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Find the Donkey in This Photo

Here’s my Tweet of the Day.  Look at that teeny tiny donkey under that pile of grass.  I hope he got a good dinner tonight.

Tweet of the Day 8-26-14


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Cops in Ferguson, MO Literally Dismantling the First Amendment

My Tweet of the Day:

Tweet of the Day 8-14-13

August 14, 2014 at 11:12 AM 2 comments

Ferguson, Missouri Is On Lockdown

Check out this tweet from Radley Balko, a reporter for the Washington Post.  Scary is right:

Tweet of the Day 8-12-14

What is this, Cairo?  Tiananmen Square?

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If They Gunned Me Down…

My Tweet of the Day:

Tweet of the Day 8-10-14

(Image via LowkeyNoah on Twitter)

We all know the answer is the media would use the image on the left.

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That is Legal

This is my I-kid-you-not Tweet of the Day from Mitchell Byars, a reporter for the Boulder Daily Camera.  I confirmed with him that this is indeed a quote from the Boulder PD scanner.  “FTW” means “for the win” and I would say that’s right.

Only in Boulder folks.  Only in Boulder.

Byars re naked women boulder pd

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A Baby Hummer!

I would love to see a baby hummer in person:

Baby Hummer

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If Banks and Oil Companies Can Write Off Their Expense, Why Can’t Teachers?

This is what happens to the tax system when it’s permissible for corporate lobbyists to throw megabucks at people who are supposed to represent, ah, We the People. Hardscrabble teachers’ (and other) unions crawl on their hands and knees in an attempt to be heard but they aren’t.  They don’t have the

$5,000 bill

(Image via Wikipedia)

This is so wrong:

Tweet of the Day 5-10-14








May 10, 2014 at 7:11 PM 1 comment

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