkas via Nitin Madhav (USAID)  Wikimedia Commons

(Image Nitin Madhav (USAID) via Wikimedia Commons)

You go Sophie!

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Amazing to See a Woman Advocating Against ah, Equal Pay for Women

Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis and Republican candidate Greg Abbot (Texas’s current Attorney General) are in a spat over equal pay for women.  Abbot was asked during a radio interview if he would have signed the equal pay law passed by the state legislature last year but vetoed by current Texas governor Rick Perry.  He apparently hemmed and hawed and was then called out by Davis who said, given his history, she thought that, yes, he would have vetoed the bill.  She, on the other hand, said she would have “eagerly” signed it.

Long story short, Red State Women PAC leader Cari Christman was interviewed on a local ABC news affiliate last week defending Abbot and claiming, far as I can tell, that women are just too busy to be bothered with the issue. Amazing. It’s otherworldly to see a woman advocating against equal pay for ah, women

Here’s a screenshot.

Screen shot equal pay

Go here to watch the video.

What is this?  1935?

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In 1962 NASA Had No Plans to “Contemplate” Accepting Women as Astronauts

Here’s a 1962 rejection letter from NASA to a woman who wrote asking if she could apply to go on a space mission:

NASA Rejection letter

(Image via History_Pics)

Via History-Pics.

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Army’s Top Sexual Assault Prosecutor Suspended After Allegation of Sexual Assault

Oh for crying out loud:

US Army logo

The top Army prosecutor for sexual assault cases has been suspended after a lawyer who worked for him recently reported he’d groped her and tried to kiss her at a sexual-assault legal conference more than two years ago.

Two separate sources with knowledge of the situation told Stars and Stripes that the Army is investigating the allegations levied against Lt. Col. Joseph “Jay” Morse, who supervised the Army’s nearly two dozen special victim prosecutors — who are in charge of prosecuting sexual assault, domestic abuse and crimes against children.


An Army official who was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter confirmed an investigation was under way.

“We can confirm that this matter is currently under investigation and that the individual in question has been suspended from duties pending the outcome of the investigation,” the official said. “Given that this is still an open case, we are precluded from providing any additional information at this point.”




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You Can Call Yourself a Christian If…

Just sayin':

If You call yourself a christian


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About Those Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones

You probably heard that the Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday for and againa Massachusetts law that mandates a protective buffer zone around abortion clinics to allow patients unimpeded access, indicating they may strike it down as unconstitutional as demanded by anti-abortion protesters.”

To that, I say this — my Tweet of the Day:

Tweet of the Day 1-16-14

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Fox: “Masculine” Chris Christie Misunderstood in This “Feminized” World

Brit Hume via Fox

(Image via

If it turns out New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was involved in closing three lanes of the George Washington Bridge leading into New York City, for four days (which too few people are emphasizing), causing untold drivers untold headaches, Fox News doesn’t want us to think of their Republican friend as a petty, vindictive, immature, mean, self-centered, two-bit street thug.  No. No. No. No.  They want us to think poor Chris Christie is a “masculine,”  “muscular” man’s man and the poor thing, he’s the victim in all this:

Britt Hume on Sunday’s “Media Buzz:”  “In this sort of feminized atmosphere in which we exist today, guys who are masculine and muscular like that in their private conduct, kind of old-fashioned tough guys, run some risks.”

Co-host Lauren Ashburn: “Feminized?”

Britt Hume:  “Atmosphere.  Men today have learned the lesson the hard way that if you act like kind of an old-fashioned guy’s guy, you’re in constant danger of slipping out and saying something that’s going to get you in trouble and make you look like a sexist or make you look like you seem thuggish or whatever. That’s the atmosphere in which he operates. This guy is very much an old-fashioned masculine, muscular guy, and there are political risks associated with that. Maybe it shouldn’t be, but that’s how it is.”

See the video here.

I swear.  They’ve got some real psychos chained in the basement over there at Fox thinking this stuff up.

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When Are Men Going to Start Dressing (or Undressing) Like This?

I’m so old I remember when National Basketball Association (NBA) players in the United States wore really, really short shorts.  Like this:

Short Shorts via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Now they wear really, really baggy things.  Like this:

Long Shorts NBA via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Why are men covering up more while women are using fabric not as clothing, but as an accessory.  And I mean that literally.

Go here to see what I mean.

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Sexist Guy Learns About Victim Blaming

Mini Skirts via

(Image via

LOVE this:

omg i just witnessed a horribly hilarious thing

i’m in a mixed group with some students, discussing sexual assault. i asked if anyone feels like assault is the victim’s fault, to raise their hand. one boy raised his hand and started to explain that girls who wear revealing clothing, or get excessively drunk should be held responsible for whatever happens. he was about to say something else when one girl got up AND DECKED HIM SO HARD HE BLACKED OUT FOR TWO MINUTES

when he came to, he’s all, “why’d the fuck you hit me?!”

“if you weren’t just standing there when i decided to start swinging wildly, you wouldn’t have gotten hit. it’s your own fault. see how victim blaming works?”




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Wingers Succeed in Placing “Personhood” on the Ballot in Colorado (Again) in 2014

Oh geezus.  Here we go again, for the third time:

A ballot measure about crimes and pregnant women will be on 2014 Colorado ballots.

Secretary of State Scott Gessler announced Monday that anti-abortion backers turned in signatures to put the ballot measure to voters next year.  The question would direct state lawmakers to add “unborn human beings” to state criminal code.

Supporters say that state law doesn’t adequately punish crimes against pregnant women.

The measure is different than previous attempts to add so-called “personhood” measures to the constitution.  Those measures have [already] failed twice in Colorado.

Abortion-rights advocates say the ballot measure under consideration this year still goes too far.  They say the criminal code would curb abortion rights and some infertility treatments.More…

The zygote below is not a human being.  We can’t leave the definition of “human being” wide open because then it could be which is exactly what the anti-choice folks (i.e. the people who want to force their religious views on everyone else) want.Zygote

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Poor People Don’t Matter, As Usual: Outage Shuts Food Stamp Program in 17 States

I’ve got to start keeping track of the infrastructure failures that are occurring all across the United States;  everything from water main breaks to computer glitches. I read about them here and there almost every day.    They seem small on their own but together, they add up.

Our country is falling apart.  Literally.  The thing is, the failures aren’t happening in areas where rich white people live so we aren’t hearing about them.

Food Bank

Case in point.  This is an emergency:

Power Outage Shuts Down Food Stamp Program In 17 States

SACRAMENTO, California (Reuters) – Food stamp recipients in 17 states lost access to the electronic system used by stores to verify their benefits on Saturday, leaving many unable to buy groceries, the company that manages the system said.

People enrolled in the government food assistance program use plastic vouchers similar to debit cards. Starting at about 11 a.m. EDT (1500 GMT), some of those cards stopped working, Xerox spokesman Kevin Lightfoot said.

A power outage that started the problem was fixed within 20 minutes, Lightfoot said, but shoppers continued to run into difficulties throughout the day. By early evening, the problem still had not been fixed.


States States experiencing problems included Alabama, California, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois,Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio,Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia, Lightfoot said.


My food bank-volunteer-self knows this is going to hurt so many people in so many ways.  The ripple effect will be tremendous lest it’s fixed tonight. Get that “electronic system” up and running ASAP! Oh, wait, the government’s shut down.  Shi*t.

H/T Republicans.



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If This Woman Was an African-American We’d Never Have Heard of Her

She’s blond and beautiful.  Otherwise, we’d never have heard of her:

Abigail Bott photo via

(Image Facebook via


Condolences to her friends and family.

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From the Outrage Overload File

The message I get from this is that females are worthless:

A Yellowstone County [Montana] district judge on Monday ordered a former Senior High teacher convicted of raping a 14-year-old female student who later committed suicide to spend 30 days in jail.


Technically he was sentenced to 15 years in prison but the judge reduced it, by a lot.


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What Would Old, White Republicans Say?

Old white Republicans think women need guidance when it comes to their fallopian tubes and their uteri.

I challenge those same old white men who’ve been sitting in chairs collecting campaign donations all their lives to comment on this, the company that’s digging a new water line down my street:

Iron Woman 8-12-13

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As Texas Prepares to Ban Abortions, Women Resorting to Deadly Herbs to Induce Miscarriages

Conservatives in Texas think they can stop women from making choices as to how many children they have by passing laws that will close abortion clinics.  What they don’t realize is that isn’t how things work.  What happens is women resort to other means to rid themselves of unwanted pregnancies, sometimes risking their lives to do so:

Pregnancy test via

(Image via

At an open-air flea market outside McAllen, Texas (BEESTX), near the Mexican border, shoppers can buy a goat and get their car windows tinted. Tables with handwritten signs touting Viagra (MDPSVIAG) are stocked with herbal remedies promising to burn fat and boost breast size. You can also find pills to end a pregnancy.

Bazaars like this have become home to a black market where women too poor to afford an abortion at a clinic or deterred by state mandates such as a 24-hour waiting period can buy drugs to induce a miscarriage on their own, a dozen area residents and doctors said in interviews.

Hundreds of miles north in Austin, the capital, lawmakers may inadvertently increase this illegal trade. Rules set to pass as soon as tomorrow might result in the closing of most, if not all, abortion facilities in the state. If the law — promoted as a way to improve women’s health — makes legal abortion unavailable in Texas, more women may turn to markets such as the one near McAllen and risk their lives.

“You’d be amazed at how many people, young people, are taking those pills,” said Erlinda Dasquez, a 29-year-old mother of four who has done so herself. “I probably know 12 to 20 people who have done this. My cousin just went to the flea market a few months ago.”

Women in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, along the southeastern border with Mexico, said it’s already harder for them to control their reproductive lives since the state cut funding for birth control in 2011.

In the past few years, health-care providers in the valley, one of the state and nation’s poorest regions, have seen an increasing number of women suffering from incomplete abortions and bleeding after taking drugs unsupervised, they said.


Wealthy women can fly to another state or country if they want an abortion but this horror story is what poor women face.  It’s horrific.  The Republican-controlled Texas government should be ashamed.

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“If My Vagina Was a Gun” It Would be Protected

I don’t think I’ve read a more perfect couple of sentences, ones that encapsulate what Republicans across the country are doing to women, than these:

Vaginas More Regulated than Guns via

(Image via

If my vagina was a gun, you would stand for its rights. You would ride on a bus and fight all the fights.

If my vagina was a gun, you would treat it with care. You wouldn’t spill all its secrets, because, well, why go there?

If my vagina was a gun you’d say what it holds is private. From cold dead hands we could pry; you surely would riot.

If my vagina was a gun its rights would all be protected. No matter the body count or the children affected.

If my vagina was a gun I could bypass security. Concealed carry laws would ensure I had purity.

If my vagina was a gun, I wouldn’t have to beg you. I could hunt this great land and do all the things that men do.


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“Just” Have the Baby

Here’s a great article written by a woman who gave birth to her first child in April, about how ignorant it is for old, angry, white, conservative men to tell women to “just” have the baby. Having a baby isn’t exactly a simple or easy thing and we’re only talking here about the first six weeks of this particular baby’s life:

Baby Rattle via

(Image via

The hospital bill was over $24,000. The anesthesiologist’s bill for the epidural was over $9,000. The presiding obstetrician’s bill was around $4,500. Those are just the bills we’ve seen so far, and we’re lucky that our insurance is going to pick up the majority of it. I do not know the full range of what happens when you get a set of bills like that and you have no health coverage or little to no income, but it can’t possibly be good.

The baby came out face up, which makes for a difficult labor, and had a large head for a six-pound baby that came five weeks early. If someone had wanted me to show up at a job site that week, they would have been out of luck, and I might have been out of a job. Until last week I couldn’t even sit up on a chair without serious medication and I still feel bruised, because why wouldn’t I?

While there are some people who are up and about like nothing happened just days after a normal vaginal delivery, and some who have significant birth injuries, it usually takes about six weeks to recover from giving birth if everything goes well. Since there are millions of parents in the United States who can’t even get a day off for the flu, it’s not hard to figure out that birth itself causes a lot of immediate job loss.


His first NICU stay cost over $1,000 a day. Our insurance will again pick up most of the tab, which is why we didn’t hesitate to bring our little boy to a doctor at the first signs of trouble, signs we might have talked ourselves into downplaying if we were worried about making our rent or affording food next month.




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Are Burkas Coming Soon to the United States?

12-year-old Maddie Paige was a starting defensive left tackle for Strong Rock Christian Academy in Georgia until she was kicked off the team.

Maddy via buzzfeed 6-24-13

(Image via Buzzfeed.)

Her mother said the reason given was:

In the meeting with the CEO of the school [Patrick Stuart], I was told that the reasons behind it were one, that the boys were going to start lusting after her and have impure thoughts about her and that the locker-room talk was not appropriate for a female to hear even though she had a separate locker room from the boys.”


Again, the reason women in the Middle East have to wear burkas is because of exactly this: men supposedly won’t “lust” and “have impure thoughts.”

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Texas Republicans Invent New Way to Stifle Free Speech

As usual, if Republicans want their godawful laws passed, they have do so something equally as godawful in order to get it done:

American Flag Waving

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A Texas House committee considering new restrictions on abortions has scheduled another hearing when it will likely approve at least some of the tighter regulations.

House Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Cook provided notice of the meeting two-hours and 16 minutes before Friday’s hearing in a room that can hold only 30 people and does not have a video feed. It comes after hundreds of abortion rights supporters packed a hearing Thursday until 3:30 a.m.

Opponents hoped to stall the measures, but Cook cut off public testimony saying it was becoming repetitive. A Democrat said in 20 years she’d never seen a chairman deny witnesses a chance to speak.


I’m willing to bet Cook wears a flag pin and thinks he and his ilk are the true patriots and protectors of the Constitution.

What.  A.  Joke.


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Don’t Tell Todd Akin

Sexism via

This morning I was listening to the BBC and an interview with Australian author Kathy Lette.  Lette and the BBC correspondent were talking about the notorious sexism of Australian men.  During their discussion Lette said something I thought was pretty darn funny.  She was sarcastically describing how bad the situation is and she said there seems to be a feeling among Australian men that women are, “A sort of life support system for an ovary.”

Hah!  Love it.

Oh, but shush.  Don’t tell Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin or any other Republican for that matter.  They’ll take it seriously.

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Vaginal Ultrasound Machine keyboard via

(Image via

Madison — In a raucous clash on the state Senate floor Wednesday that recalled the bitter divides of 2011, Republicans abruptly cut off debate and forced a vote mandating that women seeking abortions get ultrasounds.

The morning’s brief floor session included sharp exchanges and one senator claiming abortions “became the thing to do” in the 1960s.

Democrats protested the bill’s merits and the process by which it was passed, saying Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau and his fellow Republicans were trampling on democracy by ending debate after about 20 minutes.

“My first advice to the majority leader is that he seeks psychological help,” Sen. Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) said at a news conference after the vote.

[...]“Here we go again,” Fitzgerald said. He described Democrats’ approach as, “We don’t like what’s happening from a public policy perspective, so we’re not going to play by the rules.”

The abortion measure passed 17-15, with all Republicans for it and all Democrats against it. Sen. Luther Olsen (R-Ripon) was absent.

It now goes to the Assembly, which is expected to take it up Thursday. GOP Gov. Scott Walker has said he would sign the bill.


Wisconsin Republicans are spending their time on this instead of creating ah, hello!, JOBS:    No matter how you spin job numbers, Wisconsin near bottom compared to other states.  But I’m sure, come the heat of the 2014 campaign, they’ll start screaming about them again.  It’s a thing they bring up every two years for a little while and then they go back to their real love:  oppressing people.

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John McCain Supports Women “Serving Our Armed Forces”

John McCain trying to appeal to the winger base and everyone else at the same time, or something:

McCain tweet #1 6-4-13

What?  Women have already joined the military.

Then there’s this:

MCain tweet 6-4-13 #2

He supports women who serve our armed forces?  OMG.  Freudian slip or what?

The guy doesn’t get it.

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What if American Apparel’s Male Models Posed the Way its Female Models Do

This is how American Apparel advertises a shirt to a woman:

American Apparel 1

(Image via

What if they advertised a shirt to a man in the same way?

American Apparel 2

(Image via


Pretty ridiculous, huh guys?


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No Women Allowed

National Review 5-6-13

(Image via

The conservative publication National Review is sponsoring a cruise aboard the MS Eurodam “in the Norwegian Fiords” on August 1 – 8, 2013 so folks can hobnob with their favorite pundits.  The thing is, of the 22 pundits currently scheduled, there are zero, zip, nada women.

Ah yes.  Conservativeland.

Check out the lineup here.

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Sarah Palin Titillates at CPAC

This would be Sarah Palin at the CPAC conference today.

Don’t forget, these are The Serious People in the Republican Party.

Listen to the crowd roar when she sucks on a straw.

Moral of the story?  This is how “girls” get noticed by Republicans.

Big gulp?  Aimed at Nanny Bloomberg? Maybe.

Republican porn.

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