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NBC Goes After Green Dollars on Earth Day

It’s so cute, isn’t it, that NBC/MSNBC greens its logo right about now what with Earth Day coming up on Sunday?

Dig a little deeper and the “news” isn’t so green:  Climate Coverage Plummets 80% On Broadcast Networks From 2009 To 2011.  As a matter of fact, it isn’t green at all:

Nice try NBC/MSNBC.  I think I know what kind of green you’re aiming for.




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Tell Me Republicans Aren’t Worried About Women Voters

Check out the staging at this event in Wilmington, Delaware yesterday and then tell me Republicans aren’t worried about women voters.  And oh yeah, that war on women thing never happened.  It was made up by Commie Democrats.

(Photo: Tim Shaffer / Reuters)


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Things Not Mentioned in the Constitution

To all of you who oppose the “individual mandate,” here’s my Tweet of the Day:

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Karl Rove: Any President Would Have Killed Osama bin Laden

Karl Rove is trying to rewrite history while simultaneously making President Obama look like an empty suit:

As for the killing of Osama bin Laden, Mr. Obama did what virtually any commander in chief would have done in the same situation. Even President Bill Clinton says in the film “that’s the call I would have made.” For this to be portrayed as the epic achievement of the first term tells you how bare the White House cupboards are.


Excuse me.  George W. Bush was president for eight years while bin Laden was on the run and he didn’t get him.   As a matter of fact, Bush blew a huge chance to do so:


And that’s the one big chance Bush blew to catch or kill bin Laden that we know of.  There could have been many others over the course of Bush’s two terms.

So again, for Rove to claim “any president” would have done what Obama did — when his guy had eight years to do so but didn’t — is just typical Rove slime.

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Shell to Deploy Three Oil Sniffing Dogs to Protect the Arctic Against Oil Spills

No, that title isn’t from The Onion:

The Guardian / Sintef

Dogs take lead in sniffing out Arctic oil – Shell has been training a dachshund and two border collies to detect oil spills beneath snow and ice

When it comes to drilling for oil in the harsh and unpredictable Arctic, Shell has gone to the dogs, it seems. A dachshund and two border collies to be specific.

The dogs’ ability to sniff out oil spills beneath snow and ice has been tested and paid for by Shell – and other oil companies and government research organisations – in preparation for the industry’s entry into the forbidding Arctic terrain. The company hopes to begin drilling for oil off the north-west coast of Alaska in June.

The project, conducted by independent Norwegian researchers Sintef off the Svalbard archipelago in northern Norway in 2009, set out to find a low-tech fix to a nightmare scenario for Arctic drilling: how to clean up a spill in remote waters?

The technology for detecting and tracking spilled oil in the Arctic is still in the early stages. To make clean-up even more challenging, the areas in the Chukchi Sea to be drilled are 1,000 miles from the nearest coastguard base.


The dogs – border collies Jippi and Blues, and dachshund Tara – were able to pick up the scent of oil up to 5km downwind of a spill, the researchers found.

They held up well to long flights, -40C temperatures, and bumpy snowmobile journeys. They were also able to focus on their mission – and did not go tearing off after polar bear or seals, the study said.

“This gives us future possibilities in using specially trained dogs to search large areas covered with snow and ice to detect possible oil spills,” the study added.

What.  A.  Farce.

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Vote for God!

Two minutes and 26 seconds of ignorant:


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Andrew Breitbart Wouldn’t Have Been a Star Without Dumb People

My last post about Andrew Breitbart is this tweet from the extremely conservative David Frum:

What a legacy.



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Georgia Wants We the People to Be Afraid and to Go the Hell Away

Last I knew, We the People own the streets (via the taxes we pay to buy and maintain them) and thus, they are free speech zones:

Some Georgia lawmakers want to make legitimate union picketing and other common protest activities felonies that not only could result in one-year jail terms but up to $10,000 in fines.

The bill, SB 469, would clamp down on free speech and workers’ rights in several ways. First, it would outlaw picketing outside the home of a CEO or other top company officials, such as rallying outside the home of a sweatshop owner.

It also would allow businesses to ask a judge to halt the protests outside of a business. If the judge orders a halt and the picketing continues, the union members or protestors from other groups could each be slapped with a $1,000 fine.

In addition, any union or organization which “continues to sponsor or assist in the prohibited activity” would be subject to $10,000 fine. Businesses which think they suffered damage from the picketing could ask for a cut of that cash.


We’re heading toward a society that looks something like this:

Homeless man gets 15 years for stealing $100.00:

A homeless man robbed a Louisiana bank and took a $100 bill. After feeling remorseful, he surrendered to police the next day. The judge sentenced him to 15 years in prison.

● ● ●

Doubtful Signs of a Criminal Case Against MF Global

Federal authorities are struggling to find evidence to support a criminal case stemming from the collapse of MF Global, even after a federal grand jury in Chicago has issued subpoenas.

Investigators, unable to find a smoking gun amid thousands of e-mails and documents, increasingly suspect that chaos and poor risk control systems prompted the disappearance of more than $1 billion in customer money, according to several people involved in the case.

(Image via.)

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This is Not a Chicken

Wow.  I love this graphic responding to the “personhood” amendment Republicans are introducing across the country.  You know, the one that would make law the notion that a human being becomes a person the instant a sperm fertilizes an egg.



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CNN Touts Tables Not Podiums as New Debate Strategy

Just got a tweet from Sam Feist at CNN touting a “sneak peek at the set for tomorrow’s AZ #CNNDebate. Note table not podiums.”

Tables not podiums? Really?

Who’s the moderator?  Will CNN let the candidates lie, or not?  That’s what matters.

February 21, 2012 at 11:24 PM 5 comments

Facts Don’t Matter

My Tweet of the Day:

Yep.  If this is socialism, I’m Kim Kardashian.

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This is News? Really? REALLY?

If we didn’t click on headlines like this, “news” organizations wouldn’t publish them:

Geezus.  Thoughts about the collapse of civilization come to mind.




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Men Will Tell Women What to Do Tomorrow on the Sunday Talk Shows

After a week dominated by Republican men talking about eliminating women’s contraceptive rights, we’re headed into a talk “news” Sunday consisting of men — all of the scheduled guests are men — talking about ah, women’s contraceptive rights:  Guest Lineups for the Sunday Talk Shows.


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News Outlets With Agendas

This is crazy.

Check out this headline at the Daily Mail,

over this picture:

Caters News Agency

An otter looks to the heavens and prays for food?

Forget the headline.   Read the article:

‘I took the photos at Whipsnade Zoo, which has this island with a purpose built moat for the otters. I had to hide there for a long time to get the shot.

‘The otter was running around cradling a stone under his arm when he was surprised by another otter jumping out of the water which caused him to jump and throw the stone in the air.

When he started trying to grab it I took the snap.’

Gee.  Imagine what your memory of this would be if all you read was the headline.

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Screaming About Birth Control — A Republican Staple for 60+ Years

Here is a fascinating article detailing the “long history of the war against contraception.”  One of the big take-aways is that Republicans have been using contraception as a way to rally their base for more than 60 years.

It’s an indication of how few new ideas they have for what ail us now that they’re dredging up the same ol’ issues in 2012 that they used as far back as the 1960’s.

Too bad we’re so dumbed down that this isn’t common knowledge because it’s really pretty damn insulting.


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New Mexico: Corporations Are Not People

I’m about to crawl in bed because I have The Cold That Won’t Quit that everyone seems to have these days, but I want to put this up first:

New Mexico calls on Congress to overturn Citizens United ruling

The New Mexico state legislature has approved a resolution that urges the U.S. Congress to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC.

“This marks a major victory for the constitutional amendment movement to reclaim our democracy,” said John Bonifaz, director of Free Speech for People, a coalition of groups that oppose the controversial ruling.

“The Citizens United ruling presents a direct and serious threat to the integrity of our elections, unleashing a torrent of corporate money into our political process,” he added. “The ruling is also the most extreme extension yet of a corporate rights doctrine which has been eroding our First Amendment and our US Constitution for the past 30 years. As with prior egregious Supreme Court rulings which threatened our democracy, we the people must exercise our power under Article V of the Constitution to enact a constitutional amendment which will preserve the promise of American self-government: of, for, and by the people.”

If my memory serves, I think this is the first time a state legislature has passed a resolution opposing Citizens United. A number of city and county councils have passed amendments and/or resolutions but I think this is first state-wide resolution ever.

Bravo New Mexico.

Let’s keep this ball rollin’ people!

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Athens is Burning

People in Greece are reacting to economic cuts along the lines of what Republicans want to do here:

Photo: Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greece’s parliament has approved an austerity and debt-relief bill, crucial for the country to avoid bankruptcy and remain in the eurozone.

Lawmakers voted early Monday in favor of the bill that imposes harsh new austerity measures in return for a euro130 billion ($171 billion) new bailout agreement and related deal with private creditors to shave euro100 billion ($132 billion) off the country’s national debt.

The vote occurred after extensive rioting and looting swept through the Greek capital.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

ATHENS, Greece (AP) – Demonstrators set buildings ablaze and fireballs lit up the night sky in Greece’s capital on Sunday amid widespread rioting before a historic parliamentary vote on harsh austerity measures designed to prevent the country from going bankrupt.

The clashes erupted after more than 100,000 protesters marched to the parliament to rally against the drastic cuts, which will ax one in five civil service jobs and slash the minimum wage by more than a fifth.

At least 10 buildings were on fire, including a movie theater, bank and cafeteria, and looters smashed dozens of shops in the worst riot damage in years. Dozens of police officers and at least 37 protesters were injured, and more than 20 suspected rioters were detained.


See more photos here.

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Rick Berman, Millionaire Lobbyist, Gives We the People The Finger

Rick Berman gives us all a big freakin’ finger:

Big-time lobbyist Rick Berman creates nonprofit front groups to push corporate interests. Now he’s in an anti-union ad pretending to be an auto mechanic.


This is how brazen the corporatocracy is getting.  They’re buying elections and they don’t care if we know it because we can’t do anything about it.  They have the money and we don’t.  Period.  We’re on the outside looking in.  Welcome to Campaign 2012!

(With special thanks to the activist Republican judges on the Supreme Court who brought us Citizens United.)

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Dumbed Down America

Here are the Time magazine covers for next week’s issue:

Embarrassing for those of us who live in the U.S., imho.

View larger here.

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GE Lies — Super Bowl Ad Claims They’re “Revitalizing Manufacturing”

GE lied big time in an ad it ran tonight during the Super Bowl —  on NBC, which is owned by GE — and gosh golly, NBC, an alleged “news” organization, let it go without noting the inaccuracies:

You gotta love the “liberal media.”




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About the U.N. Establishing a Global World Order

There are people out there who think programs that encourage bicycling are being orchestrated by the United Nations

Photo: Wikipedia


in an alleged secret long-term plan to establish a one-world government.

Pretty funny when we see that while citizens in Syria are being massacred by the hundreds by their own government, sadly, the 15 members of the United Nations Security Council can’t agree on what to do about it.

A U.N. Security Council effort to end the violence in Syria ended in acrimony and a veto by Russia and China on Saturday, hours after the Syrian military attacked the ravaged city of Homs in what opposition leaders described as the bloodiest government assault in the nearly 11-month-old uprising.


The Security Council voted, 13-2, in favor of a resolution backing an Arab League peace plan for Syria, which calls for Assad to cede power to his vice president and a unity government to lead Syria to democratic elections. But passage was blocked by Russia and China, which opposed what they saw as a violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

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Mitt Romney Campaigns For His Millionaire Donors

Who is Willard Mitt Romney campaigning for?  You?  Me?  No.  He’s campaigning for the folks who give to his SuperPAC, Restore Our Future, Inc.

Restore Our Future Inc.?  A more appropriate name would be, Restore Rich People’s Future Inc.

Don’t be fooled.

Details here

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Michael Steele Lies: Florida’s Primary is a “Grass Roots” Effort

Former Republican party leader* Michael Steele was on Hardball w/Chris Matthews a few minutes ago.  He and Matthews were talking about — duh — tomorrow’s primary vote.   Good ol’ Michael was downright giddy, treating us like idots and trying to appeal (I guess) to the Tea Party/Occupy/populist vote:  “It’s all grass-roots that’s driving this; that’s what’s exciting to me.”
Really?  Grass-roots?  You call millions of dollars “grass-roots?”

Figures made available to The Associated Press showed Romney was spending $2.8 million to air television commercials in the final week of the Florida campaign. In addition, a group supporting him, Restore Our Future, was spending $4 million more, for a combined total of $6.8 million.

By contrast, Gingrich was spending about $700,000, and Winning Our Future, a group backing him, an additional $1.5 million. That was about one-third the amount for the pro-Romney tandem.

Only nine more months to go!

It isn’t like me to refer to the former head of the Grand Old Party (i.e., the GOP) as the “former Republican party leader.” But given that 50% of Republicans have no idea who the GOP is, I’m thinking it’s a good idea to refer to Republicans not as the GOP, but as Republicans.  I mean, if I have to hold their little hands so they’ll know what their party’s up to, I’ll do it.

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Global Warming — The Video

No wonder Republicans want to do away with government.  It produces hippie, socialist videos like this that rely on hocus pocus, commonly referred to by pot smoking liberal tree huggers as “science:”

The global average surface temperature in 2011 was the ninth warmest since 1880.The finding sustains a trend that has seen the 21st century experience nine of the 10 warmest years in the modern meteorological record. NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York released an analysis of how temperatures around the globe in 2011 compared to the average global temperature from the mid-20th century. The comparison shows how Earth continues to experience higher temperatures than several decades ago. The average temperature around the globe in 2011 was 0.92 degrees F (0.51 C) higher than the mid-20th century baseline.



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Colorado News Channel: Sonogram Shows Baby Tebowing

Say it ain’t so already:

You expect to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl, but you might not expect what one local family saw in their sonogram this week. It showed their baby boy “Tebowing” in the womb.

“I think it really hit us kind of when we came home and looked at it because we had just got this on Tuesday; and the weekend before we were all ‘Tebowing,’” Elizabeth Vigil said. She added that the baby is already a part of her Broncos family.

“You’re born into the Broncos when you’re born into my family, pretty cool,” her husband, David Vigil, said.


What with so many things happening in the world that the corporate media would rather not touch, I guess you’ve got to fill the time any way you can.

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Limbaugh Will Defend a Republican on Things He’d Massacre a Democrat For

Imagine for a second if President Obama’s or another prominent Democrat’s ex-wife came out and said the reason they divorced was because he wanted to have an “open marriage” and she couldn’t agree to that.  Imagine the reaction from the right, especially ol’ Rush Limbaugh (who’s on his fourth marriage).  They would chew on it in unison for months.

Now take a look at what Limbaugh said about Newt today:

I got a great note from a friend of mine. “So Newt wanted an open marriage. BFD. At least he asked his wife for permission instead of cheating on her. That’s a mark of character, in my book. Newt’s a victim. We all are. Ours is the horniest generation.” [...] That’s from a good friend of mine, “Newt’s slogan ought to, ‘Hell, yes, I wanted it.’” (laughing) I’m sharing with you how some people are reacting to this.

Amazing.  And it’s astonishing his listeners don’t seem to notice his blatant hypocrisy and double standards.  Lemmings.

January 19, 2012 at 3:04 PM 2 comments

NY Times “Public Editor” Wonders If the Times Should be a “Truth Vigilante”

In the world of American “journalism,” circa 2012, where “fair and balanced” is all that matters and reporting say, spin from a Democrat and spin from a Republican on the same topic means “journalists” have done their job, we’re down to this, from the New York Times‘ “Public Editor:”

Should The Times Be a Truth Vigilante?

I’m looking for reader input on whether and when New York Times news reporters should challenge “facts” that are asserted by newsmakers they write about.

Should reporters challenge “facts?”  Ah, YEAH! And when should they do it?  Every.  Single.  Time!

This is like asking a veterinarian if he or she should diagnose illnesses in animals instead of just petting them.

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Smog in China Is So Bad, Highways Are Closing

I just got these two tweets from China:

And then I did the Google:

Smog, commonly referred to as “fog” by the propagandistic Chinese government, is reeking havoc in China:

(December 7, 2011)  Whether it’s fog or smog, thousands of people have been delayed during the last few days by the almost-opaque air around Beijing Capital International Airport.

The delays since Sunday evening at one of the busiest, most modern airports in the world raise questions about whether air pollution in China has gotten bad enough to derail the country’s economic growth. Nearly 1,000 flights have been canceled and 10 highways in northern China had to be closed due to lack of visibility.


Chinese authorities say the murk is fog, purely a weather phenomenon, acknowledging only that there was “light pollution.” The U.S. Embassy in Beijing, which has its own air monitor on the roof, however, reported Sunday night that the index of fine particulate matter had soared to 522 micrograms per cubic meter, which is off the charts. (A reading between 300 and 500 is considered “hazardous.”)

Beijingers bought more than 20,000 face masks on Taobao, a shopping site; and people took to the Internet to mock their government’s reporting of air quality.

“They are treating citizens as idiots,” complained a young man on Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like microblog. A middle-aged man wrote sarcastically, “The city looks like a fairyland but thanks to the government, it is only ‘slight pollution.'”

The poor air quality Tuesday resulted in the cancellation of more than 370 flights. The U.S. Embassy monitor reported the particulate matter as “very unhealthy.”

The life the Chinese are living is brought to you by a government that is bent on development and growth, sans regulation.  This is what the Republicans want to bring to the US of A.  I.e., give corporations free rein to do whatever they want because that CREATE JOBS.  Yeah, so we have (low paying) jobs but then what? We’re can’t take our kids outside, walk the dog or grow veggies in the garden, and we die of emphysema or heart failure on our day off.

Oh, and again, ain’t it great that our “liberal media” seems to have gone into 27/7 campaign coverage mode (due to last until November) so we conveniently don’t hear about things like this?  And, as usual, any “news” that occurs outside the literal borders of the United States isn’t covered. What a disastrous combo.

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“Journalism” USA, Circa 2012

Somebody actually got paid to write this?

As Romney Jabs at Obama, Rivals Swing at Him

Ah, yeah.  I mean, tell us something we don’t know.

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Romney’s Tax Returns — Why Would He Want to Release Them?

It’s a no brainer as to why Mitt Romney hasn’t released his tax returns.  HE’S A MILLIONAIRE WHO PAYS ALMOST NO TAXES and he doesn’t want us to know that.




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