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When Does Your City Hit Peak Heat?

July is my least favorite month and here’s why:

Peak Heat

(Image via

Look-up your city here.

Goodbye July!

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Dunkin’ Donuts Bucks The Styrofoam Kids Club at its Peril

Dunkin Donuts Coffee Cup

A grade school club that began on the wooded Brookline campus of the Park School has spawned a nationwide campaign urging Dunkin’ Brands to stop using styrofoam.

Last school year, a group of Park School fourth and fifth graders (now headed to fifth and sixth) formed the Kids Styrofoam Club during recess. They subsequently launched a petition that asks the company to eliminate styrofoam from its Dunkin’ Donuts stores by Earth Day of next year. The same petition has now garnered 250,000 signatures on

The club and its faculty advisor will deliver the petition to Dunkin’s Canton headquarters Friday morning. The middle schoolers from the independent school are also scheduled to meet with Dunkin’ staff after they drop off the petition.


Dunkin’ stated during 2012 that it was exploring ways to “roll out an alternative cup that meets our cost, performance and environmental criteria in 2-3 years.”


Dunkin’ Brands, are you serious?  (No you’re not.)  Hundreds of outlets in my town use recyclable cups.  This isn’t all that hard.  It shouldn’t take you “2-3 years” to get it together on that.  Call me.  I’ll show you around.

That said, BRAVO TO THE STYROFOAM KIDS CLUB acting up.  They aim to get things done, unlike corporate IDon’tGiveAShitLazyAsses like ah, Dunkin’ Brands.

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They’re Putting a Pipeline Under Rockaway Beach

Hey “Liberal Media,” let’s blow this up:

(Image via


A Massive Rockaway Gas Pipeline Is Being Built Right Under Our Beaches

A year and a half after Hurricane Sandy swept surging seas over the Rockaway spit, the neighborhood is finally beginning to claw its way back to a normal summer. Fort Tilden beach, closed to the public last summer season due to dangerous debris left by the storm, has finally reopened. And what better way to celebrate the partial recovery from a climate-change-fueled Superstorm than by laying a high-pressure fracked-gas transmission pipeline right under the beach?

At this very moment, work is underway on the Rockaway Lateral Project, a giant 26-inch diameter pipeline that will bring 647,000 dekatherms per day of fracked natural gas from the Marcellus Shale, under high pressure, beneath the beach, under a golf course, under the Marine Parkway Bridge, through Floyd Bennett Field, and into a new meter and regulator station in an old hangar at the airfield before connecting to distribution lines running up Flatbush Avenue into Brooklyn.


Ordinarily, it’s pretty hard for gas companies to lay pipe through taxpayer-protected parkland. But less than a month after Sandy, ethically embattled and all-around-reasonable guy Rep. Michael Grimm pushed a law through Congress granting an energy company the right to do just that.


Of course, with the approval process concluded and construction virtually underway, the Rockaway Lateral looks like a done deal. Even the CARP activists who fought long and hard against it consider the pipeline inevitable at this point. But this summer, a new group calling itself No Rockaway Pipeline has popped up on the beaches and on social media, distributing flyers that declare their intention “to take over the beach and stop the Rockaway Pipeline for good.”


Meet Michael Grimm.


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Yo, Environmental Defense Fund – What’s With Your Obnoxious Solicitation?

Check out this photo

Environmental Defense Fund Solicitation

It’s of an envelope that came in the mail today from the Environmental Defense Fund.  Yes, the Environmental Defense Fund sent a solicitation in an envelope measuring 13″ x 10.5″. Inside were four letter-sized pieces of paper, a return envelope and a letter-sized sheet of personalized return address labels, the “gift” that’s presumably supposed to make me feel guilty enough to send them money.

What planet do these people live on? The disconnect here is unbelievable.  There is no way in the world I would join an organization this obnoxious. this wasteful and this hypocritical.

I think the Environmental Defense Fund has lost its way.


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Explainer: Glaciers in West Antarctica Beyond the Point of No Return

Here’s a very clear, simple, two minute and 16 second explanation of why the glaciers in West Antarctica are past the point of no return:


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Guy Hates Prius Owners

Guy hates Prius owners so he spews crap into the environment in protest.

I wonder if he has kids or grand kids because they’ll be the ones who pay for his ignorance:

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800,000 Years of Atmospheric CO2

Peter Gleick is no slouch:  He’s a “climate/water scientist; member National Academy of Science, MacArthur Fellow; President Pacific Institute; author of Bottled and Sold.”

Here’s a tweet he just sent out and the news isn’t good:

Peter Gleick Tweet re CO2 7-3-14

(Image via Peter Gleick on Twitter)

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