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Canada’s Prime Minister Just Gave Canada to China

Canadian Flag

This is unbelievable:

Despite public outcry, Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister, ratified a controversial treaty on Friday that will allow China to sue Canada in secret tribunals to repeal Canadian laws that interfere with Chinese investments.


The treaty goes into effect on October 1 and will last for 31 years, until 2045. It allows China to challenge Canadian laws it deems harmful to Chinese assets, and only requires the lawsuit be made public once an award is issued by a tribunal. Treaty law expert Gus Van Harten warns this could be problematic. “This means that the federal government could settle the lawsuit, including by varying its conduct in a way that many Canadians would oppose, or by paying out public money before an award is issued, and we would never know,” he told the Vancouver Observer. The treaty makes no limits on the damages that can be awarded.

The treaty also overrides treaty obligations Canada has with its First Nations regarding resources and commercial management. Paired with the terms allowing Chinese entities to buy anything they wish without foreign investment review, China will have access to and potentially be able to gain control of Canadian resources—including resources on First Nations’ lands, which Canada does not own.


Stephen Harper just wrecked Canada.

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The View From My Chair

Feeling lucky and grateful right now as I think of the billions of people around the world who are suffering tonight.

The View from My Chair 8-1-14

(August 17, 2014 @ 5:01 MDT)


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Why the Arctic Should be Made a Sanctuary

Take 2:40 minutes out of your day to watch this regarding why the Arctic —  the “Soul of the Earth” — should be made a sanctuary:


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Earth Without Clouds

What Earth would look like without clouds (beautiful either way, imho):

Earth Without Clouds

(Image via @simon_rp84 (Simon Proud) on Twitter)


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Bolivia Declares Israel a Terrorist State


bolivian Flag

(Image via Wikipedia)

BRAVO!  Finally a country — a country, imagine that — with guts:

Bolivia cancels its visa agreement with Israel to protest the military operation in Gaza, and declares Israel a “terrorist state,” AFP reports. The agreement has permitted Israel to visit Bolivia freely since 1972. “The attack on Gaza shows that Israel has no respect for life, or the principles of harmony and coexistence that guide the international community.” Bolivia canceled its diplomatic ties with Israel in 2009, during Operation Cast Lead. (Haaretz)


Now if maybe one or two politicians — maybe, just maybe? —  in the United States will grow a pair…

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So, Where Exactly is Palestine Anyway?

Take 90 seconds out of your life to watch this video.  Palestinians are in essence stateless, homeless refugees on this planet:


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New Perspective: How Much SPACE Do Cars and Roads Take Up?

When it comes to cars and roads, I’ve thought about emissions and air pollution and climate change a fair about but I’ve never really thought about how much SPACE they occupy:  A lot:

Cars and Roads

(Image via SharkDancing on Twitter)

Much larger version here.


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