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Watch Waiters Who Make $2.13 an Hour Get $200 Tips

This is great but think about it for a minute:  Waiters in Utah make $2.13 an hour?  What? That’s criminal.

I would think such a religious state would be way more compassionate.

Guess not.

Silly me.

Waiters in Utah make 2.13/hr. Went around Orem to some of the diners late one night, been wanting to do this idea for a while, finally pulled it off with Stuart’s help. Hope you liked this, thanks for watching. – Andrew Hales.


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America’s “Humanitarian” History — What a Bunch of Crap

Last night Barack Obama told us to watch the videos of people dying in Syria after being gassed by President Assad and he said if the United States doesn’t lead in the area of humanitarianism — as it supposedly always has — who will.

What a bunch of crap.

Show me another country who’s launched significant humanitarian military actions roughly every 40 months over the last 40 years starting in 1964 with the invasion of Vietnam, veterans of which we’re still caring for and victims of which are still suffering from birth defects from our use of the chemical weapon, Agent Orange.

I’m listening to a “liberal” radio talk show and the people who are calling in are astonished to learn that the United States isn’t the beacon on the big high hill they’ve been led to believe.  I mean, they’re as bad as this guy.

Beyond what we did in Vietnam, below is the reality.  Oh, and how about we start wars every couple centuries instead of every 40 months for god’s sake:

Image via wikipedia Agent orange deformed babies

(Babies deformed by Agent Orange via Wikipedia)

  • 1965-1973: Cambodia. We dropped more bombs on the tiny country than had been used in all of World War II.
  • 1965: Dominican Republic. President Johnson sent 22,000 troops to prevent communists from taking over.
  • 1983: Grenada. In the comically named Operation Urgent Fury, we invaded the tiny island nation to stop the commies.
  • 1986: Libya. After two Americans are among those killed in a terrorist bombing of a disco in Germany, President Reagan ordered the bombing of facilities controlled by Muammar Gaddafi.
  • 1989: Panama. In Operation Just Cause, we invaded the country and deposed its leader, Manuel Noriega.
  • 1991: Kuwait/Iraq. Operation Desert Storm.
  • 1992-1995: Somalia. Operation Restore Hope. Didn’t end well.
  • 1994: Haiti. President Clinton sent 20,000 troops to restore the government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
  • 1995: Bosnia. US and NATO forces intervene in the civil war with a large bombing campaign.
  • 1999: Kosovo. We bomb the Serbians to help the Kosovars.
  • 2001: Afghanistan. Still going!
  • 2003: Iraq.
  • 2011: Libya.
  • 2013: Syria
  • More…

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PIMCO’s Bill Gross: What the American People Have to Say Doesn’t Matter

Here’s a tweet Bill Gross, the founder of the investment firm PIMCO, sent out this morning.  That he would have no problem tweeting — i.e., stating publicly — that the opinion of the American people doesn’t matter, shows just how ensconced in the 1% he is.  Truly ghastly and horrifyingly revealing.

Tweet of the Day 9-9-13

Time to get the cake out.

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Obama Thought George W. Bush’s Spy Rules Were Too Lenient


The Obama administration secretly won permission from a surveillance court in 2011 to reverse restrictions on the National Security Agency’s use of intercepted phone calls and e-mails, permitting the agency to search deliberately for Americans’ communications in its massive databases, according to interviews with government officials and recently declassified material.

In addition, the court extended the length of time that the NSA is allowed to retain intercepted U.S. communications from five years to six years.


Together the permission to search and to keep data longer expanded the NSA’s authority in significant ways without public debate or any specific authority from Congress.


But — and this was the nub of the criticism — a warrant for each target would no longer be required. That means that communications with Americans could be picked up without a court first determining that there is probable cause that the people they were talking to were terrorists, spies or “foreign powers.”


Who is this Obama guy?


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Hey, Let’s Send Congress to Syria!

From the good ol’ Onion:

Send Congress to Syria(Via.)

Love it.

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This Isn’t War — We Just Want to “Punish” Assad

I think I listened to every hearing and every speech anyone ever gave in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq and I’m telling you, listening to John Kerry and Chuck Hagel “testify” before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee this afternoon has been like a dagger to the heart.  Are we really going to do this again?

It’s unbelievable.

This isn’t child’s play:

War Syria #1 9-3-13

I never thought I’d agree with Erick Erickson on anything but this is exactly my fear, i.e., what happens the day after?  If we send missiles into Syria to “punish” Assad it’s just that — punishment — but if he retaliates will we see that as punishment for what we did?  Hell the f**k no.  It’ll be full-blown war:

War Syria #2 9-2-13

War Syria  #3

War Syria #4 9-3-13







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British Parliament Says No to Attacking Syria

There will be no British support for a punitive strike against Syria:

British MPs have voted to reject possible military action against the Assad regime in Syria to deter the use of chemical weapons. A government motion was defeated 285 to 272, a majority of 13 votes.

Prime Minster David Cameron said it was clear Parliament does not want action and “the government will act accordingly”. It effectively rules out British involvement in any US-led strikes against the Assad regime.


Gee, how civilized.  They aren’t going to let their Prime Minister go off half cocked without letting the people speak.

Mr. Constitutional Law Professor Barack Obama won’t grant we Americans that privilege — because we would probably say no too insofar as I saw a poll the other day showing only 9% of us want anything to do with Syria — but maybe he’ll do something like this:

Tweet of the Day 8-29-13

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Obama Administration “Livid” That UK PM Cameron Took Syrian Strike Issue to Parliment

British Flag via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Here in the good ol’ US of A Congress is supposed to declare war and, ahead of the administration “punishing” Syria for supposedly using chemical weapons on its own people, many think the Obama administration should wait for congressional approval before he makes any moves.  By taking the issue to congress, the administration would effectively be getting the approval of We the People — or not — through the folks who represent us in D.C.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work anyway but over the last 20, 30 years, presidents have circumvented that pesky, democratic rule because they might not have gotten what they wanted and Obama’s prepared to do the same.

And now we learn that the White House is “livid” that British Prime Minister David Cameron had the temerity to take the issue of the military involvement of his country to the representatives of the people of Britain because well, because Obama’s a constitutional law expert who apparently doesn’t have much regard for the Constitution.  Ours or Britain’s:

Barack Obama could take military action against Syria without waiting for British support, senior Obama administration officials said, as David Cameron faced waiting until next week for a Commons vote sanctioning any air strikes.

The abrupt halt in British momentum towards military action left the diplomatic choreography in chaos and US officials “livid” with the British, according to Western diplomatic sources at the United Nations in New York.


“Britain is important diplomatically, but not required, and not required militarily. The White House could move ahead without the British,” Mr Pavel added.


Mr Obama’s dilemma over whether to act without direct British support follows Mr Cameron’s embarrassing climb-down on Wednesday over whether a Commons vote would be required to sanction UK military involvement.

“The Americans are livid with us,” said one Western diplomat, who added British officials were astonished that the Prime Minister could have made such an “enormous miscalculation” amid such high stakes.


Bravo to Cameron and shame on Obama.  We the People are going to have to pay for the strike and We the People will be sent to fight and die in a war if things get out of hand.  We should be allowed to weigh in.  Cameron did the right thing and Obama’s a dick for being pissed.

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Understanding White Privilege

The March on Washington happened on August 28, 1963,

March on Washington 1963 via

(Image via

and oh my god, I can’t believe we’re going to have to do it again 50 years later.

Here’s a little slice of what African-Americans are up against every day in the good ol’ U.S. of A., not to mention fighting anew for the right to vote, thanks to George W. Bush’s Supreme Court and the Republican party:



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Why The World Should be Grateful for Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden’s leaks are being built upon and expanded almost daily, as in this from the WashingtonPost this morning:  NSA Broke Privacy Rules Thousands of Times Per Year, Audit Finds.  Yes, it talks about the  “thousands” of times the NSA broke the rules but the headline is misleading in that the audit was only of the Washington, D.C. area. Who knows how many times the NSA “broke privacy rules” country-wide or worldwide.

That said, this is my Tweet of the Day:

Tweet of the Day 8-16-13

This part is so important:  “When courts and Congress fail…” which is exactly what happened.

The courts and our Congresspeople have been asleep at the wheel or otherwise finding reasons not to act, so thank you Edward Snowden for saying enough! and for alerting us to what they should have alerted us to.

August 16, 2013 at 6:53 PM 2 comments

Oil and Gas Companies Screw Americans Out of Lease Fees

Fracking via Summit County

(Image via

Surprise, surprise!

Another reason why we have to get this whole fracking thing under control before we go any farther:

Don Feusner ran dairy cattle on his 370-acre slice of northern Pennsylvania until he could no longer turn a profit by farming. Then, at age 60, he sold all but a few Angus and aimed for a comfortable retirement on money from drilling his land for natural gas instead.

It seemed promising. Two wells drilled on his lease hit as sweet a spot as the Marcellus shale could offer – tens of millions of cubic feet of natural gas gushed forth. Last December, he received a check for $8,506 for a month’s share of the gas.

Then one day in April, Feusner ripped open his royalty envelope to find that while his wells were still producing the same amount of gas, the gusher of cash had slowed. His eyes cascaded down the page to his monthly balance at the bottom: $1,690.

Chesapeake Energy, the company that drilled his wells, was withholding almost 90 percent of Feusner’s share of the income to cover unspecified “gathering” expenses and it wasn’t explaining why.

“They said you’re going to be a millionaire in a couple of years, but none of that has happened,” Feusner said. “I guess we’re expected to just take whatever they want to give us.”

I’m going to fast forward to the last two paragraphs.  The article is quite long and I’m leaving a lot out:

Even if a gas company were found liable for underpaying royalties in Pennsylvania, it would have little to fear. It would owe only the amount it should have paid in the first place; unlike Oklahoma and other states, Pennsylvania law does not allow for any additional interest on unpaid royalties and sets a very high bar for winning punitive penalties.

“They just wait to see who challenges them, they keep what they keep, they give up what they lose,” said Root, the NARO chapter president. “It may just be part of their business decision to do it this way.”


This is outrageous.  As usual, the oil and gas companies’ lobbyists — with the help of local, state and federal lawmakers — have paved the way for a very good life for them.  As for We the People?  Not so much.

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The Military-Industrial Complex Has Hijacked Obama’s Brain

ProPublica is out with a detailed analysis of the surveillance reforms President Obama wanted when he was in the senate:

President Obama via CNN

(Image via

As a senator, Obama wanted to limit bulk records collection.


As a senator, Obama wanted to require government analysts to get court approval before accessing incidentally collected American data.


As a senator, Obama wanted the executive branch to report to Congress how many American communications had been swept up during surveillance.


As a senator, Obama wanted to restrict the use of gag orders related to surveillance court orders.


As a senator, Obama wanted to give the accused a chance to challenge government surveillance.


As a senator, Obama wanted the attorney general to submit a public report giving aggregate data about how many people had been targeted for searches.


As a senator, Obama wanted the government to declassify significant surveillance court opinions.


All of these things have been enhanced and/or expanded under Obama as president.

I wonder if he’ll look back and regret it.  I wish he’d look back and regret it right now — and do something to reign this madness in — as he considers his “legacy.”

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The Police, Who Work for Us, Protect the Corporatocracy

There was a march against Chevron and fracking in Richmond, California today:

8-213 via JoshuaKahnRussell

(Image via JoshuaKahnRussell on Twitter)

The police, who we pay, with our tax dollars, protected Chevron:

Cops Protecting Chevron via mrdavyd on twitter -3-13

(Image via MrDavyD on Twitter)

Look at those Darth Vader-like guys.

This is what the militarization of America’s police force looks like.

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Be Careful When Googling “Pressure Cooker”

Google LogoThis is what total information awareness surveillance on you and me looks like:

It was a confluence of magnificent proportions that led six agents from the joint terrorism task force to knock on my door Wednesday morning. Little did we know our seemingly innocent, if curious to a fault, Googling of certain things was creating a perfect storm of terrorism profiling. Because somewhere out there, someone was watching. Someone whose job it is to piece together the things people do on the internet raised the red flag when they saw our search history.

Most of it was innocent enough. I had researched pressure cookers. My husband was looking for a backpack.


What happened was this: At about 9:00 am, my husband, who happened to be home yesterday, was sitting in the living room with our two dogs when he heard a couple of cars pull up outside. He looked out the window and saw three black SUVs in front of our house; two at the curb in front and one pulled up behind my husband’s Jeep in the driveway, as if to block him from leaving.

Six gentleman in casual clothes emerged from the vehicles and spread out as they walked toward the house, two toward the backyard on one side, two on the other side, two toward the front door.

Read the rest of it here.

Bottom line, six FBI agents went to an average American couple’s home (with two dogs and a young son) because the woman had been looking online at pressure cookers and her husband was doing research on backpacks and that meant they were potential repeat Boston bombers. The six agents looked through the house, and left after about 45 minutes, saying they take similar action roughly “100 times a week.”

So, this is where we’re at folks.



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Getting Cigarettes Out of Your Car While Black in America

Thank God this guy wasn’t killed:

Escambia County Sheriff via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Lying in a hospital bed the night after he was shot by Escambia County sheriff’s deputies in his own front yard, Roy Middleton only had one question: Why?

Middleton, 60, of the 200 block of Shadow Lawn Lane in Warrington, was shot in the leg about 2:42 a.m. Saturday while trying to retrieve a cigarette from his mother’s car in the driveway of their home.

A neighbor saw someone reaching into the car and called 911. While he was looking into the vehicle, deputies arrived in response to the burglary call.

Middleton said he was bent over in the car searching the interior for a loose cigarette when he heard a voice order him to, “Get your hands where I can see them.”

He said he initially thought it was a neighbor joking with him, but when he turned his head he saw deputies standing halfway down his driveway.

He said he backed out of the vehicle with his hands raised, but when he turned to face the deputies, they immediately opened fire.

“It was like a firing squad,” he said. “Bullets were flying everywhere.”


A teenage girl who said she witnessed a portion of the incident said she never saw Middleton provoke the deputies.“He wasn’t belligerent or anything,“ she said.


When you’re black in America you don’t have to throw in belligerence in order to get shot.  The being-black part is enough.

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Given This Jury Verdict It’s Pretty Clear People Are Furious At the Corporatocracy

Equifax Logo

A jury Friday awarded an Oregon woman $18.6 million after she spent two years unsuccessfully trying to get Equifax Information Services to fix major mistakes on her credit report.

The judgement [sic], likely to be appealed, appears to be one of the largest awarded to a consumer in a case against one of the nation’s major credit bureaus.

Julie Miller of Marion County, who was awarded $18.4 million in punitive and $180,000 in compensatory damages, contacted Equifax eight times between 2009 and 2011 in an effort to correct inaccuracies, including erroneous accounts and collection attempts, as well as a wrong Social Security number and birthday. Yet over and over, the lawsuit alleged, the Atlanta-based company failed to correct its mistakes.


A Federal Trade Commission study earlier this year of 1,001 consumers who reviewed 2,968 of their credit reports found 21 percent contained errors.


There’s some fury from the jury in this judgment.  Oh, and it’s “likely to be appealed?”  You bet it is.  Equifax has lawyers on staff who do nothing but.  No way will Equifax pay the sum the jury ordered.  (They don’t believe in that quaint saying:  The jury has spoken.)

Too bad there aren’t really high “statutory fines”* for screwing over We the People like Equifax did here, kinda like there are really low “statutory fines” for companies like Halliburton who destroy evidence and get an imperceptable slap on the pinky.

*  Nobody’s advocating for We the People anymore because the folks who make the laws and decide what the  “statutory fines” should be are owned by gosh, golly, gee: the corporatocarcy!

Woohoo.  USA!  USA!  USA!

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92-Year-Old Rosa Nell Eaton is my New Hero

This is one amazing woman and I can only imagine how sick and tired she is of having to say this:


July 15th, 2013 – 92 year-old Moral Monday arresstee and Civil Rights Veteran Rosa Nell Eaton speaks at the 11th Wave Moral Monday rally at the North Carolina General Assembly.


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Making Noise and Acting Up in LA

Marching down the I-10 freeway in Los Angeles (@ 6:30 p.m. Pacific time) in memory of Trayvon Martin:

Shutting Down the I-10 Freeway 7-14=12

(Image via AminelGamal on Twitter)

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Bye-Bye DOMA

San Francisco City Hall last night:

San Fran City Hall via Buzzfeed

(Image via

June 27, 2013 at 11:39 AM 1 comment

Fun, Interesting New Site

Hey all, check out the great new interactive website,  It’s fun and informative (and I love the colors!)


(Image via

Again, go here.

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The First Amendment Doesn’t Apply On the Grounds of the Supreme Court

We the People logoThe First Amendment of the United States Constitution:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Regulation No. 7 of the “Building Regulations” for the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C., issued June 13, 2013:

No person shall engage in a demonstration within the Supreme Court building and grounds.  The term “demonstration” includes demonstrations, picketing, speechmaking, marching, holding vigils or religious services and all other like forms of conduct that involve the communication or expression of views or grievances, engaged in by one or more persons, the conduct of which is reasonably likely to draw a crowd or onlookers.  The term does not include casual use by visitors or tourists that is not reasonably likely to attract a crowd or onlookers.

Just sayin’.

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Make Minimum Wage? Good Luck Affording a Two-Bedroom Apartment

After a quick perusal of this chart, it looks like one “only” has to work 63 hours at minimum wage in Arkansas in order to afford a two-bedroom apartment whereas in Hawaii someone would have to work 175 hours.

Any way you look at it, making minimum wage isn’t enough for someone to build a life on.  But hey, corporations love it so that’s why it’s so low!  Whatever they want, they get.

Minimum Wage 6-25-13See a larger version of the chart here (pdf).

June 25, 2013 at 2:49 PM 2 comments

John Roberts’ Striking Down Major Section of Voting Rights Act Shows Dreams Really Do Come True

This depressing thing happened today:

Justice john roberts via wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a key provision of the landmark Voting Rights Act cannot be enforced unless Congress comes up with a new way of determining which states and localities require federal monitoring of elections.

The justices said in 5-4 vote that the law Congress most recently renewed in 2006 relies on 40-year-old data that does not reflect racial progress and changes in U.S. society.

The court did not strike down the advance approval requirement of the law that has been used, mainly in the South, to open up polling places to minority voters in the nearly half century since it was first enacted in 1965. But the justices did say lawmakers must update the formula for determining which parts of the country must seek Washington’s approval, in advance, for election changes.

Chief Justice John Roberts said for the conservative majority that Congress “may draft another formula based on current conditions.”


John Roberts must be having a great day.  The thing he’s been dreaming about for 30 years has happened:

Roberts has been a critic of the Voting Rights Act for 30 years. Now he will help decide whether the law’s most important section lives or dies.

Here’s a shorter version of what Roberts ruled:  Hey, the black guy won so we don’t need this stinkin’ provision anymore.  I declare racism officially over.

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Barack Obama Knows Who You’re Calling

Spying via  the Political

(Image via

This happened today under Constitutional lawyer, community organizer Barack Obama’s watch:

The US government is collecting the phone records of millions of US customers of Verizon under a top secret court order.

Read the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order here.

And there’s this:  NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily.

I’m a kid of the 60s and 70s and this would have been shocking and totally unacceptable back then.  The government wouldn’t have dared do it.

There was a time when  — even the president — needed a warrant to get phone records.  It’s appalling that We the People have let our government run so amuck.

Can’t wait for congressional Democrats to stand up for us on this.  (Yeah.  Right.  I’m cracking myself up.)


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People Acting Up in Michelle Obama’s Face

If you’re a lobbyist with a bunch of money, you saunter into the Oval Office on a regular basis. If you aren’t, you do this:

Michelle Obama via

(Image via

First Lady Michelle Obama was interrupted by gay rights protesters during a private event at a home in Washington, DC.

The protesters were demanding that the President issue an executive order banning job discrimination by federal contracts against gay and trans people. In essence, enacting the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) as an executive order for federal contractors. (ENDA itself would make it a violation of federal law to discriminate in employment against gay and trans people.)


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Abused People Fighting Each Other in Greece

Nazis in Greece via

(Image via

I listened to an interview with author Alice Walker this morning on DemocracyNow!  She talked about how this planet is ours — We the People’s — and those who think they have a right to own everything go so against what is meant to be:

Well, I see myself in all the people in the world who are suffering and who are very badly treated and who are often made to feel that they have no place on this Earth. And this Earth actually belongs to all of us. The universe belongs to all of us. And we mustn’t forget it, you know. And I know firsthand how it feels when people tell you and make you think that, you know, they can have everything, they can have as much as they want, they can buy everything they desire, and you are supposed to have nothing. Well, this is not—it’s not right, and we must not accept it.

With that in mind, this is what’s happening in Greece:


Standing up to Golden Dawn in Greece

The economic crisis in Greece has led to a rise in support for the far-right Golden Dawn and an increase in racist attacks. Jamal Osman talks to one man who is fighting back.

Michael Chege and his friends patrol their neighbourhood in Athens, Greece, most nights. After many encounters with the neo-Nazi group, Golden Dawn, they set up their own brigade, nicknamed the Black Panthers.They want to protect themselves from the fascists who are targeting people who are not ethnic Greeks.

Since the economic crisis tore Greece apart, people have been trying to find someone to blame. Some blame immigrants for the high unemployment and crime. Racist attacks against immigrants have been rising steadily. In the last year alone, more than 150 racist attacks were recorded by police, but most go unreported.

Greece is a gateway to Europe and many immigrants travel there as an entry point in the hope of reaching the richer nations on the continent.

Newly arrived immigrants, who do not speak the language or have proper documentation, live in fear. But Michael and his friends are taking on the extremists.

‘We will exterminate them’

“I’m not afraid of this neo-Nazi, stupid, idiotic group,” he told me. “In WW2, they were crushed. In WW3, we will exterminate them out of the face of the earth.

“I am a member of the Black Panthers and everybody knows that. So I am giving them (Golden Dawn) a straight warning – don’t mess with black people, anyhow. And I mean it.”


This Earth belongs to all of us but some of us are trying to take it all for themselves.

Let us not forget.  This isn’t a Republican / Democratic thing.  This is about the 1% versus We the Little People and it’s a global war.  It’s happening all over the planet.


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No Vacation Nation

This is a mind blowing chart.  Don’t miss it — the USA is waaay over there on the right with zero mandatory paid vacation days or holidays.

No Vacation Nation

(Image via

The corporate lobby wins again!



May 24, 2013 at 7:54 AM 2 comments

Catherine Died Last Night

There by the grace of God…



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Maybe It’s Best Not to Listen to the NRA After All

I.  Am.  Loving.  This:

Kelly Ayotta via

(Image via

Ayotte Faces Backlash Over Gun Vote

Gun show background checks are pretty universally popular in New Hampshire…and Kelly Ayotte is facing some serious backlash from voters in the state for voting against them last week.

Ayotte now has a negative approval rating with 44% of voters giving her good marks and 46% disapproving. That’s down a net 15 points from the last time we polled on her, in October, when she had a 48% approval with 35% disapproving. 75% of New Hampshire voters- including 95% of Democrats, 74% of independents, and 56% of Republicans- say they support background checks. And 50% of voters in the state say Ayotte’s ‘no’ vote will make them less likely to support her in a future election, compared to just 23% who consider it to be a positive.

Ayotte won her seat in 2010 by 23 points. But in a very early hypothetical match up between her and new Democratic Governor Maggie Hassan, she trails by a 46/44 margin. This issue is really giving her some trouble.


“The issue is really giving her some trouble?”  Good.  Very good.  I think the reason people are so furious about this is because polling shows that something like 87% of all Americans want some sort of background check but the senate blew them off which so clearly shows how special interests control D.C. We thought they were there to represent We the People?  Silly us.

I mean, since when did 87% of all Americans want something done about anything? I don’t remember a time, other than this but what did we get?  The proverbial big, fat middle finger.  It just screams as to how dysfunctional our “democracy” is and folks like Ayotte are the poster child for that now.

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About That Fertilizer Plant Explosion in West, Texas

Twet of the day 4021-13Ah, no.  Not a single one.  The liberal corporate media doesn’t care to hear from them (i.e., us).

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