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Statement from the American Society of News Editors Regarding the Detention and Harassment of Journalists in Ferguson, MO


        (Image via

As an organization whose core mission includes protecting freedom of the press, the American Society of News Editors is especially disturbed by the events taking place this week in Ferguson, Missouri. From police physically assaulting citizens engaged in peaceful protest to arresting without cause reporters from The Washington Post and The Huffington Post, it is clear that there is a concerted, top-down effort to restrict the fundamental First Amendment rights of the public and the press.


As an organization whose core mission includes protecting freedom of the press, the American Society of News Editors is especially disturbed by the events taking place this week in Ferguson, Missouri. From police physically assaulting citizens engaged in peaceful protest to arresting without cause reporters from The Washington Post and The Huffington Post, it is clear that there is a concerted, top-down effort to restrict the fundamental First Amendment rights of the public and the press.


“From the beginning of this situation, the police have made conscious decisions to restrict information and images coming from Ferguson,” said ASNE President David Boardman. “Of course, these efforts largely have been unsuccessful, as the nation and the world are still seeing for themselves the heinous actions of the police. For every reporter they arrest, every image they block, every citizen they censor, another will still write, photograph and speak.”


ASNE acknowledges that there has been illegal violence and looting by some members of the public and that law enforcement must respond appropriately. But we remind the police and the nation that speaking out in protest is not a crime, reporting on that protest is not a crime and taking photographs of it is not a crime. Violating the civil rights of citizens by restricting these activities is a crime. We further call on the U.S. Department of Justice to take any and all appropriate action to protect the First Amendment rights of everyone involved.




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Obama’s FAA Declares No-Fly Zone Over Ferguson, Missouri

Barack Obama’s Federal Aviation Administration has declared a no-fly zone over Ferguson, Missouri which means news helicopters can’t watch what’s going on.  See the blue-highlighted area below:

FAA over Ferguson



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Ferguson, Missouri Is On Lockdown

Check out this tweet from Radley Balko, a reporter for the Washington Post.  Scary is right:

Tweet of the Day 8-12-14

What is this, Cairo?  Tiananmen Square?

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The American Military Industrial Complex is Smiling Tonight!

I read something a few weeks back about how ISIS in Iraq has commandeered a huge amount of military equipment we paid for with Our Tax Dollars during the 2013 invasion. The supposed “training” of the Iraqi army George W. and Co. said they were doing was a farce and when ISIS emerged, the so-called army cut and ran, leaving billions of dollars of weapons (like humvees at $200,000 a pop) lying around. So now we’re bombing Iraq again and the the billions of dollars of military equipment we paid for are being blowing up by the people we paid to build them in the first place.

Aye yie yie.  I’m sure the military industrial complex is drinking up a storm tonight but I’m SMFDH.  Our tax dollars down the shit hole, again:

Humvee via wikipedia

(Image via Wikimedia)

When President Obama announced US airstrikes in Iraq, most observers understood that the US would be bombing members of ISIS. What many did not know was that, in a twist of such bitterly symbolic irony that it could only occur in the Middle East, the US would also be bombing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of American military equipment.

Here’s why: in the decade since the 2003 US-led Iraq invasion, the US has spent a fortune training and arming the Iraqi army in the hopes of readying it to secure the country once America left. That meant arming the Iraqi army with high-tech and extremely expensive American-made guns, tanks, jeeps, artillery, and more.

But the Iraqi army has been largely a failure. When ISIS invaded northern Iraq from Syria in June, the Iraqi forces deserted or retreated en masse. Many of them abandoned their American equipment. ISIS scooped it up themselves and are now using it to rampage across Iraq, seizing whole cities, terrorizing minorities, and finally pushing into even once-secure Kurdish territory. All with shiny American military equipment.

So the US air strikes against ISIS are in part to destroy US military equipment, such as the artillery ISIS has been using against Kurdish forces.


If it weren’t for the military equipment the U.S. walked away from, ISIS wouldn’t be near as powerful and we might not be re-inserting ourselves into that country 11 years after I stood on the protest line doing what I could to stop it because I knew it would be a disaster.  But, voila, here we are.

That said, guess who’s on the corporate media? The people who want to make more war.





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About Hamas’ “Rockets”

I suspected the world, and more specifically the Israelis, were being terrorized by their own government as to the power of Hamas’ “rockets” and I was right:

Iron Dome AFP

(Part of Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense system, largely paid for by U.S. taxpayer dollars. Image: AFP)

Gaza’s Bottle Rockets

Why Hamas’ Arsenal Wasn’t Worth a War

 Hamas’ rocket fire into Israel has occasionally been described by the international press in dire terms — as a “non-stop onslaught,” an “unbearable” and “incessant” assault that is “paralyzing the country” and making life “intolerable” for ordinary Israelis. One CNN report even claimed that Israeli soldiers were collapsing from the psychological trauma of the explosions. It has made for a nasty portrait of Hamas and its military strategy, one that could even be read as a tacit endorsement of Israel’s stated goal of disarming the group with military force.

But a closer examination of Hamas’ military capabilities and goals reveals a very different picture. Most of Hamas’ arsenal is comprised of homemade rockets that are decidedly incapable of inflicting mass civilian casualties, flattening apartment blocks, or causing conflagrations that consume entire cities. “Hamas’ rockets can kill people and they have,” a counter-intelligence veteran of the U.S. CIA who spent his career monitoring Israeli and Palestinian military capabilities told me recently, “but compared to what the Israelis are using, the Palestinians are firing bottle rockets.”


That’s what I thought.

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Guardian Reporter Witnesses Four Boys in Gaza Die After Being Bombed by Israel This Afternoon

Gaza Bombing 7-16-14

Here’s the account he just put up at the Guardian‘s website:

The retaining wall of Gaza’s harbour sticks out into the Mediterranean about 100 metres from the terrace of al-Deira hotel, base to many of the journalists covering the conflict in Gaza. The first of the artillery shells came in a little after 4pm on Wednesday as I was writing on the hotel’s terrace.

There is a deafening explosion as it hits a structure on the pier, a place we have seen hit before, where fishermen usually store their nets. Behind the smoke, I see four figures running, silhouettes whose legs are pumping raggedly. They clear the smoke. From their size it is clear they are a man and three young boys.

Where the harbour wall ends and the beach starts, there are a few brightly coloured tents and chairs for beach users in more peaceful times. The four figures jump on to the beach and begin running towards us and the safety of the hotel.

Only afterwards do we discover there are four others who are dead, all children, lying on the wall. I am shown a picture of one of the dead boys, his skin scorched and bruised. Their names are released later: Ahed Bakr, aged 10; Zakaria, 10; and two other boys from the Bakr family, both named Mohammad, aged 11 and nine.


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A 9/11 Memorial “Cheese Plate?”

What kind of mind comes up with a thing like this?  I want to know who approved it, who provided the financial backing and —-> who’s profiting from it <—-.

My thoughts are with the 9/11 families.  This is so tacky, so cheap and so insulting:

C9:11 Cheese tray via Scott Lynch

(Image via Scott Lynch via

Setting aside the question of whether a reporter can ask a question at the 9/11 Museum (short answer: she can’t!), let us tackle another timely inquiry: Just how crass is the 9/11 Museum’s gift shop?


The cheese plate is in the shape of the continental U.S., with hearts where the attacks hit NYC, DC and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.





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About Scary Black Men

Excellent point (my Tweet of the Day):

Tweet of the Day 2-15-14


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If You’re a Parent and You Care About the World Your Kid Will Live in, Read This

About spying and a corporate-controlled internet:

Spying What I worry About from Bernie Sanders



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Obama Mulling Executing An American Citizen Without Due Process

Constitution 12-4-10

This is what the Sixth Amendment of the United States Constitution says:

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense.

It doesn’t distinguish between someone who’s charged with J-walking or someone who’s accused of being part of al-Qaeda. Everyone is supposedly guaranteed the right to be informed of the exact nature of the charges against them, to face their accuser, hear the evidence against them, and to present evidence in their defense (if they wish).  At least, that’s how we’ve operated for the last 230 years until constitutional lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama’s administration admitted last May to killing four Americans in Yemen.

All that said, Obama’s thinking about being the judge, jury and executioner when it comes to another American:


U.S. Weighs Lethal Strike Against American Citizen

The Obama administration is weighing whether to approve a lethal strike against a U.S. citizen who is accused of being part of the al-Qaeda terrorist network overseas and involved in ongoing plotting against American targets, U.S. officials said.

The officials said that no decision has been reached on whether to add the alleged operative to the administration’s so-called kill list, a step that would require Justice Department approval under new counterterrorism guidelines adopted by President Obama last year.

U.S. officials have not revealed the identify of the alleged operative, or the country where he is believed to be located, citing concern that disclosing those details would send him deeper into hiding and prevent a possible drone strike.


Got that?  The administration is accusing this person of being part of an al-Qaeda network but again, he has a right, under our laws, to defend himself in court.  That Obama is the first president (that we know of) to murder U.S. citizens, ignoring their rights, is shocking and appalling given, again, his supposed expertise in constitutional law.

Are we really such terrified little people we’re going to flush the Constitution down?


The guy has gone insane in that regard and imho, instead of looking strong, he looks weak and afraid.

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The Next Time You Hear Someone Fearmongering About Cutting the Defense Budget…

Think of this mind-blowing little factoid (my Tweet of the Day):

Tweet of the Day 2-6-14

And don’t forget, we’re talking Our Tax Dollars here.

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BIG: Budweiser Pulls Out of the Olympics

Budweiser Logo


Budweiser Pulls Out of Olympics Due to Terror Concerns

Budweiser has pulled out of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, citting terrorism concerns.

The beer company apparently hosts a traditional huge beer bash at the Olympics.

But this year, TMZ reports, the company got cold feet because of the ever-increasing terror warnings about Sochi.

As we’d reportedly earlier, the warnings about Sochi have off the charts, with reports that one or more suicide bombers may already have gotten past Olympic security.


It’s also entirely possibly that Budweiser, while not an official Olympic sponsor, simply no longer wanted its brand associated with an Olympics that’s increasingly being tied to Russia’s oppressive crackdown on human rights.

Coca-Cola, an official Olympic sponsor, has been facing blistering criticism for Olympic security forces, emblazoned with Coke’s logo, detaining a gay dissident for waving a rainbow flag, then turning the gay human rights activist over to the Russian police for further questioning at headquarters.


I’m cynical enough to through this out:  What if these terror warnings have been pulled out of thin air by U.S. government officials to wreck the Olympics and to get back at, and embarrass, Putin?


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What if Justin Bieber Was Pakistani?

Here is the Washington Post‘s satirical but all-too-realistic account of what we’d be reading about Justin Bieber today if he was from Pakistan, or Iran:

Justin Bieber via Wikimedia

(Justin Bieber mug shot 1-23-14 via Wikipedia)

LANGLEY, Va. – U.S. law enforcement officials have seized Canadian national Justin Bieber, ending a reign of terror that analysts suggest could potentially be linked to al-Qaeda.

Though Bieber is best-known to Americans for his pop music and celebrity persona, his humble origins in the faraway nation of Canada belie his Westernized public image. His family hails from a tribal district known as Ontario, a lawless expanse of pine trees and information technology firms, and a well-known breeding ground for extremism. Bieber’s home village is referred to locally as London, a legacy of Canada’s history as a remote and violent corner of the British Empire.

U.S. intelligence agencies say they are investigating a potential link to al-Qaeda, according to a spokesperson who acknowledged that Bieber’s rampage bore the hallmarks of the global terrorist group’s activities. Though al-Qaeda is not known to have yet established a foothold in Canada, its leaders have previously hinted at assets there.

Canada has been roiled by political instability and protests in recent years, which analysts warn can create fertile ground for extremists.


“We can’t rule out the possibility that Bieber is an AQIA sleeper cell,” McZelin added, referring to the possible Canada-based spin-off group al-Qaeda in the Islamic Acadia.

The FBI declined to confirm reports that Bieber may have once visited the Internet, which analysts consider a hotbed of radical Islam.

Bieber has resided in the United States for years on a Canadian passport, raising questions about U.S. intelligence failures that may have allowed the young foreign national to plan his violent campaign undetected.


Moral of the story:  The labels and accusations our media spews, when writing about “suspected terrorists,” fed by assertions made by leakers and exaggerators from the military industrial complex and unverified by reporters, could fit just about anyone from any country.

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The United States – A Paranoid, Law-Breaking, Scardey Cat Nation

The NSA spied on — get this — UNICEF.

Back in the 60s, on Halloween, I trick or treated for UNICEF.  A penny here, a dime there and once in a while a quarter or wow, a dollar. I was helping to end the suffering of kids on the other side of the world.

H/t to my parents for getting me involved in that.


Now I’ve come to learn that the NSA sees UNICEF as a threat.  Really?  According to the NSA, everything and everyone’s a freakin’ threat.

What happened to the once-confident, proud United States of America?  Now we’re a paranoid bunch of law-breaking scardey cats:

British and American intelligence agencies had a comprehensive list of surveillance targets that included the EU’s competition commissioner, German government buildings in Berlin and overseas, and the heads of institutions that provide humanitarian and financial help to Africa, top-secret documents reveal.

The papers show GCHQ, in collaboration with America’s National Security Agency (NSA), was targeting organisations such as the United Nations development programme, the UN’s children’s charity Unicef.


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Finally.  12 years after 9/11 when our government lost its mind and went rogue, some sanity.  Finally there’s a crack with some light shining through:

Spying all your data agency via wikimedia commons

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Federal Judge Rules Against N.S.A. Phone Data Program

A Federal District Court judge ruled on Monday that the National Security Agency program that is systematically keeping records of all Americans’ phone calls most likely violates the Constitution, and he ordered the government to stop collecting data on two plaintiffs’ personal calls and destroy the records of their calling history.



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Oklahoma Bomb Squad Investigates “Suspicious Package” — It’s a Burrito

Geezus.  Are we scared little people or what?

Whatever happened to the land of the brave?

Burrito via wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

An Oklahoma man Thursday brought a suspicious item he found on his lawn to a police station, where further inspection, including a bomb squad X-ray, identified it as a burrito.

Authorities at the Santa Fe Briefing Station were thrown off by the item’s weight and tin foil protruding from its top, so they cautiously told the man to leave it outside, said Capt. Dexter Nelson, before closer examination revealed the culinary nature of its contents.


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Did You Know the U.S. is Operating Under a State of Emergency?

This is shocking:

Obama image via Pete Souza wikimedia commons

(Image Pete Souza via Wikimedia Commons)

Twelve years after the worst terrorist attack in American history, President Obama yet again extended his predecessor’s Declaration of National Emergency for another year. The declaration, which was originally put into place on September 14, 2001, was renewed on Tuesday.

“The terrorist threat that led to the declaration on September 14, 2001, of a national emergency continues,” wrote President Obama. “For this reason, I have determined that it is necessary to continue in effect after September 14, 2013, the national emergency with respect to the terrorist threat.”

The powers provided to the executive branch by President George W. Bush’s declaration include the ability to “detain enlisted members of the Coast Guard beyond their terms of enlistment,” “order any enlisted member of the Coast Guard on the retired list to active duty” and “increase the number of members of the armed services on active duty beyond the number for which funds have been appropriated,” according to a report [PDF] by the Congressional Research Service.


So disappointing.  I was hoping Obama would undo some of the Bush administration’s hysteria.

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George W. Bush Honored for “Improving the Human Condition” Tonight in Denver

George W. Bush White House photo by Eri Draper via wikimedia commons

(Image Eric Draper via Wikimedia Commons)

What’s up is down, what’s down is up:

The decision by the University of Denver to honor former President George W. Bush at a DU fundraiser has been controversial for months. Now, with Bush scheduled to speak at downtown Denver event this evening, a group of concerned students and alumni, among others, are planning a protest and press conference in advance of the get-together, with one organizer expressing fears that the money collected will be used to promote an agenda that flies in the face of the university’s values.


Here’s a letter the DU faculty wrote to the Chancellor.

This event is happening  just down the road as I post this.

Talk about rewriting history:  George W. Bush is being honored as having improved the human condition?   Really?  Estimates range from 109,032 to 1,033,000 dead in the Iraq war he lied us into.

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This is Terrorism: Imagine Being an African-American in Louisa/Yatesville, Kentucky

Cross Burning

(Image via

Ugh.  From the New Empire Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

I am proud to announce that the Realm of Kentucky is hosting a Cross Lighting in the Louisa/Yatesville area. One of our members owns around 10 acres and has been nice enough to host the event. The event will be open to members, family of members and people who have met local leaders that are interested in joining.

The event will be held September 14, 2013, which falls on a Saturday. We do not expect trouble since the event is held on private property. There will be tons of food, fun and of course, the Cross Lighting. We are placing the Cross on a hill on the property which should be seen from a very far distance!

Yeah, as in seen by African-Americans neighborhoods and they better be scared and they better not act the fu*k up because we’re the boss and they need to know their place.  I.e., terrorism.

As if the Treyvon Martin murder didn’t send enough chills through the African-American community…


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Lavabit’s Balls of Steel

People acting up!


The email service reportedly used by surveillance whistleblower Edward Snowden abruptly shut down on Thursday after its owner cryptically announced his refusal to become “complicit in crimes against the American people.”

Guts of steel:

Lavabit, an email service that boasted of its security features and claimed 350,000 customers, is no more, apparently after rejecting a court order for cooperation with the US government to participate in surveillance on its customers. It is the first such company known to have shuttered rather than comply with government surveillance.

“I have been forced to make a difficult decision: to become complicit in crimes against the American people or walk away from nearly ten years of hard work by shutting down Lavabit,” founder Ladar Levison wrote on the company’s website.


Read Lavabit’s announcement here.

(P.S.  Hi NSA.)

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Be Careful When Googling “Pressure Cooker”

Google LogoThis is what total information awareness surveillance on you and me looks like:

It was a confluence of magnificent proportions that led six agents from the joint terrorism task force to knock on my door Wednesday morning. Little did we know our seemingly innocent, if curious to a fault, Googling of certain things was creating a perfect storm of terrorism profiling. Because somewhere out there, someone was watching. Someone whose job it is to piece together the things people do on the internet raised the red flag when they saw our search history.

Most of it was innocent enough. I had researched pressure cookers. My husband was looking for a backpack.


What happened was this: At about 9:00 am, my husband, who happened to be home yesterday, was sitting in the living room with our two dogs when he heard a couple of cars pull up outside. He looked out the window and saw three black SUVs in front of our house; two at the curb in front and one pulled up behind my husband’s Jeep in the driveway, as if to block him from leaving.

Six gentleman in casual clothes emerged from the vehicles and spread out as they walked toward the house, two toward the backyard on one side, two on the other side, two toward the front door.

Read the rest of it here.

Bottom line, six FBI agents went to an average American couple’s home (with two dogs and a young son) because the woman had been looking online at pressure cookers and her husband was doing research on backpacks and that meant they were potential repeat Boston bombers. The six agents looked through the house, and left after about 45 minutes, saying they take similar action roughly “100 times a week.”

So, this is where we’re at folks.



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What It’s Like to be Force Fed

From The Guardian:

As Ramadan begins, more than 100 hunger-strikers in Guantánamo Bay continue their protest. More than 40 of them are being force-fed. A leaked document sets out the military instructions, or standard operating procedure, for force-feeding detainees. In this four-minute film made by Human Rights organisation Reprieve and Bafta award-winning director Asif Kapadia, US actor and rapper Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), experiences the procedure.

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Stop “Signature” Drone Strikes

From my friend Robert Greenwald at Brave New Films:

Tell Congress to move now to end these signature strikes, save innocent lives, protect America from the blowback of killing innocent civilians, and restore the rule of law.

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing (13.08 minutes) fast forward to 3:48 and watch until 7:33.

They aren’t making us safer!

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“Journalist” David Gregory Turns on Journalists

This morning on Meet the Press, David Gregory, an alleged journalist but we all know what a joke that is, asked Glenn Greenwald, a real journalist, if he should be charged with a crime for “aiding and abetting” a “criminal,” as in Edward Snowden.

That said, here’s my Tweet of the Day:

Tweet of the Day 6-23-13Pretty obvious David Gregory doesn’t understand the First Amendment:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Oops, I guess I’m going to have a second Tweet of the Day (so many good ones out there today):

2nd Tweet of the Day 6-23-13

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My Tweet of the Day:

Tweet of the Day 6-11-13

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Quick Post: Know This

Terror alert system 11-22-10

There’s this, which has been up on the conservative (UK) DailyMail‘s website all day:  NSA Domestic Spying Program Foiled 2009 Subway Bombing Plot.

And there’s this:  Public Documents Contradict Claim Email Spying Foiled Terror Plot.

Just sayin’.

Food for thought (I hope).

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U.S. Intelligence Officials Caught Saying Glenn Greenwald Should be “Disappeared”

Glenn Greenwald is the reporter for the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper who broke the story about the U.S.’s National Security Agency sweeping up information from Verizon on phone calls made to and from millions of Americans’ phones.  Greenwald through we might like to know what our government’s doing behind our back.

Now comes this chilling tweet from Steve Clemons.  Clemons isn’t some sort of weird, paranoid, hippie blogger who hangs out in his parents’ basement.  He’s got impeccable credentials.  Check them out here and then read this:

Steve Clemons tweet re disappearing greenwaldThat, apparently, is the mind-set swirling around the halls of power these days.

Let’s ask ourselves:  Who’s the terrorist now?




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In 2006, Joe Biden Condemned Sweeping Phone Record Gathering

This is what then-Senator Joe Biden told CBS’s Harry Smith in May of 2006 in response to the the Bush administration getting millions of phone records from AT&T:

Harry, I don’t have to listen to your phone calls to know what you’re doing.  If I know every single phone call you make; I’m able to determine every single person you talk to, I’m able to get a pattern about your life that is very, very intrusive.  And the real question here is, what do they do with this information they collect, that does not have anything to do with al Qaeda?  There, there, there’s a whole deal when you talk about this kind of stuff where the, under the law, they’re supposed to demonstrate that they’re getting rid of and not keeping any extraneous information that they pick up on wire taps and/or pick up in sweeps like this.

And the president’s saying, I think I wrote down that he said ‘this is not mining or trolling.’ If it’s true that 200 million Americans’ phone calls were monitored ah, in terms of not listening to what they said, but to whom they spoke and to who spoke to them, I don’t know.  That’s, that’s, the congress should investigate this.

Watch the video here.

This is exactly what the Obama administration has done. Where’s Joe now?

Democrats and Republicans are becoming indistinguishable.


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Folks, We Have Bipartisanship in Washington!

Yesiree, we now have bipartisan agreement in Washington that it’s okay for the government to spy on millions of Americans, en masse:

NSA Logo 6-6-13

The top two senators on the Intelligence Committee on Thursday defended the National Security Agency’s collection of Americans’ phone records after it was reported in The Guardian.

“It is lawful. It has been briefed to Congress,” Senate Intelligence Chair Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) told reporters at an impromptu news conference in the Capitol. “This is just meta data. There is no content involved. In other words, no content of a communication. … The records can only be accessed under heightened standards.”

“I read intelligence carefully. And I know that people are trying to get to us,” Feinstein said. “This is the reason we keep TSA doing what it’s doing. This the reason the FBI now has 10,000 people doing intelligence on counter-terrorism. This is the reason for the national counter-terrorism center that’s been set up in the time we’ve been active.”


Senate Intelligence Vice Chair Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) backed up Feinstein, saying, “This is nothing particularly new. This has been going on for seven years under the auspices of the FISA authority, and every member of the United States Senate has been advised of this.”

“It has proved meritorious because we have gathered significant information on bad guys, but only on bad guys, over the years,” Chambliss said.



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Drone Lobbyists Making a Killing in D.C.

Geezus.  All I can say is (1) the dronemaker lobby is obviously spending a whole hell of a lot of money and time in Washington, and (2) the life of my neighbor’s 3-year-old grandson, Noah, is going to be indescribably different than mine was.  Oh, and I’ve heard stories about how people in Afghanistan hear a near-constant buzz of U.S. drones overhead.  Is that where we’re headed?  You know, we sit outside on a summer’s evening and hear a never-ending whurr?  And what happens when they crash into each other or into private planes or jets and the debris rains down?

Yeehah!  Our tax dollars at work…against us.

There Could Be As Many As 10,000 Drones Above

US Skies By 2020


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